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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    While all auto manufacturers are having a harder time these days, there is a significant difference between Detroit's Big 3 and companies such as Honda. Honda, after all this, is still projecting an operational profit of US $2 billion for the fiscal year (albeit it is about 1/3 of their initial forecast). The rise of yen is still contributing and likely to contribute to the drop in profitability, but the Bank of Japan, who has thus far not intervened, is very likely to step in and start buying USD (and dumping yen) massively in the near future. This is a virtual certainty if the current currency trend holds, since BOJ did it repeatedly when JPY was near this level before.

    Even Toyota, whose forecast operational loss has been widely reported, is projected to have a net profit of about half a billion dollars (US) for the fiscal year, even though that's about 1/10 of what they were forecasting in the beginning.

    The Japanese manufacturers are saying that they are hurting, and I believe them. The difference is, though, that their hurt is more like a bruise while Detroit's is more like terminal cancer.

    What does this mean to us consumers?

    Yes, there will be and are already deals to be had, even for Honda. However, just that Detroit is doing a fire sale does not automatically translate into the same for Honda or Toyota. Yes, it may turn into that if things get even worse, but I would hesitate to apply Detroit's desperation unconditionally to a company like Honda. They are hurting, yes, but it's a bad bruise, which may not require as drastic a sales move as GM, Ford and Chrysler, who all have a stage IV cancer.
  • I bought my 09 Fit Sport and I been approved by Honda Finance @ Woodland Hills, CA. I signed everything, put $500 immediately and another check for $1000 that can only be used after two weeks. I thought the deal is done and final, but two days later I get a call from my finance guy requesting an additional down payment or a co-signer.

    I told him I will put another $1000 and to give me another two weeks.

    I really hope the Honda Review guy call me because I will give them the lowest score for the hassle they caused me. I should at least be compensated for this sudden change in the agreement.

    What do you guys think? Should I threaten them that I will give them the lowest score or tell them I wont be shopping there anymore. :mad:
  • This post is very entertaining. Even if Honda was hurting like the Big 3, which I do not believe they are, they still would not give that huge of a discount. There is no doubt that things have slowed for Honda. Loyal Honda customers seem to be going to the dealership trying to get invoice prices which in the past they have had difficulty doing. I witnessed deals being made on the Civic and Accords in this manner...And it is relatively easy to get a discount of three to five hundred dollars on the FIT as well.

    Most Honda buyers are happy with invoice b/c they know they are getting a car with great resale value.

    To walk into a Honda dealership and tell them 10000 cash is a deal is just funny. While cash is king, I hardly call 10000 cash when talking about a Honda...that's more like loose change.

    Using cash helps a lot and I used cash and actually got the 09 FIT SPORT AT for 1500 off....this is where cash can help them meet their sales objectives etc...Still this was an unexpected deal and happened when I was looking at a pre owned FIT....

    I am not sure why so many of us feel inspired to post a response to what seems like such an outlandish post...

    Even with the Big 3, try making your offer for the Pontiac Vibe for 10000 and they probably might not take it either, depending on how the car is equipped but just for fun, maybe you should try that next...

    good luck to might want to use a low interest credit card to pay for the remainder of the HONDA FIT and get some points while you are at it! :shades:
  • I have no real advice as I am not really sure I understand what happened. Are you trying to make payments on a car that is on the lot already but you do not currently have the funds? Why are you writing post dated checks?

    Listen, I do not want to be mean as I am sure you are very hard working and you just want to get your car and CA can be very expensive to try to live but it seems like you are operating on a layaway plan!

    Seriously though, before you walk into a dealership, you should know how much you are approved for...HONDA has online applications and approval...I do not know what went wrong but with all the horror stories about financing, it would be so good to be able to avoid it by either having cash our signing up with a credit union to loan you the money.

    Maybe you can put a stop payment on the check that has not been cashed yet?

    It just sounds like you have no car buying experience and they know it and they are taking advantage of you b/c they see some sort of opportunity....

    This is a mess!
    Good luck and try to get someone to represent you like someone who has a lot of experience buying cars and let that person talk to the dealership.

