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Honda Civic Si Sedan



  • blairspeedblairspeed Posts: 11
    How do you like the Axxis pads?? So far the stock brakes work really well in my opinion.
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    They work well, IMO. I've used them before, though. I find they make a little more noise on the Si than previous cars, but it is going away as they wear-in.
  • blitzebillblitzebill Posts: 25
    i'd have to agree that the stock brakes on the Si sedan are quite good.
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    Nothing wrong with the stock brake pads if you're just driving the car as a commuter, but should you get them hot, you'll find them not the equal of the rest of the car. Ultimates are fade critical at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit - OEM? Not certain, but doubt it is much over 700 degrees and that isn't that hard to reach.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    not the first time i've heard this about the si; the gti has the same problem.

    so the tl type si couldn't pull away from an si on the straights? i never got a chance to watch the video!

    Perhaps this should be a message to honda that the tl needs to have sh-awd or be rwd? if i had a type s, i'd be pissed if an si out-anythinged me!
  • a10thundera10thunder Posts: 19
    You have to watch the video yourself. The TL Type S had a camera mounted on the back to film the Si sedan, so the two cars weren't racing. If they were racing, even the regular TL will pull away from the Si on the straights. The Si sedan will only have a fighting chance on tight corners, where the TL's weight, wheel base, suspension, and lack of LSD come into play.
  • maverickjmaverickj Posts: 16
    have you guys heard you could win a Danica Patrick limited edition Honda Civic Si Sedan? its a sweeps called "get the call, get the car" if u win she will personally call u to say congrats :) cute car...nice. wouldn't mind having one since especially after seeing the pics
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    No, the Type S easily pulled away from the Si on straights but was so heavy that it didn't corner nearly as well as the Si, giving the Si a chance to make up lost ground and get back on the rear bumper.
  • there were many points in which the si coulda been slammin on the gas when the TL was braking. Si's handeling is incredible for a stock car
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    ah, thanks for the post guys.

    I agree themistocles, the si is wonderful handler.

    mabye if honda actually gave the tl rwd, it would have fared better. or at least give it sh-awd with something other than a v-6 to compensate.
  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 172
    I've got about 2800 miles on my Si Sedan and I'm starting to notice a little grind when shifting into 3rd gear. I've noticed/read how a lot of you guys have switched trans fluid and remedied the problem. Can you tell me again which trans fluid is the best?
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    I have over a hundred thousand miles of positive experience with GM/Pennzoil Synchromesh, but many folks also like AmSoil Synchromesh.
  • forbesjforbesj Posts: 22
    I just figured I'd share. I was just out for a drive in my recently out of break-in period Si Sedan.

    Suffice to say, through much of the drive, I had a fecal matter eating grin plastered across my face. It's plenty quick, and even on the stock all season tires, handles so well that it's uncanny. I can barely even tell it's FWD.
  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    "fecal matter eating grin"

    wow.... that's the most.... original phrase i think i've ever heard. glad you like it though, i can't wait to take mine out into some winding roads and just start playing. :D
  • bf04bf04 Posts: 6
    Hi all, I have about 1k miles so far on my 07 SI and loving it. When it comes to cars, I am pretty much lost. I goto Jiffy lube since it is convienant to my house, we have no honda dealership within 50miles. I think Jiffy lube uses Mobile synthetic oil. Does anyone have knowledgef Jiffy lube oils and recommendation on what to get? I would like to change over to synth and figure first oil change is good one to do it.

  • I am 40 & will likely purchase an Si sedan. Good value, MPG, 4 doors, full size trunk, stealth look & fun to drive. Pretty easy choice for me.

    I had the previous Si hatchback in silver. A little too unusual, hard for folks to get in back, performance not so great.

    I had a 1989 Si hatchback... one of my favorites. Have also had 2 regular 1998 & 1999 Civics and the first generation Odyssey.

    Best thing about any Honda is you can drive the living tar out of it, park it, and it will be ready to go again the next morning, and still get great gas mileage for 100K +.

    For the $, Honda cars & motorcycles rock. If I had the extra dough, I'd be driving a BMW 335i...

    As someone else on the board said, "BMWs are built to be driven on the autobahn and serviced by highly skilled technicians with special tools. Japanese cars are meant to drive in heavy traffic with minimum maintenance." Good observation. I've had 2 BMW motorcycles and loved them dearly, but they were expensive to maintain.

    Thanks to all you Si owners who are posting positive & negative info--helps me make an informed decision.

    Have fun & be careful out there.
  • bf04, it's unfortunate that your Honda dealer is so far away. I have heard a lot of horror stories about Jiffy Lubes, but maybe the one near you is honest. The oil filter for the Si is very hard to get to. When you go in for an oil change, I would suggest asking them to show you the oil filter they took out, just to keep them honest.
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    I wouldn't let those jackasses touch my car. But then I don't like anyone but my mechanic touching my car. Try Wal-mart instead, as you can at least watch them a little better than jiffy lube and they are all corporate run instead of being franchised.
  • bf04bf04 Posts: 6
    I can watch my jiffy lube easily and seem honest. I live in a small town. We do have a merchant tire and auto I get my major work done at, would you suggest them instead? I have no problems with Merchants or Jiffy.

    thx for the replies.

