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Hyundai Azera Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • budhbudh Posts: 109
    Ooops - change that trade-in value to $16,000 - not $1,600. I can't seem to edit my post to do that now.

    Bud H
  • Do yourself a favor. I just bought a 2008 Limited (Ultimate Pkg) for $17,500. That's almost 1/2 of the MSRP when it went on the road in April. There is a flood of these cars in NA right now, most of them from Hyundai America as part of rental fleets.

    They are not the beat up rentals you think. Hyundai only takes back prisitine ones. Mine has 9500 miles and you can't find a mark on it anywhere, inside or out. If you looked at it, you couldn't tell from new.

    Huge depreciation means it doesn't make sense to buy new.

    By the way, this is a TREMENDOUS car for the money. If it had an Inifinti or BMW on it, they would get 10-15K more.

    Good luck
  • dborthdborth Posts: 474
    "Do yourself a favor. I just bought a 2008 Limited (Ultimate Pkg) for $17,500. That's almost 1/2 of the MSRP when it went on the road in April"

    Perhaps better to say, 'good deals can be found on low milage near new Azera's'. The Korean, Fountain Valley suits and US Hyundai dealers monitor these pages. Why be specific?
  • I have seen several 2008 Limited Azeras with the ultimate pkg at Carmax for 19998. I had plans on buying one of these this weekend, until I saw your post stating that you bought one for 17500. Could you tell me the details on the purchase of your Azera?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,093
    A reporter is looking to talk with consumer who bought a Hyundai in January and was "assured" by the Hyundai Assurance program. Please send your email address and phone number to [email protected] today, February 4, 2008, if you fit the bill.
  • What's to hide?? These cars are everywhere-just run a search of 2008 Azera and use "limited" in the search field. What are the suits going to do? These cars are going off at auctions for market price (which right now is about $16K. Supply and demand...

    My feeling is the more data out there, the better.
  • Chris,

    I think I just found a dealer who flips them (he specializes in auctioned Hyundai's). Carmax and other big dealers have large overhead to cover and looking to make $3-5K on used cars. I bought mine from a smaller dealer. Between the 1 week I bought the car and the day I picked it up, he mentioned that auction prices had gone up about $1K, so it is really about the timing.

    Good Luck, you won't be disappointed. My last 3 cars (all brand new) GS430, VW Phaeton, LS430. After driving the Azera for a few weeks, I will never drive a new car again, let alone one that is $70K+. I can't wait for the used Genesis' to hit the market in 2010 when the first off-lease vehicles start to hit.
  • Ultimate Pkg doesn't seem to have nav. Which pkg has nav and what is the premium? After having nav, I must admit I am spoiled and want it in my next car. :shades:
  • Factory navs are terrible..go buy a Garmin or TomTom for less than $200. They are light years ahead of anything installed. I too have had navs in my last 4 cars, I went and bought a Nuvi760 Refurb from Radio Shack for $179 (normally $599), and it blows away anything factory installed nav.
  • I just bought one for 16900 w/17k, w/ult pkg, what a STEAL! I found an auto broker who prices his cars 500 over what he bought it for. Murphdog1 you are so right, I will never buy new again either, especially now that I got a "guy" who i can call and tell him exactly what i want and he will buy it at auction for me. I am so happy to save 3k, I was so close to buying one a Carmax for 20k. The only dissapointing thing about my purchase was I thought I was going to get the 100k warranty until I read the details on line and found out it will come with a 5/60 because I am not the original owner. I am thinking about using some of my saving to buy a warranty.
  • Great Find Chris...good news is you don't have to decide on an extended warranty for another 4 years or 43K miles!!!

    AAA offers very inexpensive and comprehensive warranty programs.

    Enjoy the ride..I have had a blast in mine for a month.

    It actually is liberating driving buy cars I used to drive and thinking I know more than they do....
  • mvls1mvls1 Posts: 32
    I am considering purchasing a 2008 Azera Limited from out of state. I live in California and would purchase possibly from CO, PA, IL or another state. I believe that the emission controls are all the same now and any Azera would meet my states requirements. Can anyone confirm if this is in fact correct?

    Also, I would like to know about the seat comfort on this model for trips of 100 or more miles. Is the leather stiff, how is the seat padding, is the seat back/lumbar comfortable and are the adjustments adequate, especially for the front passenger. Any other information with regards to driver and passenger comfort would be appreciated.

  • jaymagicjaymagic Posts: 309
    2007 Limited owner Colorado 46K. You will love it on the road. 28MPG or more. plenty of power and room.
  • mvls1, if your are seriously considering an azera you should read the threads regarding the azera suspension problems on this site and others. I don't have any problems with the seat. They are comfortable enough. The problem is the suspension does nothing to suppress imperfections in the road so every bump is felt in the seat. This is the only problem I have with the car. To me it is an enigma. One of the best cars and one of the worst I have owned all wrapped up in one.
  • To mvls1 I own a 2008 Azera Ltd.. I consider the comments of richardcot to be his own personal nature.

    This is a great car so don't let his comments sway you on your choice.

    There a lot of owners on this board & other boards that do not share his comments.
  • I had no intention of buying a new car 9 months ago (July). I took my wonderful cherry red 1999 Hyundai Tiburon in for service ....... and saw the 2008 Azera. Needless to say - a salesman made a bee-line to me - and I stated - forget it - I just dropped my Tib off for service - NOT looking for a new car! When I went back to pick up my Tib - I had some wait time ...... and started admiring the Azera again. Same bee-line - same salesman .... again I said NO WAY. Long story short - I ended up going back to just check out the numbers. Keep in mind - I loved my Tib - so I didn't have to have a car and they knew it (they wanted it as a trade in - in the worst way - it looks brand new). Anyway - I live in northern VA - close to Washington, DC and everything is higher here. The car is a 2008 Limited with the Navigator package. It is gold (a 2009 color) with beige leather seats. It came with the floor mats, and a trunk cargo container. It has a sun roof and all the bells and whistles. The only thing it did not come with was blue tooth - and I didn't care about that.

