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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • garyokegaryoke Posts: 7
    what about cruise control adding it on w/ the drive wire throttle system?
  • garyokegaryoke Posts: 7
    The paddle shifters are NOT on the fit base according to the honda site. also add in the price for keyless entry to that under 1,000 target. honda's website says only the top sport model / navigation has the VSA feature.
  • Although I bought the base model, the Sport would be hard to duplicate for $1500. I liked the base interior color, the mpg and the price. I can do w/o the cruise, fog lights, and paddle shifter, but I wish I had the keyless entry and usb connection.
  • It is interesting to me how much the "document fees" appear to vary through the messages in this stream. That sounds like a place to watch for rip-offs. I bought my 2009 Base AT back in September. The dealerships were getting very few Fits at that time and my local dealer just happened to have exactly what I wanted so I didn't really attempt to negotiate. Apple Tree Honda here in Asheville offered the car at MSRP which was $16,020 at the time while all other dealers I contacted had various mark-ups above MSRP--and most could only "look" for the specific car I wanted. The point of this message is that my out-the-door price was $16,819--meaning tax, license, and all documents were $800 --roughly $500 of which would have been tax at 3%. Others are citing document fees alone of $300+ dollars. (A friend, who was paying cash, said a dealer still attempted to add in $150 for "financing" fees.) It is clear that every aspect of the deal needs to be watched.
  • ds61761ds61761 Posts: 3
    i bought my fit a couple of months ago and have been watching prices just out of curiosity to see if i should have waited. it is obvious that dealers are raising prices as a result of the cash for clunkers program. dealer inventories of fits are way down.

    i was a cash buyer with no clunker. if i had waited, i would now have to pay a higher price due to this government giveaway program, and i would have been furious. i am sure there are folks out there in that position, and i feel bad for them.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,554
    Paddle shifters which are no big deal 9to me) come only on Sport models.

    The navigation syster does not "suck" it blows every other NAVI system on the market away.

    No way can you add the stuff you mention for anywhere near 1000.00 even if you are capable of doing the work yourself!

    And you'll still have a base model Fit when you are done.
  • zdogzdog Posts: 6
    I'm happy as well. $16,650 base price, including destination charge for a Fit Sport automatic, no nav. I got some online quotes, brought the lowest one to the nearest dealer and got them to come very close to matching it. No explicit credit for the scrap value, them keeping it was just part of the deal. Negotiations took about 15 minutes. It was a CFC deal but there were no complications. The dealer assumed the full risk of getting paid by the govt.

    The dealer was Honda of San Francisco.
  • zdogzdog Posts: 6
    To 1234abc,

    There are two types of document fees; the costs that go directly to the state (registration, plates) and the fee paid to the dealer to do the paperwork for you (actually they do it online, so there's no paperwork). I don't know if it's California law or just the way the dealer does it, but my price quote showed "Fees paid to state and local government" separate from the $70 or so that the dealer added. I expect that $70 is about $60 profit for them, but it's not much of a rip off. As for the govt's slice, contact your mayor, governor, etc, if you think it's too much.

    On the other hand, you should never pay a fee to dealer to let him finance your car. That is pure rip off. The best defense: never sit down to make a deal unless you have already been pre-approved for a loan. People screw up by thinking that financing is the last thing to negotiate. It's really the first thing to negotiate (when you don't have your heart set on driving that new car home RIGHT NOW). It costs nothing to be pre-approved for a loan, and you lose nothing if you end up not buying the car.

    Some lenders will send you a blank check that only the dealer can deposit after certifying a deal has been made, so you can make your deal and drive home the same day. Capital One is who I went with, but there must be others. And don't tell the salesperson you already have financing arranged when you are negotiating the price of the car. They assume most folks will finance with them, so they might go easier on the price if you don't tell them otherwise. If they ask something like "what's the monthly payment that fits your budget?", just tell them once the price is right, the payments will be right.
  • garyokegaryoke Posts: 7
    Just bought a slightly used (1851k ) miles 09 fit sport AT today.

    15,995 invoice
    150 IL doc
    144 plates/license
    1308.96 IL taxes

    17597.96 OTD
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    That must be a record for miles on a '09 car. It must have been driven constantly to rack up 1.85 million miles already.