    PS. If I do goto the Honda dealership to get oil change, do they have synth and do I just go by their recommendation?
  • Where you do the oil change doesn't matter, as long as you can trust the mechanic. You also want a place where you can watch them do the oil change. Make sure they put in synthetic and replaced the oil filter. Honda dealers will go by manufacturer specifications so they will not put in synthetic unless you ask. Even then, it's a gamble if they actually remember it. Some places will let you bring the filter and motor oil.
  • siarizona,
    I have a bmw 325 i manual. and am considering a si sedan.
    I love the bmr's rear drive. you really can't beat that. the inline 6 purrs like a kitten. the car is very smooth.
    However the cars feels heavy. the steering is a little slow unless you yank it and the suspension is on the soft side. Although it does handle even with the soft underpinnings.

    I have driven an si sedan. the car was very nice except that it did not idle down between shifts. Iv'e heard there is a fix for this. I will have to go for another re-test drive to see if the factory has addressed this little annoyance. the car feels light and agile compared to the bmer and with lay down seats it has way more storage room for my rc cars and my mt. bike. I wonder how the '08s will drive? (re the idle down issue)

    I like the habanero red color and the nav system. HOnda doesn't charge you 400 bucks for pearls or metallics. this I like.
  • forbesjforbesj Posts: 22
    The median age of an Si coupe buyer is 25, the Sedan is 30. 80% are male, on both of them.

    My ~55 year old father drives a Mazdaspeed3, and likes my Civic. My ~52 year old mother drives an 07 Miata (6 speed), and also likes the Civic. They also have an 07 Jeep Commander on lease, and a 4cyl Tacoma, but the Mazdas are their daily drivers except during the winter. I think my father prefers my car to his, as he doesn't really push the Speed3 very much, and the Civic is quite a bit more slick when you aren't trying to get every once of performance out of it.

    When my father gets tired of the Speed3 in a year (he's a new car junkie), I might offer him a trade; my Si should be worth more than the Speed3 by then, and he'll have put some more economical all season tires on the car, too. Furthermore, I'll know the car has been meticulously taken care of.

    This is my first Honda; my previous car was a 2001 Hyundai Accent that I bought new for $8000, and previous to that was an old beater 86 Chevy pickup. I'm not in to the whole throwing lots of money on swapping new cars constantly thing.

    Anyway, the median age means that half of the people that buy the car are older, and half of them are younger, as opposed to an average, which might be a bit higher than the median.
  • I saw a sweet light silver Civic 4 door sedan with Si wheels in Korea today. I stopped to look and saw it had a sunroof,"> leather seats, an auto tranny w/paddle shifters, and a small lip on the rear fender rather than the Si's wing. Rear badge read "2.0i-VTEC"

  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    When I was in Germany a few weeks ago, I also noticed the European style of the Civic... I was actually quite impressed, I really liked the body style it has. Unfortunately I didn't think to snap any pictures, but if you ever see some photos, you'll see what I mean.
  • Ahh, Germany. It would ve very hard to drive a Honda in the land of BMWs. I enjoyed my time there.
  • tseoshtseosh Posts: 26
    "I have driven an si sedan. the car was very nice except that it did not idle down between shifts. Iv'e heard there is a fix for this. I will have to go for another re-test drive to see if the factory has addressed this little annoyance..."

    I consider the rev hang problem more than an annoyance. I have an '07 Sedan and the rev hang absolutely kills the driving experience everytime I have to shift. Despite many claiming that it is "fixed" on the '07 Si, it is very much a part of my daily driving experience. If Honda fixes the rev hang for the '08 models, I would hope they apply the fix to the '07s, too.
  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    the rev hang absolutely kills the driving experience

    I may just not be experienced enough yet as a performance driver, but i haven't really noticed the rev hang or how it "kills the driving experience"... I just go out playing and have all kinds of fun. Last night I spent 30 minutes in some back roads, an deverything was going great. :D I love my little baby...
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    this is the civic that other markets get (except europe) that we dont get here.

    this car is a nice middlepoint that we need here in the states: the 2.0 k20 pushing 155hp, a sport auto tranny, nicer interior, etc. Something to better compete with the mazda 3 gt.

    ofcourse, ours would have the usdm civic face, and not the jdm taillights or headlights.

    HONDA: makes this civic for our market. we will love you more!

    the wheels are actually what was available as a honda factory performance package for the 7th generation civic...but they were never si wheels, at least not here in the states.

    this is a sharp looking car; even if it looked like ours does, but still had the midrange k20 with a leather/sport fabric interior with the sport A/T, id seriously consider a civic again.

    This car is rebadged the csx in canada, under the acura nameplate. There is also a csx type-s, which is basically their version of the si sedan.
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