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Top 10 Turnaround Tips for GM/Ford/Chrysler



  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganPosts: 13,993
    I like your list and opinion. ;) my plan would be to do up to 65-75% of your target car, and mold the other 25-35% or so into something uniquely GM. :)

  • the "65/35 Plan"!

    I like it but GM & Ford have proven that they don't know how to do it right. Planform sharing is common. Look at VW/Audi or Toyota/Lexus. Even Chrysler/Mercedes is doing a good job of using old Merc platforms for the Crossfire and 300c.

    In order for GM and Ford to do it right, they need to establish what they intend each brand to respresent.

    Ford has Ford, Mercury and Lincoln. Without a clear separation, each brand is stealing customers from the other. Meaning, I could buy a fully loaded Ford or shop Mercury. Maybe even a bottom level Lincoln. And frankly, they would all seem the same. The Fusion/Milan/Zephyr(MKS) platform, although nice, is a poor use of separation. Where is the high performace model? The superlux model? The wagon or hatchback? Crossover?

    Using your idea, here is my list for Ford:
    Ford = Honda/Toyota
    Mercury = Acura/Saturn (meaning one price fully loaded)
    Lincoln = Caddy/BMW/Mercedes
    Volvo, Land Rover and Jaguar are fine, but need to be under one roof as far as sales goes.
    SVT becomes its own brand, like AMG or Mazdaspeed, sold along side the above brands. SVT would just become R in the case of Volvo, Rover and Jag.
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganPosts: 13,993
    Well I like your idea and would be a good recipe for success for Ford.

    What kinda of a list do you have for GM. I gave you one, and I'd like to see yours. :)

  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    The Fusion/Milan/Zephyr(MKS) platform, although nice, is a poor use of separation. Where is the high performace model? The superlux model? The wagon or hatchback? Crossover?

    HiPo is rumored to be on the way for MY07 or MY08. 270 HP Duratec35, manual trans, possible AWD.

    Superlux would be the Lincoln. It has a softer suspension and higher quality interior. But I get where you're coming from. It's kind of like how the ES350 is to the Camry. You can see the resemblance too easily.

    Crossover version is the Edge. You'll be able to buy one this Fall.

    Ford is doing a lot to revamp their lines. It's just rolling out rather slowly which, given the not too distant past, is probably a good thing for everyone.
  • First, my list for GM:
    Saturn = the 'every car/generic' (Honda/Toyota)
    Pontiac = HiPo versions of GM line only (AMG, M, SRT, etc)
    Buick = Mini Caddy, all soft plush (Nissan, Mercury, Acura)
    Cadillac = 'nuff said (Lexus, BMW, Mercedes)
    GMC = Trucks and SUVs, period (Ford, Nissan, Toyota trucks)
    Hummer = 'nuff said (Jeep fighter)
    Saab = the 'different' company (Mini, Scion, Mazda)
    Chevy = halo of the GM brand familiy offers a chevy version of all above makes, bridging gap between the Aveo and the Corvette. Note the 'SS' versions are Pontiacs

    Styling troubles?
    Why, with more than two brands would GM or Ford waste time photocopying bland styling. Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura and Nissan/Infiniti have only so much to work with, as far as styling danger goes. GM and Ford have so much more space to wotk with. Sure Ford and Chevy can remain boring; many people like vanilla. But DCX is on a roll with the PT Cruiser, Crossfire, 300C and Challenger concepts. Even the Prowler and was hot. With Mercedes holding up the conservative and luxo market and Dodge more urban and 'intimidating', DCX is far ahead of Ford and GM.

    Two more thoughts...
    People seem to forget that most foreign cars are make in the US by American workers. High quality is not a measure of nationality but management. They should try to send in spys and see what goes on at Honda and Toyota and copy it.

    Lastly, is it my imagination, but are Ford and GM 'faces' blending in a little too much now. Even the more conservative brands, styling-wise, have unified and distinct-ified their body and face. VW and Mazda come to mind. Even BMW and Caddy (a waste of RWD by not giving it to Pontiac and/or Buick)
  • maverickmaverick Posts: 11
    GM should spin off Saab, Saturn & Subaru as a lean forward thinking transportation company. Do not limit it to transportation with four wheels.

    They need to get out of the medium truck business, they don't support it and they don't understand the marketplace.

    Dump the GMC nameplate.

    Quit listening to the bean counters and start listening to the public. How many variations of the same product do you need to make?