    You need to know your credit rating and how much you are approved for b/c if you are a high risk customer, then it could be they want more cash from you but of course they should have not changed the deal midstream! :mad:
  • Actually, I put $1500 down and then a few days later the finance guy called if I can put another down. I told him I'll give him another $1000 in two weeks, so the total down is now $2500.

    I thought the deal is done and signed, but this [non-permissible content removed] pisses me off that I have to come up with another grand.

    I'll give that dealer bad survey for sure, unless I'm compensated somehow.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,551
    It's Christmas so I'll be even nicer than I usually am. :)

    If. a couple of months ago, I had read someone's post where they were trying to buy a new Fit for 4000.00 less than the dealer paid, I would have thought it was a typo or someone trying to be funny.

    Not anymore. In the past few weeks, we have had people make offers on cars that were beyond ridiculous. Then they try to tell us how we should be grateful, given the economy to accept their offers?

    And they are SERIOUS!

    Last week I got an email on a used Infiniti G35 that was priced at (I think) 26,000. This guy thought we should take 5000.00 for it!

    The sky isn't falling folks, this is temporary!

    Merry Christmas to all of you!
  • Well, I suppose putting money down on a car is not unheard of, but I am wondering if this car is in stock and also I am still wondering why the downpayment part of the deal changed. I guess I am wondering what if anything else might change next...

    the interest rate? dealer addons that you do not want? etc, ect...

    I do not know why a dealership would agree to give you compensation when they are trying to get more down payment from you and they are not stupid people so I cannot imagine this was an oversight by the initial finance person....the people who do the finance are pretty sharp usually.... of luck to you but see what you can learn from this...don't think once you get this car you are out of the market for a long 07 HONDA FIT SPORT was totaled and that is why I just got the 09 and a friend of mine got her car totaled about a year after buying it so you never know when you need to use your car buying lessons so try to read up on things and be more prepared next time ok?

    take care!
  • Hey Honda guy,

    People are really dumb! If they do not know the difference between GM and Honda then they need to climb out of the cave they are hiding in. I do not want to be mean to GM or any other car companies but there is a reason why these people are in trouble...probably more than one reason! Anyway Honda might need to sell at lower margins for a little while but things will rebound and Honda will be fine...

    I would be so mad if I worked at a Honda dealership and people treated me that way, telling me I should be glad for the completely insane offer! But, then again, at that point, you know who you are dealing with and I guess it is best to not even waste your oxygen and just say "thank you but I need to decline your offer, I wish you the best and have a happy new year"

    As Honda owners, none of us should want the prices to drop too low b/c ultimately cars that sell thousands below invoice are cars that never retain their value and have no resale value. You might say who cares about resale but you care when you get ready to sell your car b/c you have your heart set on an updated/new/different stop trying to kill the Honda dealers b/c if the masses did revolt and were successful, what would be accomplished? A short term win and the decimation of a car company.

    This would not happen in reality but I am just saying folks, you need to be reasonable and it is fine to ask for some profit sharing when making your deal if you are subtle and assertive but come on, that person who offered 10000 was not based in any sort of reality and needs and education and that goes for anyone else thinking that thousands off will yield a success. And with the Honda FIT and Civic being ranked #W1 and #1 on the Best Affordable Small Cars list on US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, Honda has no reason to cave in.....

    I think if you have no money, and you are negotiating for a car that has a crummy reliability rating then go for the jugular and negotiate many thousands off the MSRP or invoice b/c that's all that car is probably worth and if that's all the money you have, then that needs to be your plan but Honda will have no part of that on an entry level subcompact which is in big demand.

    Happy Holidays and i know i am preaching to the choir. :shades:
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,551
    I don't take anything personal but I just shake my head in amazement sometimes, that's all.
  • Say psychoticgas, I am also looking for a 2009 Fit Sport in the Houston area. Can you list the "multiple dealers" who are willing to do that and who you ended up going with?