  • mishapmishap Posts: 1
    It's been rough going trying to pick up a Silver or Black '09 Sport Auto in Atlanta, GA w/ C4C.

    Curry - Low Inventory. Did a test drive on a white one which wasn't a top color choice but it was that or Orange or Blue. Dealer had the gall to start at $18,300 before adding on pinstripes/appearance($500?), window etching($200), and dealer fees. OTD was ~20k b/c they charged tax on everything which was incorrect but 19.7k would have still been too high. For some reason they really wanted to see the clunker title and put it into their system. Salesman called but I haven't responded since they never had the exact car I wanted. My family bought 3 Hondas from them too...won't be going back after that experience.

    Hennessy - Using info from the forum, I got an internet quote for 16.6k + TTL but w/ a disclaimer no C4C which worked out to 18k OTD. I asked for the C4C price and they went up to 17.8k+TTL w/ a higher than avg $587 dealer fees on top which = 19.4k OTD.

    Gwinnett Place - Gave us a price of 16.2k on a base auto including Dest(17.5k OTD) but wouldn't divulge a OTD price on a Sport Auto unless we brought in the clunker. Wouldn't even tell us if we could do better or worse than a Civic LX that was coming in under 18k OTD.

    Mall of Georgia - Asking MSRP+. Stopped answering their calls.

    Carey Paul - Forgot to write it down but wasn't compelled to drive out there so I think it wasn't too impressive.

    Cross shopping Yaris 5-door (Out of stock at Atlanta Toy, World, and Roswell), Nissan Versa (No SL's at Gwinnett Place = no $4,500 when trade in is a 18mpg Aerostar), and virtually anything else I can find in that price range at this point.

    The car is for my g/f and she values cuteness over practicality since I can get a well equipped Civic OTD for less. She's on a budget too which confounds things as well. Honestly the perfect car would be a base Fit (don't think she uses cruise at all) but paying 17.5k OTD on one is simply ridiculous. Traction control is a non-issue given its got ABS and I've never seen her overcook a corner. I don't think she even understood how the paddle shifters work given I can't convince her to learn to drive my manual G35 so the difference is simply cosmetic/convenience. I can add the spoiler and keyless for under $500 later.

    So if anyone knows a good dealer in the ATL area willing to to do under 17k OTD on a base Fit auto at this point would be greatly appreciated.
  • I recommend Conyers Honda. It is an easy, pleasant drive with little traffic. This is where I bought my Fit and got a great deal. The sales manager did change though and I do not know the new guy but if I were you, I would try to contact the sales manager directly. I went in for my free oil change last week and things were still very pleasant over there. My guy is Larry Perry, a very nice fellow who tries to help people get a deal, he closes a lot of deals. He made me a deal for a used Fit before I ended up with the new one (changed mind in store) and he was honest and the deal we agreed to on the phone was the deal that was offered to me. New car deal was presented by GM who I negotiated with when I was in the store and changed mind for black 09 Sport. I continue to recommend NOT going into the store without making a deal on the phone. I believe the people over there are honest. It is a pleasant dealership. They all try to sell the warranty so if you do not want to get it from them, know that upfront and let them know so you are not swayed or pushed etc. Same with GAP insurance..know what you want. Have your financing worked out...they like cash and also take credit cards for about 2500-3000 worth of down payment etc. you can email me offline at with any questions.
  • Bought my new '09 White Sport Fit MT for $16530, $400 below MSRP. Received $250 trade allowance (scrap value) for my 15 year old 226k mile worn out clunker which I drove 193k miles over almost 13 years. The Finance Mgr tried to get me to come down to $150 as that would be all they'd receive for it, he said, but I told him my salesman had told me I'd get $250 scrap value and I stuck to that price like glue. He relented. After $4500 CFC credit, 7.72% taxes and state filing fee pd, we completed the deal for $13,054 OTD. Obviously, will still pay for plate and registration in less than 60 days. Bought floor mats from collegehillshonda website for $72 plus ship. Got it tinted for $200, one shade lighter than limo tint to keep it cool and give much privacy. I like to camp and can lay down in the back. And does it look sharp - black windows with black tires and contrasting beautiful white paint! :). Have appt to get sunroof installed for $1200 and get clear bra "Venture Sheild" (far better than 3M as it has lifetime warranty against yellowing) installed on hood, front quarter panels, head lights and mirrors, along with door edge guards (clear) all for $280.

