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Honda Civic Hybrid Transmission Problems



  • nypeachnypeach Posts: 11
    yes it is. not sure if they have them in California, but they are big on the East Coast. In any case, I am hopping mad that I bought this lemon and Honda plans to dodge any responsibility. Like everyone else on this message board, I've had my fill of Honda. And I've made sure to tell everybody I know about this experience. Good luck.
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    the dealerships want to keep you there. I would call transmission shops around your area and ask if the repair CVT transmissions for your model year. I bet there are a few tranny shops making a nice living off of HONDAS flaws. I know of one such place in my area that repaired my Odyssey trans nicely at a very good price and they are starting to get into CVT's now. I have seen rebuilt CVT trans online in web sites that cater to mechanics. get on that phone...start calling.
  • Hi, if anyone can help me I would appreicate it. My car is at 62,000 miles. It is covered under warranty extension 07-049 and 07-050. The start clutch was replaced and that did not fix anything. The dealer says it is the belt and that I need a new transmission at my own cost. Can someone tell me if they had their transmission replaced under the warranty extention 07-050? He said that a new replacement transmission does not apply to my car. Also, does anyone know where I can get the entire service bulletin?? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    my clutch was replaced under the warranty. sounds to me like this dealership is looking to make some $$$$$$..!
  • They replaced the clutch assembly under warranty but he said it was "worse than before" states it is the belt. If anyone has information on the belt and this extended warranty it would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • Where did you get a new transmission for $800? Mine is out of warranty and the IMA is going out also. I have a 2003 civic hybrid and I guess I have to count my blessings that this is the first major problem I've had but they're telling me that parts alone are close to $6,000 for the transmission and the IMA and in this economy all I can say is YIKES!
  • 5 speed will not shift in to reverse gears ok but shifter will not go into slot. every one tells me i need to replace the trans???????
  • Just got my car back today from dealer, new trans & flywheel, price $3492.02. In Jan 2010 I spent $1,164.75 to get the flywheel replaced for the 2nd time (flywheel/flexplate). This time I noticed fluid leaking when I was changing the motor oil. The car had started to make a whinning noise. Dealer said time for a new trans. I went to the Honda Referee last time. Honda paid 1/2. The dealer said they good faithed me around $1000 this time. I'm thinking I may go back to the ref again. Dealer replaced IMA at around 120,000 miles. Said the IMA was warranted for 150,000. My car has 140,000 miles on it now. Almost $2,700.00 for the tranny, and $575.19 for labor, $222.00 for tax.
  • Hello, I am a new poster on this site. I own a 2008 HCH with 75,000 miles. For the last 10,000 miles, the transmission has been making noise when in drive.and a little noise when in reverse. It doesn't make noise in neutral or park or when in Idle Stop mode. The noise started out as a buzzing noise that was barely noticeable. Month after month, it got louder and louder until I came back from a long road trip and noticed a clunking noise in addition to the buzzing. This prompted me to put the car on the lift and pull the transmission. I have never read about anyone who has taken their tranny apart to see what went wrong, so I did it. The bearing which supports the drive pulley on the input side of the tranny came apart. This bearing spins at the same speed as the engine when the tranny is in drive and has a lot of load on it from the belt. I don't think the bearing is heavy-duty enough to operate reliably with regular loads. It has no pressurized lubrication and ultra-thin transmission fluid just splashes on it."> Also, you can't buy this bearing by itself, it comes with the intermediate plate and that costs around $1900 (USD). I haven't been able to get to the bearing supply store yet, but when I do, I will find a better quality bearing and put it all back together. I have pictures of this bearing and the rest of the inside of the tranny but I don't know how to post them here. They are on my facebook page. I don't know how to invite people to my facebook, so I'll give you my yahoo address. Whitemike4u Look me up on facebook using that email address.
  • it sounds to me that you have found plenty of evidence to make Honda do a long overdue recall of ths very defective HCH transmission (like they did in Japan). If they don't they should be investigated by the government just like they did to Toyota :lemon: .
  • I wonder if the NHTSA (national highway traffic safety administration) would have any interest in hearing about this defect. Anything that causes a car to unexpectedly lose power can cause a loss of control. While I haven't heard of many problems with belt breakage or catastrophic failure, they have occurred. Toyota's latest recall was about a solder connection that can break, causing the engine to shut off in certain models. The govt made them recall that after only a few reports. My car still ran and drove great when I pulled the tranny and the gas mileage was still about 38-40 mpg city and 42-46 highway. I haven't had the 'shudder' problem. When I looked at the belt, it appeared to be in perfect condition. No discoloration, pitting or wear whatsoever. There wasn't even a mark or wear sign between the pulleys where the belt rides. That metal must be incredibly hard. I delivered pizzas in this car... and I wasn't nice to it at all. In total, I put 33,000 miles on it delivering pizzas (I keep a log for tax purposes).
  • The transmission issue has been listed by Honda as a "known defect" for at least three years. I have been able to pull out my ignition key in drive from the get go, and have had my 2003 Honda civic hybrid into the dealership for transmission gear switching issues since I hit 50,000 miles. The car now has albout 135,000 mils and the trnsmission which had continued to give me issues, despite me maintaining it with all oil changes etc, totally died last November and we have been figuring out what to do. I think we hybrid ownbers with automatic transmissions are owed he same recall other civic owners are. Anybody for a class actiopn suit on them???
