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Ford Freestyle Lots of Problems



  • I have a 2005 freestyle with 96,000 miles. Has been great however the noise made when the back windows are open and traveling fast can make you lose your mind.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "I have a 2005 freestyle with 96,000 miles. Has been great however the noise made when the back windows are open and traveling fast can make you lose your mind. "

    That is normal for any station wagon or SUV. The noise is caused by the air buffeting back against the back windows.
  • mikefedor49mikefedor49 Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    have 2005 fs tranny just went shop says he does many and there is an issue he also had one he was doing for a ford dealer for about 4400 but dealer was charging customer 6600 where do i go to talk to a lawyer or if there is a class action suit started i bought this car used from dealer one owner had for three months now i have to spend 4000 i dont have
  • Mine is also messing up and I believe the tranny is the problem. Your story sounds like mine.. Ill check with the service dept tomorrow to get more information. I am considering arbitration as well.
  • carlaycarlay Posts: 1
    They are Volvo throw away tranny's, Ford has know about the problem and they say there is a pump in them that you can rebuild which works most of the time but they knew the tranny's were on the low end when they obtained them that is why each year they made the warranty longer
  • meyersdmeyersd Posts: 3
    edited February 2012
    These are NOT Volvo transmissions. They are are a product of a joint venture between ZF transmissions and Ford. The transmissions were built in the US, and the car was assembled in Chicago. The 2005 models had a problem with the input shaft in the transmission, a problem caused by an American supplier. The problems were later fixed by changing the supplier. Most people having transmission problems are usually experiencing this problem. Since This transmissionis no longer produced, parts are scarce. Ford will not fix the transmission because they don't have the parts to repair it. The best they can do is put in a remanufactured one that has been checked out as good. The main reason they stopped making the trans wasn't because of failures, but because it became too expensive to mass produce for only 3 models (Freestyle, 500, Montego). The failure rate of the CVT is no higher than a standard geared transmission.
  • My Freestyle does exactly the same thing and has been for 2 years now. This is a problem in 2005's with faulty soldering on a wire in the instrument cluster. It is covered under the warranty, but of course if like me, the warranty expired before the problems begin, you will be looking at $750 for a new cluster and labor.
  • delicoledelicole Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Ford Freestyle and had the tranny replaced and cost upwards 3500, 2 years ago and still having problems in that they have to order a whole tranny no parts available. Then the motor mount broke and someone is saying there's a problem again. Like the car jumps when starting to drive. Its just one thing after another.
  • katycatkatycat Posts: 2
    Word of advise get rid of it......Bought car with 62k trans went out at 68k under extended warranty, which consisted of a used trans because they were in such demand due to input bearing issue. Car has 132000 (just off extended warranty) now have replaced 3 wheel bearings, tie rod ends, cat converter and the trans is out again will cost up ward of $5000.00 to repair and owe more than car is worth. Ford and the extended warranty carrier wanted nothing to do with this. Car has been sitting for the last year and can't afford the payments may have to let it go back and destroy my credit.......THANKS FORD.......JOB NUMBER......NONE!!!!
  • This just started happening to my 2007 Ford Freestyle. The car is lunging when I put it into drive and/or reverse, and today I had doubts that I would even be able to drive it down the road. The dealership is being cagey. Calling Ford was no help at all, although the person I talked to was pleasant enough. I take some solace in the fact that NHTSA PE11018 is still open, but I certainly don't have an extra $7,000 to sink into a transmission that may or may not fix the problem.
  • carlag219carlag219 Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    I have been reading about the problems other consumers are having with the transmission problem. :( My question is twofold: Did the transmission make a noise before it went out? and How long was it before total failure? :confuse: My Freestyle has both the problems reported on TSB 07-1-8 Transmission Shifter Binding and TSB 06-11-4 CVT Noise Diagnosis. I also have the surging in both Drive and Reverse. The Ford place locally said there was nothing they could do as far as helping with repairs. I think it is sad that Ford knows this transmission has problems and will not repair them at no cost. :cry: I took the advice of another poster and filed at the NHTSA and on the surging lawsuit.
  • brupirlbrupirl Posts: 1
    We have a 2007 Ford Freestyle and recently had transmission problems. It seems to accelerate, and/or stay in the wrong gear. It has a feeling of "drag" or power drain especially when the air conditioner is on. We have pre-paid maintenance, but they don't care and keep ignoring our pleas. If there is to be a class action or any recall, please keep us informed.
  • My 2007 Freestyle was having the same problem, and was found to have an easy and inexpensive fix. The throttle body had a carbon buildup. The technician just had to clean it - less than $100. Mine was repaired at Davis Ford in Fulton, MS. Hope this helps!
  • My FreeStyle (2007) was doing same thing I have spoke with at least 10 other owners with same problem. It was the throddle body, Ford would not back their part 750 dollar repair on a car with less than 60k. Ford said this was not part of drive tran. We were told not to drive it for safety reasons. Ford claims to be making the best make us cars but won't back them.
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