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Hyundai Azera Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    Personally, I think the way you handled it was pretty reasonable. You paid an additional amount that was quite small as a percentage of the purchase price, and you got the deal done. Good for you.
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Posts: 160
    Frank, sorry, I can not let you get off after making such an ill informed comment.

    Have you ever been to Asia? If you had been, you would have observed that most of the Asians prefer small cars like Suzuki Swift, Hyundai Getz/Santro, Tata Indica, Tata Nano etc The reason is that gas is very very very expensive there ($10-12 per gallon). These small cars sip fuel gingerly, are easy to park & maneuver.

    Ford & GM have been in India for close to 15-20 years but are far far behind when compared to Hyundai, Suzuki etc in India. It is the same case in many other Asian countries. WHy? It is because, till today GM & Ford don't have a small car platform to produce small cars the market demands. Instead, they want to produce big land yachts & expect people to buy them. As a business principle, you produce what the market demands, not what you demand the market to absorb. The key to succeed in Asia? SMALL FUEL SIPPING CARS!!!!

    And another thing.... GM bought the ailing Daewoo in Korea. Now, last year GM-Daewoo became the LARGEST selling car maker in Korea, surpassing Hyundai/Kia!
  • jeff26cjeff26c Posts: 4
    Sticker price at dealer in buffalo, NY area 19480 for a used 07 azera limited 3.8 L engine with 12000 miles and rental car past. Is 17500 before taxes a resonable offer? . Also a 07 azera limited base for 19880 with 7500 miles. Im thinking around 17850 before taxes. thanks for any input anyone has.
  • boath are grate prices what colors are each car would take the one that has any recalls or bulitans done to it but the one with the lower milage sounds good keep us updated and thankyou for reading my posting
  • jeff26cjeff26c Posts: 4
    Both are venetian blue. I just had a 09 sonata v6 deal fall through due to dealer ignorance, so i am strongly considering an azera again. We negotiated a deal for it, but they did not seem to check in the morning to see if the car was still available the morning of the negotiation for a dealer trade WOW. The one with 7500 miles on it was also a former rental.
  • 101649101649 Posts: 192

    there is spell check available for your post.........
  • rotaryrotary Posts: 71
    I can buy a 2007 Azera with 15,887 miles on it (a Limited Edition) for $16,900 from a dealer. It is a one owner free carfax car, with a clean history.

    I passed because everyone I personally know (and trust) that has a Hyundai (three Sonatas and one Azera) has suspension noise problems, all described as a hollow feeling, with clanking and/or thunking sounds, while transversing rough pavement.

    Nothing bothers me more than squeaks, rattles or suspension noise. It's the one thing that more than anything else drains confidence in a product and sucks any notion of quality out of a vehicle's perception, no matter what else can be said about a vehicle.
  • rotaryrotary Posts: 71
    By the way, I checked Consumer Reports, and every model year of the Azera is recommended with a 'better than average reliability' rating.
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Posts: 576
    See April 2008 issue, page 82. It states that "Used Cars to Avoid had below average reliability for their specific model years." Then see page 85, "Used Cars to Avoid." Under Hyundai, it lists the "Azera, '07."
    Personally I don't agree with it and it conflicts with the individual systems "verdicts" on page 91. However, on page 91, they also rate the '07 as below average as a used car.
    They cannot go back and change their ratings from the 2007 issue. However, I asked them to explain how the 07 dropped from great to POS and they did not respond.
    They also state that the Azera is a "good value and performs well." Page 11.
    On page 34, they list it [2008] as a Quick Recommendation for sedans for being "roomy and having a good ride." They downgrade it for MPG, but it actually has the same overall MPG as their most highly recommended Infiniti M35 and G35 and better than the G35 AWD.
    Biased? Conflicting? Unintelligible? You bet, but there it is.
  • rudikamprudikamp Posts: 34
    I own a 2007 model and I am convinced it is the best car for the price.
    Compare size, content and quality, nothing beats it.
    I had no problems and gas mileage is in line with cars that size.
  • andysamandysam Posts: 9
    Totally wrong, CR . I have the Azy'07 for 7 month now. It is BY FAR the best car I had for the money. It rides like a Lincoln Continental and others in the same class that cost much more. I don't even have the front end problems that we "hear" a lot about. I hope I am not speaking too soon, but so far I LOVE THIS CAR.
  • donvickdonvick Posts: 38
    I disagree with CR also.
    We have the 2007 Limited bought new off the showroom floor. It has almost 39,000 miles on it and we'd buy another. In fact I was thinking of looking for a used one for myself to drive and sell the 1996 Grand Am with 228,000 miles on it.

