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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • I have offers for the base Fit and the Fit Sport, as follows:

    Base model:
    $15,818 (includes the addition of the center armrest and keyless entry)
    $1851 (TTL, incl. S.F., CA sales tax of 9.5%)
    = $17,669 OTD

    Fit Sport:
    $1983 (TTL)
    = $19,051 OTD

    Seems higher than other people have been posting, but the sales tax out here is probably higher than anywhere else in the country.

    Any thoughts?

  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,216
    Are you kidding me...for a Fit Sport? Jeez-Louise, they must be smoking crack or something at that dealership. There are so many better choices out there for that kinda $. It's a really small car and the seats hurt my spine terribly so I never considered it. My kid chose the Versa SL hatch over it for the superior ride & more inline price. Also the dash felt cheap compared to my '06 Civic as well as cramped behind the wheel. One could get a Civic LX-S for that same $ with change left over. True it's a larger, heavier car without the versatility of a hatchback, but that amount of $ leaves me speechless.

    Good luck if you do purchase one, but please try to get the price down!

    The Sandman :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • I highly recommend DCH Academy Honda - the quote I've got from them via e-mail was the lowest (about $200 below invoice) and their document fee is one of the lowest amonth the dealerships I've contacted.
    Unlike other sales people, Stephanie (internet manager) from DCH Academy Honda offered very low price up front and e-mailed full quote including all fees.

    Other recommended dealerships:

    Dealerships to avoid:
    1) Planet Honda - they refuse to give full quote over the phone (provide base price, but won't tell you what their document fee is and what other fees they will charge.

    2) Open Road Honda - very high document fee ($398)
  • I got a quote from a dealer.
    OTD Price is: $18371.38
    - Internet quote: $15905
    - destination charge: $750
    - documentation fee: $154.38
    - registration: $25
    - tax: $1343 (7.5%)
    - license/title: $149

    This price seems a little higher comparing to what other posters paid for their FIT sport.
    After I read the posts here, I found that most people didn't get charged for destination and doc fee. I was wondering if the quote I got is a good price and any way to get rid of that destination and doc fees?

    I want to buy the car before end of this month. Your prompt feedback is very appreciated.

  • Hi All,

    Just received an email from ZAG that the Honda Dealership in Riverside is clearing their remaining inventory of 2010 Fit Sport 5 speed manuals: "Honda Fit $2,000 below invoice including incentives... Your price drop may be due to the introduction or increase of manufacturer incentives, which are subject to change and/or expiration.".

    Don't know if this applies to the other Fit models but, when I went to the ZAG website, it indicates it does and shows the dealership as the lowest priced in the country for the Fit.

    Hope this can help someone out on this forum... if it does let us know and good luck.
  • i live in wa state and got a quick quote of 17,200 +tax, licensing with very minimal haggling. how low do you guys think i can get it for. there is also a 500 factory rebate and .9% (can also get .0). help please
  • single_digitsingle_digit Posts: 4
    edited January 2011
    I just bought an '09 Fit Sport AT private party for $13k (which I feel is a pretty good deal considering the 27,000 miles). Anyway, after the sale he remembered he had the Honda Care ext warranty and offered to let me buy the remainder of his warranty. Does $700 plus the $50 transfer fee sound reasonable to you (assuming 8yr, 120k miles)? I did a bit of research and it seems like this might be a bit high, but I wanted opinions. I've read over the H.C. policy and I get the arguments that Ext Warranties on Hondas are silly due to their reliability. One thing I am considering though is that the '09 was the first year of the new body style and that can some times mean kinks to work out...
  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,803
    after the sale he remembered he had the Honda Care ext warranty and offered to let me buy the remainder of his warranty. Does $700 plus the $50 transfer fee sound reasonable to you (assuming 8yr, 120k miles)?

    AFTER the sale, he remembered he had the Honda Care ext warranty? My guess, he just didn't want to include it, & he can get back some or much of what he paid if he cancels.

    Anyway, $750 for an ext warranty on a $13K car? That's 17.33% of your purchase price. Personally, I'd keep the $750 to put towards maintenence like oil changes, brakes, etc........
  • You're off on the math. $750 on a $13,000 purchase is only 5.8%.
  • Just purchased yesterday.

