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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • gtimikeegtimikee Posts: 2
    I got mine for 18,500 OTD for Sport Auto.. no nav..
    so 20200.. that is a big dif unless u are getting options (tint, etc.) for that.. happy shopping
  • slr9589slr9589 Posts: 121
    I dropped my local Honda shop yesterday to see and sit in an Insight.they had 10 of them on the lot..
    It is a beautiful little car.The interior trim and gadgets are very Fit like.A 6 foot passenger could not sit in the rear seat without serious neck issues. the rear window is very small and hard to see out of.
    Cargo space is markedly less than the Fit due to the battery storage design...
    When you put it all together...the extra cost for 5 more miles to the gallon is not worth it to me.
  • I am shopping for a Fit Sport Auto in Kentucky. Quotes differ greatly from the 6 dealers I have contacted but the best price I have is $17, 290 (dest. and center armrest included). OTD will run about $18540 with 6% sales tax. $70 less if I take one off the lot. I want red but the only red Fit the dealer has includes nav.
  • chrirachrira Posts: 1
    I'm a now an owner of an '09 Fit Sport auto (no extras) which I purchased today. I worked with an internet sales manager at O'Daniel Honda in Omaha, NE. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar buying experience as mine. The salesman disclosed the printed invoice of the car, $16,979, and said that was his final price. He said he wasn't making any money on the deal and couldn't go any lower because they couldn't take a loss.

    It was about one hour before closing on a Saturday, and he was already giving me what I considered top dollar for a trade in '99 Chevy S-10 that needed some work. After asking for extras thrown in like floor mats or a cargo cover, he said that he couldn't take a loss, and he couldn't throw anything else in. I then said that I needed some time to think about the deal.....and then he walked away from me! Not to talk to a sales manager, he just walked away and asked that I have a good weekend.

    This is my first new car buying experience and in my internet research I've never heard of a salesman walking away from a buyer. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. After taking some time to think through the offer, and the salesman checking on me, almost wanting me to leave, I told him I would accept (and it was below Edmunds listed invoice price anyway). Has anyone else had a salesman walk away on them? I do think I got a good deal given quotes from other dealers, but I'm not sure what to make of the experience.
  • Hey Chirira

    From what I can guess, he felt he was doing the very best the could do. In his mind he felt confident with the deal he was making for you. When an internet manager makes a competitive offer, he probably hopes to seal the deal.

    If they already offered you a good trade and a good purchase price for your FIT I am not sure why you would ask for more stuff. They rarely give you the floor mats on this car to begin with so certainly not with a discount price.

    I think he was offended by your actions and so he told you to have a nice weekend. It was his way of saying that you are out of your mind. Again, this is only my guess and if I were in your shoes, I still might have also asked for more but it is important to be able to salvage the deal if they say no and if you still feel they are giving you a fair shake...

    From your post, I could not tell what happened at the was a bit hard to understand when you said he checked on you since you also said he walked away...

    Anyway, good luck with your new car if you got one and don't worry about the sales person, everyone is stressed out right now :)

  • mauicedarmauicedar Posts: 34
    After filing a long two message story about my experience with the Dallas Honda Dealer,I didn't trust I bought a Subaru Outback SE. I'll be pulling it behind my motor home and I'll be in mountains and National Parks a lot. The four wheel drive and heated seats will come in handy. I'll be paying about 30% more for gas but I think it's a lot more car.
    One of the things I really remembered about my 2007 Fit which was totaled by my son was a eight hour drive I took to stay with a friend while my Motor Home was broken down in Utah. That drive in a Fit was choppy and I was really tired after driving such a little car all day. The Fit is perfect as a commuter car but not so hot as a road or off road car.

    Good luck with your Fit's, Honda makes very good products, but I'm disappointed with the Dealers,
  • Hope you have better luck w/ Outback than I did. I expected a reliable car, but it was a lemon. I'll never buy another Subaru.
  • Hi Mauicedar,

    I had a totaled 07 and the 09 is MUCH better!
    As for Suburu, I have heard that the maint. costs are high. I do not know why this is but I always wanted an outback but after doing a lot of research, I found that a lot of customers were not happy. With that said, i think a lot of cutomers are happy and clearly you were able to spend the extra money it took to get into a whole different type of vehicle.

    Anyway it sounds like your Outback is perfect for what you want it to do. Honda dealers used to be VERY horrible in metro Atlanta area and so I protested and never bought a Honda but now there is no shortage of nice Honda dealerhips here though there are still some bad ones. I would say it is much nicer to do business with Honda now and I am really glad because I was a Mazda owner and both of my Proteges died at 60000 miles and so I swore off Mazda, who makes an outstanding interior! Very comfortable and plush...

    Take care!
    sue :)
  • hissy11hissy11 Posts: 1
    Paid $14,305 (including destination) yesterday.