    Start up an internet brand, with no salespeople. Only parts and service. No rebates and all the other BS.


    Drop Buick. Cut the fat in Management, support the workers and unions that have been there through thick and thin, not the people who get their payday and move on to the next free meal.

    Ford, Bring in your European products... Ka, Mondeo, Duratorq diesel.

    Fusion: Great looking car, why didn't it come out in a hybrid first?

    Freestar, Monterey see ya.
    Ranger good bye.

    Where is the cheap sporty car, that isn't a Focus? Bring back a Probe type car. How about electric power?

    Mercury "Internet Brand"

    Push the "Made in American" "Engineered in America" out Japanese the Japanese.

    Chrysler... Why would you bring out a muscle car SRT-8 when America needs fuel economy? You were smart to drop Plymouth several years ago, you've mastered the Minivan. Caliber looks 100 times better than the Neon. I like the Crossfire but it's too close in price to so many other cars in its class. Drop in a supercharged 4cyl and drop the price $7000 and you will have a winner.
  • nshah23nshah23 Posts: 3
    ford needs to sell some of those cars they sell in australia, the falcon/fairlane would make a great replacement for the crown vic/panther platform cars, and the turbo straight 6 and V8 fpv versions run with the srt-8 plus are better handling, those aussie cars also have great interiors, and a slick 6 speed manual, or 6 speed manumatic. Also bring those 'utes over, they're on the same platform as falcon/fairlane, they handle well, and have the same powertrain choices, people want pick-ups, and this will give ford another product in this market that is unique, its like the ranchero, i think people would buy it.

    Ford needs more rwd cars, bring the territory over from australia as well,

    the new focus would be nice

    for the panther platform cars atleast put the mustang v8 in there and upgrade the interior a bit, then it will beat the chrysler 300-c/ dodge charger b.c it will cost much less around 25 grand.

    the mustang v8 needs four valves per cylinder or infinitely variable valve timing...(they have that on the aussi cars) the reason for this is they need to move the power rating up to around 350 hp plus, so they can put the new v6 in the mustang (270 hp, 250 lb ft or so) as a model between the gt and base v6, I have no idea what to call it but they'll find a name, this adds more volume b/c some people don't want the raw power of teh v8 and the fuel economy that goes with it, but they want the looks, and teh base v6 isn't enough power, this providesa healthy balance. add a handling package for 3-6 grand that includes IRS, and the ford racing power pack one, offer the same package on teh shelby, for around 5 g's.

    build the reflex, on the same platform as the kabura (probly miata), sell it with the 2.3 l mzr i-4, and the new v-6 price it from 18 g-25 g

    mercury should sell all european market cars pretty much, except the mountaineer, they could sell the new focus at a higher price around 15, 16 grand or so (ford says its to expensive to sell here as a ford, so why not as a merc), sell the new mondeo from europe, the galaxie/s-max etc.. this will fit well w/ mercurys positioning as a urban sort of modern more cultured brand than ford (i really dont know how to explain it, it just feels like it fits) the current mercurys are all rebadged fords, people know it, and they need more brand differentaion. Mercury doesnt sell in high enough volume to necessiate its own unique product line, so it needs to sell rebadged fords, so why not sell rebadged ford's that we don't get here so people don't know, ford's cars internationally are great. so, maybe mercury could sell the australian falcon (entire lineup including fairlane but w/ unique sheet metal and new names, and the 'ute (whole line up) Ford needs to leverage their global strengths. Maybe mercury could get a mustang w/ IRS, and the new v6 hmm call it the cougar, w/ styling from teh messenger concept.

    jaguar and lincoln should get sport coupes/convertibles of a shared rwd platform maybe the new s-class platform the lincoln would sell from 38 g-45 g w/ styling from teh mark 1X concept, the hartop convertible would be the high end, jaguar should do a roadster more pure than the xk, the spiritural successor to the e-type, priced from 50 k, w/ the new v-6 as base, and jags range of v8's. the markIX will get the new v6 base, the 4.6 liter V8 w/ four valves per cylinder, infinitely variable valve timing as mid range, and top of the line a supercharged/ or turbo'd version of the same engine, or maybe a twin turbo version of the v-6. both of these cars will have IRS, and need to have great handling, no mac pherson struts here, probly unequal length upper and lower control arms like the jag s-type, lincoln ls had. the lincoln will be a longer car than the jag, being able to fit four comfortably, with enough rear legroom for two six footers,it will be more of a cruiser, so it'll probly be a lengthened version of the jag's platform or, just have much longer overhangs. the jag will be a two seater, w/ more retro styling...and more of a sports car, this way it wont directly compete, and maybe they wouldn't have to worry about the two competing, and could charge more for the lincoln.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 5,582
    Chrysler - quit playing up jingoism with names like the Patriot and Freedom Drive. You're no longer an American company, quit pretending to be one!