    The list price was about 32,000.00. We negotiated and this is what we got:

    The wheels traded UP - to BEAUTIFUL chrome wheels.
    Lifetime replacement tires (only from wear - not from damage)
    First oil change and first inspection free
    2 Hyundai sports shirts (the kind the salesman wear) since they wouldn't give us the ones off their backs (lol).

    Price WITH Title, Taxes and Tags - and all other Fees = $28,000.00

    I love the car ...... and this was 9 months ago - but perhaps I should have waited until the 2009 came out..... OH WELL .... like I said ..... love the car! AND I STILL HAVE MY BELOVED TIBURON.... :) :)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,076
    A national business reporter is looking to speak to consumers who purchased a Hyundai because of the Assurance Program (or Assurance Program Plus). Please send your daytime phone number to [email protected] by Friday, March 13, 2009.


    Need help navigating? [email protected] - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

    Share your vehicle reviews

  • Two weeks ago I purchased a used 2008 Azera w/5100 miles (rental) black inside and out, limited with everything but nav for $20.6K. Got my own financing based on a new car rate from Cap One. Done alot of on-line research and thought this was the best deal I could get. Overall I'm very pleased with the car, the ride and the gas mileage. Also, I put on four OEM mud guards that cost me $51.43 from Delray Hyundai.
  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    Boy. Killer deal. Congrats, and welcome to the board!
  • mvls1mvls1 Posts: 32
    I visited my local dealer today to check out the 2009 Azera compared to 2007/2008. Surprisingly I was told that 2009 would be the last year for the Azera. When I asked them what their source was for this information they said that their regional representative had confirmed it. Can anyone confirm that this is true?

    I am currently considering purchasing an Azera and am wondering how discontinueing production will effect owners of this model. Since it was only introduced in 2006 that would mean only 4 model years of production would exist. Questions that come to mind are,

    1. Will after market product/parts continue to be available and if so, for how long?

    2. Would any additional parts ie: improved shocks/springs ever become available?

    3. How would the resale market hold up?

    Anyone else have thoughts on this situation?
    I actually thought that this deserved to be a new topic if true, but I couldn't find a way to start a new topic. Is it even possible for us members to do? :confuse:
  • dborthdborth Posts: 474
    "I was told that 2009 would be the last year for the Azera."

    Miserable sales for a great vehicle. C/Y '08 monthly sales average was 1,205 units. '09 ytd monthly average is slightly over 300 and is the slowest seller in the lineup.

    Genesis sedan is now averaging around 1,200 + monthly units. Simple redistribution.

    Azera was the logical larger sedan upgrade over Sonata in terms of Hyundai consumer loyalty. (as Avalon is over Camry) Upgrading from Sonata to Genesis is huge.
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Posts: 160
    Could it be that 09 is the last year for THIS body style? If you notice, Hyundai refreshes body styles every 4-5 years. And save for minor modifications, Azera's body style hasn't changed since 2006 & it is time for a refresh.

    I don't think Hyundai would get rid of FWD entry luxo like Azera. The difference between top end Sonata & Genesis is way too large. And, RWDs like Genesis don't fare well in areas with snowfall where FWD is king.

    Also, Hyundai wants to EXPAND product range, not shrink it. Methinks we would get a refreshed Azzy in 2010 & 2009 is the last of the current generation. Remember, Hyundai has always had a FWD above Sonata as XG350 was for the previous generation Sonata. I seriously doubt that Hyundai would get rid of a product for this segment.
  • I own a 2000 Chrysler 300M that was only made from 1999 to 2004 and parts and service is available at any 5 star dealer, Rockauto and EBAY. I wont have a problem if they discontinue the Azera, at least my 2008 Azera will stand out among the crowds of Altimas, Maxes, Camrys, Hondas and Avalons that are all over the place. I hate to get rid of my "M" but I don't need two cars, personally I think the 1999-2004 M,s look alot better than the 2005-2009 models.
  • dborthdborth Posts: 474
    I too had a '00 "M". Traded it for my '07 Azera. Worlds apart but love them both.
  • dg0472dg0472 Posts: 89
    First I've heard of this. The 2009 KDM Grandeur, which would be the 2010 US Azera, got an upgraded 3.3L V-6 and a new 6-speed transmission. The next Kia Amanti is rumored to be based on this platform. There will definitely be a new KDM car for 2010, which would be our 2011 if we get one. I'm wondering if this just isn't pressure for you to buy. Rumor has it the Avalon will be replaced by a stretched Camry, so Hyundai would be smart to keep the Azera. I'd ask a few other dealers.
  • ls1993ls1993 Posts: 10
    Anyone knows where to buy a used 2008 Azera Limited for a great price?
    From my limited research, the price is supposed to be around 17K plus tax. Thx for any info.
  • I bought a Azara Ltd. with 9900 miles from Carmax for $17988 and it was my best car buying experience
  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    Google the sites that list used cars by make and model nationwide.
  • rk2469rk2469 Posts: 30
    You can't beat this car. Azera is a fantastic car. It's smooth, quiet, and fast... sure, it's soft but who is doing F-1 racing? I bought my 2006 Azera Limited for $24,5 brand new.

    So, far no major issues @ 36K miles. I had two issues: oxygen sensor and cracked dash board. They were all fixed very promptly and I got a free loaner cars during that time.

    The mpg figure is steadily getting better. I am now averaging 23mpg.
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