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Ford F-Series Computer Problems



  • has anybody switched thier v10 over to e 85 and if how did it go
  • what causes the Codes P0470 and the P0299?
    I do know the P0470 is Exhaust back pressure and the P0299 is turbo underboost. I just want to know what causes this and how to fix.
  • I can tell you exactly whats wrong...This has been a common occurance with ford f-series for years...don't know why they haven't owned up to it. The problem is with the GEM (generic electronic module) and it screws down to the back side of the interior fuse panel. This circuit board controls the functions of the things you mentioned plus the auto power window circuit and the heater fan motor, and gauges. The problem is not really the GEM proper, which is a good thing because that circuit board retails for well over $600., but it is due to water entering the cab during rain storms through the cowling and dripping on the GEM case and the top of the fuse box. The water actually enters the fuse box where it shorts the connections that the GEM is plugged into. I just finished a repair on mine for the same thing without replacing the GEM and it's working great. I took pictures and wrote a little narrative on how to fix it. If you're interested, email me at and put in the subject heading GEM, and I'll email you the directions. It takes only a few tools and probably a couple of hours to get it back on the road.
  • when driveing my engine jumps like i am pushing the pedal up and down and cruise control stopped working same time please help going nuts
  • almost blow off going down the freeway,any one out there with the same problem ford told me over warannty 36000 mile,truck has original glass,you think thay would cover this i guess the front windshield is not very inportant part of the truck.this just happen after it rained for a couple of days.this is a f-350 lairat 2008 :mad: ford said i have to take care of it my self.You think your windshield would stay on after 52000 miles!!!!. I hope no other ford truck owner go through this problem. just glad i wasn't crusing at 30,000 feet would have been suck out of the cab!!!!!!!
  • egeboegebo Posts: 1
    I am having a problem with my 2007 F150, 5.4. It has 33,000 miles. Recently when it sits unused for 3-4 days, I have an issue when first starting up. The tach and fuel gauge vibrate and take a few seconds to fire up. A clicking sound accompanies the shaking. The message center then indicates a "Tire pressure monitor failure" and the low tire pressure indicator comes on. All resets typically when the truck is shut off and restarted.
    Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  • Question for you ford techs

    I had a reading that my FICM was only at half of the voltage so I repleaced the FICM with a new one that came already programed, they told me that all I had to do was take out the old one and put the new one in and it would run. Here lies the problem after installing the new one when I go and start the truck it just makes a clicking noise and the starter does not engage. Do you think by installing the new FICM that computer now needs to get flashed? I had the truck running before I installed the new FICM but it was rough at first, I replaced the FICM the same day that I had it running with the old FICM installed. I even went as far back to installing the old FICM because the truck ran, when I installed the old one the truck did the same thing just clicked and the starter would not engage. So I am thinking that I might need to take the truck into a Ford Dealership and have the computer reflashed?

    Please give me your thoughts

  • frhrwafrhrwa Posts: 6
    anyone having problems with the display above (up where your sunglasses and remote garage door opener go) going off? mine went off once, came back a few weeks later.. now 3 months later, it went off again, and hasn't come back? also my Overdrive light on the shifter intermittently comes on.. shift to neutral and back, it goes out.. I have a 2002 f-250 SD Crew 4X4 7.2.... thanks..
  • four40four40 Posts: 2
    My 99 F-350 powerstroke ittermittantly runs rough then you can kill it & start up again & it runs smooth. I have added 4" exhaust, S&B cold air filter & ez chip from Edge Products. Did fine until 3 days ago then suffered power loss without towing. Had computer cleared and am running with chip turned off. With chip on & towing or heavy accerelation service engine light would go on & off, which Edge says is is normal with 7.3. 3 days ago service engine light started coming on almost all the time running without towing. Anybody know anything about this? HELP......

  • dglasscockdglasscock Posts: 9
    My truck is an older F350, I had the same problem, but started out intermittently, then one day nothing. Mine turned out to be the camshaft sensor. Check into that.