    Extend your maintenance intervals. Last I heard, all Chryslers were back to a 3 month, 3k schedule, regardless of driving conditions.

    Make ABS standard on your pickups. I can't believe I have to write this in 2006!

    Ford - offer Advancetrac on more cars (Focus had it available from 2001-03, but they dropped the ball).

    Bring us the new Focus from Europe and a new Ranger.

    Extend your maintenance intervals. I think they're at 3k city / 5k highway now.

    GM - the new Avalanche looks good. Find a way to put a trunk in it like the Ridgeline--it already gets similar fuel economy despite weighing 1,000 pounds more.

    Replace the Envoy with the Acadia. Replace the Saab 9-7x with a badge-engineered Subaru Tribeca. The quirky styling touches could be fixed with a new front end treatment, just like they were with the 9-2.

    All three: Offer stability control on all your vehicles including cars and pickups, and offer a diesel in some of your light-duty pickups, SUVs, and cars (not necessarily all of them). Be really innovative and offer one model with a diesel hybrid, to test the market for such a vehicle.

    Provide vehicles that are not only objectively reliable, but have tight panel gaps, high-quality switchgear, and a cabin that is rattle-free (they're making progress here in some cases, so, in the alternative, keep up the good work).

    Begin offering luxury features like Bluetooth and keyless go, at least on your high-end vehicles. (Exception: Chrysler has done a good job of offering Bluetooth.)

    Toyota and Honda are having some quality issues. Catch them with their pants down and grab some more JD Power awards!
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    Focus had it available from 2001-03, but they dropped the ball

    Actually very few people ordered it was the reason that option was discontinued. More would probably want it now however.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    I gotta say that GM has sure milked a ton of free advertising (press) off their $1.99 gas for a year campaign.

    With that said, it's a total gimmick of take a little off the cash rebates and trade it for something much more appealing to the marketplace.

    I guess it's not the press's job to point out that the $1.99 gas is merely a shell game.

    The employee pricing to the public has run it's course and now this. What can GM come up with next I wonder?
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAPosts: 15,294
    ...over on the "Will 2006 Styling Save GM" thread. GM oughta make their U.S. models as nice as their Asian ones. This is a Buick LaCrosse? Holy smoke! If this is what the Asian LaCrosse looks like, the Asian Lucerne must make a Maybach or Phantom look like a 1986 Hyundai Excel. If a U.S. Buick LaCrosse was as nice as that one, I'd buy it in a New York nanosecond. Heck, I'd be fighting with my girlfriend for the keys to her LaCrosse if it was that nice!
  • massdriver1massdriver1 Posts: 20
    I know dropping Pontiac, Buick, and GMC would be hard for some to wrao their brains around. But it's time.
    This isn't 1965 anymore, where you moved up incrementally from the working man's Chevy, up the ladder to the lofty Buick, and your boss drove the Cadillac.
    As someone pointed out already,Toyota, Honda, Nissan..they all have Their bread-and-butter brands, and their Luxury brands.
    Cadillac now has a well defined look and identity, and a full model range. They just need to refine them a bit more. Cadillac should strive to go toe to toe with BMW, with Lexus quality.
    Chevy should be going against toyota as far as quality and extensive model range, but with a more exciting product design elements and driving dynamics, like Nissan and Mazda.