  • texasestexases Posts: 7,733
    And the idea of a Honda dealer giving outrageous discounts on one of the best-reviewed, most in demand brand new models out there is amazing!
  • I live in Washington metro area. First made research, narrowed
    my search to two models: Toyota Yarris and Honda Fit. Then came
    to a local dealership, test-drove the vehicle. They asked the OTD
    (Out of The Door price, i.e. money you pay for driving vehicle home)
    $17,389.00. After half an hour dropped to $17,000. Came to another
    dealership, test-drove Toyota Yarris. Then came home, made a research.
    Decided to get Honda Fit. Took the list of dealerships from
    and started to send emails with a request of the OTD quote for Honda
    Fit, basic A/T. Stressed that the quote should include absolutely
    no extras, packages, options. Got several quotes. Got the lowest quote
    and sent the citation of that e-mail to another dealers with a suggestion
    to beat that quote. After 5-6 e-mails got the OTD quote $16,486. Went
    to that dealership. Was greeted by a lethargic lady in her up 20s with
    whom I had e-mail correspondence. Tried to lower the price. She did not
    want to bargain. Walked away. New round of e-mail requests for a quote.
    Got a quote from Sheehy dealership for OTD $17,463.39. Sent him a copy
    of my e-mail from the previous dealership that gave a quote $16,486.
    8 minutes 23 seconds later received from Sheehy a note "My manager says
    he can do the deal that you received from ...", i.e. one grand less that
    he quoted nine minutes before. Got another similar quote from Pohanka.
    Answered him that way:

    Your Fit doesn't fit --
    a little bit --
    my budget need.
    Good rhyme, doesn't it?

    To be honest, I understand these verses are lousy. But upon receiving this
    note, the dealer shaved 100 bucks off. I think per word Harry Potter
    yearns less. :-) On Saturday morning went to that dealerships. Inspired by
    post #1934, my wife offered 15,500 OTD. This did not go. The dealer shook
    his head. After 2 minutes we walked away from the dealership. My wife went
    to her car to wait. I went back. This time the dealer started from 16,900.
    Took about one hour. He lowered his quote to 16,450. Eventually, I told
    him if he could not honor his e-mail quote, I could not make a deal. That was
    true. Said "good buy". On my way out of the dealership went to the
    bathroom. When I was leaving the bathroom, the dealer stood near the door.
    He told me "you won". He meant his quote in the e-mail. We made a deal.
    Here is the price for Honda Fit A/T, basic, no extras:

    Invoice...............................14,812 (Got this number from papers the dealer showed to me)
    MSRP..................................15,350 (From the sticker on the car)

    Base price on vehicle my buyers order 15,716.12 (Including destination charges $670)
    Dealer processing fee:...................100.00
    VA sale tax 3.0% of 15816.12.............474.48
    VA tags and registration:.................94.50
    Total paid by cash:...................16,389.10

    Drove the car home. End of the story.
  • Hey,

    I am glad you got the deal you were looking for! Honestly, I do hate sending around a deal that was proposed to me asking others if they want to compete. I know this is the recommended method by experts but I would never do it. I guess I am a softy...

    Anyway, it seems like in your case it was good that you had a deal in writing that you could use as leverage and since the first place did not want to honor it, they kinda hurt themselves b/c you took your business elsewhere and wound up with what you were looking for.

    It is too bad you had to spend any time in person making offers and haggling...I do not know why a solid deal could not be worked out over the phone. I guess going in was not bad though b/c they could see you were there, you were serious, and you were ready to buy a car!

    I love my 09 Fit Sport, I love the way it is very nice. I too looked at the Yaris and I actually liked it quite a bit but it was so darn hard to get proper equipment like keyless entry..does the FIT BASE have keyless entry?

    Anyway, congratulations on your new car!
  • moolmanmoolman Posts: 126
    Here's a repost of what I put on another forum. Hope my story helps.

    Hi everyone,
    Well, I'm a proud owner of a White Fit Sport Auto with Navi. Picked up the car this afternoon, it wasn't too bad of an experience, did take like 3 hours and the standard BS. They tried to sell me the BS paint coating and Lo-Jack for $1600, then dropped to the "super low" "at cost" price of $595 but in the end just gave me the car after a bit since I was about to leave. I hate that kind of BS but it's their job so I can understand that. After that they were straight forward, no BS. The only reason why I even stuck around was that the car had 5 miles on it and was just PDI'ed. So nobody abused it on a test drive, which I like, so that was the only reason I stuck around. They just took off the plastic and I told them not to wash it so I don't get swirl marks all over the car.

    I currently live in NorCal but bought the car in SoCal while visiting family today, I could of gotten the same deal at NorCal dealer but this place just matched it.