    2011 Fit Sport AT @ Stevens Creek Honda off their President's Day Sale Ad (they had a ton of fits, and even more that just rolled in this morning when I picked up my car)

    Price incl. Destination Fee: $16,288
    Gov't Fees: $287
    Doc Fee: $55 (CA state maximum)
    Taxes @9.25%: $1506
    Total OTD: $18,136

    Wasn't really thinking about picking up a car this early (since I move out of state in a few months), but the deal came up and it came under's "Great Price" mark of 16.9k so we went to our local dealership (Capital Honda) to see if they would match. They thought it was illegal since they were advertising below cost (ad stated that it excluded finance charges, gov't fees, applicable taxes, no mention of destination charge)! We weren't sure they'd still have the car at Stevens Creek since only 5 VINS were on the ad. TJ Singh (Internet Manager) helped us out and just let us pick any of the Fit Sports so I got the color I wanted.
  • indiomonkindiomonk Posts: 25
    Hello, anyone buy a new 2010 AT Sport Auto recently? I would like to see if I can get a deal on a 2010 if they are still available (doubt it). Do you think I could get a 2011 for 1,500 under MSRP? $16,500? I am in the Dallas Tx area.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I did search older posts but the last post was Feb 22.

  • barrancebarrance Posts: 6
    I have 2 preliminary offers of ~$15,4xx for a 2011 Base AT Fit in the CA Bay Area from 2 different dealerships. I think I can probably get them down a little bit more. These are both below TrueCar's "Good Price" of $15.6k, but above the "Great Price" of $15.2k.

    Personally, the differences between the Base and the Sport aren't important to me (spoiler, alloy wheels, etc...) but for $1k more, I suppose it's a good value. Any opinions?
  • aveskiaveski Posts: 7
    Here is what I paid for a 2011 Fit Sport w AT at Charlies Honda in Augusta ME on 3/12/11. Well, I actually had a trade, but the purchase was based on this OTD quote.
    RP: $18,460

    Sale Price: + $ 17,495
    Doc Fee: + $ 299
    Sales Tax: + $ 889.70
    Title Fee: + $ 34
    OTD price: $ 18,717.70
    Plus they threw in rubber floor mats.
    And .9% financing.

    Here are quotes from other dealers in the area.



  • I received a quote from one of the dealers near the airport for $16,958 for an auto Fit Sport. Trying to get confirmation if that price includes destination charge or I need to add that back in. Anyone else have better pricing on an 11 around Chicago? Thanks.
  • Here is what I have been quoted in Chicago, including destination, before taxes, etc:
    Dealer near airport: $17,708
    Northside dealer: $17,545
    South suburban dealer: $17,495
    Near northside dealer: $17,294
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,216
    Those are crazy prices as one can get a Civic for less than that...with better mileage & more room in a Civic. My oldest has a Versa SL HB and it's turned out to be a great car...the Honda guys down here were to greedy so we moved on to Nissan and got a better car for less $...a win/win for us! :)
    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • Byronchicago- can you tell me the name of the near northside dealer? Is it Carr's on Western? Thanks.
  • Biochemist:
    Actually, Carrs was rather high. The near northside/westside dealer I found with the best price and service was McGrath. Talk to Jerry Lopata, I found him a nice person to deal with.
  • teaton1teaton1 Posts: 3
    I think the upgrade to Sport is worth it. Larger tires and alloy wheels are a good deal.
  • Thanks. I did get a price from McGrath, which was: 16,546.31+$750

    I found that Fletcher Jones was the lowest so far at 16,545.29+ $750 Destination. I know it's not much- less than a dollar.

    O'Hare Honda, and other dealers weren't too far from these prices. Schaumburg Honda was most expensive, quoting me an MSRP price.
  • I have been shopping around for a Fit Auto Sport w/o Nav. but so far I am not seeing any good prices in Houston area. Also most of the dealership seemed to add in those stupid protection packages and tinting. Did anybody around the Houston area make a purchase recently on the Fit and would not mind posting their OTD price? Thanks in advance.
  • 14,700. Add Tax @ 6.25% and doc/title fees is 283.50

    The local dealerships say this is the last one in Base Manual form and the Fits will trickle in very slowly from shortages. Good Hunting!
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    I am getting ready to replace my 93 Del Sol with a Honda Fit Base AT (avoiding the Sport due to lower mpg & reportedly harsh ride - will upgrade the base with 15" alloys & better tires + progressive Rear Sway Bar still costing less than Sport).

