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Hyundai Azera Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mozartmanmozartman Posts: 19
    Well, about a month ago, before I started looking for my "new" used car I saw news report on TV that used car market was crazy this year. Later, when I decided to buy slightly used Azera, I began searching Autotrader and local Craig List.

    I was searching every day for a month. The cheapest price and mileage I found was 2009 Azera Limited with 13,000 miles in Florida (and I live in Michigan) priced at $19,880. Then I decided to search Craig List in the nearby states. And I found this car in Ohio Cleveland area. And I drove there two time, to test the car, and then to get it because this was a steal.
  • The following is a lease I signed on a 2013 Azera with Tech Package (all accessories, paint protectant, leather protectant, and window tint included):

    36 months / 15,000 miles per year
    MF = 0.00136
    Residual = 55%
    MSRP = $37,565 (asking price $39,040 with dealer options added to include protectants and tint)
    Invoice = $34,969
    Price Paid = $34,479
    Adjusted Cap Cost = $33,962 with $2250 worth of rebates
    Out of Pocket = $0 + Free iPad Mini

    Total monthly payment including NV sales tax = $480.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    edited February 2013
    REF: 1103
    why isn't the cap cost lower?
    34479 - 2250 + 595 = 32824 (not 33962)

    Adding $180 tax on the 2250 still makes it 33004
    is something missing?
  • Because the doc fee and title fee and sales tax on the cap cost reduction are also included. I tried to get them to remove the doc fee but they wouldn't. Hyundai isn't currently providing any incentives to the dealers on the Azera.
  • You need to go back and complain about this deal.
    1. The doc fee in Nevada is completely optional (i.e., negotiable)
    2. There is $1000 lease bonus cash on the Azera:
    "Lease Bonus Cash Leasing Bonus Cash
    Requirements and Restrictions:
    Customer Bonus Cash is available towards leasing. Available on 36-48 month term contracts. Must finance through Hyundai Motor Finance.
    Leasing Bonus Cash Start End
    $1,000 01/03/2013 04/01/2013

    Raise some hell with them; they were not honest with you.
  • romil01romil01 Posts: 75
    edited February 2013
    I know the doc fee isn't mandatory and I told them exactly that, but they refused to budge on it.

    I actually did get the $1,000 lease cash, in addition to the $750 loyalty discount, and $500 military discount for a total of $2,250 in incentives.

    The doc fee was really the only part of the lease I wan't too happy with. I was able to get out of my Sonata lease a few months early though and not have to pay the disposition fee, so I can't complain too much.

    I don't know what good complaining would do anyways since I already signed on the dotted line.
  • OK, i understand better now. You did get the 1000 lease cash as part of the 2250. Nice upgrade from the Sonata; I am jealous. My Sonata lease is up in 2 months but i am shopping the new Accord. Enjoy your new luxury car!
  • romil01romil01 Posts: 75
    edited February 2013
    Thanks! Yeah it really is significantly nicer than the Sonata...and it should be since it is nearly double the price of the base model Sonata GLS I had. The engine is smooth and powerful, it is much quieter inside, the interior is amazing, and the Infinity sound system is pristine. No joke, this car is nicer than some of the much more expensive luxury cars I test drove. The panoramic sunroof and in-cabin ambient LED lighting at night are also pretty sweet.

    I also shopped the new Accord, and it is a great car. I liked a few things about the Azera better...especially the looks and the feel that it is more of a luxury car than the Accord. The interior is nicer too. The Accord is a bit more reasonably priced, gets better mileage, and actually accelerates quite a bit faster if you get the V-6. But overall, I still like the Azera more.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    April MT tested the '13 Azera...came in second to Avalon.....Azera base $33145 as tested $37,290.....get an Audi....
  • I drove the new Avalon. It is a nice car, but the Azera's interior is better. Also, there are zero incentives on the Avalon right now and the money factor is high. It would have cost me over $100/month more to lease an Avalon, and that is in Touring trim which doesn't even have leather. To get leather, you are looking at $39K min for an Avalon which would have pushed the monthly payment well over $600/month. I could have leased a Mercedes E Class for less than that.

    I drove the Audi A4 and A6. The A6 was nice, but way too pricey and the lease was pretty awful on it. The A4 was decent, but the Azera has a better interior. I also have kids, so the tiny trunk and back seat in the A4 didn't quite cut it for car seats and strollers.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    A6 is very about a Cadillac CTS???? there are deals on them currently....
  • CTS is a bit dated now, especially with a redesign around the corner. I was actually considering the ATS, it was one of the best cars I drove out of the 15 or so cars that I compared. But just like the A4, it was way too small (and the CUE system sucks).

