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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • zman28zman28 Posts: 3
    I figured I'd post a followup about how we made out with our honda fit. My mom and I did competitive bidding, following a youtube video of a lecture about how to buy a new car without getting screwed (i posted the link previously). We were looking to get the Fit Sport with navigation and automatic transmission, in either white or tidewater blue.

    After calling about 20 dealerships in the Boston area and southern NH, our best bid was $19,303, including 5% tax and all fees. A couple of places offered to match that price, and one of them, Honda Village, on Washington Street in Newton, was conveniently located and offered a few free incentives (free towing, free loaner car, 10% off all Honda accessories). So we went with them.

    A couple of things people should know:
    -In that video, the guy tells you not to trade in your car to the dealer, because the dealer uses this to make up any loss they'd take from giving you a good price. That makes sense, however there are some reasons to trade in that he doesn't mention. For us, the main advantage was the tax. In a trade in, the dealer discounts the price of the new car by the amount of the old car, and thus you get taxed on a lower amount. For example, 5% tax on a car that costs $19,000 is $950, whereas if the car is discounted to $13,500 with a $5,500 trade in, is $650. Still, the only reason we traded in our old car was because a used car dealer who is a close friend of our family told us that our car was worth $5,500, and that he would buy it from Honda Village for that price if they gave us that for trade in value. Before we told them this, the dealer only offered us $3200! They finally agreed to buy the car for $5,500 themselves after we got up to leave.

    -One thing I was fairly surprised about was how dead right the video was about the scams they try to pull once you've set a price. Accessories and warranties really are how they make their money. Before we went to the dealer, I looked on Honda's website and picked out some accessories for the car, expecting to get them at 10% off like the salesman told me. I decided on all weather floor mats, the storage armrest, wheel locks, and the protective strip on the door panels. Once we got to the point where we picked out our accessories, I noticed something strange. With the exception of the side strip, all of the prices were much higher than they were on Honda's site.

    all season mats: honda-$130, dealer-$172
    armrest: honda-$240, dealer-$324
    wheel locks: honda-$55, dealer-$76

    When I asked what the deal was, he said that the higher prices include installation. Really? for wheel locks and floor mats? Yea, well, that and shipping...
    Needless to say, we didn't buy that stuff. I found the exact same items at, the wheel locks are $35, the mats are $72, and the armrest is $180. I can "install" the mats and locks myself, but the armrest is beyond my expertise. I called a couple of the nearest dealers and asked what they charge to install it, and Herb Chambers came in the lowest with $109. Not a huge savings, but I'd still say it's worth it. I'd rather not line the pockets of a misleading dealership.

    Anyway, we LOVE the car, and wish everyone else the best of luck with their purchases!
  • gtimikeegtimikee Posts: 2
    Just want to get everyone's opinion on this. I went in to a dealership for a 2009 Honda Fit Base Auto.. and then sales manager tried to sell me a 2009 Honda Fit Sport Auto (1600 miles) on it for about $18300 OTD.. The reason why it has 1600 miles on it is because the previous owner had financial difficulties and couldn't afford it. No accidents or any other upgrades.. the previous owner did put on the tint on the windows though..
    Warranty still on, inside seems okay.. took it out for a test drive, seemed okay.. Should I offer a lower price??

  • If I was going to pay for a new car, I would want to break in the first 1600 miles myself.

    I do not see how this is a deal. Not to mention, you have NO PROOF that nothing bad happened to the car, even though it probably didn't. It's more the principal of the could get out the door with the same price new. Do your homework and shop around. I think you are attracted to the idea of getting the Sport (which is understandable, it is a nicer car) and you have lost sight of the fact that this is not a deal.

    Good luck to this dealer in unloading a 1600 mile car! I am only one opinion but I think he would think you are a sucker if you bought it at that price. Some of us got out the door in the 17.000's and while you might not get that deal on a brand Sport Auto, I certainly would not be going out the door for more than 17000 with this many miles.

