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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • I picked up my new Fit last week and am thrilled. I didn't want the "dealer-added-options" that were listed on the sticker (Data Dots, DiamonFusion, window tint protection ?, paint and fabric sealer/protection, carpet floor mats, etc.). Soooo, I wound up with:

    '09 Silver Storm Sport MT - no navigation, but with
    all-weather mats
    rear bumper applique
    cargo tray
    all previously mentioned dealer add-ons
    for $17,300

    Then, I added black custom leather interior for $1,700 (yeah, I'm sure the dealer made a nice profit on that, but it is gorgeous!). :D
  • My ancient Nissan was taking on water, so at 28 I decided it might be time to purchase my first new car. I did a lot of research on the Toyota Matrix and put in queries at several dealerships. Early Monday morning, I got a call from a local dealership stating that they did not have any Matrixs in stock, but wondering if I had considered a Honda Fit. "No thanks," I said, for I was convinced the Matrix was the car for me. I went to several dealerships that day, some aggressive and some demure. I test drove the manual Matrix. I felt like an old lady recently stuck in the body of a 23 year old body builder; overly muscled, awkward, sweaty and rather imposing. It was clostrophobic. I couldn't see. Plus the the stick in the Matrix is not in the traditional shifting position. I was unimpressed and rather disappointed. Something just wasn't right with this car. It didn't fit me.
    I decided to check out the local dealership that had called me earlier that day. I went in to Motorcars Honda-Toyota of Cleveland Heights. Ray Dennis, who had called me was very kind, approachable, highly respectful and honest. He showed me a glitzy sporty something or other that didn't fit me. He let me drive a Mini Cooper which was lovely, but a little too small. Then he put me in the Fit. Now this was an automatic, but as soon as I got in, I realized we had found the right car for me. Ray informed me that the manual in the Fit was a fun car to drive. It featured everything I wanted.
    Ray and the team set about finding me a Sport Fit 5-speed. They found an orange one out of state and brought it in.
    I come from a Car-Ignorant family. Ray and the team walked me through the financing process and helped me get everything I needed to ensure I would get the longest life possible out of my car. They were never pushy. They let me consider what I was doing. I am so thankful to them for their time and patience in explaining everything. I have owned the car for a month and can't believe it's really mine.
    Their service department is excellent as well. I love my Platinum Auto-Rewards Membership. (Who wouldn't like the option of 5 car washes a day and tires for life!)
    I am extremely pleased with my experience and would recommend Heights Motorcars to everyone. ;)
  • Just paid the following for a Fit Sport manual in Austin, TX with no extras:

    Price including destionation fee: $16650 + TTL. I probably could have gotten around $16500, but the color I wanted wasn't available so the car had to be located at another dealership.

    I love the car so far!

    - Casey
  • Casey,

    Which dealer in Austin you got your Fit from? What's the OTD price for your Fit?

  • Hello To All..I'm The Proud New Owner Of The Honda Fit..My 1st HONDA! I'm 69 Years Of Age, Married, 2 Grown Kids And 1 Grand-Child..I'm 6'1" Weigh 225 Lbs.

    My Sister In Law, In Florida, Also 69 Years Started The "Trend" Of The Honda Fits.
    We Liked Hers So Well We Bought One JUST LIKE Hers!! Identical In EVERY Aspect..She Gets 35MPG Around Town And We Get 35MPG Around Town!

    When I Sat In The Back Seat, I Was Sold..When I Folded The Rear Seats Down And Saw ALL The Cargo Space..I Was Sold Again!! Then When I Drove The Car With The "Paddle-Shifters" And Looked Out The Great Expanse Of The Windshield I Was Completely Sold!! Hard To Believe All The "Quickness" From The 4 Cylinder Motor!!

    Now, All I Want To Do Is "Drag-Race" From Red-Light To Red Light!

    When We Decided To Buy The FIT I Shopped Across The Net From Ca. To Up State New York, Looking For The Tidewater-Blue Color..This Car Was Priced From $18,600 To $20,000 Across The Net..I Knew The MSRP Of $17,600 And I Also Bought The Consumer Report That Gave Me The CR Best Buy Price Of $16,040..
    Everyone I Came Across On The Net, I Either Called Or E Mailed My Best Price!!
    Some Called Back In A Few Days..Some NEVER Called Back!

    By The Way, I Live In The Metro Atlanta Area And The Dealers Here Have A DOC Fee Of $700 & UP!! This Is A GREED Fee That They Charge Each & Every Customer That Agrees To Do Business With Them!!..This Is Added On AFTER All The Other Add On's! NOT ME!!!!!!