    Had my mind all made up to purchase a used 2009. However in doing research, I'm finding that in my area (Seattle / Bellingham WA). Used Fits cost more than new here. Factory invoice on Fit Base AT (incuding shipping) $16,650. I can find no use base models & the cheapest used Sport is $16,690 with 17K miles. Most are $18-20K. I realize these are asking prices, but even according to NADA the average retail for a used 2009 Fit is greater than the cost of new.

    Since the 2011s all have VDS & traction control standard, it seems stupid to even consider a used one. So at this point, I am anticipating going to the dealer to order a new Fit Base in Celestial Blue. Am I missing something here? :confuse:
  • iwls01iwls01 Posts: 2
    I'm in the same boat - also looking for a 2011 Fit Base AT in the Seattle area, I'm flexible on colors, and sure don't want to pay MSRP... what are our options?
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    edited May 2011
    As best I can tell there are no Base Fits within 150 miles of Seattle. Dealers don't seem to know when they will get more stock. Best I can tell you will be hard put to get a Fit at MSRP let alone less.
    So, options are limited:
    1. Wait till the market adjusts downward
    2. Go for a different car
    3. Pay an exhorbinant, premium price for a Fit, basically bashing the low ownership cost of the vehicle.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    You might also consider the Insight, which appears to be a slightly larger version of the Fit.
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    Thanks for the suggestion Plekto.
    Assuming you are talking about the 2011 Insight Hybrid hatchback, I don't find it larger than the Fit in terms of passanger or cargo volume. I have looked at ( I like the look) & driven the Insight; here is what I found. The Insight is a hybrid that will better the Fit by 10-20% mpg, but is a small, streamlined hatchback is no match for Fit in terms of versatiity - if one needs or wants hauling space.
    On the road the Insight was OK, but not inspiring in any way. For my short legged physic, I found that the front of the seat bottom put excess pressure on my thighs so I couldn't drive it comfortably - deal breaker.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    edited May 2011
    Well, if you want a better version of the Fit, there are other options out there. The problem in my mind with the Fit is that while it's cute and all of that, it tries too hard to be a micro-van. Yet, the rear hatch opening is much smaller than the loading floor/cargo area. It really doesn't work very well for actually carrying things. Case in point - you can't fit a 30X30 box through the opening. The rear seats are nice, but it's all a bit too basic for the price. I think Honda is simply charging 2K more because they feel that they can. There should be a few more options such as leather if you really want it and so on. Maybe a premium sound kit for the extra money.

    But most things that have good cargo area end with "lander" and so on and have massive tires and 4WD. And about 18mpg...

    - The Matrix is a good choice. The interior is as plastic as a tupperware party. But it is a good alternative. You can get a Matrix for less than a Fit.(truecar or similar) There's no question that the Matrix is a better and more solid car. It's not a fast seller and so you can get them for far less than MSRP now. The manual is better, of course, giving you better MPG and performance in traffic. Toyota makes superb manual transmissions as well. Pretty much on par with Honda, IME.

    The Fit's problem area is the rear bottom sil is extremely rounded and that gives you geometry that won't actually "fit" a 30x30 box. I mention this as it's a fairly standard size for shipping and a lot of furniture from IKEA and similar places comes with that as a pretty normal dimension on one side. The Matrix has no such issue by comparison. So lots of cargo can actually slide in instead of having to be angled and arranged. Also, carpet sucks for cargo - the Matrix has the right idea for actually hauling stuff around.

    **Stuff to avoid**
    - The Kia Shoe (I mean Soul) is right out, as is the Puke (I mean Juke), just because it's also just too ugly to actually say "I own this!" to your neighbors. There's more pride in owning a panel van than in a Juke. At least you can lie and say "It's for work" or "It's made in the U.S.A." or something... And the Cube, well, you might as well get the original cube - an Element. At least that thing's somewhat useful despite being completely retarded looking.

