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Hyundai Sonata Audio Questions



  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    The iPods are meant to work when used in conjunction with the Hyundai iPod cable. While you can use the Apple iPod cable, your mileage will vary as to how well it will work.

    - Merg
  • how do i get it to play it in order of artist and not the 4 letter code. it gets annoying trying to find a song. is there a way to get it to scroll with name of song or artist?
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    You need the Hyundai iPod cable in order to get that functionality. You can get one online for under $30 or just go to your dealer and get one. Part number is 08620-2L000.
  • wcw1wcw1 Posts: 44
    I just had my six CD changer Visteon radio replaced on my 2007 Sonata after six trips to the dealer. It turns out they installed a newer XM version of the radio. My old radio was not XM. The car was one of the last 2007 models without XM.The part number of the newly installed radio is an Infinity 00202-F7001-QZFLT Hyundai P/N 96190-0A650-QZ.

    I was wondering if any of you gurus out there could tell me if it is possible to get it to work as an XM radio. I get No Tuner when I press the XM button on the radio.

    I believe it needs some kind of module and an antenna but I can't seem to find much info. Can the module be located in the trunk and an antenna on the trunk lid.

    Or is what I want to do impossible or too much work/cost?

    Thanks for any advice.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    It's possible to have XM, but you need an XM tuner and antenna. The antenna is a roof mounted unit that is also body colored. might have some information about it. You'll need to register and you must select the Sonata (NF) menu. Hope this helps.
  • ttiernttiern Posts: 17
    My 2011 Sonata has a USB port that I've gotten to work with flash-drives up to 2GB so far (I have larger on order.) The question is what's the best Mac or PC app/ program to organize and configure a music library onto the flash-drive? The dealer, and Hyundai have been little help in understanding or dealing with this issue, and it's not addressed in the manual.

    I have both a Mac and a PC. I don't believe iTunes will sync to a flash drive so that may not be an option. Windows Media Player really mucks up the organization of music so it's not at the top of the list. WinAmp could be possible; and I'm open to trying other apps/ programs that will do the job.

    Input on what's worked best for others using flash-drives would be very helpful to me, and I'm sure to others watching this discussion as flash-drives become more common.

    Note that the iPod cable works great with all the benefits of iTunes organization, but my iPod Touch isn't available for use when it's plugged in so the USB sounds like a better option for storing a music library, if I can get iTunes type or organization of my music library (i.e. playlists, artist, genre, etc.)

    Any ideas?
  • Be careful! I tried to do this with a 32GB stick on my 2008 Hyundai Infinity system and it blew up the mp3 player function for a week or two. I tried to get info from this forum but no one knew the answer. Most I got, I believe was that it was TEAC chip but coulld not find any info on it's catalog capacity or how it treated nesting and sub folders.
    I have not found a solution for the nesting and folders question and have settled on using a 2GB stick where I can page through the folders (artists or albums) and roll through the tracks in that folder.

    Will approcaite anything you find out.
  • ttiernttiern Posts: 17
    I'm curious about your comment:
    Be careful! I tried to do this with a 32GB stick on my 2008 Hyundai Infinity system and it blew up the mp3 player function for a week or two.

    How did it blow it up for a week or two? Did it heal, did it require a repair, or...?

    Some of the comments on a Lexus discussion along this vein indicated that some were using large flash drives, and some were even using portable USB hard drives. It's disappointing that neither Hyundai Motors nor the dealer have anything of substance to offer on this. One would expect Hyundai to understand and support their audio system. Hopefully this thread will generate some informed answers.
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,459
    I haven't tried it myself but have heard good things about MediaMonkey:
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • sharksoupsharksoup Posts: 26
    I've had good success with a 4gig flash drive; only problem is that it is sometimes slow to load up and begin playing. Sometimes by turning the radio off and on it will come out of it. I doubt I'll go any larger than 4 gig because of this problem.

    As for organization, I've used two methods. One is to load individual songs on the drive with no other folders. That way you can let the drive play all the way through or set it at random. Other method that has been successful is to load full albums from Windows Media Player. The sync method seems to work well. It sets up individual album folders on the flash drive. You can then "scroll" through the albums and select an individual one to play.
  • Yes it "self healed" meaning it allowed me to access the 2GB USB.

