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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Hi kenbt:
    I would be very interested in knowing the LA area dealerships that genuinely will sell at MSRP.
    Appreciate your help.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    Installing these clear bras takes a lot of training and a lot of skill!

    I wouldn't dream of attempting this myself!

    I agree on pinstripes...tacky, But, that's me. Others like them.
  • Hello all,
    In attempt to repay in a small way, I have accumulated my pre-negotiated findings...

    I will not post individual names, but all prices are quoted from dealer's internet dept. Should you need the specific person's name, you can email me Also, call ahead to see if they have your color in-stock, add-ons, and other details to save time/frustrations...

    FIT Sport AUTO
    1.) Buena Park Honda... = MSRP + Free car mat
    2.) Honda of Downey ...= MSRP + Free car mat (none in -stock as of 9/15/2008, will get more cars in 12 days)
    3.) Honda of Downtown LA... = only white in-stock = MSRP
    4.) Riverside Honda... = MSRP
    5.) Diamond Bar Honda... = MSRP
    6.) Colonial Honda... = MSRP
    7.) Norm Reeves Huntington Beach... = MSRP (will have car in 5-10 days)
    8.) San Juan Capistrano Honda.. = MSRP

    Deals are not set in stone, perhaps you can bargain for more. But this is a good place to start..

    Hope this helps!!!!
  • So the people buying the 09 fits, are you guys paying it in full or financing? Won't paying for it in full lower the total out the door price to below msrp? For example, my sister got a sticker 2005 camry le $22,000 sticker price for $18,500 out the door including tax. So won't the 09 fit sport auto going at $16,060 sticker price sell for less? Like $15,000 out the door taxes included?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Won't paying for it in full lower the total out the door price to below msrp?

    No, it will not. Your sister got a discount on the Camry because there's LOTS of comparable mid-sized cars competing with the Camry. The Fit is the newest and arguably best small car design, and in a world of $4 a gallon gas will command top dollar for the forseeable future.

    P.S. Your sticker price on the Fit Sport Auto is wrong. The Base Fit Auto is $16,020. The Sport Fit Auto is considerably more.
  • Updating my own post. I've since installed JDM passenger-side (actually, the driver's side in Japan) sun visor, the OEM chrome exhaust finisher, and a "dead pedal" from Zeta Products. I've decided to forego the cargo cover for now. I'm looking to modify my US-spec "H" and "Fit" badges to appear Japanese. The JDM versions are available, but expensive for what they are.
  • I want to test drive 09 fit but the dealer doesn't have one to test drive.
    Only way to test drive it is to put 500 down and order the car.

    i did it because i want to compare to versa 09 that i also put 500 down to hold the car. it's similar power package and it's 14227. fit base automatic model is 16020, a sticker price.

    i am just wondering should i wait for 09 fit to test drive (I don't know when)
    or just go for versa.

    i liked the way versa drives but less fuel economy.
  • Hi all,

    If you are looking to purchase in the Inland Empire in SoCal, please me an e-mail. I had a straightforward transaction earlier this week with one of the local dealers and I can provide you with the name of the internet fleet manager and his contact info. I had been in contact with about 10 different dealers over the past month shopping for the car. I ended up purchasing from the one who was the most honest and upfront with me. He also had the best e-mail quote which he honored with no gimmicks. As FYI, I did not finance the car, had no trade-in, and declined all add-ons. So, send me an e-mail if you're interested in learning more.
  • Hi! I bought my '09 Fit Sport with nav/vsa in Massachusetts last week. I had had my deposit down for a few months. I was actually waiting on a Tidewater Blue one but (like at many other dealers, it seems) that color was not immediately available. I settled on Storm Silver and it has actually grown on me. My dealer did say it could be another month before the blue ones come out so if anyone is waiting on that color that is what I have also heard. Some dealers around here were charging $500 over MSRP but I shopped around and mine met MSRP. I think they are a bit more widely available now here as dealers have actually called me looking to sell....soon perhaps they could go below MSRP...who knows?
  • I just bought my 09' fit paid in full out the door price 18,575.53 i received my car on Sept. 16 and have been enjoying it ever since!! i live in Virginia so the taxes are probably different. hope this helps
  • Fithopeful, I'm in MA too, where did you buy your Fit? Thanks.
  • Out-the-door prices don't provide useful information to others wondering what price these cars are going for. Even though otd price is what really matters to a particular buyer, it include taxes, registration and document charges and any dealer charges, which vary all over the place by state and dealership, and therefore does not allow for any useful comparison.. I am interested in what the bottom line price was for the car BEFORE Taxes, fees and dealer/documentation charges.
  • Anyone find 09 Fit Sport AT at MSRP in San Francisco or BayArea ?
    Looking for 09 Fit Sport AT with Silver Color.
  • I bought my 09 Sport from Crown Motors in Redding CA for MSRP. It was a 4 1/2 hour drive one way from where I live, but it was worth it. All the dealers who were closer to me had large mark-ups.
  • I spent all weekend looking at 09 Fit Sport models. The 09 models here in Memphis, TN cost LESS than the 08 models! Wolfchase Honda offered me a silver 09 Fit Sport for exactly $17,000 flat, including mats, wheel locks, and the little trunk protector. I should have taken the deal but I wanted to spend a little less than that...i'm kicking myself now!!! :cry:
  • Thanks, Anyone find 09 Fit Sport AT at MSRP closer San Francisco or BayArea ?
    Looking for 09 Fit Sport AT with Silver Color.
  • Hi.
    I'm new to this board so forgive me if this has already been addressed, but I live in mid-state Illinois and am looking for a 2009 Honda fit. Online, at least, none of the dealers around here have ANY, and I really don't want to drive to Chicago or St. Louis just to buy a vehicle.