    The lineup should be something like this, IMO.
    Aveo..This should be re-designed to be less of an economy appliance,and more of an "affordable cool" type car, like the FIt, Scion, Yaris, etc.
    Cobalt sedan/coupe. Again, totally re invent this car as a setrious threat to Civic. The Mazda3 is a good barometer of where to bring the new Chevy compact.
    HHR. I actually like the look of this car a lot, better in person than pics. Give it more power, refine the interior, and it's the cool hatch that Chevy needs.
    Scrap the current Malibu, and seriously attack the Camry/Accord already. If the new Aura is that good, this would fit in here. It seems to have the style/interior. Is the car mechanically ready? Who knows, but they need to give it a refined and powerful engine,and Mazda6-like driving dynamics.
    The Solstice/Sky would be a great addition to the chevrolet lineup.
    Definitely bring back the Camaro. Nuff said here.
    And they should definitely bring back a line of rear drivers. A full Size sedan, nicely styled Not As barge-like of the "70's cars, probably a bit smaller than Chrysler 300. A few retro cues might work, but not an all out ripoff. Bel-Air perhaps? They should also make a sexy "touring coupe" from this platform...what the Monte Carlo SHOULD be. No one else offers this. And A wagon, like the Magnum,(maybe a bit less outrageous looking tho). Call it the Nomad? And fnally, they could bring back the El-Camino. It is a niche
    vehicle, but the platform is already there, makes more sense than the SSR.
    Completely re-design the minivan, and take it seriously this time.
    Redo the Colorado PU, make it about the size of Dakota, and offer a V8.
    Silverado is up for a redo, should be fine. same with avalanche, Tahoe, and Suburban.
    The rest of the SUVs should include a new Trailblazer. Make it "tougher", and obviously more refined. Would compete with 4Runner and Pathfinder.
    The new Enclave should be their crossover , to go against Highlander.
    And they need a smaller, trail-rugged, bare bones type SUV, like the new FJcruiser (fugly from the back, if you ask me), Xterra,
    IMO, with more engine, the H# would be perfect for this. It really looks awesome in person. They could easily offer a real off road package and hose-it-out interior for the purists,and maybe even a two door version.
    The Corvette stays, of course
    This would be an amazing, complete model range, yet GM as a whole would be far more streamlined.
    Upgrade the warranty, and keep the product cycle to a maximum of five years, and no one will miss Pontiac, buick, GMC, Hummer, or saturn.
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    Since I think the only one that's really in trouble is GM my top 10 list will be dedicated to GM:

    (10) Drop Pontiac - should be a no brainer

    (9) Merge Buick with Cadillac and establish a complete lineup to compete with the import luxury brands

    (8) Get rid of Saturn and bring in Opel

    (7) Get rid of Hummer

    (6) Make GMC the only brand under GM producing trucks

    (5) Bring in the Asian LaCrosse and makes it an ES fighter

    (4) Improve the interior quality to match the Toyota/Honda standard (for the love of God how many times do we need to mention that)

    (3) Drop the pushrods - PLEASE!!!

    (2) Fire all the designers (except the vette's)

    (1) Fire Lutz
  • massdriver1massdriver1 Posts: 20
    I disagree that only GM is in trouble. Ford has the Mustang, possibly the Fusion, and F series trucks going for it. That's it right now.
    The Fusion had the low crash test ratings to mar its intro, the 500 is going nowhere due to its dull styling and sub-par engine.
    At least GM is better defining it's different brands as of late. First Cadillac, now Saturn.
    What is Ford doing with Mercury? Pretty much, take a Ford, swap out the grill for a "waterfall" grill, and call it a day.
    Lincoln is worse off yet. Their lineup consists of two re-badged trucks, and a single car spun off a Mazda platform. It's been out for months, and they still can't figure out what to name it.
    Back to Ford..they had a strong competitor in the Focus. But now they're neglecting it, and while other markets get a much better version, we get a seven year old (and counting) platform while the Japanese competition has raised the bar several feet.
    Remember what used to be the best-selling compact pickup in the US? Now it's hopelessly outclassed, with no relief on the horizon. Just as they did with the once class leading Taurus.
    They're still making the decades old Crown Vic. Thank God for police cars, I guess. they should take a cue from Chrysler on how to make a big rear driver for this decade.
    The freestyle and freestar (does anyone even know which is which) are both goners.
    FoMoCo just seems to have absolutely no direction right now. IMO, it seems that GM is at least more focused for the most part. Now if they could only execute their efforts better.......
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    I agree with you that GM is not the only one that's in trouble but at least right now GM is the one in the deepest hole. I also agree with you on Ford is lacking directions on its Mercury and Lincoln lineups. But like you said at least they have some worthy products like the new Mustang, Fusion and the F-series. What does GM have besides the vette? let's think...

    Cadillac: Generally speaking the Caddy has a decent lineup but in order to be a real import luxury fighter the interior quality still has long way to go. Also, price for the CTS (or maybe even the STS) needs to be lower in order to gain market share.

    Buick: Let not go there...

    Saturn: Sky roadster is decent but you ain't gonna make a serious profit on a 2-seat convertable. Aura looks nice but we'll have to wait and see. Again if GM really wants an import fighter they'll need to drop Saturn and bring in Opel.

