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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Transmission Problems



  • ceb66ceb66 Posts: 70
    edited June 2011

    Haven't taken mine to another shop.

    I won't.

    GM builds em'. GM knows the issues. If they can't correct it, doubt anyone can.

    Plus, it's under warranty so you can't let anyone touch it other than a "qualified" GM Tech.

    I do trust their Techs. They know what's going on. I think the Dealer's hands are tied.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    There are many different district specilists, not just the ones for your region. I apologize but to resolve the concerns we work closly with the dealers. I would recommend following your agents recommendations so they can continue to try to resolve your concerns and frustrations.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Have they involved technical assistance? If they haven't I would ask them to. Please keep me updated on your situation.
    GM Customer Service
  • el_hoppyel_hoppy Posts: 43
    you said "I would recommend following your agents recommendations so they can continue to try to resolve your concerns and frustrations."

    does that include me being told by my dealer not to return to his store? after my 3rd visit for the same transmission problem the dealer told me they are done with me and my truck. I was asked never to return.

    thanks for nothing!

    I have 5K miles on my 2011 Silverado and I am still waiting for my dumb transmission to "learn" how to shift.
  • ceb66ceb66 Posts: 70
    edited June 2011
    At times, it's difficult to determine who's writing and who's replying!
  • ceb66ceb66 Posts: 70

    You wrote: "I would recommend following your agents recommendations."

    This if futile. My "agent" "recommended" I go BACK (again) to the Dealer THAT TOLD ME EVERYTHING IS NORMAL (severe clunking/banging is normal on a new car?).

    The underpaid, overworked customer service agent could have told me that. What's the use of a second tier "District Specialist"?

    And they're not "concerns and frustrations" as you put it. GM replaced A TORQUE CONVERTER four days after I took delivery of this thing. They're very valid complaints.

    Also, two GM techs I know in town (friends) told me the District Specialist for my area is a woman. It's a relatively small town. One of the Techs has worked for GM since 1989. When the DS contacted me it was a man that tried to tell me the tranny symptoms I'm having are due to the engine going into economy mode by dropping cylinders. OK, so when I step on the gas, the engine actually drops cyliders and causes the rear end to clunk. Hmmm. OK. Guess that makes sense.

    Can you understand why we're pulling our hair out?
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "This is widespread and you appear to want to downplay that. "

    It's not that widespread. If you look through this thread, it's very few people that are having problems. I looked back at the beginning of it. The one's who are (having issues) are quite upset and vocal(and I don't blame you guys) after spending 30Kplus.

    But based on the numbers SOLD and the number of complaints here and elsewhere it's not that widespread. But GM should step up and address your concerns. However, if it shifts OK and clunks once in a while, GM will not (or cannot fix it). I traded in an '05 - 4Runner and the transmission was smoother.

    I am a happy owner of a 2011 Silverado with the 5.3 and 6 speed tranny. Granted it only has about 1500 miles on it, I am not having any of the issues you guys are describing. My only complaint is mpg doesn't seem to be close to what the sticker says. It's a very quiet truck, smooth and with the chrome pkg. looks quite sharp.
  • ceb66ceb66 Posts: 70
    I'm glad you're a happy owner.
  • lstriplstrip Posts: 42
    that makes one of us!
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Yea, the other 30,000plus units sold in May - all are having problems.

    Do a google on 2011 Silverado transmission problems and a few pop up. Not many if you look at YTD sold.

    There is not even that many if you google the 2010. There are some issues, but this forum makes it sound like it is more wide spread than it actually is.

    Could be not that many miles have accumulated on the 2010s and 2011s. Or everybody else is happy.
  • ceb66ceb66 Posts: 70
    edited June 2011
    Hi lstrip,

    Even if this isn't widespread (it is), you, me and the rest of the folks here and on other sites have valid problems beyond the "idiosyncrasies" we're being told to tolerate.

    My torque converter was replaced at 400 miles because the thing allegedly disengaged while a Tech was driving it. It still "disengages" when I step on it (not hard either).

    Even if it was isolated, just you or just me, GM should fix the problem.

    If you haven't "adjusted" to your tranny since December (or vice-versa), I doubt I'll adjust to mine! Especially the thud at most speeds.

    I've had a Tech (friend) from an "outside" GM dealership tell me they're receiving "significant feedback" on the electronic 6 speed. That coupled with two other items is proof it's not isolated:

    1. The dealer response to all of us is verbatim; "It has to adjust/learn...” and "the electronic 6 speed takes some time getting used to", "operating as designed..." Someone in GM had to get that word out to ALL the dealers. They wouldn't do that if this was isolated and they weren't receiving "significant feedback."