    As promised the full details. I financed the car through my credit union at 4.75%@60 months, I did see some other credit unions that gave a better rate but I plan on paying off the car quickly, so I didn't care too much. They told me up front that they couldn't beat the rate because the Honda Days financing didn't include the Fit.

    MSRP: $19430
    Invoice $18755

    I paid: $18,500
    doc fee: $55 (max allowed by CA law)
    8% tax: $1484.40
    License: $206.00
    CA tire fee: $8.75
    Total: $20,254.15

    Now my full disclosures since many people post prices and they don't mean jack squat because they fail to mention that they bought over priced accessories, got ripped off in their trade in etc.

    I bought no accessories, I had no trade in. I did buy the 8year/120K $0 deductible Honda Care warranty for $895. The deal was in no way contingent on me buying the warranty. I kind of forced them to sell me the warranty. Online many of the dealers refuse to sell the Honda Care to California right now and the ones that do the lowest I could find for California was $990. But other sites have that warranty for $890 for the other states. The Honda dealer I went to does not normally sell Honda Care, they sell their own rip off warranty. The reason I paid an extra $5 was because the finance guy just asked that since $890 is cost, at least cover the paper work of writing up the contract so I agreed, still cheaper than the $990. He claimed that because they don't normally sell Honda Care there, they don't get much of a kick back like the online dealers that sell many of the warranties, hence the $5.

    So I bought nothing extra to get my price, no trade in, no accessories, just the Honda Care which wasn't contingent upon the deal, more of a burden for them actually.

    I think though that I might have left some money on the table, if I really wanted to squeeze them, maybe another $100 or $200 more. If someone had previously posted that they bought the car for $18,500 I may have pushed for more off since I knew it could be done but nobody here posted a lower price, so I just put that as my goal and I got it.

    I know I sound awefully cheap squeezing every penny but don't cry for the dealer, I'm sure somebody today at the dealership bought the $1600, paint protection, Lo-Jack package for their Fit.

  • GawadGawad Posts: 1

    Please tell me what dealer did you go to? I tried couple of delaers for Honda fit and the lowest I got so far is $16,773.

    I hope the next couple of days I can get better deal.

  • Koleso,

    Excellent story. I appreciate all of the effort required to post your story, and your results. But it sounds like you went through a lot of work to get the final $100! Couldn't you have saved yourself a lot of time and negotiations if you had simply gotten the original $16,486 quote honored? Or am I wrong?
  • Here in San Diego:

    I just paid $17,800.00 OTD for a 2009 Honda Fit, Sport A/T in Tidewater Blue.

    So the base came out to being $16,267.00 before tax, licensing and registration fees. The only thing that sucked is that even with a good credit rating, the best rate they could give me was 6.99% financing over all periods. I just ended up paying cash for the whole thing.

    Seems like a there are two dealerships in San Diego that are willing to go down to that price. I didn't want mats thrown in as I wanted to get the WeatherTech ones. Does anyone on this forum have them (and if they do, do they like them?) ?
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,733
    I have the Weather Techs in my Forester, fit great, work great. Minor issue-the ones for the back seat have a lip at the front not corresponding to the floor contour, could have been bigger.
  • I got my Honda Fit from Pohanka in Marlow Heights, MD.

    Retrospectively, I think my wife's offering 15,500 OTD
    and then walking away was a wrong move. But this is
    just a speculation.
  • I just left a dealership, with a final OTD quote of $17,986 for a 2009 Honda Sport Fit manual transmission (no navi, no extras).

    $15,364 car
    $670 destination
    $21 tags
    >>> $599 <<< documentation fees
    8% GA tax

    The documentation fees are absurd. BUT - even if I add $500 of that back into the price of the car (assuming $100 doc fees is more reasonable), it puts me at $15,864, which is still under MSRP of $16,060 before destination. Can't decide if I want to go for it or not, but imagine that the price might change tomorrow (as books close on the year tonight).... A second dealer here in Atlanta said they'd match but could never beat the price,.. just not sure.

