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Honda Civic Hybrid Transmission Problems



  • I was wondering if anyone viewing this knows of a CT mechanic that will work on hch transmissions. Our regular Honda mechanic does not have hybrid or transmission experience. His transmission acquaintances do not want to work on a hybrid.

  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    edited March 2010
    I have a very gifted mechanic who is making a nice living rebuilding all the defective transmissions that Honda knowingly has saddled us with. However, he refuses to touch the HCH (CVT) transmission. Since the CVT transmission of the HCH has more in common with motorcycle transmissions than automotive ...perhaps there is a place that repairs motorcycle transmission in your area. They might be able to help you.out. good luck. I am not a technician. :lemon:
  • andy_byandy_by Posts: 4
    I have found out a cause of defect.
    There was a flywheel destruction - Quality of iron the disgusting!!!!
    :mad: :mad: :mad: - Here real quality Honda:

  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    don't hold your breath waiting for Honda to admit anything...! they should be roasted like Toyota for not admitting their defects. Meanwhile, we pay for their defective equipment and manufacturing.
  • andy_byandy_by Posts: 4
    Yes, it so!

  • becannonbecannon Posts: 1
    After a long drive over the mountains today, I pulled into a parking spot. I couldn't pull out -- my reverse gear appears to be shot. After much pushing against the incline, I was able to back it up enough to confirm that my drive gear works. So I can go forward, but not backward? Among all the online discussion of transmission problems with this model, I haven't read about this particular issue. Any advice? It's a CVT car with just over 100,000 miles.
  • vette5073vette5073 Posts: 7
    driving down the road heard a loud clunk and then nothing. she will start but wont move been reading alot of blogs heard that they have had problems it has less than 70000 miles on it anyone have a fix. any help will be appreciated thank you for any help.
  • Yeah that sounds like what happened to our 2003 HCH. We were driving, heard a clunk, and then couldn't switch gears after we parked it. We thought it may just be an axel but ended up being the transmission (and IMA battery). Not fun stuff.
  • vette5073vette5073 Posts: 7
    what is the recall # or what ever Honda calls it? My car started to rumble and then I herd a loud clunk then nothing.... I only have 69000 on it. thanks in advance for any help
  • vette5073vette5073 Posts: 7
    am having same problem with my 2005 hch do you remember what the the curtesy call warranty number was? any help would be great
  • vette5073vette5073 Posts: 7
    do you now what the recall # is.... my 2005 hch just stopped. engine runs good no forward or reverse. any help would be great
  • vette5073vette5073 Posts: 7
    could you send me the service bulletins please any having cvt problems with my 2005 hch. thanks for any help you can provide.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    Rather than relying on other members to send you this information, you're better off going here:

    to look up known issues related to your specific vehicle. Some of the recalls/service bulletins are specific to trim level, or even which manufacturing facility it came from, so one person's service bulletin may not apply to your vehicle. The link I provided is for recalls, but on the left-hand side of that page, there's a link to technical service bulletins and other info.


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  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    as far as I know ( and I have looked very well) the only recall for this defective transmission was in Japan. Here n the States you got an extension of the transmission warranty until 105,000 miles. my advice to you is to get rid of the car. Honda fitted the HCH with a CVT transmission that is not a good fit for it( and they know it too). as a result, transmission failures and dealership abuse.
  • scv1684scv1684 Posts: 1
    i have an 03 HCH:

    1 - Go to take off at a light the drive light blinks, car creeps forward enought to pull into a parking lot and will not go in D or R. The teeth on the flywheel where it goes onto the shaft were ground almost totally smooth. $686 for the new flywheel and install. The car had 110k so no warranty to cover it. 4 months later the damn thing starts slipping again.

    2. The slipping keeps up, then an awful grinding noise on take off. The tranny eventually dies. The honda dealership wanted $3900, of course the warranty has run out, i call honda of america after a week of fighting tooth and nail with them they will not budge or cover any of the cost. I tell the dealership to not even bother taking the transmission apart and to shove it. Took it to a former honda tech who has his own shop (he left because of the way the dealership was run ie - shady. And he said good luck getting anywhere with honda). At a way more reasonable $1000 i get another trans. installed, flushed it the whole nine yards. This was last september.

    3. The grinding noise has not (knock on wood) come back. The slippage and "bucking bronco" action , especially braking or letting off the accelerator going down a hill, has returned in the last couple months. KNOCK ON WOOD AGAIN i now have 202K on this :lemon: (this car has been driven a lot for the last few years, and sadly i still owe $1900 on the loan) As far as i've read on here that is a small miracle. The CEL is on (im assuming o2 sensor or cat), the side airbag light comes on and off now and then, it jerks it bucks and right around 2k - 2200rpm when my foot is on the gas i hear a chattering, it almost sounds like a valve, but im going out a limb and going to guess it's the pos transmission.

