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Honda Fit vs. Scion xA vs. Toyota Matrix



  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    I test drove the Corolla, Civic, Matrix, Versa, Mazda3, and Fit and went with the Fit, but it depends on your priority.

    I wanted something that I could easily put in 2 carseats in the back and still have good cargo space. That pretty much eliminated the Corolla & Civic because of their sedan layout and low ceiling (as compared to the Matrix, Fit & Versa). The Civic/Corolla would be the top choice if MPG was the top priority and not interior space utilization.

    I also eliminated the Mazda3 hatch because it felt cramped inside and the MPG was really poor. It would be the top choice if sportiness was the top priority.

    So that left the Versa, Matrix and Fit. I explained my reasons for the Matrix, so it was toss-up between the Fit & Versa. I like the driving position of the Versa better and the 2nd row seating, but the Fit had more cargo space behind the 2nd row. Driving and handling were better in the Fit. The deciding factor is that I needed to buy something last Nov and I was told that I couldn't get a Versa with CVT transmission and ABS until the Spring '07. An added positive aspect of the Fit is that it's from Honda, which has a better reputation for reliability than Nissan.

    So I went with the Fit, and 8500 miles later I'm happy with my decision based on my priorities. If all of the safety features were standard on all models of the Matrix, and if the driving position and dash layout were better, then I might have gone with the Fit...even though the Matrix has had more than its share of problems for a Toyota. And today you can get a Versa with ABS and CVT, but after some history behind the two vehicles, the quality of the Fit is still superior, as is the handling in my opinion, and the cargo space (behind the 2nd row) is still better on the Fit.
  • gimmegirlgimmegirl Posts: 23
    a lot of cars. My priorities were: safety, reliability, and gas mileage. I would have loved a Honda, but I think they are waaaaay over priced and the dealers wouldn't deal. I liked the Mazda3, but gas mileage was poor. I had concerns about the maintenance of the VWs. I drove the Scion A & B. Scion A drove like a little car. I liked it though; the Scion B seemed a little tinney and creaky. My BF's daughter has a Impreza, but the prices were a bit higher than I had wanted to spend, and the mileage wasn't so good.

    The reality is that we have a number of good options in this category of car. I love my 5-speed XR, but probably could have been happy with any of the others.
  • yenchingyenching Posts: 10
    I was also looking to purchase the Honda Fit in July, but the release of the Scion xD (August 2007) wants me to wait a little bit and test drive the Scion xD first before I make my purchase.

    Here is the information on the Scion xD

    It will be an interesting comparison between the Honda Fit 2007" and the Scion xD 2008.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,564
    I think the xD will be a big hit. My friends at Road & Track saw a prototype and they thought the content included was terrific for the price point. I'm definitely going to take a look. I think it comes to San Francisco for sale in July.

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  • yenchingyenching Posts: 10
    Wow. Thanks Mr Shiftright. I'll keep my eyes open in SF and see if they get the car in two months from now.

    I just hope that the price will not be around the Scion xB 2008 MSRP. Also hopefully the price is a little less than the Honda Fit 2007 MSRP.

    I guess another perk for the Scion xD is the "Customization".

    This is what I'm looking at in specs on the Scion xD AT and the Honda Fit Sports AT.

    Scion xD AT:
    Horsepower: 128
    MPG: 30/34 - speculated (May change)
    ABS brakes
    Front, Passenger, Curtain Air Bags
    Interesting Perk: Tire Monitoring System, iPod Connection, Remote Keyless Entry, Power Windows & Locks, A/C

    Honda Fit AT Sport:
    Horsepower: 109
    MPG: 31/37
    (27/34 - New MPG for 2008 reading, )
    ABS Brakes
    Front, Passenger, Curtain Air Bags
    Interesting Perk: Amazing Backseat Change ability, Remote Keyless Entry, Fog Lights, Power Windows & Locks, A/C
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  • yenchingyenching Posts: 10
    Oh. One more perk for the Scion cars. No price haggling. I guess they call it "Pure Price" (Kinda like Saturn pricing), where you build it and just pay what you see (excluding the additional Dealer documentation fee, destination fee, tax, license, registration, etc..).
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,913
    and seriously considered buying one. I like the tC a lot but want 4 doors, hence my interest in the xA. I will watch these new Scion's and see how I like them and how new owners like them.

    I am now in the '08 Mitsubishi Lancer fold and digging mine to the full and don't intend on trading this pup in any time soon, so this interest in Scion is merely remote.

    Remote but not remote viewing. Over. :blush:

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Hey iluvmysephia,

    Stop in the Economy Sedans ($16k-$20k) forum and update us on your Mitsu. I'm interested to hear about your fuel economy, if ya don't mind!
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