    Did A LOT of research (mostly on edmunds), got A LOT of quotes, and spent A LOT of time going back and forth with dealers all over Southern California to meet/beat the lowest price.

    In the end, when I knew I wasn't going to get much lower than $14,305, I went to the dealer who was most respectful during the process.

    It's a basic model, but I couldn't be happier with my new car and the whole experience! :) :)
  • andysdandysd Posts: 87
    Would you kindly name the dealer or the city? That's the model I'm serious about. What was the out-the-door price, including sales tax and license?
  • When will the 2010 Honda Fits become available?

    How much would you predict the 09's could be discounted when the 2010's come out?
  • billp4billp4 Posts: 7
    I have an '08 Outback. Do you intend to tow yours on its wheels?
  • pgetheapgethea Posts: 1
    I too collected best price offers from my area (Boston) Honda dealers, spent a week negotiating (telling one dealer the price I had from the other, asking if they would beat it) over email and on the phone and once I thought I had hit bottom, I went to the one with the lowest price. I ended up getting a Red Base Manual 09 Fit for:

    $299 Doc Fee
    $100 Reg transfer fee
    $715 sales tax
    $15414 out the door price

    One place was willing to go $50 lower, but they didn't have the color I wanted. Most dealers would not beat this price, even on in stock cars.
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    You are absolutely right about the tires. Plus you will get some improvement in MPG & ride with the smaller 15" 60 series tires at a slight cost of handling. I hope to buy a Fit in a year & the tire size is a signficant reason. I think you should be tickled pink that the dealer is willing to swap wheels & give you a $500 credit. :D
  • smadnysmadny Posts: 7

    Does the Song name and Artist gets displayed in the Stereo (non Navi FIT SPORT ) ... and was wondering if the USP ipod connector charges the new IPHONE 3G?

  • absconfusedabsconfused Posts: 73
    Yes the song and artist appears (but you could have it not appear by the push of a button, it toggles between the two but of course I always leave it on)

    I do not have an IPHONE but this USB ipod connector is in that little compartment above the glove compartment and I just leave my IPOD in did fine over the winter..we will see how it does over the summer. When I kept taking it out I had some error messages to deal with (minor but a bit of a pain, I think it was the order in which I was unplugging stuff). It's a great feature this connection!
  • casey27casey27 Posts: 1
    I am also looking at a 2009 fit sport manual with navigation 1,866 miles for $17,000.
    Compared to a 2008 sport auto 1,900 miles for $14,700. Which is a better deal?
  • absconfusedabsconfused Posts: 73
    The best deal depends on what is important to you.

    I do not know how to compare a deal with manual/vs auto. Which one do you want?? You will have the car for a long time so choose what you really want.

    You cannot compare the 2008 and 2009 because the models are completely different. With the 09 overhaul everyone seems to agree that there were a lot of improvements. Since I had both model years I can tell you that cars drive very differently. The 09 is easier to be in for longer periods of time and is an overall more pleasant experience.

    I would never buy the navigation system. It looks cool but for one or two hundred dollars, you get a portable one like my GARMIN and have it for trips and other things.

    Good luck and perhaps there are other deals in addition to the two options you posted from other Honda dealerships..things change often.

    Good luck! :)
  • susan175susan175 Posts: 3
    I just bought my Fit Sport yesterday

    2009 Honda Fit Sport AT (Tidewater Blue) : $15,888 including $670 destination charge
    CA Sales Tax (9.25%) :$1474.73
    Doc Fee: $55
    Registration : $202.75
    Total : $17,620.48
  • absconfusedabsconfused Posts: 73
    Hey Susan175

    Wahoo on your deal, Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You get to join the club of those of us that got out the door in the 17's for a Sport AT 09!

    Enjoy your car!!!!!!!!!!
    sue :)
  • susan175susan175 Posts: 3
    Thanks Sue .. yea i can't believe i got such a great deal! gotta love the internet.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    You got a great deal, Ca market must be saturated to get a Fit Sport AT for $1200.00 below invoice though I'm sure the buyers in that area would love to know the name of the dealership.
  • dave2733dave2733 Posts: 1
    Sue - I am actively looking for a Fit. Can you please post the name of the dealer or email it to me.
  • absconfusedabsconfused Posts: 73
    Hi Dave,

    I am not able to email you, your email is private. Are you in GA?

  • $16,293.00 2009 Honda FIT Sport (5AT) (includes destination)
    556.50 Dealer fees ($469 doc fees & $87.50 dealer prep)
    1,010.97 6% Cherokee County sales tax
    42.00 Tag/ title/ lemon law
    $17,902.47 TOTAL

    I second earlier comments on the Navi unit. The problem I have is that I intend to keep any car for 8-10 years. My 1995 Legend (purchased in 98) goes bye bye for this new car. Anyway, it's frightening how much is integrated into the Navi Unit. If the display fails for some reason you're SOL. It can't be cheap to replace.