    What would you do?
  • Sorry to say but you got screwed! Go back and complain because my documentation fee is only $55!
  • moolmanmoolman Posts: 126
    No, no, no.. he didn't get screwed, let me be psychic here and predict that you are from California, hence the $55 doc fee, it's because California has a max doc fee by law and so do some other states. Georgia probably does not, hence the crazy fee but in the end, it all evens out because you take the doc fee into account when you are negotiating for the price. It's like ebay, you take the shipping cost into consideration when you are bidding on an item. That's why I hate when people complain about expensive shipping on ebay, heck they tell you up front what the price is. Same with the doc fee, it's a set fee up front so you just take it into consideration.
  • Hey Moolman,

    I would like to comment on this sentence you wrote regarding up front doc fees:

    "Same with the doc fee, it's a set fee up front so you just take it into consideration."

    As a GA resident, I can tell you that when purchasing a car, Honda does not really tell you about how high the doc fee is and it does sort of come as a surprise. You have to either remember to ask...I remember negotiating 400 off MSRP on my 07 and found out there would be a 500 doc fee...I found out before going into the dealership and was disappointed on the phone but went ahead with the deal knowing I was going to have this fee in most Honda places.

    This year I see the doc fees are almost 600 dollars and again, I was negotiating for a FIT, this one was pre owned, got a good price and then asked about fees and for 599 fee, the price on this preowned car was not good anymore, the OTD price was going to be more than I could spend...

    So then, while you think it is all in the negotiation, it really is not because when supply is high you can get your typical 0-400 off MSRP and pay the 600 doc fee. If supply is low, maybe you can get a better deal but probably not significantly better on average and the dealer still collects the 600 fee.

    I guess I am wrong if you have a low doc fee and pay above MSRP, then it would balance out to our scenario of getting a discount and paying a high doc fee but hopefully for now, people are not paying above MSRP....

    ok thanks for listening to my two cents. I just think people do not buy cars often enuf to remember to ask about the doc fees. I guess they are on window stickers but not always and I never look at a window sticker in a dealership since on the FIT we should know what options are on the car and we know the MSRP of the car since it was selling at MSRP for a while....

    :) :)
  • $15999 OTD according to sales agreement I signed yesterday ($300 off MSRP, doc. fee only $100, tax and tags.)

    I have not been through F&I yet, but already pre-approved for 5.99% APR for up to 60 months. Dealer says they can beat APR also.

    If F&I doesn't grind me too much, this'll be a pretty good deal...
  • lausylausy Posts: 14
    Everything is negotiable, including the doc fee. I live in MD and have bought cars in MD and VA. VA dealers are notorious for having a higher doc fee of $300 to $400 compared to $100 in MD. It's just more built in profit for the dealers. When they say everyone pays it, just tell them to take it off the price of the car and see what they say!
  • Just got home with Fit Sport, Auto Transmission, NO navigation system.

    Ralph Schomp Honda, highly recommend them if you don't want to feel dirty buying a car.

    Selling Price: $17,580
    Taxes @ 4.1%: 720.78

    Total OTD: $18,300.78

    That's it, no other fees of any kind. I've seen other posts at or below invoice, but in calling around here in Denver the Fit is still at or above MSRP. I didn't go onto other lots looking, only dialed internet managers and asked for quotes.

    Low pressure dealer, F&I guy nicely explained other features we could purchase that were declined. These included:
    - extended warranty
    - free tires, windsheild and other small maintenance items for life,
    - chip/dent repair
    - clear coat/interior protection
    - LoJack

    Out of all of these the tire/windshield sounded the most interesting, at around $1300. My insurance covers windshield replacement, and without being able to do a comparison to know how many tire changes this added up to I didn't feel comfortable buying on the spot.

    Financing was 5.25% for 60 mos, could have gotten 5% at 48 mos, our option to put $ down or not (they would finance up to 100% of the purchase price).
  • could you share the name of the dealership in San Diego and I'll give them my business.
  • It was DCH Honda of Lemon Grove.

    Just got the car today, and it was awesome. They were great to work with, no nonsense and straight up. It's a very nice dealership too (they just build it in May).

    The Fit is beautiful.
  • i'm in the bay area looking to get the same car you got. what dealerships around here will go for 18500 or less? what dealership in socal did you buy from? i'd be willing to drive down for the best deal. best offer i got so far in the bay area is 18900.

  • You would drive from the Bay area to L.A. to save $400.00 :confuse:
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