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Town & Country/Caravan Heating / Cooling



  • I tried that bought a new module and it worked for 2 minutes and started the same problem ! so my blower motor won't shut off and they say it might be the A/C switch that has gone bad
  • roentgeeproentgeep Posts: 18
    Hi to all, Im new here and I dont speak/write well in English, so pardon me my mistakes please.
    I have a T&C 2009 and yesterday I smelled antifreeze and noticed some vapor under the hood, I checked the engine compartment and found antifreeze over the drivers side of the engine over the battery try, and most parts there, I took out the plastic cover and saw the foam of it with a lot of antifreeze and pulls of antifreeze in the upper part of the engine, I didnt see any spray or leak at idle. The reservoir was almost empty.

    Can you help me? where is the thermostat located?, where is the water pump located? Why is the antifreeze where I found it?

    Thanks in advance.

    BTW I dont know if here is the rigth place to post mi questions
  • OK update ! I brought it to someone I knew and he changed out the blower motor modular with what he had and it worked so I went to chrysler and bought another and that seemed to be it, So the one I bought from pepboys only lasted 30 seconds do know why but it just did
  • The heat stopped working after I pushed the rear window defroster button and the module went blank. It came back on later and everything else seems to work except the heat. I looked at the 3 actuators and watched them move. I did the reset by pushing power and recirculate buttons. Still no heat at operating temp. Checked the computer for output codes at Auto Zone and no codes. Thinking it must be the module itself since it stopped working when I pushed the rear window defro!ster button. . Right/wrong/thoughts? Module is expensive even at junk yards.
  • Problem solved! Yesterday I was going to change the oil so I was letting the engine warm up when I noticed after a few minutes that the temperature gauge was approaching the hot mark. Never done that before. So after changing the oil I was checking fluid levels when I noticed that the radiator overflow cap was open and the container was empty. I decided to wait until today to check the radiator when everything would be cold. So on my way out to BUY a new module I checked the radiator first and 3 quarts of antifreeze into the radiator and 1 quart into the overflow later...the heat works fine! Must be a diverter set up in the computer program that will not allow coolant flow to the heater if the level is too low. Cannot tell you how many hours of research time I put into this problem. Hope this helps someone else not waste the time I did.
  • We've had the van in to 2 different dealers on 3 occasions. The A/C has had no problems yet, but the heater quits blowing warm air & blows cold. Neither dealership could solve the problem. One mechanic even told me, after the 2nd visit, that Chrysler basically said it was a design flaw, and that another model (300??) had had the same issue. The 2nd dealership recalibrated the unit & it worked OK for a while. We took it to our independent mechanic who found a bad module. He has a different search system & found 2500 other vans had had the same problem that was fixed by replacing this module. Chrysler is perturbed because we didn't take it back to a dealership. After all, why would we?? So now Chrysler is telling our mechanic to buy the part from the local dealer, & after we pay him, they'll decide how much they'll pay us. I guess they figure they'll 'punish' us for daring to go outside their network.
  • I've had the module, blower and a/c all replaced on my 08! The air was a recall. The blower I paid the $100 deductible for a part that prematurely failed. Unbelievable. :lemon:
  • We haven't had any AC issues (other than one episode of blowing hot air briefly) but this drawn out experience has us seriously considering trading. We do have the extended warranty but are not sure what it would pay if Chrysler doesn't cover the cost.
  • The (heater) module was replaced last week. At first it seemed to be working properly; however, over the weekend and again today, I noticed differences in the temp of the air coming from the dash & floor vents - the floor vents were blowing cool air. Not only that, but one side of the dash was blowing warmer air than the other.

    Now I'm faced with the predicament of calling Chrysler again (who paid most of the repair costs tho not happy I didn't go to the dealership) and reporting this issue which is not a new one, but I had forgotten it since last winter. First I will call the shop where the work was done & see if he cares to tackle the problem again. This is really ridiculous!
  • Thanks for your tip. I found myself without heat this season and was getting ready to take it to the shop when I found your post.
    I added antifreeze and the heat was blowing immediately.
    Thanks for this $9.51 tip.
  • Help! AC stopped cooling in 2002 Town & Country, both front and rear. It just blows the ambient warm air.

    The blower speed is OK, it obeys the knob rotation position fine, so it's not the resistor/blower speed control pack. The refrigerant charge was also checked "good". The AC Clutch fuse looks good, and its relay was replaced with no changes.

    Weird thing: sometimes on cool days AC cools fine if it was turned on while the engine was still cold. Then it works OK, even all day - until the engine is shut down. Then, on the subsequent starts it does not cool anymore (I guess until the car sits overnight and the engine becomes completely cold). But on the hot days, when AC is actually needed, it never cools!

    This is an automatic temperature control model.

    Did anyone had this? Any advice is appreciated...

  • Following up on my previous post: the AC blowing hot air problem in my case was because of the wear-increased air gap in the AC clutch. It can be fixed easily: no parts to buy, and not even the serpentine belt needing to be removed. Unscrew the center bolt holding the clutch together. There will be a few small metal washers/shims responsible for the air gap. Take one out, re-assemble and see if the gap became small enough for the clutch to engage (when AC button is pressed). There are a few YouTube videos showing this done on Jeeps - search for "AC clutch gap".

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