    We've had no problems and certainly none of the front clunking issues even on bumpy roads.
    We get 28 mpg going to LA and to Silver Springs, Nevada. Its a quiet car, good ride and great handling. I rotated the tires in my driveway and change my own oil.
    No issues here. Just wish it had Air Conditioned seats like the Lincoln Zephr we test drove and decided on the Azera instead, no regrets.
    I think CR is using incomplete data or making assumptions based on the few complaints they've heard about.

    The trunk is cavernous with an easy low sill access, back seats swing down, rear sunshade, sun visor extensions, door pockets that flip out to reach bottom easier. Heated seats, well lit dash, lots of shoulder room. I'm 5'7 and love the roominess. Kids come to town and we pile into the Azera. The sun roof has a sliding panel to completely block out the overhead sun.

    Its a very good car regardless of pricing or past reputation of the Hyundai.

  • njalannjalan Posts: 70
    My wife and I went to a NJ Hyundai dealership to check out a 2009 Sonata Limited with nav but she fell in love with the 2008 Azera instead. The wood steering wheel, wood door handle (from inside the car), plus the inside layout and features look much better than the 2004 Mercedes E350 4Matic we just returned to the Mercedes dealership at the end of the least this month. My concern is that the 3.8 V6 engine, at 17 miles per gallon on city, is not gas efficient.

    Would anyone out there with recent purchase of a 2008 Azera share his/her buying experience, especially the pricing and driving after the purchase? Also, would it be a good idea to wait for the 2009 model to come out? Are there any improvements on the 2009 Azera over the 2008 car? Thanks a lot.
  • cobrazeracobrazera Posts: 352
    My concern is that the 3.8 V6 engine, at 17 miles per gallon on city, is not gas efficient. Per the MB website, the 2008 E350, without 4Matic, is also rated at 17MPG city, and its highway mileage is 2MPG less than the Azera - figure the 4Matic model to reduce the MPG by at least 1MPG vs. the base E350, so, the Azera should do a bit better than your 4Matic - and on reg gas, to boot. HP and torq ratings are very similar between the two, but the 4Matic is heavier, so would be a bit slower, also.

    If mileage is real important, get the Sonata with the 4 banger, or the Azera with the 3.3 V-6, but the luxury levels of those will be less than the Azera Limited.

    Luck and fun with your shopping.
  • daveltddaveltd Posts: 13
    I have had my 2008 Azera LTD for2 months. Have 750 miles on it & I get 18mpg city.

    Now to say that I have had different vechiles in recent years might be a under statement. 2002 F150 Harley Davidson Supercharged, 1996 Impala SS Supercharged [my play toy] 2005 Magnum RT, 2006 Caddie SRX, & 2006 Trailblazer SS [395HP].

    Well I love my Azera,[power,comfort & style]. Well equipped & price after $5,000. factory rebate was great . :)

    I agree on the last statement the prev. posted. If you all the bells etc. with good power & mileage then Azera LTD got it all[well almost all].
  • njalannjalan Posts: 70
    Daveltd, thanks. "Well equipped & price after $5000 factory rebate was great" When & where you got this deal? Yesterday, I saw the 2009 Azera offers $2000 rebate ( while the 2008 with $2500 rebate. The 2008 Ltd with nav & ultimate package was quoted $28450 OTD and the 2009 can only be more.

    Getting 18 mpg (local/city?) is not bad for the Limited with 3.8 engine. However, I have new concerns after reading the postings on this forum. The woodgrain steering wheel and the door pulls have chipping easily and need repair just after one year or so. :cry:

    I need all the help/advice I can get on the Azera Ltd with nav and ultimate package.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    Daveltd may have used the term "rebate" rather loosely.

    He may have meant dealer selling price compared to MSRP and rebates totaling $5000 under MSRP.
  • daveltddaveltd Posts: 13
    After sending that post I should have told you that I live in Canada. The rebate of $5,000. was from Hyundia Canada. This rebate & others on other Hyundia cars was to TRY to level the price difference between US & Canada. As you may have heard but most higher costing cars are alot more up here. The MSRP on my LTD. [nagvation was not aviable in Canada] was $40,610. So my price was $34,610, which included a addtional $1,000. off before my trade-in. :D

    On the matter of the streering wheel thing, I have only heard from 2006 owners I believe. Looking how the wheel is made it would have too have heavy abuse to chip it. :)
  • I am looking for the same car in red in the New york aria. anyone get one on Long Island Pleas let me no what dealer and price thankyou so mutch for reading.
  • revjrevj Posts: 5
    I just bought a Limited w/Ultimate Package (but not navigation). It was $25,500 out the door (all tags, fees, taxes, etc.)

    One word of warning. I think my 2008 has the front end shudder. You can feel it around 40 and again around 70. I have increased tire pressure and it helped, but didn't eliminate it.