    2. Check the location of the "Tranny problem" thread in the list of topics. It's been at the top for months.

    Doesn't make much sense for us to "Google" the truck if we're having problems beyond the "design parameters."

    It's akin to "my wheel fell off" and the response is "you're the only one, quit complaining!"

    Hang in there.
  • lstriplstrip Posts: 42
    you obviously are a gm employee. my 2010 has 12000 miles on it and still has this problem. gm cust service will not acknowledge this problem. their answer is "operating as designed".
    regardless of how widespread "you" think this problem is, it is being experienced by numerous owners. and we are all getting the same response. nothing.
  • beachedgmbeachedgm Posts: 3
    They did not. The rep told me there was nothing they could do until I made the time to take off from work and take it to my dealer again. He said that until I brought the truck in my case was closed. I explained to him that my truck is my office and if the dealer would give me a loaner so that I could still get to the jobsites I would be able to get it in. He said that it would be a dealers decision and the service rep at Jeff Gordon said no loaners!
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    edited June 2011
    First off, I am not a GM employee. This power train IS NOT as smooth as my '05 Toyota 4Runner that I traded in with 91,000 miles on it. You will NEVER FIND a GM employee driving a Toyota.

    If your having "shifting problems" there may be issues. For you who are complaining about "clunking" ( and I know it doesn't clunk all the time) then you need either to get used to it or dump your truck. And I don't disagree that it shouldn't clunk at all, but it seems to be characteristic of this power train. So all of you with a "clunk" issue can continue to try to find an answer that isn't there, or move on.

    The Toyota Tundra may have bed bounce issues but the power train does not clunk. I hear there are some great incentives now. Or, buy the Dodge, it's a great truck, just sucks the gas with the Hemi. The Ford is a smooth rig, I test drove one.

    As far as the "shifting problems" being wide spread, if it is the owners are keeping it a big secret as Internet searches on issues DO NOT SHOW UP in big numbers.

    Good luck gentlemen.
  • ceb66ceb66 Posts: 70
    edited June 2011
    Hey lstrip,

    I'd give the "Happy Owners" in this thread an opportunity to take their own advise and "traditionally not respond" at this point.

    Those folks are having the "operating as designed" issues and willing to accept it while we have the "operating as designed issues" with our “units”, PLUS SOME!

    The following came from paragraph #3 at: - - - - - ints-93871/

    It's a long message but it describes some of my problems:

    3-The transmission shifts very rough and 'jerky' when at low speeds. For instance, when I'm in a parking lot and it shifts up, it does so in a way that feels like it slams into gear. It'll lag for a split second between gears and then "hit" the next one. Also, in circumstances such as slowing for a light where you'll be turning, the truck lags in the middle of the turn and then also "slams" into gear coming out of the turn. For example, when I slow down to make a right hand turn at a light, if I have the green and therefore don't have to stop, once I get about halfway through the turn I start applying the accelerator but it doesn't respond. It lags in the turn. Then, once it does respond it will downshift firmly and slam into gear. As a former professional driver, I pride myself on being very smooth but its simply not possible to be smooth with the way this transmission is shifting at low speeds.

    I keep finding these comments.

    Let's keep using this site as an information exchange. Not a response to diversionary comments like a "Happy Owners."

    When I'm a "Happy Owner" with one of the many properly operating "Units" (weird), I'll post on the "Happy Owner's" thread instead of the transmission problem thread!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Can you please email me your complete contact information, VIN, and current mileage? I look forward to your response. Have a great weekend!
    GM Customer Service
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "I keep finding these comments."

    I searched that very forum and couldn't find any comments (your link isn't working). Not saying your did not give correct info, I just couldn't find those comments.

    I am still not finding any bad transmission comments on the 2010s or 2011s in any great numbers on Internet searches.