    . I refuse to put any more money into it save for tires, brakes, and the usual oil change. I may take it back to my mechanic to take a look at it and maybe to the burnishing or whatever fancy bs word honda calls it. Maybe have him check the flywheel also and see what condition it's in. My 94 accord ran fine save for the cruise control and took to the turbocharging i did to it just fine. My wife and i severely regret buying this vehicle. I am considering after a year now to call honda again and make some sort of formal complaint. Their customer service is downright revolting and rude, both at honda of america AND the dealership. I will drive it until it dies and part the rest out or something and try and make some money off of what i can, or try a motor/trans swap from a regular civic. KNOCK ON WOOD (again) that it lasts until the rest of the $1900 of the loan is paid off. DO NOT purchase any year or model civic hybrid, maybe just don't purchase a newer honda period, get an early to mid 90's accord, crx or civic, less headache cheap to fix if something breaks, and quite honestly damn near the same highway MPG as this headache has been. I will NEVER again buy any sort of hybrid vehicle period. As far as i'm concerned i will consider it a trap to suck more money out of consumers in the form of expensive repairs, until the technology is far more reliable and proven. If i ever buy another honda it will be an older accord or civic hatchback, as far as i'm concerned they've lost a customer for life. Shame on you honda :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • hawks3hawks3 Posts: 9
    We all here ya.... I hope that Honda soon gets what they have given...
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    Honda is running on past glories. their vehicles have become garbage. they do not care about their customers. I do not care if Honda puts out a vehicle with 1000mpg, I will NEVER buy another Honda again. Yes, and I agree with with that reply. I sincerely hope that Honda will reap what they sow.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    While I agree that Honda is basking in the sun of former glory and that their recent products are not what they used to be..I own a 2006 Civic that had premature failures of both rear shocks @ less than 4K miles and wear out of front seat cushion fabric @ less than 8K miles + other misadventures and TSB's required. But, while it has become evident that Honda does NOT build a "state of art in technology" or even a reliable hybrid vehicle please don't paint all hybrid cars with a Honda tainted brush. Toyota and Ford both build state of the art hybrids and in the case of Toyota I believe the Prius has been well proven over many years and many customer miles. I am not a a "Greenie" nor a rabid get "off oil entirely" person nor do I own any hybrid vehicle but I do believe the technology does work, given the right manufacturer. Too bad Honda ain't it!!!
  • Does anyone else have experience with this. Car runs and drives fine; no warning or software lights...just a constant buzzing. None in Park or Neutral
    Dealer doesn't know; just said "have to replace the transmission". slight change in mileage at Freeway Driving mileage was 45-46 now 42-44.
    142,000 miles total. Always used for commuting . slight rough shift when 1st placed into drive.
  • I don't know the answer but before I had to have my transmission replaced it hummed, then sorta "whirred" as I accelerated. Almost a whining sort of noise. I just thought it was hilarious what you posted though. Dealer doesn't know; just said "have to replace the transmission". Ha! I think they put them through Honda training and say, ok, now the only thing you have to know how to say to graduate is "HAVE TO REPLACE THE TRANSMISSION". Get away from a dealership and find someone who has a better reputation, they're all snakes, crooks and liars at the dealerships. Run away!
  • bsouzabsouza Posts: 1
    Yes. I just took my 05 in today with 124K on the OD for a whining noise when in drive (does not whine when in p,n or r) Service rep said it is an internal problem and needs a new tranny for $3K, He said the diagnoses came up clean aswell as the fluids and flywheel. They washed it for me and charged me 60 bucks, most expensive car wash i ever got. Wish i knew about these problems with the trany before hand, never would of bought one.....
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    Honda knows they put a defective transmission into the HCH. In Japan there was a recall, but not here in the States. They knowingly manufacture defective components into their vehicles which allow the Dealerships to leverage these defects into big bucks. Honda is an evil entity whose products I will never purchase. They should be completely investigated just like Toyota. :lemon:
  • nypeachnypeach Posts: 11
    I, too, am hearing a whining noise every time I put my 2004 HCH in drive. The mechanic at the dealership said I need a new converter(???) at a cost of $2599. What the heck is a converter and what does it do? I hate this car.
  • I have had my CVT out of the car once and am taking it back out again as we speak. If thier talking about a Torque converter the cvt does not have one. My dealer said they don't work on the CVTs they just replace them. For 2599. they are replacing the whole transmission because that is the price they gave me when they wanted to change out mine.I found a guy in New York that rebilds them with up dated parts.
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    I would like to know how to contact this location that rebuilds number would be great.
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    thanks. I despise going to the dealerships.. all they do is leverage manufacturing defects into big bucks. As a result the dealerships and Honda have been abusing their customers. I sure hope that one day they get thoroughly investigated just like Toyota.
  • RAMI TRANSMISSIONS,ENGINES&PARTS I had posted the phone number and it was removed, I am not aloud to post phone numbers. send me an email or something off this forum and I will give you the phone number.
  • filmofilmo Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid with 124,000 miles on it (SoCal commute driving). I hear a noise, sounds like a bad bearing in the tranny. Dealer tells me they have to get a new tranny from Honda and the Honda will not sell to anyone but dealers. They say tranny can not be opened up or rebuilt and it's a $ 5000 job to replace. Are there any alternatives or is dealer telling the truth ? filmo
  • nypeachnypeach Posts: 11
    I was told the same thing by my dealership in Georgia. But the mechanic at Mr. Transmission said they can get me a used one and do the job for $2500. He said the tranny cannot be opened or rebuilt; whole thing has to be replaced.
  • filmofilmo Posts: 2
    Thank you nypeach. Is Mr. Transmission a retail chain? I haven't heard of it in California.
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