  • I am wondering about all of this. I was in and out of my dealership beginnning in 2003 as my car would not go back into gear if I had to suddenly slow down, as when you get behind a schoolbus on a freeway on ramp. It would just not get up to speed and created a dangerous situation. Meanwhile other issues included never having the warning signal go off when you opened the door and the key was in the ginition, leading to a lot of lockouts, being able to remove my key in drive(sam as the currently recalled civics, all except our hybrids), and having my entire under drive overing opull off, including eventually the bumper, as it sat way too low for normal parking lots etc.
    Now my transmission has totally died, I drove it with all the errors, as it was never recalled, instead all problems were listed by honda bulletins as "known defects" which meant I had to pay, yet many times my dealer never let me know of these issues which could have lead to less problems later on. Now my transmission has totally died with 130000 plus miles on it, and I have made all service work on it. But I do feel we are being wronged to be excluded from this August 2010 recall. I honestly want Honda to either pay for a new transmission for my curretn 2003 hybrid or pay a good chunk twoards a new honda for me. I saw thre was a class action towards warranty extenson on our transmissions. Did any of you get any notification of this. I surely did not. I don't know where to start but would appreciate any links to point me in the right direction.
    Thank you all--
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    Honda recalled the HCH "03 CVT transmission in Japan, but not here. they knew it was defective from get go. My '02 Odyssey has the same problem, and they knew it had a defective's in the owners manual..!!! they slapped a bad-aid repair that did not work (the tranny by-pass lines) I had to shell out 3000usd to get it repaired properly by a transmission shop that is making a very nice living fixing Honda transmissions. the dealerships and Honda corporate have a nice thing going.,,they manufacture defective vehicles (and deny the defect or allow a partial repair) and the dealership takes you to the cleaners by way of complicating a repair. Honda doesn't care about their customers. they are living in the past. I will never buy anything made by Honda again. At least Toyota stands by their products and customers..!
  • look last night my trans died at a redlight i didnt even know till the light turned green and the car didnt move all itdid waas rev up. need help wat do yall think it is. shop said they had a similar car do the same thing said the torque converter was stripped . the car didnt even give me a warning or nothin it was runnin fine. please comment with ur advice. oh my car has 127,000 miles chck engine light came on and the drive light was blinking
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    what can I say. If the transmission was properly maintained..this should not happen. The transmission is defective..they know it..and now they will try to sell you another. If I were you (not knowing where you live) I would hit the phone book and see if you can find a nearby transmission shop that can fix CVT transmissions. Good Luck
  • see im a nissan man thats what i race and build my girl bought this cause she dont know no better i was in prison lol and when it comes to cars she thought she was gettin a good car see i dont mess with hondas anyway but im glad this forum is here cause it really help i took it to the shop yesterday they called this morning and told me they gonna replace the clutch and flex plate he already knew bout the shaft strippin so i was surprised cause i aint gonna keep buyin trans especially knowin what i know now besides that though i love the car rides good this the first time its givin me any problems i mean i gotta a lot of work im gonna do to it i already cause a bangin [non-permissible content removed] system in it im tryin to hook the first hybrid up here where im from Milledgeville, Ga but i should have it back tomorow if not monday the tab $897 lol hey do u know if a system will affect the hybrid part in the long run let me know something preciate it
  • tedd50tedd50 Posts: 7
    That same thing has happened twice to me. The first time, I back up about six feet, put the car in drive, nothing happened. The 2nd time, I had gotten on the freeway, and was accelerating into the fast lane and it let go. Both times it was the flex plate that goes between the engine and trans. The flex plate is bolted to the motor, and drives the tranny through splines that go over the input shaft on the tranny. Both times the splines in the center of the flex plate disintergrated. Around 138000 I had to put in a new trans. It started making a noise, the dealer said it needed a new trans, that cost $3,480.00. I heard years ago that honda ran forever. Now I know better.
  • This an update on the transmission problem I had in my 08 Civic Hybrid. After removal and dissasembly of the trans, a pulley support bearing was found to be faulty. I scoured the internet for the bearing, which measures 40mm ID, 75mm OD, and 16mm width and couldn't find ANYTHING. I went to some local bearing companies and they didn't have the exact size. I called the bearing company who made the bearing for Honda, NTN, and they informed me that the part number is exclusive to Japan and cannot be bought by a private individual. There is some contract with Honda that prevents it. Anyway, after all this [non-permissible content removed], I debated on buying the $1900 intermediate plate that comes with the bearing in it (you can't buy the bearing separately), the pulleys and the belt. I have a different idea though. The closest I can come to the correct size bearing is 40mm ID X 68mm OD X 15mm width. I'll just have a machine shop make a spacer to take up the 7mm of outside diameter that I'll be missing with the new bearing... then I'll post again to tell you how it goes!