    From what I am reading, Hyundai has yet to find a way to address this and service managers simply say "I don't feel it". Mine has already been back for tire alancing - no change. When the dealership called for their sales experience survey, I informed them of this problem and never received a follow up call. The salesman called today to get the number of a prospective friend and customer. I shared the problem with him and he could not have been less interested.

    I called the friend/prospective buyer and warned him. No sese in two of us being carsick due to the vibration that no one else can feel.

    I have 1400 miles on the car and am already wondering how long it will be before I can trade it in.
  • revjrevj Posts: 5
    I have just purchased a 2008 Azera. I love the car except it has the front end shudder/shimmy. It appears around 40 mph and 70 mph. I have had the tires rebalanced. I have increased tire pressure. The shudder/shimmy is subtle, but it is definitely there.

    From what I have read, I am in for several visits with service managers saying it is my imagination and that the car is fine. If anyone has advice to help me avoid regular visits to the dealership (without any resolution) I would greatly appreciate it. I
  • donvickdonvick Posts: 38
    I would think someone may have already addressed this but have the wheels bearings been checked for proper adjustment.
    My question mark key has suddenly quick working.

    Back to bearings. Way back in another lifetime when growing up and learning cars I discovered the wheel bearings need to be properly adjusted to avoid shudders, shakes and shimmies as well as premature failure.
    They cannot be just installed and tightened down.
    I have seen youngsters over tighten and other times just tighten enough to take up the slack and pin it in place.
    They ought to be tighten while rotating the wheel and then backed off to the next available cotter key hole and rechecked for looseness.

    Do you do your own maintenance or know someone who can jack up the front and check the bearings.

    We're over 40,000 miles on our Azera and love it.
    This last week the plastic covering under the drivers side seat under the car, about 12 inches wide by 36 inches long, broke and dealer replaced it in less than an hour after the call to them. No hassle, no charge. The 2 screw holding the leading edge broke away around the holes. That was Groppetti Hyundai in Visalia, Ca.

    We'll buy another Azera when the time comes.

  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    There is TSB addressing this problem.

    Insist that your service writer look it up and if he can't be bothered, go
    to the service manager and on up the line until you get satisfaction. ;)

  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaPosts: 233
    Can you share the TSB number? I have had (very!) limited success accessing and using their web-site. :sick:
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    Glad to help out when I can. :surprise:


    In so many words, thay are telling the dealer to get the wheels balanced properly using the Hunter GSP9700.
    There is no better way to do this as long as the tech knows how to read and
    can follow the simply instructions printed out on that machines' computer. ;)

    Funny, I have been preaching about that machine for years and
    even here before, and all of a sudden, Hyundai issues a TSB? :confuse:

    If you cannot print it out, send me a request on my private email and I will send it to you.


  • boltguyboltguy Posts: 94
    This TSB has been released for the whole line of Hyundai vehicles for at least the last 2 years, so I would be interested to see how seriously the service dept. takes this. If you're within the 12 month, 12,000 mile "adjustment" warranty, I think you'd be good. Otherwise, I think you're on the line for the price of the radial force vibration balancing.
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    The TSB that I am refering to is 08-SS-003

    08-SS-003 MARCH, 2008

    Yes, there was indeed an earlier TSB, but note that this later one supersedes it! :surprise:

    We do know that many service department personel barely know how to read,
    and 'couldn't care less' about what the customer is complaining about. :cry:

    When he goes to his dealer and quotes that TSB, he will most likely get some results.
    If he should not get favorable results, he can and I hope will complain to the Hyundai at the corporate level.

  • boltguyboltguy Posts: 94
    My point is still very valid. The "new" TSB 08-SS-003, has been issued for every 2008 Hyundai model. The point is that Hyundai doesn't think there is a specific issue with the '08 Azera. Interpret it as you will, but it's the truth.
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    No! What you are saying is contradictory.

    You are saying that you do not think that Hyundai believes that there is a specific issue with
    this problem that many, not only Azera owners are experiencing, but other models as well.

    I ask you: Why would Hyundai have issued the TSB and even help with the pricing
    of the Hunter GSP9700 if they did not want the dealers to fix the problem?

    Does that make sense? :confuse:
    I know of at least one person who had been back to his dealer many times with
    this same problem and the dealer had done everything but use the GSP9700.
    The dealer changed wheels, tires and rebalanced different wheels and tire combinations
    but the problem continued. As soon as the owner brought in that TSB and the
    dealer followed the instructions to the letter, no more problems. :surprise:

  • revjrevj Posts: 5
    I called the dealer today with the TSB #. After an eternity on hold, the service manager explained they would need to do a Hunter balancing and would have to take it to the local Chevy dealership that has the machine. I am supposed to take it tomorrow.

    Thanks for the TSB info. I'l let you know how it turns out.
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