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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • let's email--you can find mine under my profile.

  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 149
    Hey Ralphwiggum, thanks for your interest in my Prius but I decided to keep it for now (it's loaded onto a auto transporter earlier today). This Prius is growing on me, and who knows, I or someone in the family will be back in CA before we know it (and putting the HOV sticker back into good use). Plus I really don't see any replacement for it, other than another Prius, and I rather have the sticker to go with. Thanks anyhow.
  • Seem to be quite a few Priuses in inventory on dealer lots here in Pacific NW. One salesperson said: gas at $2 and recent huge snow pushed people to trucks / SUVs, away from Priuses.

    Is below-invoice or at-invoice OTD reasonable to aim for? I have an MSRP minus $1250 offer in hand (no negotiating -- called, he offered) from one dealer on (Base + Pkg 3) but am likely to shoot for invoice OTD. Thoughts?
  • I am in Seattle and I am also interested in Base + pkg 3. Could you be a little specific about what the invoice price for pkg3 is? Although I saw the invoice price for base model is 20,900 online, I cannot find what the invoice price for pkg 3 is. The lowest price for Base+pkg2 I received from dealers now is 22,500, but I think it could be lower.
  • i believe invoice for package 3 is 22959.

    for a package 2, i'm also getting quotes around 22,500. with the 1000 dealer incentive, i think we should be getting invoice pricing (or below), but so far none of the dealers around me, San Francisco bay area, will go down to invoice.
  • Dols,

    Where did you get this offer? Could I have the dealer name? Thanks.

  • Hi,
    I'm in PA and was considering trading in my Accord for a Prius. Im attracted to a used 2008, base Package #2 with 13,000 miles which has a 100000 mile warranty worth $1400. So here is my dilemma: a dealer is offering a new 2009 at $23234 (inludes the $750 incentive), but the used 2008 is $24389. I cannot understand how they expect to sell a used car for more than the used car. This makes the new car attractive, but shouldn't I get a better price on the used car? Any insight is welcomed. I also understand the 2010 is being introduced in a few months and the price of the 2009 is expected to drop or be sold as a lease car.

    Should I just get the new car or try to deal down the used car?
  • Call me confused: I'm getting "vehicle inquiry report" pricing from dealers that includes the following line-items, all added to get the "invoice price":

    Base price + options + destination charge + TDA + gasoline + dealer holdback + Whsl. Financial Reserve.

    This seems wacky -- aren't holdback and fin. reserve, the last two items, amounts that the manufacturer gives to the dealer to compensate them? I'm thinking those should not be added to get a true invoice cost that the dealer has incurred -- the dealer hasn't paid holdback or fin. reserve, have they?

    Oh, and TDA, which a dealer has explained as a share of national advertising costs -- is that in your experience negotiable?

  • For me, I will definitely get a new one because I can get sales tax exemption in WA but not for an used one. At the same time, that 100,000 mile warranty is standard, which means you also can get it if you buy a new 2009 Prius. I prefer to get a new car, but it is your decision. :P
  • Hello
    I am really surprised at the price you paid. I was just quoted 24800 O T D in Reno Nevada for a 2009 and I thought that was 600 dollars to much. Could this be because you purschasedyour Prius in August when the prices were high?
  • See, that's why I'm confused. I'd prefer new too, but it's the warranty that's the attaction. In WA I'd make the same decision as you. Here in PA, there's no longer any tax exemption and the warranty is only for 36000 miles. Only the used Prius have a 100000 mile warranty. Thanks so much for your insight though!!!
  • can you tell me which dealer did you buy from? does $22890 include factory rebate, detestination fee, tax, and doc fee?
  • is it after 1000 factory rebate or before? I think price is very good if it is before factory rebate
  • I bought a new 2009 package 2 prius back in October and the warranty is 36000 miles bumper to bumper. 100000 on the hybrid system. Then I also believe the drive train was warrantied for 60000 miles. I would think a used prius would carry any remaining warranty depending upon how many miles they put on it.
  • dvinedvine Posts: 1
    Any opinions on this lease?

    Any suggestions for a good online or telephone lease advisor?

    Bob Richards Toyota (SC) I reside in Aiken, SC

    2009/1224 A
    Silver Pine Mica/FA 41
    MSRP $23,375.00
    Package 3 $2,555
    Delivery, processing and handling fee $775.00
    "Extra Value Package MSRP Discount -$450
    Total $26,255

    Closed end lease worksheet from dealer:

    36 months, 15,000 miles/year
    Selling price $24,711.25
    $300 SC sales tax & $39 registration
    Subtotal $25,050.25
    "Administrative" fee $895
    "Closing" fee $499

    Gross Cap Cost $26,444.25
    Cap Cost Reduction - Rebate/non-cash credit $2262.68
    Adjusted Cap $24,181.57
    Residual Value $15,061.68
    Total Depreciation $9119.89
    Monthly Depreciation $253.33
    Monthly Rent Charge .00279 (Approx. 6.7%) $109.49
    Total Rent Charge $3941.63

    Base Monthly Payment $362.82
    Total of Base Monthly Payments $13,061.52

    No Security Deposit indicated on worksheet

    Residual Value Calculation
    MSRP $26,424.00 (on lease document)
    Difference of this number from sticker MSRP of $23,375 = $3049+

