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Volvo XC70 Safety Issues



  • David Oglivy, one of the greatest ad minds to ever live, said that every product has to have a unique selling proposition. We all know FedEx's. What is Volvo's?

    0-60 and handling performance? LOL

    Great dealer body? Hardly

    Reliability? No

    Engine Longevity: Not as long as Volvo uses timing belts that need changing

    Status? Not to anyone driving a German car

    Foul weather capability? Its good if you have an AWD Volvo but not unique

    Safety? Again, its good but not unique to the brand

    Seating? Yes, its the best!

    Don't know though how much volume you can get out of "our seats are the best"
  • topcat10topcat10 Posts: 2
    I cannot find any crash test results for the volvo xc70 on the informed for life or NHTSB web sites.
    I cant believe that volvo, whose cornerstone is saftey does not have crash test data for the consumer to look at and compare

    Anyone know how to get that safety information?
  • How many Patents does Honda have/hold?

    More than 9,000 (9860) patents registered in the US only. They are all under the assignee Honda Giken Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha of Japan, a division of Honda Co. Japan.

    Volve has approximately a combined 1,476 patents registered in the US only. They are all under the assignee AB Volvo and others.

    Just for fun Apple Inc. has about 2,106 patents registered in the US only under the assignee of Apple Computer Inc.

    All figures are as of 2010.
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