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Ford 2001 Heavy Duty F-250



  • I go there and search to see what I find, then I'll come back and tell you exactly how to get there.
  • I searched on, this is where I was able to locate several posts about your problem.

    Go to the search page. Make sure you are searching "All Forums". Type in "drivers side lean" and make sure you are searching for the "exact phrase." Where it asks you how far back to search, click on the "newer than 6 months" button.

    This should get you about 10 posts on that subject.
  • don770don770 Posts: 12
    Thanx Jim,, (mullins87)

    The 1st time I went to this site it looked entirely different. This time I got some interesting info on my problem. Thanx again. Now to see if the dealer will take it seriously.
  • I'am checking into the purchase a used 97 (old body style) SD Crew Cab 4x4 PSD xlt w/ 125k on motor with new transmition from original owner. He is asking $15k for it and selling because he bought a new 2003 cc psd. Any advise would be helpful. What to look for? What kind of milage to expect? Best sources for after market parts? Thankyou
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