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Volkswagen Passat Sludge Issues



  • Just a thought if you are going to sell the car... look for an electric car club, they are always looking for a car with a broken motor to convert to electric operation.

  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 845
    "They charge an arm and a leg for it. Get real !!!
    When you compare the price per mile it is actually less expensive, not to mention the fuel mileage increase and protection to the car !! "

    What are you talking about? Amsoil is more expensive than Mobil 1 0W40 that I use. I change oil each 5K miles. Do you suggest I keep Amsoil longer in 1.8T than maximum recommended by VW for oils that meet VW 502.00, 503.01?


    PS My car has 95K miles.
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    OK here is the skinny on AMsoil. Just letting you know my personnal experience.

    Look up the Amsoil web site Oh here is the link , read and become informed. I am not going to tell you to extend past the manufaturer interval but I owned three Nissan pickups (not turbo). I drove them 3800 to 4000 miles a week as a courier. I changed the oil at 25,000 to 30,000 miles. I ran one 670,000 the other two about 375,000 a piece. NEVER ANY ENGINE WEAR PROBLEMS ! AS a matter of fact I blew a head gasket on the 670 truck at 310,000. THe cylinders had no score marks, the timing cain was in good enough shape that the sprockets still had their hone marks on both sides of the teeth. I was using the amsoil 1mc. filters(important!).

    I have a 2003 freightliner Sprinter with the turbo diesel 117,000. I use the Amsoil 15W-40 diesel in it and change it at 20,000 weither I have to or not.

    Now here is the thing. When I went from oem oil to Amsoil at 10,000 in the Sprinter I gained right at 10% MPG. In the nissans I experienced the same increase over using a Castrol GTX with a Teflon treatment added.

    Now going from Moble 1 to Amsoil might not give you that much of a boost but Ithink that if you relly want to learn more I would get in touch with the folks at Amsoil and Check it out.

    One thing you must also do is use the fine 1mc. fiters,remember that normal oil filters are usually 10mc. That makes a big difference.

    I don't know if Moble1 can be used with 1mc. filters. If it can then do it and get great protection. I have a friend that has a 2000 Passat. I flushed hie engine, put in the Amsoil with the 1mc. filter and he now has 160,000 on it NO TROUBLES( the change was at 23,000 miles).

    Now ironically reding alot of these threads on this forum it seems people are haveing more troubles with this engine after they switch oil. The reason is the new oil is cleaning andloosen up crap and the pickup screen is close to the pan. DO A GOOOOD FLUSH.

    The dealer in Wisconsin that has done the work on my son's car was gracious enough to email me the protocol that VW has for this problem hopefully they followed it to the letter.
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    I just called to the Mobil1 tech support line and they said the Mobil1 can not be filtered any finer than the standard 10mc. filters. So Amsoil can go down to 1mc. so it will remove a whole lot more stuff from the oil so when comparing the two oils take that into account when comparing protection and price.
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    More on filters. Amsoil can be filtered down to .1mc.. At that point the by-pass filter will keep the oil so clean that with regular testing, to determine the quality of protection, you might not even have to change the oil for 100,000.

    And that is typical of over the road diesel truckers experience.

    Now who wants to scream at me when I say that Amsoil is superior to Mobil1.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    ...but this is getting off the track of Passat sludging. You can't run a VW Passat 1.8T 20 or 30,000 miles with an oil change. Not without jeopardizing the warranty and jeopardizing the longevity of the engine.

    I wouldn't compare low-revving over the road diesel engines with sumps that hold gallons of oil to a forced induction gasoline engine that barely hold 1 gallon.

    Look. We get it. You love Amsoil. Maybe you're even a dealer to get a price on the stuff in their pyramid scheme. But you're doing a diservice to other readers here by hinting at extended oils changes being appropriate for a very hot running, small sumped, gasoline forced induction engine.

    Anyone who does is making a leap of faith. Your son's case of doing 3,000 mile oil changes and getting warranty coverage on a sludged engine is one thing. But it's another to lead people on, some of whom aren't familiar enough with this car to consider the consequences.

    I can tell you this...the web is full of stories of people who couldn't get their sludged engines covered because they couldn't supply full documentation of all oil changes within a 5,000 mile interval.
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    And your point is ?

    You can if you do the above. I have a freind that has and at 160,000 miles he has no
    problems. Now there you are.