    Generally respectful salesman - wanted to have me get tinting, clear bra and sunroof through dealership as I'd shown interest in those items. After nailing down the final price of the car and getting his prices on these three items, before the day of the final deal, I did my own research and found I would save substantially, having these items installed by seperate businesses. On the day of the deal, he approached me about each of the three and I kindly informed him that I could get each of them done for far less not going through the dealership. His response after the third item was "you're killin' me!" I smiled and thought to myself later "yep, on those extras is where they were hoping to make their money." He had told me that he'd only receive a "mini" commission on the Fit of about $120 due to the low profit margin. I took his word for it. One example of savings is on the sunroof. Thirteen years ago when I bought my then 'non-clunker', I had a company here in Denver by the name of Denver Auto Trim, install a sunroof. It was the classic design that tilted and slid back. They did a very professional job installing it and replacing the entire headliner. I enjoyed it for all that time and it never broke or gave me any problems. I will save $300 not having it installed by the dealer but having it installed by this same company, again.

    One thing, and I didn't even see this coming. The Finance Mgr put pretty heavy pressure on me to buy an extended warranty for $1800 to take me from 36k to 100k mi over a period of six years, saying if I don't use it, once I hit 100k mi they'll return the whole $1800. (Thought to myself a few things, mostly later on (delayed intelligence is something I suffer from most frequently :) : the vast majority of people probably don't keep their new car 100k mi so the dealership knows they won't be giving much money back. And since Hondas are such good cars, and for someone like me who will keep the car till it nearly drops dead, they don't expect me to use the warranty through that 100k mi is why they'd make an offer like that. But contadicting that, he said though the mechanics of the car are very sound, all the electronics are made in Korea with not nearly the quality as if made in Japan. And if your electronics have a problem, that will cost you major dough. He said the average non-warranty repair on Honda vehicles is now $1200! I scoffed at that. I do not believe it! That was pure bull, in my opinion. Was he trying to say Hondas aren't as good overall as they tout? I did come up with a firm response to his manipulation but it wasn't nearly what I wished it would have been. I said, "I'm cheap and I'll take my chances." He really pushed me and I really held my ground, kindly enough though. I am so glad I stood my ground and didn't cave to his pressure or manipulation. I would feel so bad now, had I caved! Those limited warranties are almost pure profit to the dealers and almost pure rip-off to the consumers, in my opinion! Then when I got out of there, and sat down with my salesman to go over the final packet, with keys and manuals..., I felt like he almost shamed me or let me know subtely that my decision to refuse the warranty was foolish. In kind of a quizitive way without even looking at me and in a very quiet voice (like he was deep in thought), he posed a question something very close to this: "hmm, I just can't understand why you wouldn't have gone for the extended warranty, I mean, they'll give you all your money back if you don't use it?!" Wow, I believe he was hoping I'd finally cave and see the error of my decision, AND rework the deal. By that point I was more than slightly irritated and not thinking clearly enough to respond really intelligently, I repeated to him again, exactly what I'd told the FM. (I've known for a long time that I'm not quick on my feet and I'm sure people can see this. I believe I'm a 'mark' at times, especially in a place like a new car showroom, but I'm thankful this time that I had enough presence of mind not to succumb to such manipulation.)