    My advice is to do nothing for a little while until your head clears, you are too caught up!

    good luck!
    sue :)
  • dconnordconnor Posts: 20
    I have been evaluating cars to get something for my son and daughter-in-law and my new grandson (I had to get that in). We looked at Fit, Matrix, and Versa and they liked Fit the best. I find it annoying that to get cruise and remote entry one has to bump up significantly but I did. The tires on the Sport however presented a problem that I would like to point out to those who are looking at buying a Fit. The Sport has low profile 185/55/16 tires. There are only 2 available on the market, one made by Dunlop and one (Turanza) by Bridgestone. Both are fairly expensive and have very low tread wear ratings of around 300 or less. They also get less than stellar reviews for wet traction and overall ride (e.g. see My research told me that 30,000 to 35,000 miles was about the best one could expect. I had an in depth discussion with the service depatment at the Honda dealership, and they confirmed that one is looking at approx. $600 for a set of tires about every 30-35,000 miles. So at current prices, if one kept the Fit for 200,000 miles, that would be around $3000 for tires. That is absurd for a car that is supposed to be economical. The Manager agreed to swap the 175/65/15 tires off a base model onto a Sport model and give me $500 off the Sport for that. Now at first tire change or sooner I have the option of going to a 185/60/15 or even 195/60/15 tire and still be within 1% of the size of the original 185/55/16 tires (Anything <3% change is considered safe). In these sizes there is a large choice of better riding, longer wearing tires including Michelins, Yokahamas, etc. This should also save some significant cost and hassle over the life of the car. Just some thoughts for anyone looking at the Fit. I hope it is useful.
  • You have some good points. Still I prefer a larger tire..I was thinking of getting custom wheels and I learned about the tire dilemma but a lot of car companies choose low profile tires to get a certain feel on the model...

    I think your information is valuable so people can be informed but I do not think it is an emergency or crisis. Also there are sometimes good tire deals around in various places but I do think it was ridiculous the way they put a "rare tire size" on the Fit Sport.I must admit it was a really dumb move.

    If I get new tires, I might move up to 17 inch tires...this is what I put on my last Fit Sport +2 b/c it was an 07 with 15 inch tires. If you go to 17 inch tires you have some choices but of course you need new wheels and in this economy it is dumb place to spend money but it does personalize the car.

    Have fun and good job on your negotiating!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sue :)
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Don't pay up for these cars... There may be a huge shooting gallery for most cars in the traditional may-july inventory reductions.

    Good luck

    Industry's Big Hope for Small Cars Fades -
    Bookmark added by casudi on 03/23/2009

    Description Click to Edit
    Last summer, when gas cost $4 a gallon, buyers snapped up small cars so fast that dealers couldn't keep them in stock. Now, with gas prices half that level, almost 500,000 fuel-thrifty models are piled up unsold around the country.

    The turnabout comes at a bad time for the struggling U.S. car industry, which has revamped factories and shifted product plans to produce more small cars in coming years. The moves are prompted by coming stricter federal fuel-economy standards and the Obama administration's car-bailout plan, which encourages auto makers to boost their vehicles' mileage.

    Practically every small car in the market is stacked up at dealerships. At the end of February, Honda Motor Co. had 22,191 Fits on dealer lots -- enough to last 125 days at the current sales rate, according to Autodata Corp. In July, it had a nine-day supply, while the industry generally considers a 55- to 60-day supply healthy.

    For other models the supply situation is even worse. Toyota Motor Corp. has enough Yaris subcompacts to last 175 days. Chrysler LLC has a 205-day supply of the Dodge Caliber. And Chevrolet dealers have 427 days' worth of Aveo subcompacts. At the current sales rate, General Motors Corp. could stop making the Aveo and it wouldn't run out until May 24, 2010.

    "I don't think Americans really like small cars," said Beau Boeckmann, whose family's Galpin Ford in southern California is the country's largest Ford dealer. "They drive them when they think they have to, when gas prices are high. But we're big people and we like big cars."

    The logjam of small cars is caused in part by the recession, which has sapped sales of all types of vehicles. But it also underscores how badly gasoline prices have whipsawed the industry
  • dconnordconnor Posts: 20
    I saw the Wall Street Journal article. However, all parts of the country are not equally affected. In Nashville unemployment is not up as much, house prices except at the very high end have not moderated much, and there are not lots stacked up with certain cars here, the Fit being one. I was a little perturbed that my son and daughter-in-law picked out the Fit when there was some dealing possible on most other small cars, but I had promised them that I would get what they picked out within a certain price range, and I wanted to keep my word. I continue to be annoyed however by Honda's choice of "rare" tire sizes for both the base and Sport models. Plus the tires, such as the Dunlops on the base model, don't get very good reviews if you check them on At least with the 15 inch rims I have the option of changing tire size without having to change rims.
  • A 205-50-16 tire will make an excellent replacement for the stock 185-55-16 tires on the 2009 Fit Sports. The diameter is almost exactly the same, the additional 20 mm width (0.8 inches) won't create any issues with rubbing the wheel wells or suspension, and there are many tires available in that size - some very good ones at prices less than the 185-55-16's. With only 2000 miles on my Fit Sport the first tire change is still years off, but I know that the 205-50-16's will make a fine replacement.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    "I don't think Americans really like small cars," said Beau Boeckmann, whose family's Galpin Ford in southern California is the country's largest Ford dealer. "They drive them when they think they have to, when gas prices are high. But we're big people and we like big cars."