    You are talking about sludge problems. Why? If you do your oil changes and use good oil you will have no problems.
    Yes the engine has a propencity to sludge up but if you do it right(oil) there is no reason to predisposition yourself to have to cry.
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 845
    Well in case of VW it is oil meeting VW spec, not claiming to meet.


    PS Go to your amsoil data and check what they have to say about Subaru turbocharged engines. If I am not mistaken they recommend 3750 miles OCI just like Subaru does.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    You are talking about sludge problems. Why?

    Because that is the topic of this thread!
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    So your point is?
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Thanks...but I'm leaving the kool-aid stand now.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I'm not sure what your point is. If you are interested in Passats but don't want to talk about sludge issues, we have a number of other discussions in the Passat group which may interest you.

    Meanwhile, let me just say that altair's input has been very valuable in our Forums. If you don't care for it, that's fine, but the best thing to do is just skip the posts which you do not find useful. Altair's posts are most welcome here.

  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    Wow. So who else as said didly about the active class action suit? who has given these folks any technical information about Mobil1 namely that you can't filter it as good as you can Amsoil. Who has preached KEEP RECORDS. DO YOUR OIL CHANGES.

    I e only CRY CRY CRY about VW not honoring their warranty. I have had no problems.

    People with sludge problems should learn that they have to read to book and take responsibility. Amsoil at interval is the best oprotection you have. Yes it cost more but if you are not going to keep your records, then I don't care how little you pay for your oil you are going to loose.

    If in fact they preople reading this thread want a solution to their problems and their engine is uot of warranty then the BEST THING they can do is find a reputable mechanic flush the daylights out of their engine, as a fact I have the protocol that VW uses right infront of me. Here is how they do it.

    They take the vave cover( they call it a head cover) off. They inspect each cam cap(one at a time). They then make determination about to clean or replace engine ( the engine is a factory certified rebuild. If it needs cleaning they clean pan replace hoses, they the use the BG system with 6 qts. of cleaner. They adjust cam tensioner they replace oil with a standard oil run the engine for a certain amout of time then drain engine then replace with their Valvoline(not my choice) synthetic bulk oil then say its ok.

    Now Personally my son's car come out of the shop tomorrow. He is in school in Menomonie, Wis. he is going to drive it to Appleton this weekend. He is going to go to a Dealership( where he has some kind fo an arraingment with the dealer(GMC)to do the labor for like $15, he supplies(I supply) oil (amsoil) and a 1mc. filter(Amsoil manufactured by Hastings) and get rid of the Valvoline. I figure the 180 or so miles gives the valvoline enough time to get rid of anyu left over solvents left in the engine. The Amsoil then will give that protection required without breaking down.

    Now, Mr Host, if the people reading this THREAD don't understand that this is the best they can do for their car then wo be un to them. And you.

    What the heck is his input? THat mobil1 is the only oil worth putting in an engine?
    That Amsoil is not approved?
    That these engines have sludge problems. All engines HAVE sludge problems if the owner is not smart enough to get educated about the kind of engines they have in their cars!!!!!! Has he let people know about the active class action suit?

    If he has done any of this prior to my involvement with this forum then I appoligize ! !
    I am on bended knee. But all that I have heard is how I have lead the masses of sheeple down a bad path and have told them to increase their OCI. When nothing is furtjer from the truth. this is all about SLUDGE. If people KEPP RECORDS, then VW WILL honor their warranty ! ! ! This is not hearsay all they have to do if they have problems is cell the dealer and act intelligent. If their car is older than 8 yrs. then they better start being informed !

    Amsoil is better than Mobil1. Yea it costs more. Yes it protects better!

    Just call Mobil Tech Support 1-800-662-2545 and ask them if their product can be filtered down past 1mc. . It can not!!!

    Go to this site

    And read !

    Now we are talking about Sludge. And how to keep away from it. You infer I am off point. OK the readers out there I ask you where else is that much info presented in any more of a concise amount of verbage ?

    Who the heck is altair anyway? Lets talk sludge and i's remedy not some other person's persona. I don't want to dominate this thing I want more information and this altair has not iven me anything that is new to learn. The other readers can figure it out for them selves but all they really want is to hace someone else tell them what top do! I never told anyone to extend their OCI I juat toold them the truth.
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    I just reread my last post. I made a mistake !!!!