    I don't remember disconnecting the battery cable or anything. I had the same frustration about the lack of info.

    Yes, I'm hoping it will too. :)
  • I am using an 8GB USB drive with no problems. It does take about 15 secs for it to load up the first time I use it after turning the car on, but no other problems. The stereo will read MP3 or WMA files, but not Apple. From my computer, I just go into My Music folder, select the artists I would like, and drag them to my USB drive. When I plug it back into the stereo, it sorts them in order of artist, but displays the album title. This is a little frustrating, but not bad.
    You can buy a 4GB USB drive for under $10 if you keep your eyes open (Meijer has some now). I have three thumb drives in my console. One for my normal music, one for kids music, and one for classical music. This allows me to play random music without going from Zeppelin to Bach to Barney. Very easy to switch them out.
    While I agree Hyundai has room for improvement on this, I am overall very happy with the setup. Pretty intuitive interface.
  • jsmit86jsmit86 Posts: 116
    edited May 2010
    I am using an 8GB drive. It works fine. I did discover a "bug" also reported by other users. If you have folders that start with the same name, sometimes the file will hang.
    > Folder "Eric Clapton"
    > Folder "Eric Clapton and Tracy Chapman"

    All of the files show in only one folder, and the files hang. (Keep trying to start and re-start over and over)
    Unplugging the drive did not help. The only way to fix it was to rename the folders or to consolidate all of the music under one folder. (Eric Clapton)

    This issue was on a 2011 Sonata Limited. I had a loaner with a 2010 Limited that did not have this same issue.

    One other issue that users are noticing, is that the random function does not hold if you change modes. (USB to FM for example)

    Other than those small bugs, USB works great, and 8GB is not an issue.
  • To whom it may concern,
    I own a 2009 Sonata and I recently purchased a Zune MP3 player to use in my car, but when I plug the Zune into the USB port the stereo unit reads, "USB Error."
    I don't know what this could be, seeing that when I use the AUX jack, the unit plays fine. Also, when the Zune is connected to the USB port, it shows that the battery is charging. So what could the problem be here?
  • ttiernttiern Posts: 17
    I've read that the USB port will only work with iPods and USB Drives (flash-drives or portable hard drives).

    It's my understanding that other types of MP3 players (such as the Zune) don't work with the Hyundai audio. The sound output from the MP3 player varies with each manufacturer having their own proprietary format. When the Zune is connected I suspect the Hyundai audio system expects to find an iPod. The radio reports an error when it sees another type of "foreign" (non-iPod) signal.

    The Zune will charge because the "power" connection in the USB port is the same in either brand. It's like plugging into a charger. The battery will charge, but the "signal" or data connections won't work.

    You should still be able to plug your Zune into a separate USB charger in an accessory (cigarette lighter) port for power, then connect an audio cable to the Aux 3.5mm (earphone type) port, and use your Zune. This isn't quite as nice, but it can work with a Zune or other MP3 player. Use of the USB port with a Zune will result in an error that may prevent any use of the radio for other purposes.

    At least that's my current understanding from my own sleuthing into USB issues.

  • Thank you Tim. You've been very helpful.
  • ttiernttiern Posts: 17
    Your question got me thinking this morning because I'd assumed only iPods would work with the radio through the USB port. This was based on the MP3 cable only working with iPods because of the Apple proprietary jack on the cord. Of course flash-drives also work with the USB port.

    Regarding the use of other phones/ MP3 players, I checked and learned that my SanDisk/ Sansa "Clip" MP3 player worked fine with the USB radio input. It stepped through the folders on the drive and played selected music. It also indicated it was charging. This is not surprising since music is copied into folders on the "Clip" much the same as a flash-drive.

    Other devices (Microsoft's Zune?) may use proprietary connectors or require special software and may not work as an MP3 player in this audio system. It could also be the case with some/ all phones? It appears to depend to a large degree if the devices can be connected to a computer and accessed as a separate drive.

    Regardless, the USB port should charge the device if a USB cable is provided. One problem could occur if the device indicates an error on the radio. This may prevent the use of the radio for other purposes until the USB installed device is removed.

    There may be another accessory port that you could plug a USB power adaptor into for charging a USB device. Belkin and Kensington make adaptors that are low profile and blend right in. I use one, in addition to the USB port which I use for music. The extra port allows charging a phone or other device without interfering with the radio.