    Read on please; this is important: After I took possession, on my own initiative, I immediately went over to the Service Dept, in a seperate building. I got talking with the Service Mgr who gave me a little booklet called their 'Maintenance Guide', which was not provided to me by anyone in the Sales building. It is specific to this dealer though probably dealers that you all have dealt with, have something similar. He and the Communications Administrator there, who I got chatting with as well, outlined exactly what all the service visit intervals would cost me to keep the vehicle in basic warranty... Their literature covers through 110,000 miles, listing specifically what services would be performed, with a total cost over that time frame of approx $2100. Here's the kicker though. Once I got home, and as I'm now reading through the literature I received, I read inside the front cover, this information: "Welcome and Thankyou... _________fidence (the name of the dealer with fidence tacked on at the end) is the result of our "confidence" in the products we sell and the _________ staff. With __________fidence, our customers enjoy a unique opportunity to receive 7 years or 100,000 miles of limited mechanical protection. This protection is extended only to purchasers of new retail automobiles from __________________ Honda. The performance of all regularly scheduled factory maintenance and lubrication services, as outlined in this booklet, is required to keep your automobile in proper operating condition and is essential to keep your __________fidence protection." Then near the back of the booklet, it lists a "Chart of Covered Components", incl Electrical with a breakd
  • It cut off the bottom of my post. Bottom line is that Sales didn't provide me this Maintenance Guide which basically gives me that 100k mi Ext Warr at no charge. I believe they didn't do this because had they given it to me, I'd have read that I already had that warranty without needing to pay them $1800 for it. I may not have all the facts but am going to go back to my salesman and ask for a printed document showing what the Ext Warr covers. If its the same things or many of the same things their ____________fidence covers for free, I'm going to let someone know they're ripping people off. If its not the same stuff, then its only my erroneous suspicion and I'll let it go.

    Overall I am very pleased with my FIT. I was going to pay cash but found that I qualified to finance it for 72 mo @ 3.99% simple interest with payments of only $204.50, and I can pay it off at any time with no penaly (standard in this industry).
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    The car is for my g/f and she values cuteness over practicality since I can get a well equipped Civic OTD for less. She's on a budget too which confounds things as well....

    I'd get a base model Mini. It's cute, it's fun, and it depreciates like $500 a year, tops. Just get the base model with no bling or accessories on it other than maybe traction control or other mechanical options.
  • zen09zen09 Posts: 2
    Sorry Mason 2009 i havent been on here for months so I missed your question. I got the base fit auto transmission for 14,762 (with taxes $1444.66 and license/title/etc fees $295 the total cost was $16557) but that was end of may and I am not sure if you will still get a base under 15K now that cash for clunkers is happening but my car was purchased in the bay area at honda san leandro. It was a good deal for the price of the car but alameda county taxes here at pretty much 10% kills the great deal on the cost. Try internet sales department at the dealers I found them to be cheaper and nicer to work with. Good luck
  • In my humble opinion, the service department can't be trusted. Instead, look at the Honda (manufacturer) maintenance schedule in the book in the glove compartment.

    Yes, the dealer/service department will come up with all sorts of "official looking" documents, but ignore them. They just want your cash.

    Use the Honda (manufacturer) maintenance schedule.
  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36
    Hi zgog,

    I live in Bay Area too. Will you mind sharing more about the OTD price breakdown?did you add any options to your FIT?
  • ianshiansh Posts: 1
    That would be the best price I've ever seen in Houston!! Could you please give us the dealer's name?
  • kziakzia Posts: 5
    I am thinking of purchasing or leasing Honda Fit, automatic transmission, base model. I received the following quotes from two dealers in New Jersey. Does anyone have MF and residual value for lease payment calculations for this model (12k, 36 months)? TIA.

    2009 Honda Fit, Automatic Madison Honda Rt 22 Honda
    Base price $15,004.00 $14,803.00
    Destination charge $710.00 $675.00
    Subtotal $15,714.00 $15,478.00
    NJ sales tax (7%) $1,099.98 $1,083.46
    Subtotal after tax $16,813.98 $16,561.46
    NJ DMV registration $274.00 $299.00
    Documentation fee $219.00 $349.00
    NJ State Tire Tax $7.50 $7.50

    Out-the-Door Price $17,314.48 $17,216.96
  • Great story, thanks for taking the time--I like stories with a lot of detail.

    Just a few questions that came to mind as I read if you have time to reply:

    Why were they giving you scrap value/trade allowance on a CFC? Isn't it just 4500 on the CFC? Why would they give you both? Thought it was one or the other--which ever is higher?

    Where were you able to get a 3.99% loan on a FIT?

    I didn't understand the extended warranty thing. Are you saying that they were trying to sell you an extended warrenty to 100K that was already included in your purchase price?