    I can buy the state of the art portable navi unit every few years for the next decade for the price of the upgrade. Not to mention some of the aftermarket ones are quite a bit better. The only thing I regret not getting the Navi was not having integrated satellite radio.

    If only a portable Navi also had XM or Sirius.
  • sarahsongsarahsong Posts: 1
    hi - so i've been scouring this board for hints, and have decided to just come out with my question. i'm looking for a barely used Honda Fit (a "cream puff", as i've learned). i have one '08 in mind at a dealer asking 15K "eprice". their dealership fee is $500, then there's the taxes and DMV fees. i have never bought a car before so am trying to do all the research i can to start negotiating this weekend.
    my main asset is that i can pay cash (check, rather) with no need to finance. the tips i've read say that your initial offer should be low but "in the ballpark." what does that mean??? if my max drive out price is, say 15K (which i'm not even sure the dealer would go for), do i need to start off at......13K? is that when they laugh and i walk away....and they don't reconsider? i know i'm also not supposed to get attached to this particular car.
    any tips greatly appreciated. i'm also dealing with the single woman going to the lot factor, so am trying to invoke all the nerves of steel i have at my disposal. difficult as this is also my first time, but i want to learn.
  • absconfusedabsconfused Posts: 73
    You need to understand that the 08 is not as smooth as the 09 and does not have certain features that many of us find very handy like the map lights and a few other things. You need to think about spending this kind of money on a model that was greatly improved upon. I drove a gently used 08 and almost bought it but the dealer really wanted me to buy an 09 new so he gave me a good was very lucky. I had an 07 and I was happy with my purchase. I do not want anyone to regret their 07 or 08 purchase. However, given the choice at this point in time, I feel the 08 is not a good investment for you because for a little more you can have a car that has been redone in a very significant way to create a much more pleasant driving experience.

    With all that said, the application fees are nuts, and they do that and you cannot really avoid that stuff but you can figure out a drive out price which includes your tax and their fees etc. Tell them you really don't care how they get to your price but your price is your price,,,it is the amount you have available to spend.

    Do not low ball them, it is very annoying, it indicates you do not know what you are doing and that you are attempting to play games. In general, Honda dealers are the least responsive to this game and they will not chase you or call you back.

    If you want, you can call the dealers, tell them your offer, and they can take it or leave it but you need to be prepared to leave it. There is a surplus of Fits out there (I don't know if it is true for used ones) but it seems that people will deal with you,,,right now they like getting the cash. I used cash.

    Also put around 2500-4000 on a credit card for reward points. They do not like going above 2500 but they have gone to 4000 for me in the past.

    Good luck, do not rush, and keep an open mind. I think they would rather sell you a new Fit 09 to move a unit so just have two numbers in mind. A drive out price for a new one and how much you are willing to spend for a new one!

    good luck
    sue :)
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Doc fees are meaningless as long as you get the full price with all fees from the 10+ dealers you get email bids from within 100-200 miles of you, usually last week of the month.

    At some point, with prices for the Fit in the 17000 range (sans TT), and excitement generated in the mid 16000's, eventually one may want to explore other options. The civic forum has several posts on civic ex at's in the low 17000's. Lx's with alloys and spoiler in the low 16,000's. Accords in the 18000s.

    The 09 18500 Mazda 3 i touring value auto may be had for about 15000 and change, The hatch perhaps in the low 16000's. . A Nissan versa $16000-18000 hatch or sedan for about 12000-14000s. A $19500 pontiac vibe or toyota matrix-- $15400 or or perhaps less.

    The kia spectra forum has a $17500 car similar to the elantra, for possibly $11500 or so. The hatch model perhaps in the 12000's . Worth investigating if true. The -09 Rio5 5dr hatch rates highly and perhaps available in the 12000's also.

    The new Hyundai Elantra 09 touring auto hatch (msrp 19400) may be doable for the mid 15000's or less. The Elantra rates well, has a 100k mi warranty and the editiors claim it has the most cargo space in the world. (or a lot of cargo space)

    Kia 09 Rondo LX 5dr hatch auto would be good if doable in the 13 000's or so. (msrp approx 18000)-kinda like a Mazda5 without the sliding door. Also 100k mi warranty.

    Good luck
  • patti1214patti1214 Posts: 3
    can I ask what two dealers - the one that was $50 less and the one you went with? I'm also in the Boston area (Lowell) and have been to several dealers in the area.

  • zen09zen09 Posts: 2
    You all seem very knowledgeable and I keep hearing about invoice price/dealer cost and try to get a deal below invoice. I think I did good with the negotiating but wanted to ask you all if this was a good deal. Live in California so taxes are crazy here

    $14762 (includes $670 destination charge) for the Fit Base model Automatic red

    final cost was a bit more because taxes and dmv fees here are higher
    taxes $1444.66
    license/title/etc fees $295
    total cost $16557
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