    Pontiac: GM is the only one whom can't see that Pontiac is not going anywhere...

    Chevy: Besides the Vette, Chevy is worthless...

    GMC: We needs more car based crossovers not humongous gas guzzlers (the pick-up line is fine by itself though).

    Hummer: H3 is a joke and definitely does not deserve to wear the Hummer badge. Alos, by the way the gas price is going I am wondering who's still buying the H2 (besides the pro sports players and the celebrities)?

    Saab: The interior has gone GM quality...nuff said.
  • renfacerenface Posts: 1
    Speacking of pushrods...don't forget all Hemi's are pushrods...hasn't hurt them.
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganPosts: 13,993
    That is true

  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    For the record by 2009 all pontiac's should be RWD models maybe except for the G5, G6 and Prand Prix (G8?)

    Saturn should stay and Saab should be dropped for opel.

    ISUZU should stay and make the diesel engines optional in all models. Bring back the Rodeo, Rodeo Sport(Amigo), Axiom and Trooper. Some new models would be great

    Isuzus line up should be the:

    Rodeo: Midsize Suv (built like the Trailblazer and not be called Asencender. 7passenger vehicle)
    Go against Comannder, 4runner, Explorer, Pathfinder ect

    Axiom: Crossover (off the Equinox platform with the new bigger v6.) To go against Rav4, Crv, Liberty, ect

    Trooper (should be 7-8 passenger built like Tahoe)
    Go against Gx470, Lx470/Land cruiser, Expedediton, Armada ect

    Hombre (Colorado Twin with own style, diesel option, and NO 5CYL!! The V8 some1 mentioned would be great)
    Go against Frontier, Tacoma, Dakota, Raider, Ridgeline, Ranger Ect

    Oasis (Either try to get honda's odyssey again offer a diesel and price it much lower, or be a completely new van)
    Go against Odyssey, Sienna, Town&Country, Caravan, Sedonna, Entourage ect

    The new model should be called the Isuzu Islander
    The Islander would be a big 5-7 passenger SUV built for Offroad and Onroad Sport. Sort of like the Infiniti Fx45. It could compete with the Vw Touareg/Porsche Cayanne/Audi Q7, Jeep Cherokee, Mercedes Gl/Ml, Bmw X5/x3, Kia Sorento, Landrover Lr3 and Range rover. It should have a strong v6 and powerful V8 diesel. Its a whole niche of vehicles that has a wide price range from the 22k-100k for a Porsche Cayanne TurboS. The Islander should have a MSRP of 28k. :)

    The reason i say ISUZU should stay is because ISUZU competes better against Jeep than Hummer. Hummer are too heavy and there isn't a hummer for every jeep like Isuzu would have not to mention there is only 2 hummer for 2007.
    Isuzu would be against the general public and Hummer reserved fo the upscale vehicles like Lx470/Land cruiser and Lr3.

    Last Chevy should drop all the ancient 4speed automatics for new 5speeds,6speeds and CVTs. Make 3rd rows that go into the floor like expedition and explorer :mad: !
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    GM sold its stake in Isuzu and that they no longer have control in them.

    I may be biased, but I believe that Saab should not be dropped.

    I also think that Saturn should be retooled as a "youth" brand, ala Scion.
  • kjnormankjnorman Posts: 243
    I think Ford could be helped by bring over some of their European products to the States. Like GM is doing with Saturn, Ford should shape Mercury to be a more sporty, European focused brand.

    They should start by introducing the new Mondeo.


    (Image from

    The new car looks very sharp and should compete well with Saturn Auras (essentially a European Opel Vectra) and other midsize cars. I think the style of the car might even work with the waterfall grill that mercury loves.

    This strategy would differentiate Ford from Mercury and give the Mercury brand a much needed infusion of appeal. Ford could then keep its ugly three bar grill to be "brash and American".
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,277
    Yeah, that car is pretty nice. It would do very well if Ford doesn't muck it up like they did the Contour.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Ford tried that with the Merkur line a couple of decades ago. Problem was, while the Merkur was fast, it was also very european, in that it started rusting in the showroom, and was miserably unreliable. Didn't work here. Miserably unreliable only sells in America if it's German or English elite.

    But I agree with your premise. If they did it could work.

    I don't know if Ford will make it or not. A lot is riding on the rebirth of the Taurus on the back of the very good, but very undesirable 500 and Freestyle. A lot is in a name - I just hope it's been restyled enough. Ford has not much else out there new to ride on, and they need to sell a buttload of cars to generate enough cash to stay alive while they develop more new cars.....