    Mobil1 can not be filtered any more than 10mc.. That is 100 times larger than 1 mc.
    in surface area and 1000 times larger volumn. DO the math.

    The Mobil one tech support said that if you try to filter their oil to 1mc. then you will remove all the detergents.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Thank you for your perspective - again. There are many ways to solve a problem. We appreciate your input, but please allow others to express other points of view on this particular issue without attacking them.

    We need to move on now.
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    Last note on my sons passat. GOt it out of the dealership today. last report from my son it runs fine.
  • Amsoil's claims aside, I will never use it in my 1.8Ts because they are not on the only lists that count, VW 502.00 or 503.01 specifications. By using Amsoil, you basically forfeit any warranty-related claims regarding sludge. Like it or not, VW has and will reject any claim on the spot.

    B.T.W. I use Motul X-Cess 8100 5W-40 which is on the list. Amsoil is considered a Group IV oil. Motul not only exceeds Group IV, it is made from Group IV and Group V base stocks.
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    I had my son's car into the VW dearlership in Eau Claire Wisconsin to have the job done just as I have posted above. If you read my earlier posts they did the work.
    No questions asked

    YOU ARE WRONG !!!!

    And stop misleading the readers of this forum !

    Anyone that whats to can call the dealer ship you can get the number from the VW website and talk with the service advisor.

    When you call then ask them about Rearick.

    What you are inferring is that you are saying is that the Amsoil sludged, it is not the oil that sludged up it is the crap it loosened up. I will refer again to the folks that started using Amsoil early on their cars life(25,000 or so).

    I just got an email from him and even though his car is outside of any warranty, 1999 Passat, he informed me he changed oil at 6,100 miles (160.000 mile and counting)and that the oil was so clean that he hesitated to change it but wanted to before the bitter cold got a grip on where he lives (high elevations of Colorado).

    In my opinion what VW should have done is taken all the 1.8T cars that have this issue and take them through the desludging program then made everyone keep records.

    By the way how much is Motul X-cess 8100 a quart. Since there are those that read this forum they are sensitive to price "... Amsoil cost an arm and a leg..."

    I am not refuting the fact that Motul X-Cess is not good. I am saying from personal experience that VW does accept and will honor the Amsoil product in their cars. Any skeptics, just call that dearlership or the the dealership in Columbus,Ohio or ant other.

    Now I have been told in personal email that the moderator of this thread whats me to keep from doing personnal attacks to other people. All that has been said above is just facts.

    VW accepts Amsoil 5w-40 Eropean Car Oil.

    That is the fact !
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    By the way what does B.T.W. stand for
  • B.T.W. = By The Way
  • What you are inferring is that you are saying is that the Amsoil sludged, it is not the oil that sludged up it is the crap it loosened up. I will refer again to the folks that started using Amsoil early on their cars life(25,000 or so).

    Amsoil fanatic, I see. And if you read the next paragraph - very carefully, I challenge you to assert that I am inferring that the Amsoil sludged:

    Here's the bottom line - It doesn't matter if you, I, or Amsoil says that their oil is certified for the 502.00 or 503.01 specification - VW has the final say. And using oil that is not on the 502.00 or 503.01 Specification list gives VW justification for rejecting a sludge warranty claim.

    What part of that paragraph didn't you comprehend?

    Insead of sitting around and expecting a good life from bad habits WAKE UP America and get rid of the crap in your life.

    Which is why I prefer a premium European oil (Motul) in my European engine over Amsoil. Your overly-defensive stance confirms my assertion that AMSOIL = AMWAY...

    No thanks AMSOIL... I'll rely on my 28 years of experience as a VW owner and my track record:

    1975 Mk1 Scirocco - 250,000 miles
    1987 Mk2 Golf GT - 624,000 miles
    1997 Mk3 Jetta (currently at 268,000 miles)
    2003 Mk4 Wolfsburg Jetta 1.8T (currently at 128,000 miles)
    2003 B5 Passat GLS 1.8T (currently at 92,000 miles)

    YOU ARE WRONG !!!!

    And stop misleading the readers of this forum !

    I have a track record with the readers of this forum, along with my very-knowledgeable counterparts like shipo, bpeebles, altair4 (to name a few). We prefer not to let our advice be influenced by emotional evangelism towards one product or another.

    Something to think about...
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    I agree that VW has the last say in what they will warranty. They will tell you it is approved.

