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Ford F-Series Computer Problems



  • bass12bass12 Posts: 4
    i have aford f150 5.4 ive been through a lot trying to figure out this when in park truck idles good when i put it in drive wont hardly run overdrive light keeps flashing took to ford said put new engine in i did does same as before took to trans mission shop said same thing ive had it to 5 shops no one knowes even ford dealer does not know ill never buy another ford 2002 ford f150 please help thnk you
  • blk4x4blk4x4 Posts: 43
    check the wires at the connector plug on the side of the trans at the shift controller, they are probably bent, dirty and crack usally right at the plug and when you put the truck in gear it loses signal at the computer and flashes th OD light and messes everything up, where you located, i have a shop in PA
  • it turned out to be the timing ring in the differential.

    thank you.
  • bass12bass12 Posts: 4
    thanks ill try that been to every shop in dayton ohio spent alot of money ill tell you if it works thanks alot for advice
  • ok yesterday truck would nt start thought maybe ign module (been runnig rough latley) put new ign module in didnt start primed with gas would run as long as i fed checked fuel filter could blow though installed new fuel pump relay (i took out both fuel pump and eec relays) reinstalled now have 6.9 volts at fuel pump in first tank and no spark
  • ruby21ruby21 Posts: 1
    diesel super duty 250 year 2000 turn ignition on and dashboard lights flash, no starter engaging any ideas
  • Did you get an answer for this. Mine has done the same thing
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