    The Focus desperately needs a replacement, as does the Ranger. The Fusion is doing well, but the Edge is uncertain at this point. Lincoln has been totally ruined - it may never recover.

    The Mustang is cool, and it's good, but what's next there??

    The Ford trucks are languishing a bit too. The Expedition has to stay competitive in the looks department now that GM has copied their style, making their SUVs look fresher than Fords. If not, just like the Fords. The Explorer - clearly the best ever made, is slated to be converted to a crossover - a mistake, IMO, but I guess we'll see. I think Alan is trying all the right moves - can he do it in time is the question.....
  • Ford should absolutely bring that Mondeo over here. What a great looking car. Very close to the 3 series BMW but not quite as "Bangled". But Alan may not bring it over. Bill will have to remind him it's not made by EADS.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    Edmunds has a spy shot of a RWD Aussie Ford Falcon tester being uncrated in Detroit so it looks like anything is possible right now.

    Although, the news of the Mondeo being considered for the U.S. did break a few months ago and IIRC Mullaly already said no or not yet anyway. I think he did approve the S-Max for the U.S. though.
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    Just heard that Chrysler LLC is making major changes (Dodge all trucks?).
    Here is what they really need to do:

    All models can stay except the Nitro, Caliber, and maybe Dakota. Interior quality should move up extensively. The exteriors should move away from this bold look to a more refined look (except the Challenger). The Charger is an awesome car, so that can stay bold. Replace the Caliber with something that better competes with the Civic/Scion tc.
    Easy. Cut the slow selling Compass. Turn the Patriot into a real softy so people will stop complaining about the way it handles and interior, but keep its offroad ability. I think there is reason enough for the Comander to stay, but Cerberus has been chop happy, so if they had to chop something else, It would be this. Push Jeep's exclusivity.
    Hard. Move to luxury (sort of like between Buick and Cadillac). Chop the Sebring line completely. Replace with something that could almost compete with a CTS or BMW 3. Don't Change 300- just improve the interior and driving dynamics to be able to compete with the likes of Cadillac STS. Chrysler Aspen=gone. Replace this and the Pacifica with a crossover that competes with the Acura MDX. Keep the Town & Country.

    This way, none of the brands overlap. Only two loke models would be the Town & Country and Caravan- and they sell! I hope Chrysler LLC is reading.
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    A great car- for 5 years ago. The exterior looks dated. The grille- which came straight from the MKR- looks bad here. And the back end- plain. At least this isn't a Ford model in a tux. And the interior is nice.
    A step up for Lincoln, but they still have a ways to go. Their greatest product- the MKX is nothing but an Edge with one of Lincoln's many different grilles.
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    No brainer. GM is in the least. Ford is in the Most. Chrysler is in between. GM has totally reformulated its brands, revitalizing both Buick and Pontiac- which were in trouble, and making quality a lot better. Caddy is a BMW fighter. For the first time in a while, i actually want to buy a GM vehicle.
    Chrysler has a lot of reworking on its hands, but it has some potential. They are however making the most drastic changes. But Ford is by far worst off. They are still desgning cars that are outdated and no one wants- like the MKS, and the 500-er-Taurus. Its best efforts still fall short, like the Edge (which needs a third row) and the Flex (which should be an Edge with a third row). Ford still needs to sell Jag and Land Rover. They need to focus more.
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAPosts: 15,294
    ...the answer is easy for both Lincoln and Ford. Lincoln should make its next Town Car look similar to that concept that closely resembled the classic 1961 Continental and the Crown Vic should look similar to the 427 concept? Mercury? Heck, make something cool like Steve McGarrett's classy 1968 Park Lane!!!

    All of them need to get off their butts and put out a decent subcompact hybrid. I saw an ad for Honda's fuel cell car. Oh, for ANYTHING to tell our Middle Eastern "friends" they can just keep their sloppy black goo.
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    i love the way the Mondeo looks, but we're no getting. hopefully somthing jsut as good looking?
  • 1. Car companies should be run by car nuts and not bean counters.
    2. Designers should be draw distinct exciting vehicles. Too many look-a-likes already.
    3. Monthly executive compensation and labor wages tied directly to number of vehicles sold for the month.
    4. Put an end to "the management" vs."the union" crap.
    5. Build vehicles that Americans want, not vehicles that your marketing/advertsising departments can sell.
    6..There is no trade offs when it comes to quality.

    I would settle for 6.

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