    You Will LOVE This Part.....I Found My Car On The Net At
    Located In Montgomery Ala. The Car Had 5,000 Miles On It,Tidewater-Blue, I Called, Talked To The Receptionist, Made My Offer..She Said She Would Call Back In 5 Minutes, She Did, They Accepted My Offer, She E Mailed The Vin# And All The Details On The Car And Sent The Car Fax Report!! The Sales Manager Called After Finishing With His Customer..Wanted To Know When I Could Come For My Test Drive..I Told Him Anytime..I'm A Retiree..He Said He Would SEND A Lady To Pick Me Up At My Home, 175 Miles North Of His Location..About 4 Hours Later, She Was Ringing My Bell In A JAGUAR!

    She Drove Me Back To The Dealership In Montgomery, Ala..I Looked Over My Beautiful Fit Sport, Went For A Drive, Signed The Papers & Drove Back Home!!

    Folks, I Have Been Buying Cars For 45 Plus Years..THIS Dealer In Montgomery Ala. Is By FAR The Most Rewarding Dealership Experience I Have EVER Enjoyed!!! After All, Its YOUR Money YOU Are Spending,Should'nt It Be A Rewarding Experience?

    Moral Of The Story? Be Patient,Be Prepared..Get The "Done Deal" Before Stepping On The Showroom Floor!!!!!!!!

    PS,PS I Paid $15,900 For My 2009 Fit Sport..Plus Ga. Sales Tax!!

    I Love My Fit!! :)
  • aaykayaaykay Posts: 539
    Thanks for relaying your experience. Glad to learn that you are enjoying your 09 Fit, the way I am enjoying mine and the way I enjoyed my previous 08 Fit.

    Mine is of course a manual trans and still within the break-in period. And even with the fuel sapping break-in driving (with constantly varying rpms), the car is already yielding over 35mpg in mixed driving conditions. Can't beat that, with all of the interior space and the practicality of the interior.....and the price ! :)
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,139
    Enjoy your new Fit...seem to be nice cars. Sat in one recently at the dealer when getting a warranty issue done on my Civic. Felt a bit smallish inside for my tastes. My kid also test drove one but decided a Nissan Versa met her needs better. Enjoy your car.
    One last thing...very difficult to read your post with the "unusual way" you type...capitals should be used like we learned in grade school as it's a much easier read. Just like a house with bad curb appeal, many will just skip a post that has readability issues.

    The Sandman :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • aaykayaaykay Posts: 539
    My kid also test drove one but decided a Nissan Versa met her needs better.

    I get to drive Nissan Versas and Toyota Yarises during business trips. I tend to pick these smaller cars than the large Pontiacs and Chrysler/Dodge models that the rental companies try to push onto their customers.

    The Versa sounds good on paper but for whatever reason, I never could get fully comfortable in it. Typically it is just a matter of acclimation but after a week of driving around in it, I was actually glad to return it to the airport on my way back. The handling was pretty poor and had an artificially "heavy" feeling, the controls, the steering and all other things had a lower quality feel than the Fit or the Yaris. I could not put my finger on what was wrong with it but I never warmed to it. It was a fairly new specimen with less than 3000 miles on it.

    On the other hand, when it came to the Toyota Yaris, I felt right at home within a few minutes of picking it up. It had a high quality feel all around (even though the product is a very low priced one) with exemplary fit and finish. Even though it is not in the same handling category as the Fit (especially at higher speeds where the Honda was unflappable, while the Yaris did not feel as stable), it was not too bad. No real complaints on the Yaris, especially after factoring in the price.

    Just an opinion on these models competing for the same customers. That was the only time I picked up the Versa - not comfortable with picking it up again.
  • I plan to buy a Honda Fit (AT Sport without Navigation). I learned that because of the C4C program, there are very few 2009s left, and the 2010s just came in. I wish I could get an better deal with 2009, since traditionally, it would be easier to get a better deal with the year model that is going to fade out. But it seems difficult to get a good deal with this 2009 Honda Fit, only because it has been so HOT! I have got an offer of $19150 (out of door) for 2009 Fit. I live in Los Angeles, California. Should I accept it, or try more? Any ideas/suggestions? Much appreciate!
  • Hello I was quoted 16,500.00 for a 2009 fit sport automatic. It seems like a decent deal but with 2010s aroujnd the corner should I be lower? the edmunds TMV says most people are paying around 17.235.00

    I know once I add the tax and the dest fee it will be almost 18k probably but I know there is a government program that will let you deduct the sales tax on your taxes.
  • Hi Bgates222,

    1) TMV includes TTL or not?
    I also checked the edmunds TMV and it is arround $17k. But my understanding is that the TMV does not routinely include the tax, title and document fees. If it is true, the out of door price would still be close to $19k.

    2) Is sales tax for car purchase deductable in California?

    Can you or anyone confirm that? Thanks.

  • not sure if i can post the link so i posted the text from the IRS website

    The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act permits taxpayers to take a deduction for state and local sales and excise taxes paid on the purchase of new cars, light trucks, motor homes and motorcycles. The deduction is available on new vehicles purchased from Feb. 17, 2009, through Dec. 31, 2009. In states that don't have a sales tax, the law provides a deduction for other taxes or fees paid. This deduction is available whether or not a taxpayer itemizes deductions on Schedule A.