    So call the VW dealership in Eau Claire, you can find on VW official web site and ask them.

    Or call any VW dealership and get that confirmation.

    Anyone else out there can do the same.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Can you provide a link to the VW web site where it says this is approved?
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    Call the dealership in Eau Claire Wisconsin. The VW dealership where I had the warranty work done on my 2001 Passat. Ask for the service manager. They honored the fact that I used Amsoil 5W-40 European Car formula, every 3,000.

    Now Pat you must have been reading my posts, because you have been censoring them. You know that this is what I have been telling you and everyone else, Just because the oil is not on the list of " ... generally available oils ..." does not mean that the list is a complete list of approved oils. Call the VW dealership, any VW dealership and see for yourself.

    Call the VW dealership in Columbus, Ohio Byers.

    Call the VW dealership in Appleton Wisconsin.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I thought you mentioned that the VW official website tells us about this - I was just asking if you could link us to that page.

    By the way, if you want to discuss "censoring" feel free to email me. But be aware that as a private website, sets its own rules of engagement. All members agree to abide by those rules when they join. On an occasion where one or more of them are not followed, yes, posts may be removed. That is not censorship; it's Edmunds ensuring that promises made are promises kept for the sake of all of our membership. :)
  • kinctkinct Posts: 59
    I would have to agree that unless VW states very clearly and publicly I would stick with the list as published. I have had tremendous success w/ Mobil 1, 0w40 and to suggest it is anything less than superb, IMHO, is just not true. I put 224,800+ miles on my 99 Passat (1.8T engine) before selling it (still running beautifully) and starting at around 30,000 miles, Mobil 1 is all it got. As soon as VW published the official list, I swapped to 0w40 (I don't recall the specific date on that).

    For your own needs / likes, if you like Amsoil, and the dealer said they would fully back you up, great, have at it. But that is not *all* dealers. The general public needs to stick with what is published. There are no oil police, pour into the crankcase what you want to pour in. I tend to burn through warrantees pretty quickly, so I mostly do what I think is right for the long term health of the car (I like to keep them a LONG time). For me, that is Mobil 1, 0w40 (now gracing my new Audi A4, 2.0T). (and no, I own no oil company stock - too bad for me!!).
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    Pat, what I said is that the Vw website will give you telephone numbers to call the dealership up that serviced my car, the one in Eau Claire Wisconsin. When I presented the info. to them about how I had maintained the car from the time i purchased it 'til it had the low oil pressure light come on that they never questioned the use of the type of oil I used (Amsoil). Now I talked with two other dealerships and I received the same courteous response and said just bring it in and bring the records of the work done and if I had records that verified my story then the work would be done. All three of the dealerships I talked with knew the kind of oil I used. I made it very clear to them that it is what was used. And so it must meet their standards.
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    kinct, it is not the dealers that are backing it up, it is VW. The dealers are not going to nack anything up that VW will not. VW pays for the repairs.

    The general public, If they have any questions as to what to do should contact VW to see what they really will back! The general public however is not interested in taking the time to research what the reality of the facts are. So you are right they are limited.

    Just like the fact the Mobil 1 tech told me that Mobil 1 can not be filtered down past 10mc. because it would then loose all its detergents thus becoming a useless oil.

    Mobil has a good website and their technical phone number that they give is very timly in answering the phone and are very helpful. In an earlier post I posted that number, anyone can call and verify what I said about the 10mc. filter limit for
    Mobil 1.

    Now if VW will honor the fact that that Amsoil meets or exceeds THEIR spec. and that that oil can be filtered finer than .1(thats one tenth of a micron) then I think that that oil in a clean engine should give better protection. I too like to protect my investment. That is how I got over 300,000 on three nissans (one of them was 610,000 when the body rust caught up to it). My '92 olds is at 189,000 No lubrication problems. And my 2003 MB Sprinter 117,000 no lubrication problems
    is still going strong gets nothing but
  • I hate to tell you, but if anything changing the oil is the most important thing. It is like the cars blood. Dirt and metal fragments can be in the oil, all of that is run through your engine- ALWAYS change your oil. And if it is si drity it cannot properly do that well,
  • blooperblooper Posts: 1
    I wonder if one can use the product "Rissolin" or a similar product to clean out the engine/turbo lines etc. ?? It's like a detergent I think that you run for 20 minutes or so I think that cleans it out?? Anybody use this process before??

    : )
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