    Anyone know of a different way to get one around here? I'm not real clear on how to deal with "fleet managers" or what the proper chain of command is with all that. And, yes, I have read some, but it sure feels like there's alot of information that I don't know.

    thanks for any help
  • 09 Storm Silver Manual

    I paid 19,855.46 USD but then had a $966.00 dealer rebate. Got 7,729.50 USD for my 02 Civic Coupe with 26K miles trade-in. Got all-season mats as well.

    Carter Honda in Vancouver
  • Can any post which honda dealer in San Francisco or BayArea will do MSRP on 09 Fit Spot AT ?
  • The rules say no email addresses, so just write to sales at , or look up a phone number and call Avery Greene Honda. They are in Vallejo CA and the internet manager says they sell at MSRP, not more and not less, but sell quickly whenever new stock arrives. Mention my email name as reference as I just exchanged messages with him yday. He said three 09 Sport AT arrived over weekend. Good luck.
  • After working for three weeks with the dealer I bought my (unfortunately totalled) 2007 Fit from to no avail, calling a dozen dealerships from LA to Auburn, and an auto broker (who did find me a base manual, but not a color I wanted) I finally hit the jackpot with Stockton Honda, and a salesman named Rick.

    I was looking for a Base Manual in Tidewater Blue. There were, as it turned out, only 3 in California, but they were being sold way over MSRP. Stockton Honda worked out a 3-way swap, and Rick drove from Stockton to SF to Sacramento to El Cerrito and back to Stockton to get my car, a Base Manual in Tidewater Blue, sold to me at MSRP. That's what I call going above and beyond. What a great dealership!

  • I have a deposit on 2009 Fit that came in last week, and I'm going into the dealer tomorrow to complete paperwork. This is my first new car purchase, and I was wondering about having accessories like tinting and clear bra added at the dealer vs taking it to an outside shop. I can save about $300 on tint and clear bra if I take it to an outside shop. Any reason not to do this?

    Also, anyone with experience installing side molding? I can purchase the molding pieces from a Honda accessories site for $150. Dealer charges $250.
  • wxlwxl Posts: 2
    I have not found one dealer near Seattle willing to sell for MSRP. The best I got was $500 plus. I refuse to pay any over MSRP. As a buyer, we should stand our ground. Let the law of supply and demand bring the price down to a reasonable level. With the current sluggish economy, we should have an upper hand.
  • I agree. I will not buy in my local area until MSRP is available, and I believe that it soon will be. The dealerships will make a reasonable profit at MSRP. That should be enough.
  • Hi. Been wanting a Fit or two since last year, and waited for the '09.
    Walked into South Shore Honda today after checking their stock online.
    They happened to have an Orange sport, and a Tidewater blue base, both autos.
    After test driving a Civic LX and determining that it was just as wonderful and bland as the 1999 Civic we have, I opted to go with the car that made me smile.
    They let me test drive the Orange sport, and I was all grins. Sure it rides rougher than the Civic, and I could get a Civic for the same money, but I want a more utilitarian car that'll carry odd sized objects, fit in small spots, get great mileage, all the while feeling like a go-kart.
    So I bought both the Orange sport and Tidewater base automatic fits. Paid MSRP + tax and plates for each. Got the remote entry/security system thrown in on the blue base model. Settled for 5.49% financing for 60 months each. 10G's down (5 each) total payment for both cars will be $511 month.

    The dealer now has no more Fits. I bought the only two they had, in colors I liked. I got lucky.
  • finixfinix Posts: 1
    I would like to test drive Fit with manual transmission. I am in Phoenix, AZ, and dealers here just don't have any MT. When I asked for Sport w/ Nav and MT, they tried to convinced me that it is as rare as snow is Phoenix. Did anybody test drive it? How does it compare with AT?
  • I just picked up my BBP 2009 Fit Sport yesterday. I really wanted this color so after putting $300 down, they found one nearby (80 miles away), they brought it to the dealership for me to purchase. I bought it for $17,380.00, which is $200 under MSRP. Dealership was great, no hidden charges and 4.49 percent financing for 60 months. So far, so good!
  • joobeejoobee Posts: 2
    Anyone had a good buy with a northern ca dealer recently? I am in the market and I have had 1 quote so far from Autowest Honda-Roseville....
  • try san leandro honda they did a no b.s. deal for me.
    I also saw some new fits at napa honda
  • We live in Urbana, but last year we had the Peoria dealer (Bob Lindsay Honda) get us a base manual silver fit. We got it at msrp with no hassles. We use the Bloomington dealer (Brad Barker Honda) for service and like them too. Looking online wasn't working for us because some dealers put everything on there including the ones that are already pre-sold. Others keep a waiting list for fits so you have to call or go see them to see what their list is like. We put down a $500 deposit and got the car in 3 weeks. Good luck.
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