    The deduction is limited to the taxes and fees paid on up to $49,500 of the purchase price of an eligible vehicle. The deduction is reduced for joint filers with modified adjusted gross incomes (MAGI) between $250,000 and $260,000 and other taxpayers with MAGI between $125,000 and $135,000. Taxpayers with higher incomes do not qualify.

    Taxpayers who make qualifying new vehicle purchases this year can estimate the deduction with the help of IRS Publication 919, How Do I Adjust My Withholding? Lines 10a to 10k on Worksheet 10 take into account purchases above the $49,500 limit, as well as the reduced deductions for taxpayers at higher income levels.
  • Also im not sure if the tmv price includes tax but i dont think so
  • Hello all, I am shopping around for a 2010 Base Model Fit with AT

    I actually dont plan on buying until the middle of December, when I move back to the USA, but I thought I would get a feel for what the market is like.

    This was the best offer so far:

    2010 Honda Fit base model:

    selling price - 16,007.00

    tax - 1296.57

    registration - 283.50

    doc fee - 399.00

    Total OTD - 17,986.07

    What do you guys think? good deal? or keep looking? Any predictions on how the offers will look around Dec 18th?
  • zachazacha Posts: 2
    I put a deposit on a Fit Sport manual. The OTD price is $18,000. The MSRP otd price with is $18,245. So I'm paying $245 less than MSRP. Now, I'm thinking this is a little high. Included in the above is sales tax of 6% and plates/title of $96. What do you guys think?

    Can I renegotiate after I put the deposit?
  • aaykayaaykay Posts: 539
    Fit is a peculiar vehicle in that there is very little difference between the MSRP and dealer Invoice. I believe around $500 or so.

    So if you are getting your vehicle for $245 under MSRP, it is a couple of hundred dollars over Invoice, which is a very good deal. I don't think you need to lose any sleep over this. ;)
  • Just got an offer for a 2010 Fit base model with AT for $16,400 OTD from Lee's Summit in Missouri.

    That almost sounds too low to me...what do you guys think?
  • In May i was offered a new 2009 base AT for 14300 +670 destination or 15800 +670 destination on a sports AT. With about 9% taxes, my out the door would be in the high 16's for the base AT and low 18's for sports AT, don't know what Missouri taxes are. This was because they had a dealer incentive of 500 so maybe there's some kind of incentive now.
  • I just bought a 2010 Honda Fit Sport $19400 (out to door with sales tax) but got ripped off paying $500 over invoice (but I wanted the light blue color which is in short supply here). By the way, I love the way the car drives, just put 300 miles on it and got 40 mpg.
  • I got quoted for a Honda fit 2009 BASE (Auto Transmission).
    $16410 -MSRP

    $16456-(Out of the door price) Internet special including the manufacturer destination charge, South Carolina sales tax and registration, our $199 dealer closing fee, and Honda's Protection Package.

    is this a good deal?How much lower can I negotiate?

    This is my first car buying experience ever and any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • babu4babu4 Posts: 2
    2009 fit sport AT invoice price from Edmunds is $16,500 and from KBB it is $17,200.
    Here are the links from Edmunds and KBB

    1)Why are they different?
    2)Can the dealer sell the car less than the invoice price?
    3)In my case, dealer was showing the price from KBB and offering me the mid value of invoice price and MSRP. Can I ask the dealer for the price lower than the invoice price?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,306
    On Edmunds, you have to click on the red tab, PRICE WITH OPTIONS, then go to the next page...

    There, it will add the destination charge... and the invoice prices will match.


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  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,555
    You consider paying 500.00 over invoice as getting "ripped off"?
  • Honda Carland. North Cartersville,Ga Advertising The 2010 Honda Fit For $15,714
  • Do Your "Due Diligence"
    Compare Apples To Apples
    Don't Get In A Hurry
    Sell Your Car YOURSELF!!
    Shop Around
    Do ALL Your Footwork On The NET
    Get The BEST Price Without Visiting The Showroom
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  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,555
    Well, I guess the SECRET is out of the bag now...! :surprise:
  • For San Francisco (registering in SF) I was just quoted a price of $17,355 + all other fees = $19,364 OTD for a 2010 Fit Sport AT. Is that good for this area right now?

    I'm considering waiting until the last week or two in december- do you think it's worth waiting until then on such a low margin car like this?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,555
    There is so little margin in these that there is really nowhere to go, price wise.
  • Hi, sounds like a good price since it includes sales tax and destination fee.
    I just paid $16,190 plus doc fees of $325 and Maine tax of 5%
    good luck
    so far i like my fit
  • babu4babu4 Posts: 2
    I have paid $18,300 + tax+title fee+125 doc fee for 2009 sports AT with navigation in Delaware. Is this a good deals? I also got honda's 1.9% APR financing for 36 months.
    If anybody recently bough fit sports or sports with navigation, please post the price
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