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    What does this have to do with the Sonata's audio system? :confuse:

    Do you realize that making the same post in many different forums is spamming?
  • ttiernttiern Posts: 17
    This may have been a fortunate error, or a mis-posting. Regardless, I was glad to see it.

    I have a new weeks-old 2011 Sonata and didn't know about this potential safety issue. If not posted here I may have missed it. I just sent this, other related postings, from CarSpace; and from Hyundai Forums to my dealer to learn more.

    After the Camry debacle I want to know. I'd driven Camrys for 20 years, and would still be driving them if not for the poor way they handled safety issues. Now I'm curious to see how Hyundai handles such matters. I expect them to be responsible, and will hold them accountable if need be.

  • ttiernttiern Posts: 17
    In their Owner's Manual Hyundai fails to address or provide ANY documentation on how to set up or configure the flash drive for use with their audio system.

    Does anyone know of any links or available documents that address this?

    It seems Hyundai has dropped the ball and left their customers in the dark regarding how to effectively use flash-drives in the audio system. I'd expect that they've addressed this issue somewhere, but haven't found substantive answers online or from the dealer. There are bits and pieces floating around on the various forums, but nothing that's been comprehensive and definitive.

    Any ideas???

  • skoretskskoretsk Posts: 38
    HD Radio only appears to be available on the 2011 Sonata Limited standard radio. However when you add the "Navigation and Sunroof Package" to this car the HD Radio feature apparently gets removed from the audio system. Does anyone know why Hyundai would do something stupid like that? :mad:
  • jsmit86jsmit86 Posts: 116
    HD Radio is a "Late Availability" item... meaning that early builds will not have the feature, but later builds will have it. I have seen a post that claiming that someone bought a limited with NAV, and that it has HD radio.

    I have also seen a more recent post where a user just got a car with a 4/20 build date, and it does not have the HD feature. Since it often takes approx. 3 weeks from build to delivery, I'd guess that the 4/20 is one of the newest cars on the street.
    It may be possible that there will be a mix while they are working through the
    radio inventory from the supplier.

    I'd suggest calling Hyundai Consumer affairs, and see if they can investigate the actual availability date.
  • skoretskskoretsk Posts: 38
    I called Hyundai consumer affairs per your suggestion (thanks), they're investigating. Will report back to this forum when I find something out from them.

    Regards, Steve
  • mommytmommyt Posts: 42
    Thank you Tim.
    I am glad that you understand that I posted this in a lot of areas for that very reason. Some people are eager to point out that my message has nothing to do with the area they are looking into. I feel better, just knowing that at least one person is aware. I have sent emails and letters to the Hyundai Corporation. They haven't responded. Best if luck with your new car. I really miss mine. No other 2011 car can compare to it at this time.
    Thanks for understanding. :)
  • mommytmommyt Posts: 42
    Sorry, I didn't realize that. I was focused on getting the message out. I didn't mean to offend anyone, just wanted to help. I really hope that my message will stay posted in all of the categories though. It isn't meant to condemn, but to make everyone aware of the "potential" danger.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    It isn't. Please continue to discuss this issue in the 2011 Hyundai Sonata discussion only. Regardless of how important you deem the message, it is unrelated to the audio system (and nav system, etc.), and people have a reasonable expectation that conversation in our topic-oriented discussion be related to the title. Thank you.


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  • texassuntexassun Posts: 13
    Anyones have been try Ipad?
  • LisaDLisaD Posts: 50
    in my 2009 Santa Fe Limited, my iPad will not work through the stereo. I can only run it via the dock connector to 3.5mm. So no stereo controls. Must control it through the iPad itself. Only the steering wheel volume works with it.

    Taking suggestions as to why. I'm wondering if it's a power consumption issue/difference.
  • chausterchauster Posts: 2
    I owned a 2010 Sonata and when I connect my iPhone to the usb port the stereo said reading error and usb port also doesn't charge my iPhone when its almost dead. Does any1 know how I could get this to work without buying extra cigarette aux adapter thingy? I use my iPhone on my friend's Ford with the usb connections and it works fine.
  • jsmit86jsmit86 Posts: 116
    I think you need to use the Hyundai cable. It's about $30... might be worth a try.
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