    No, people don't like the junk the companies in Detroit are making. Sucks to be a Ford dealership. And GM - shoot, they lost 25% of their stock price just today. As Obama said in the press release:

    "GM has made a good faith effort to restructure over the past several months &#151; but the plan that they've put forward is, in its current form, not strong enough."

    In essence, even in a healthy economy, they would still be dying. Why? Because it's not the size of the cars - it's that nobody WANTS the cars. But they sure seem to want all the Minis and Fits that they can get their hands on. Sure, sales are slow, but they still do good volume. GM and Ford - you can't hardly give them away. After all, if you have $5 for food, why buy some TV dinner when there's so many other better options that aren't bland tasting?
  • Fit Sport AT w/wheel locks: $17,300
    Sales Tax (9.3%): $1608.90
    Doc. fee: $50
    Registration: $129.75
    Admin fee(?): $2.50
    Gap insurance: $595
    Total: $19,686.15
  • 2009 Fit Sport AT (RED): $16,216
    Center armrest: $349
    MD Sales Tax (6%): $994
    Doc. fee: $89
    Registration: $222
    Total: $17,870
  • 2009 Taffeta White Honda Fit Sport with Nav from Wesley Chapel Honda via their Internet Sales Dept.

    They told me they have: VIN# JHMGE886X9S060326

    Today, I had someone local check if the car actually existed. Shocker - it doesn't. The person there said, "We just sold it today." Is there any way to verify by VIN # if that is true or not?

    Maybe that's what happened, but this review on isn't a good sign: - - a-tampa-fl.html

    And because last time I bought a car, a lot that was not in writing was a lie, and some of what in writing (figures) contained errors...

    This is a 2'nd car for me. I'm in no hurry and am willing to travel anywhere in Florida for the right deal (< 20k OTD price + wheel locks). This will also give me time to look at Kia Soul, the 2010 Nissan Cube (so funky looking! ;-), and good used 3-year-olds. (Yes I can be fickle! But this is a 2'nd car!).

    I'll be there (Tampa) Friday & Saturday anyway now.

    If I search Cars.Com for Taffeta White or Milano Red, is it your experience that their inventory data is reasonably accurate?

    Again, I'm fine with traveling to get the right deal, though I'd probably want to stay in Florida.

    If anyone would like to email me recommendations for dealers specifically, or if you know for sure of a dealer with this model in stock, email me at

    brescianlute at

    In general, how to protect myself from traveling a long distance and then find that the dealer does not have what they said they had?
  • I just wanted to stop by and tell everyone they might want to look in the Civic forum. People are getting amazing deals all around the country 2k - 3k off sticker and free dealer add-ons. I just bought one for my daughter for $2,500 under sticker with a ton of add-ons.
  • How did you get your Fit Sport AT at the OTD price of $17,870? I am looking for a fit sport at w/ center armrest and all the dealers are saying it's somewhere around high $18,000. I am in TX. Please give me some advice. Thanks!
  • Try your best. You can show my breakdown to the dealer. By the way, I bought my FIT from Sport Honda, MD.
  • falvettefalvette Posts: 4
    I bought a used 2009 Fit Sport this past Saturday. It only had 4,400 miles on it and was only $15,988.00. I had hoped to get one with nav, but that didn't work out. I love it anyway. I got it at the Mazda Dealer in Johnson City TN. They were great to work with.
  • Can anyone please tell me what is the reasonable OTD price for this car in TX? I have read some of your messages and many have paid less than $18,000 OTD. I have asked a few dealers near me and they are quoting higher than $19,000. Please help! Thanks!
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    The best price I've heard of without the center arm rest in San Antonio is $16,800 and roughly $18,070 OTD.
  • fatmffatmf Posts: 1
    Thanks to everyone for all of the insight on this forum. I'm loving my new Fit.

    Silver Fit Sport Auto with wheel locks and floor mats

    Dealer Fee $399
    SC Tax $300
    Tag $45
    OTD $17875
  • Wow its amazing the dealers are getting for It was a rush buy and I didnt think about this model when shopping for my daughter. We ended up buying a Civic LX for $16,700 (dest included) dealer options were EPP, Tint, Mud Flaps, Pin Stripes, Trunk Tray and wheel locks. Seems like the Civics are not as hot and they are comming way down on the prices.