    It is my hope that I can help someone else with a similar problem... these transmissions are simple. Once it has been pulled from the vehicle, it comes apart easily. If you can follow a schematic and you have reasonable mechanical skills and tools, you can do this repair yourself.
  • the people fixin my car said they had to replace the flex plate what yall think
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    why don;t you google Honda cvt transmission...there are some excellent diagrams of it it is quite small. maybe you can print it and ask them where the "flex plate" is located.
  • tedd50tedd50 Posts: 7
    The person fixing your car could be correct. My 05 Honda has had the flex plate replaced two times, The center splines of the flex plate disintegrate, they just destroy themselves. If you look back in this forum you can see a picture of what happens to it, that someone posted.
  • tedd50tedd50 Posts: 7
    I needed my car, so I had to let the Dealer repair it. I have no clue about after market OEM flex plates. Maybe NAPA or Google. Good Luck!
  • hch_doctorhch_doctor Posts: 17
    edited October 2010
    Pics of my 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid Transmission and description of repair.
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    WOW.....! that was great...! I'm not a technician, but as a hardware man, I can appreciate your work and explanation.. the retainer probably fell apart because it could not sustain the pressure and (I think you hit the nail on the head) the heat generated. I think your fix will be better than the original. looks like poor Honda engineering (again) thank you so much.
  • Thanks. I wanted to take more pics, but got so involved in taking the transmission apart, I forgot. If you need parts for your honda, or just want to see detailed parts diagrams and decent prices, go to
  • I tried starting my car tonight and when I went past the II towards III, the green key light blinks (the immobilizer won't let me start the car!) The key fob works to unlock and lock the car and I checked the (12v) battery voltage (it was at 13.4v), so that wasn't the problem either.

  • Hi folks, new here but have gove through all the posts and would ask your expert opinion. 2004 HCH, 80,000 miles. No issues until now except the juddering that was fixed by replacement of the starter clutch under warranty.

    I'm starting to experience occasional problems where the power to the wheels isn't being delivered evenly. Especially at lower speeds -- often very low speeds... walking, jogging pace... when I give the engine some gas, the transmission "snatches" causing the car to jerk forward.

    That's what I mean by uneven power delivery -- the application of power to the wheels isn't always smooth. Sometimes, this uneven start from a stop will cause what others have described as a "bucking" motion which stops when I slow or apply power.

    That only seems to happen in the very low power range. In the UK, where I am originally from, my driving instructor would (kindly) say that he had put some "kangaroo petrol" in the tank that day when my clutch work in the manual vehicle wasn't so good.

    I've seen references to this issue from another poster or two, and it's been mentioned that the "jerking sensation" is from the clutch plates in the CVT (transmission). The only correction, the person wrote, is to have new clutch plates installed-- a $600-800 job (probably more now).

    I can probably stretch to having this work done if I'm reasonably sure that it would be a decent fix and that, otherwise, my transmission is fairly solid. But, of course, I'm frankly horrified by what I've read on this board about transmissions.

    So my questions are: Is this developing issue a precursor to major transmission problems, and should I offload the car now, while I still probably can?

    Thanks for any wisdom you can offer. I'm just a girl.
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