    Difference of $1930+ when Package 3 costing $2,555 is included in sticker MSRP
    (Does not include the delivery, processing and handling fee of $775 or $450 discount).
    x 57% residual = $15,061.68
  • We just took delivery of our 2009 Prius with package # 2. The vehicle inquiry report had the same stuff as yours. It was very confusing so we said we don't care about all this mumbo Jumbo, we would like the car for this price. We were about $1200.00 apart so we agreed to split the difference. we got the car for $23000.00 plus taxes. We may have shaved $300 off that but we didn't feel like going through the hassle of driving 30 miles to the nearest other dealer and starting all over again.
    Our advice is to forget all the charges they add on, just give them the lowest price you are willing to pay and deal from there. When we got the invoice all the numbers had been adjusted to the price.
  • I just went to carsdirect and put in the same options as krish (touring, package 6 & preferred- msrp 29,444). Came up with $26,641 plus tax, license and fees. That seems to be baseline. I would think most dealers can beat that.
  • Sorry to respond to my own posting. Keep in mind, in about 3-4 months, the redesigned 2010 Prius will be coming out. I would say target below invoice minus the rebate in Nor Cal or So Cal.
  • RobynnRobynn Posts: 18
    After several dealers and phone calls, I finally got the invoice for the 09 prius with package 5 before the 500 rebate. I have not made my decision yet and would like to see if it's a good deal.
    I was hoping to get 500 below invoice on top of the rebate. Any tips on how? :)

    i'm in southern california.
  • In which state did you pay 23K + tax for Prius Pkg 2? I'm in WA.

  • :confuse: Could you please tell me where to check the invoice prices for base model + different packages? I kept seeing you guys mentioning that here. And about the cash rebate, I am a little confused too. It seems the cash rebate is not all the same. I thought the cash rebate for Prius is 750, but why I also saw 1000, 500 here?
  • We are in Nevada. We had to go back to the dealer four times before we got that price.We didn't mess with all the salesmen. We found out the name of the sales manager and dealt directly with him. When we got the final contract the $23000 was nowhere to be seen. neither was the TDA, Dealer holdback and all that other junk. They juggled the figures to meet the agreed price. They did talk us into the extended warranty which we thought was okay because we plan to keep the car for a long time. They happened to have the color we wanted and there were eight other ones on the lot. If you have to be put on a waiting list then we are not sure if they would be willing to negotiate. The sales tax in Nevada is 7.75 which adds another almost $1800. We hear people on this forum talk about invoice but it is almost impossible to know exactly what the dealer has paid.We started off offering $22500 which they laughed at but it gave us a starting point.
    Good luck
  • Hey gerry10. If you haven't pulled the trigger on your Prius lease yet you're in luck. Toyota recently enhanced its incentives on this model in most regions. In most regions, Toyota Financial Services' new enhanced buy rate lease money factor for the 2009 Prius is now .00151, for consumers who qualify for its "Tier 1+" credit tier.

    TFS' 36 month, 15,000 mile per year residual value for the '09 Prius is 61%. The resid for a lease with only 12,000 miles per year would be 2% higher. Keep in mind though that these percentages are for base models with no options.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • cmyawncmyawn Posts: 48
    Car_man, do you know what the residual would be for a Touring model w/ package 6?
  • Well that's about right. We already pulled the trigger (just a week ago!). Does anyone know if I have any chance at all to get Toyota to give us the new lease rate? I can't imagine the answer is yes, but it never hurts to ask right?
  • Thanks - like your idea of going right to sales manager with an overall price, and yup, I agree it's near-impossible to know "what the dealer has paid."

    Ain't car salesman/managers a hoot? Laughing at offers in a down down economy...makes me want to laugh right back.
  • cmyawncmyawn Posts: 48
    Well just got this from one of my local dealers:

    We must go by SOUTHEAST TOYOTA and not Toyota Financial Services. It must not be in this region. We have called TOYOTA JUST TO MAKE SURE ON MY END. SORRY

    Anyone else in the southeast seeing this same thing?
  • RobynnRobynn Posts: 18
    i think this is my break down. i am not sure what the dealer paid but i have got a $25,500 price for this one right now (before the 500 rebate)

    standard 21758
    package 5 2952
    rear bumper applique 45
    wheel locks 40
    preferred accessory 182 (cargo mats, cargo net, first aidekit ...)
    sub total 24977
    destination chrg 720
    total 25697 <=== invoice
  • I live in the Los Angeles area and found that dealers were only will to go $1500 to $1800 below list. I noticed that the factory incentive in the Bay Area was $1000 (as opposed to $500 in LA) so I started looking at all the Bay Area Toyota dealer websites. I noticed that Toyota of Santa Cruz was offering the Prius with Package 6 for $3000 off MSRP plus a $100 gas card. I tried to get dealers here to match--no go. One got down to $2400 off. So, I went to Santa Cruz and I brought the car. The list was $28844, but with the dealer discount, the factory rebate and the $100 for gas (they ended up just giving me a check instead of a gas card), my price was $25744. Invoice was $26895.52 Dealership and salesperson were vey nice.
  • RobynnRobynn Posts: 18
    Hi, I was wondering if they deliver the car to you or you'd have to go up there to pick it up. Thanks
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