    Thanks again for taking the time.
  • Without commenting on the rest of your comments, In Dash Factory Navigation is expensive, but its because its a world of difference in quality than dash top removable navigation. For one, its more accurate because it uses multiple antennas and it knows at all times and instantly what direction your vehicle is headed. That technology alone is expensive. Next, while removable GPS is always a theft threat and can result in costs to replace broken glass also--In Dash Navigation is rarely stolen. GPS on the dash also looks esthetically bad, has power wires exposed, and blocks your vision from the road.

    I think that you have to weigh these factors verses the costs.

  • I am familiar with this dealer. This is the dealer to the "stars". They are notorious for this type of conduct. The plus is that they wheel and deal to sell cars like there is no tommorrow and like no one is looking or cares at Honda. So you can cut some great deals if you know your stuff because after you have burnt up 3-4 hours of their time and if you are not warn down, they will give in to keep what's left of the holdback and add a digit to their sales numbers. The negative is that they attract very sharp and skillful salespeople/managers from all over the US where you have to watch your back and if you have a problem after the sale you may feel like you are drifting off the coast of Malibu without a sail or motor. So you have to be SHARP to deal with em. You have to do your research, you have to be a little bit of an actor, (like most that shop there), you have to be willing to walk away, you may have to throw some of that, "who you talking to" body language at them, you need to have a good meal on you before you go in and lots of time. Its going to be a war, but if you are well armed, you will come out of it with the best deal anyone can have and they will respect you for it without ever saying it.
  • kziakzia Posts: 5
    Looking into this a bit more, I found that

    (a) New Jersey (unlike some other states) taxes the CFC rebate. So a $4500 CFC rebate is worth less after paying taxes.


    (b) The dealer said that if one uses CFC program ($4500 rebate) and leases a Honda Fit, then the the lease term cannot be less than 5 years. Is this true? Has anyone leased a Honda Fit for 3 years along with using CFC rebate of $4500?
  • wjbalikowjbaliko Posts: 10
    This site should answer all you questions about
    cash for clunkers..

  • Paddle shifters, smaddle shifters, those things are the biggest gimmick I've ever seen, just get a manual and have real control. Factory Navi systems are widely noted to be sub par so I don't feel the need to argue with your brainwashed statement that the fits is the best navi on the market, come on man. Go to car and look at car buying tips and check this out.
    You seem like you aren't the type of person who listens to reason and like I said if you really believe that the floor mats are worth 200 dollars, spend away daddy war bucks. I mean we are talking about the Honda Fit dude, it is an economy car, it's not like your buying a corvette. Luxury cars don't have a "sport" package. So, I'll pull out the big guns, here is a list from Honda's own accessory site, and your trying to tell me I can't find them even cheaper through other channels.

    Get real man
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,216
    That's a requirement of the C4C program... All leases must be at least 60 months..

    Unless the manufacturer comes out with a special 60-month lease program (as Toyota did for the Corolla), you'll most likely be better off buying.


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  • chas0215chas0215 Posts: 40
    I have a text-to-speech Garmin which I purchased first and I now have the Honda Navi system in the car. In my OPINION, there is simply no comparison between the two. I can't say with absolute certainty however that it is the best manufacturer's Navi system on the market because I do not have enough knowledge about the navi systems in other cars but what I do know with certainty is that the Honda system is far superior to my portable text-to-speech Garmin which takes forever to locate its satellites. Respect the fact that people can have opinions that differ from yours. There is no right or wrong when it comes to an opinion or making a choice between a portable unit and a manufacturer's unit. It's strictly a matter of PERSONAL PREFERENCE and whether or not you think the more expensive option is worth the extra dollars.
  • jojobarjojobar Posts: 12
    My experience with Hennessy was much better. I am not sure why they are not doing C4C anymore, maybe the reason is the dealers are not getting paid on time. Now that Govt. has passed $2B more, the situation should change.

    Also a dealer cannot by law give you a separate quote for c4c, not sure what is going on. So if you are still in the market, I can give you the name of my sales agent who I thought was pretty straight forward. However, if the dealership is not doing C4C then you may not have any choice.
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