    If you "keep finding these comments" (in great numbers) I would like to know your sources(s).
  • I have a 2009 gmc crew 1500 4x4 with downshift problems. while slowing down between 4-3 3-2 gears my truck jumps when it downshifts. was told a while back were no codes. It feels like engine cuts out as it downshifts but that is not the case. I have purchased 20 new gmc trucks over past 25 years and never had a shift problem. With the jumping or pumping it makes downshifting it will without a dought be making wear isues as ujoints or gear slop . I am taking back in this week with 32000. this truck has done this since new, wish me luck.
  • Mine was acting as if someone was tapping the rear end of the truck when I was at a stop. Mine would do what yours is doing occasionally, but seem to have more of a problem with the first thing I mentioned. GMC told me the same thing, they lie, they do not want people to realize that all their trucks for the last 7 years have had transmission problems. The people at the dealer are told by the higher ups what to say, they are all just trying to put us off until the powertran warranty runs out.
  • formulaccformulacc Posts: 3
    ** yes I know this has come up in other threads but I would like to open a new thread to this issue specifically and hopefully compile some useful information **

    Can we please keep the vehicles relevant - 2007 and newer silverado and sierras with GM's transmission - 6l80e and 6l90e (not the allison).

    My vehicle is a 2011 silverado 2500 6.0L with the 6L90 tranny. currently 13,000 miles.

    Since new, this vehicle has had what I describe as a hesitation when accelerating - most noticeable just before down shifting. For example if I turn at a stop light and then re-accelerate, but not so hard as to downshift, the truck bucks and jerks for about 5 sec. or until the next shift. It is also noticeable when climbing a hill - as you roll on a little throttle the vehicle starts to buck and jerk all the way up the hill. Its not as noticeable if the truck down shifts, but it is still there a little.

    I was convinced that his was the engine hesitating, but after going around and around with 3 different dealers - one dealer finally drove the vehicle and recorded live data. He told me that they can see the torque converter locking and unlocking repeatedly. At first the dealer told me this was not normal but since there was no check engine codes (there actually was a throttle position sensor code but it was a long time ago so that was ignored) they would need to drive a similar vehicle. Weeks go by and they finally drive another truck and their attitude changed and I was hearing the exact words that we have seen on other posts "normal operation" "transmission learning" "you must be driving on that fine line".

    Here are a couple of things I find interesting:

    - The hesitation / jerking seems to get worse when the weather is hotter.
    - Since the dealer pointed me toward the torque converter, I have noticed other strange symptoms 1. every now and again it feels like it misses 2nd gear and revs or a second before coming back down (like it slips) 2. sometimes at low speeds around town I get a harsh clunk - like shifting a manual without pressing in the clutch (this only started recently).
    - the fact that there was a thottle position sensor code, because on other threads there seems to be some metion of this.

    I am supposed to be contacted by my GM regional rep within the next day. I would like to compile other similar cases - others that have been given the "run around" and possible fixes or not.

    thank you!
  • mloeckermloecker Posts: 26
    yep- mine does the same- I thought someone smashed into me the other day while parked at a stop sign; I looked behind me and nothing- GM has issues, good old GM- they sure are good at selling the lemons, but when it comes to fixing them for their defects- OH boy- we don't have any problems.... hahahah. Nice! just sayin.
  • casillacasilla Posts: 20
    The 4 speeds are just as bad as the 6 speeds. I have had a whine in my while in gear and was told by my dealer that it was a planetary gear noise and was a normal operating condition, that was on may 24 2011, The noise kept getting louder, so today I went to another dealer in a different town and they handed me a tsb from feb 2011 describing a torque converter whine problem in 2009 and 2010 4l60e trannies. I got blown off at the dealership where I purchased my truck! Great deal, glad I bought a GM!
  • chuck1919chuck1919 Posts: 176
    edited July 2011
    2007-2010 GMC Sierra (New Body Style) with Single-Piece Propshafts

    All Equipped with 4L60 Automatic Transmission (RPO M30) and 2WD

    Attention: This bulletin contains a procedure to clean/lubricate the slip yoke splines and replace the slip yoke, if necessary. Check the history on this vehicle. If the lubrication procedure has been performed previously, then continue on and replace the slip yoke.

    Some customers may comment that the vehicle has a bump feel or a clunk noise at a stop or on launch. Customers may also comment that the bump feel or clunk is noticed after the vehicle has come to a complete stop and that it feels as if the vehicle was bumped from behind.

    This condition may be caused by a slip/stick condition in the interface between the rear propshaft slip yoke and the transmission output shaft splines. Braking to a complete stop can force the propshaft slip yoke forward into the transmission while the vehicle rebounds slightly backward after stopping its momentum and create this condition.

    Note: A bump feel or noise may also be due to fuel movement in the fuel tank when not completely full. If the condition is eliminated after filling the fuel tank, the noise is isolated to the fuel movement in the tank. Please make no repair attempts, as this noise is considered an operating characteristic.

    Verify the customer's concern.