    Good luck with the Fit everyone.
  • Ha ha. I agree it is overpriced. it's nice I like it but to me this is a 17k otd car not 18k. Looking at fit sport AT, Scion Xb & Kia Soul +. Scion just lowered there msrp price by 3% I believe to compete with the New Kia. From what I have gathered could get fit for around 18k otd, Scion xb around 18k otd, Kia Soul + for around 17k otd. Just my thoughts:) gonna do some test drivin' & chiselin' this weekend:)
  • I completely agree, dealers are overstocked w/ these good mpg cars and charging top dollar in hopes gas prices rise this summer. OPEC announced they were not going to jack up gas prices it is just a matter of when car dealers/manufacturers decide to lower there overinflated prices on these cars. 18k OTD for a rollerskate w/ cheap carpet, no ESC, no armrests & drum brakes in this economy is worth no more than 16k period.....I talked to a honda salesman who emphasised that the fit was on the cover of consumer reports rated as a best value. I disagree,maybe at the time of print it was, however, I'd rather buy a scion xB, which has lowered it's price, is more car same price or the all new 2010 Kia Soul +which is 1-2k cheaper. My $.02 ;) its to bad i can't consider any american cars in this class cause they all suck. although ford a year to late 4 me (2010 spring) will release the fiesta hatch wich has promise.
  • Even OPEC doesn't change the oil supply, USD will eventually go down because the increase of money supply from fed. That means gas and foreign currency will go up. So it is a good time to buy a fuel efficient japanese car now.
  • dealers are stock piling these cars. i know gas price will eventually go up but hopefully later than sooner;) they'll have to discount 09's so they can roll out the 2010 models. waiting 4 may-june to pull trigger all the while hoping gas price stays low. dealers will have to discount just to get em off the lot.
  • npboy74npboy74 Posts: 4
    I just got a quote from a dealer here in Dallas for a Fit Sport man w/Nav for 17,910. Not sure what part of the state you're in, but $19k is way over what they are going for around here.
  • bibililibibilili Posts: 4
    Just got a quote from a dealer in N. California. The OTD price is 20200 (tax@9.25%) Is it a good price now?
  • Well... the email below is what I got from a dealer.

    Thank you again for the opportunity to be of assistance to you.

    I'm not sure where you were getting the 18,000 out the door figure from. list the true market value to be 17,432 and this is of course not including any optional equipment. So even if I used the source that you said you were using, then you can see where it is not mathematically possible to get to 18,000 out the door.

    As I was stating to you I want to earn your business, however a 2009 Honda Fit Sport Automatic with the armrest, tint and wheel locks cannot be purchased for this amount including your tax, title and license.

    If you are seriously considering the Fit, then you have to get your thinking up a little.

    Please let me know how I can further assist you.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to be of service to you and have a great day.

  • I just cannot believe that you got that quote. Every dealer was over $18,000 for me for a Honda Fit S Auto. There was one dealer that quoted low, but their reviews were too poor and didn't visit the dealer. I am in Dallas, TX.
  • The car is worth what you are willing to pay for it. The right dealer can get to the right number. There is high inventory nationally from what I understand. Just name your price and do not buy it if you do not want to spend the money. If your set in your mind with a number stick to it. You may or may not get the deal, it just depends on how much time you have and how creative you are in terms of finding new dealers to talk in and in trying various approaches. Many do not agree with me and do not have time to waste and they just try to get the deal fast if possible via faxes...

    I can see where he is coming from but you have to see if anyone wants to sell you a unit more than him.
  • bergaminibergamini Posts: 45
    Received a quote from Napleton River Oaks Honda in Lansing, IL for a 2009 Honda Fit Sport 5MT (manual) for $15,763 + 151.65 Dealer/Doc fees. This seems very reasonable to me so I think I'm going to tell them I'd accept if they throw in the rear bumper applique. I'm going to get Blackberry Pearl which is pretty hot, IMHO. The dealer in Madison, WI, where I live, wanted $16,700 so the trip was a no brainer.

    I also received quotes from that dealer for $17,800 for an Accord LX (MT), $14,362 for a Civic VP (MT), $15,463 (Civic LX MT) and $14,313 (Fit Base MT) and I have to admit that it was a tough choice. I have a dog and do need to haul my bike and other odd shaped items on occasion which is what finally got me to pay only $2,100 less than an Accord although part of me is still the $2,100 and get an Accord! I'm paying cash so I'm super price sensitive and I guess the Blackberry Pearl color and USB iPod adapter probably swung the Sport in my favor.
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