  • dglasscockdglasscock Posts: 9
    edited May 2010
    My 95 F350 started shuttering and acting like it was starving for fuel. I have 3 tanks on it and switched between all 3 and no luck. I checked all the fuel supply lines, all were tight, I put a vacuum gauge on the pump and it was pulling 25 inches. I changed out the year old fuel filter (which looked like it had some wax on it) so I figure maybe I got some wax in one of the injectors. I have been running diesel kleen and lucas through the fuel constantly, before and after the problem, but it still acts the same. If there is a better cleaner, please let me know, or is there something else I should check?

  • dglasscockdglasscock Posts: 9
    Sounds like a clogged exhaust pipe. Disconnect the exhaust pipe as close to the engine as possible, reset the codes and crank it up and see what happens, do not run it for too long this way.
  • dglasscockdglasscock Posts: 9
    Check and make sure the flexplate didn't break (if it is an automatic). It should have an access plate down by the transmission you can look in and see if anything broke or the teeth are worn (or pull the starter back out and look in).
  • Hi i have a speedometer that starts of bouncing around and gets worse the faster i go. i replaced the speed sensor on back pumpkin and had the truck hooked up to a computer. i had the speedometer/odometer tested . all is good any ideas, i thought maybe computer?
  • My F250 diesel smokes black smoke when I press relatively hard on the accelerator after it warms up. When it is cold, it does not smoke and runs just fine. I realized that my air filter needed cleaning so I did that and it helped a bit. I then used MAF cleaner and cleaned the MAF. It did not make any difference. Do you think the MAF might be bad? If so, how can I tell.

    FYI, last year I had the head gasket and head replaced as has many people had to. It has 137,000 miles on it.
  • lookin and cant find it???help1994 f-150 pick up truck computer location
  • Hello, I have a 05 f150 5.4 and i have been trying to get my programmer to work but it keeps giving me dtc,s and wont communicate with the ecu, truck runs great but the codes are saying the ecu is bad, any one run across this too
  • jak_11jak_11 Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    2003 7.3 ltr. the radio,dome and windows stop working. There is no apparent "outside" factors such terrain or precipitation that instigates this fault. sometimes power returns with in a few minutes, sometimes an hour. any suggestions.
  • frhrwafrhrwa Posts: 6
    edited October 2010
    check your GEM module, do a search, somewhere I have the info regarding a small leak that gets the back of this unit wet, causing all kinds of weird electrical problems.. on fords, escorts, lincoln navigators, etc..if I find it, will post the info.. ah.. right after typing this, went to the previous page, and wa-la.. there it is.. all about the GEM module.. ;)
  • I know that it has been a while since this was posted, but I am going through the same problem with my 94 f150. It has a 4.9 with an A4OD and has approx 135000 miles. I am into my third PCM. The shop just says, yep there must be something else wrong, but offers no suggestions. How did you fix yours. Any ideas anyone?
  • Was there any underlying faults to the vehicle prior to any of the PCM's going out, stalling, not starting, anything like that? you weren't unplugging it and plugging it back in, with the ignition on, were you?
  • By the way, how long did the PCM's last?
  • Anyone had this issue? My check engine light came on, so I took it to the dealership. They hooked it up and the code picked up indicated that someone installed a performance chip or tried to modify the programming. I've NEVER hooked up any chip or tried to modify the PCM in any way. When I told the service advisor this, he basically called me a liar and said I would have to pay for a new PCM at about $1000! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • My 200 F350 with 7.3 is giving me issues. The truck was losing power and wanting to die at any rpm above 2000, so i checked and replaced the fuel filter. ran fine for about 1 month started again figured i had some trash in fuel replaced filter. problem is this time white smoke like it starving for fuel and then it will clear up and can go down road then check engine light will come on and truck starts sputtring and white smoke again and speedo starts jumping up and down about 10 to 15 mph, just dont have any other ideas need help.
  • May need to replace the fuel pump
  • bass12bass12 Posts: 4
    did you ever find the problem with your truck mine is doing same thing message number 73
  • bass12bass12 Posts: 4
    i have 2002 f150 ive been through every thing with this truck had rebuilt engine put in still doing same thing as before when in park runs great once you put it in drive wont hardly run and overdrive light keeps flashing been to all kinds of shops no one knows whats wrong keep spending money no results does anyone know whats wrong
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