    Clean/Lubricate Slip Yoke Splines:

    Remove the rear drive shaft. Refer to One-Piece Propeller Shaft Replacement in SI.
    Inspect the rear slip yoke splines on the drive shaft.
    Clean the slip yoke splines with brake cleaner or equivalent and a shop towel.
    Assure the yoke is free of rust or other foreign material.
    Lubricate the slip yoke spline with grease, P/N 19257121 (in Canada, 19257122), using a brush or swab to completely cover the entire spline with a light coating of grease.
    Reinstall the rear drive shaft. Refer to One-Piece Propeller Shaft Replacement in SI.
    Road test the vehicle and verify that the noise is gone.
    Note: Do Not replace the slip yoke unless the cleaning and lubrication procedure is ineffective.

    If the vehicle has a repeat concern after lubricating the slip yoke splines, it may be necessary to replace the propeller shaft slip yoke with a new nickel-plated slip yoke.
    Replace the Propeller Shaft Slip Yoke

    Remove the rear drive shaft. Refer to One-Piece Propeller Shaft Replacement in SI.
    Important: Some U-joints are fastened with nylon injection clips. If so, Do Not reuse the U-joint. Replace with GM P/N 12479126 U-Joint kit.

    Replace the propeller shaft slip yoke with a new nickel-plated slip yoke. Refer to Propeller Shaft Slip Yoke Replacement in SI.
    Install the rear drive shaft. Refer to One-Piece Propeller Shaft Replacement in SI.

    Parts Information:

    LUBRICANT - Part#19257121 (in Canada, use 19257122)

    SLIP YOKE - Part#19121437 - 2007 & 2008 - Utilities / Tahoe / Yukon and Avalanche

    SLIP YOKE - Part#20877209 - 2009 - Tahoe / Yukon & 2007-2010 Pickups

    JOINT KIT,PROP SHF UNIVERSAL - Part#12479126 (in Canada, use 10952423) Replace only if fastened w/nylon injection

  • I have a 2000 silverado automatic that has lost OD and first gear. Oh, and it will not shift automatically. I can start out in 2nd, shift into 3rd and reverse works. It's 4 wheel drive, does the same in 2hi, 4 hi and 4 lo. I had 3 shops tell me it's the planetary gears,,, same old story with every tranny,,,,, had 1 shop tell me it could be a solenoid valve. Any Ideas? It has 225,000 on the original tranny, and has been acting like this for over 30,000 miles.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    If 3 shops told you the same thing, it would appear that is the problem. At 225,000 miles, what do you feel the functional life of the transmission should be?
  • formulacc- I just read your post, and can totally relate to the problems you are having. I have a 2011 Silverado 1500 with a 6.2 and a 6 speed transmission. I have experienced the same tranny problems as you. In addition to those problems, when I start my truck for the first time in the morning it runs rough or chugs for about 5 or 10 seconds, until it finally idles down. The truck will also show that it is discharging sometimes when i'm driving, the volt gauge goes down to about 10 volts. These problems started at 1000 miles and the truck now has 3500 miles on it, and the problems seem to be getting worse. I have been to the dealer once so far, and they told me that I am probably not used to the 6 speed transmission, and they couldn't find the other issues . I'm not quite sure what to do next. If you could, please post what you find out from the GM rep. If I find out anything new, I will do the same. Thank You.
  • jlee55jlee55 Posts: 2
    My '97 Silverado automatic transmission shifts hard from first to second when its been running in heavy stop and go traffic or an hour of highway driving. This is the third occurance since I've had it, the first being new and still under warranty. It has been rebuilt twice.

    The change feels like you've just been rear-ended and only happens on the first gear change from dead stop.
  • larrykochlarrykoch Posts: 7
    FINALLY!!! With the help of GM customer service I was able to get the service mgr at my local Chevy dealer to take a personal interest in my transmission problem. Because I was unable to reproduce the problem when their transmission tech rode with me, I left the truck with him for a week and told him to drive it everywhere he went. When I returned from vacation he told me that he experienced the problem I had described. HE ALSO TOLD ME HE HAS A NEW 2011 OF HIS OWN AND HE HAS EXPERIENCED THE SAME PROBLEM. He told me GM has no reports of such a problem but he filed a case report and has a case number.

    What needs to happen now is for anyone experiencing this problem to lean on their service mgr and encourage them to file a report and get a case number. It's all about the numbers. If they have questions the can call my service manager, Jeff Webb, at Randy Reed Chevrolet, 816-236-5450.
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