    Not that it matters now...I am in the Azera lease for the next 36 months and I love the car.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    cts is the best "barvarian/[non-permissible content removed] fighter "we have....ats is the 1 series competition
    I'm looking for the "black series" cts-v with all the one time the fastest production longer since the panamera is now faster...but not just for speed....cts is a great car....i don't think the mid cycle redesign will change styling...caddilac is into the new "wedge and chisiled" style now..cts wagon is also very nice....currently own a black over black 06 (25k mi) azera premium that has been flashed and dynoed @ 300 hp at the wheels lots of carbon fiber upgrades also....wouldn't trade it for any other azera that i've seen.. my daily driver is an 01Santa Fe with 150k mi m both were bought new at first launch for both models
  • cobrazeracobrazera Posts: 352
    edited February 2013
    Once you start tacking options onto the Cad, BMW, or Audi, they are way more expensive. For similar equipment levels to your Azera ( Heated Leather, moonroof, NAV, etc. ) the ATS, which has the same interior dimensions as the BMW 3 series ( except 2" less rear legroom ) is $42K and the BMW is $47K....and like you say - they have much less room.

    For similar bucks, the Buick Lacrosse Premium II looks very competitive and features the HiPer strut suspension that eliminates torque steer in high powered FWD cars like the Azera. Our '06 Azera torque steers badly, get a downshift to 2nd on a crowned road and if I'm not holding on and anticipating the response, it would be easy to end up in the ditch.

    Enjoy your new Azera!
  • Speaking of the '06 Azera. I'm thinking replacing the shocks/struts on my '06 with 54k miles. Any suggestions? Thanks
  • The HiPer Strut suspension is not simply a strut fix, but a different suspension design, here's a link: ed-tech-dept

    IMO, the Azera front end problems can not be fixed with a strut replacement. I guess if the struts on our Azera went bad - as exhibited by loss of damping, uncontrolled bouncing up and down, porpoising - I would look at a strut replacement with one of the higher end aftermarket products. Till then, we motor on with a front suspension design that has some problems.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    haven't experienced any suspension problems...did replace OEM Micheliins with Yoko S Drives...very much inproved ride...
  • antoniokantoniok Posts: 2
    Can someone share the information about price paid for Hyundai Azera 2013 in the Texas area with the selected options? Please indicate the price without taxes and title etc. Thanks.
  • 2013 Azera with Tech package, negotiated to 32k, no military or student discount. Love the car, but did not buy it and bought new Kia Cadenza instead. Horrible experience. As long time hyundai owner I've had enough! I owned Accent, then Elantra, and then 2007 Azera Limited. When i bought My 2007 Azera was the last time I had normal somewhat pleasant experience. Always recomenended Hyundai and help negotiated for my friends 2 elantras, 3 sonatas, 1 accent. Not anymore. Not sure what happened at all WA dealers, but they become greedy nasty liars trying to pull all tricks on the book.
    Trying to sell my 2007 Azera now, what do you think is a good price for 87k miles, but mint condition?
  • oumedoumed Posts: 3
    edited August 2013

    I'm currently evaluating a 2014 Cadenza vs a 2013 Azera. Are you stating that your Cadenza buying experience was horrible, your Azera buying experience was horrible or both were horrible? So far, my Kia sales person has been laid back... perhaps too laid back! The Hyundai people have been as you described, so much so that I'm working on an internet deal with two other dealers 200-250 miles away that appear to be more on the up and up. We shall see.

    Also, how do you like the Cadenza? I'm a bit put off that the Cadenza's UVO service does not offer remote start as does the Blue Link service on the Azera. Its odd, one can have dealer installed remote start added on a Kia Rio, Soul or any other lower model but that is not offered or even possible on Kia's new "near luxury" model Cadenze. Strange.
  • Sorry, I was so upset after dealing with Hyundai dealiships, that I did not make this clear enough. Buying Azera was horrible experience! kia dealers were very freindly. I bought cadenza , luxury package, black on black for 32637 + tax and tabs. It is better car with better handling, better materials used inside, it is better car as overall. And this is coming from a person used to drive lots of Hyundai. I don't really need remote start, but the dealer told me I can get installed one for ~$100. Remote start was never my priority, I will not use it anyway. I.m looking more for handling, look, better materials, etc.
  • Remote Start for $100, sounds like a deal...I mean steal....I mean lie.
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