    - VW makes great hatchbacks and wagons. But reliability is poor. Pass. Shame, too, since their TDIs do get great fuel economy.

    **alternatives to consider**
    A small SUV if it got high enough MPG might also work. But most are frightfully expensive. (RAV4 for example) Two come to mind, though, because they are cheap, and that is good.

    - The Equinox gets 22/32 mpg, which is pretty high for a small SUV. It can carry a lot of cargo and people and isn't actually a bad vehicle. You can get a CPO base model for about 16-18K a year or two old, and even in base trim, it's far nicer than the Fit inside. CPO and GM is a match made in heaven as you let some other sucker eat the depreciation and often you can get a lot of nice trim items thrown in as well. GM makes very nice interiors I have to admit.

    - The other one that I recommend even more, though, is a bit out of left field for many. It's the Jeep Patriot. It has fantastic interior space and feels like an up-sized Fit in many ways (ie - basic box to get around in with lots of glass and space for the money). The only potential gremlin in the mix is that you absolutely must buy it with manual as Chrysler makes decent manuals but their automatics, especially their CVTs, are hopeless.

    23/29 mpg is pretty decent. With manual, you can get over 30mpg quite easily on the highway. And of course, you also can get a 2WD base model about 15-16K with decent options added. Cheap and tough and hauls a lot of stuff around. Also doesn't look like everyone else's jellybean. The rear seats also recline and the interior is at least as nice as the Fit's(seats are more comfortable for sure). It impressed me. And then I saw the stupidly low prices they are selling for. We're talking almost Yaris cheap for a base model, especially at the end of the year.

    Truecar has one listed near me with nothing but AC (kind of required, ya?) for $15,300. Jeep is running $1500 in rebates until the end of the month - but they get better when the new models come in. Compared to a base Fit, it's a pretty close call in terms of what it has and doesn't have. Of course, you can load it up, but your best bet is to keep it as bare as possible to save money.

    The 3-4K difference in cost buys at least the first two years fuel (lower insurance and interest paid on the loan as well as tax and license as well - it's closer to 5K out the door less money. Or about 32K miles in your tank, even at today's silly prices.

    4x4 might be a good option, though - for $18K, it'd be much better in cold weather. (it actually can do off-roading with the manual and 4x4 unlike most SUVs) (18K with a/c,side airbags, 4wd, and the interior/power group)

    $18K for this or almost $18K for a Fit... Just saying...

    At least you're getting what you're paying for, and $18K for a Fit by the time you deal with dealer gouging does beg the question why not get a better vehicle for $20-25K? If economy is your real goal, the Fit is just too close to the price of a good midsize sedan, let alone something like a base Mustang. Base model is $22K(Truecar). It gets 30mpg highway and has 300hp. Worth $4K more? Well, DUH. And that's before year-end rebates come rolling around and make it closer to $20K.

    Cheap family and cargo hauler? Patriot.

    More money? Matrix or maybe a small SUV. Or a much better car and forget the cargo area. Honda's loosing sales at this point as they've raised their price over the years (base was $13850, now $15850) and the dealers are still asking MSRP.

    Note- I do like the Fit, but paying MSRP or more on a car that came out five years ago just simply turns me off.
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    edited May 2011
    iwls01: I finally found a 2011 Base Fit (last one in W WA I believe) that the dealer was were asking $2,400 over MSRP. I swallowed my pride & paid $1,400 over MSRP (something I swore I would never due). :sick: In retrospect, truth be known, I lost my head on this deal after hearing that new Fits may not arrive in the U S for another 6 months or more -- time will tell. So our family has its eighth Honda & I console my bruised ego saying over 5-10 years, it won't be a big deal.

    The only Fit 2009 & newer that I could find that less than 17,900 was a private party 09 Sport on Whidbey Island with Nav, TC, VSC & AT with 27K miles for 16,600. Sounded good, but my wife quickly quashed any ideas of purchase when she saw that it was purple. If you don't mind purple, it sounds like a "great buy" in today's market. look it up on craigslist
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