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Toyota Land Cruiser Navigation System



  • The disc has to stay in whatever system you plan on using it in.

    If indeed you want to keep her disc in your LC I do not know if there would be compatibility. There is a very knowledgeable guy on this forum with "Nav" in his signon who--I am sure--can answer that.

    Just curious, what do you consider outdated about the 05 system? Is it the map data or the interface?
  • Unbelievable! I also have a 2004 Land Cruiser with the navigation problem of external power lost etc. It was recently diagnosed w/ 106,000 miles on it after a trip to the dealership for brake work. To my knowledge nothing was done with the battery. I was also told almost $6,000 for new replacement unit. After going to a non-dealer he was able to locate a pre-owned unit for a cost of $2350 installed w/ 12 month warranty. I still have not pulled the trigger and after reading all of the posts with the same problem, I must say that I am definitely perplexed. Help.....
  • I have lost the satellie radio one two and three display on my nav system. I have a2007 landcruiser and after getting sirius to activate my subscription the satellite one two or three will not come up on the display either from the steering wheel control, the radio control or the voice activation control. ever heard of this nav/guy.
  • Try disconnectiog your battery 4 a minute and it will probably reset your Sirius
  • Anybody know where the nav cd is located? dealer doesn't
  • I just had the EXACT same thing happen to me today. I am sick over it. No one at the dealer had a clue about what to do. I left on the note of they promising to call me in a day or two as they will research the problem.
  • it is in the unit under the front passenger seat. best access is from the back of the seat.
  • cdo863cdo863 Posts: 9
    Got things straightened out today.

    The service dept called Denso about the problem, and were told that I had a disc problem. Back in March of 2010, I updated the NAV/DVD with discs I purchased from a Toyota dealer. Apparently, the system needed the original disc in order to reboot and reload properly. Glad I had the original disc from 2003. The system read the old disc (kind of slowly...) and things looked normal. After a few moments, we ejected the 2003 disc and inserted the 2010 disc. Everything worked, all systems are functioning like new. Whew! Thought I would share this information as it might be helpful to someone. Happy New Year.
  • pobajpobaj Posts: 2
    Whilst playing around with navigation maps, I somehow got a Video DVD Disc loaded into the Navigation Map DVD Player.

    Since then, all efforts to eject the CD has failed. The screen console is reporting "Unable to read data. Check the map DVD is correct" but selecting the eject icon on the screen does not eject the wrong disc.

    Is it possible to get the CD ejected without my having to visit the dealer/garage? Has anyone else had a similar experience that could be of assistance?
  • pobajpobaj Posts: 2
    The vehicle came preset for Saudi Arabia but I am currently in Africa and need to have the "time zone" setting changed from "GMT+3" to "GMT".

    Currently, the screen console give only 2 options "GMT+3" and "GMT+4" neither of which is suitable.

    Can anyone advice how this can be achieved?
  • cdo863cdo863 Posts: 9
    Hm, not sure but I just had an issue when I got a new battery. My unit did not function/would not open/would not read the disc, etc. When I drove the car the next day, after about 15 minutes, the unit opened by itself!! I guess from me pushing the "open" button earlier? For some reason it took the unit a while to "warm up"?? When the unit opened I was able to eject the disc, which was the 2010 Denso update disc. I had to put my original disc back into the unit, let it load, then take it out and put in the updated disc to get things back to normal. Maybe disconnect/reconnect the battery will force your system back to factory settings and allow the CD to be ejected? Let me know if/when you get it out.
  • gumasxgumasx Posts: 2
    edited January 2011
    I have a 2004 LC and would like to install a satellite enabled radio instead of the JBL already installed. I love the sound quality of the JBL but want to listen to XM while on the road.

    Has anyone installed a satellite radio without the cumbersome wires and hookups that many post market satellite/ipod hookups require?? If so, what brand and model radio did you use. Did you have any problems?

    Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!!
  • donghundonghun Posts: 2
    I have same problem today. Could you tell me how you ejected the DVD?
    My car is 2008 Toyota sequoia.

  • Hi all,

    I have a cousin who has a 97 LC with a navi systems that controls all electronics (navigation, AC, stereo, radio etc) in Japanese. Is there a way that I can purchase a navi system with English language for 1997 LC (assuming I can find one either at a dealership or junkyard)? The radio uses a different frequency and has a horrible connection. The thing is, he doesn't understand any Japanese, he understand English however. The car was imported to Indonesia directly from Japan. Thank you.
  • otg8rgrlotg8rgrl Posts: 5
    I am upgrading a 2001 Landcruiser's navigation DVD. Any advice on updates? Did yours work? Any problems?
  • otg8rgrlotg8rgrl Posts: 5
    I didn't see a reply giving advice, but I would check with the company Video Service Stop. They would be able to tell you whether they have fixed this type of problem. We had a disk reading error and sent our part off. It was fixed and sent back and the problem was resolved. Much less than the dealer quoted.
  • cdo863cdo863 Posts: 9
    I bought a new disc and updated it myself. Worked out fine, was simple. I did buy it from a reputable Toyota dealer. I can recommend someone if you'd like. It was simple. Do keep the original disc, though. After a battery change, the DVDNAV would not reboot without the original disc. This was something even the dealer did not know about. Good luck!
  • dwj_42dwj_42 Posts: 3
    Do not buy a 'bootleg' replacement DVD....I bought one on Ebay and it didn't work.....I did get a refund. I then bought an upgrade DVD from a Toyota dealer and changed it myself. My LC is a 2002 and the DVD player is under the front passenger seat. Access it from the rear of the seat. Eject the existing DVD and then insert the new one. Works fine.
  • phuthumaphuthuma Posts: 12
    I have an '03 and considered an upgrade--what does toyota charge for a factory nav disc update and is it worth it? A dealer employee thought a garmin is the way to go as the new disc may not provide that much more info/detail. Agree?
  • cdo863cdo863 Posts: 9
    I paid about 200 for my update, about a year ago. I have a 2004, and waited until 2010 to update. (Updates are available every 2 years). It is a matter of preference. The Garmin is fine, so is the Magellin - just make sure you register them on your PC; if you don't, after a few months they won't work. Being portable is a plus if you drive more than one car, use a rental, etc. I decided to upgrade when I noticed I was "off-roading" too much, with new lanes/interchanges that had been built over the last 6 years. After the disc upgrade, I did notice that traffic conditions were more accurate, the system did a better job in re-routing me depending on traffic.
    I never use the voice-commands, so I cannot comment on them. (they annoy me, actually!!)
    One thing I like about the NAVDVD is that the screen is big, and I can split the screen to get a view of the overall route on the left, then the detailed view on the right, or even a "heads up" view.
  • sazizi3sazizi3 Posts: 1
    Did you buy the get the new version through a dealership?
  • cdo863cdo863 Posts: 9
    I did but the new version thru a Toyota dealership.

    Important: Keep your original disc in case you ever need to re-boot the system. I had to do this once in the 8 years I have had my vehicle. Glad I kept it.
  • We have a 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser which has served us reasonably well. We actually bought the car for its navigation system among other things, which was system unusual back then. Now the thing has failed and we are told it is the computer itself that has failed. The dealer wants $6K to install a new computer. Of course we choked. They said we could obtain a used one for $2K. I would wonder about their motives. Of course we are out of warranty with 150,000 miles on the vehicle. Can these computers be repaired or are there one available for somewhat less than the value of my car?
  • kjack100kjack100 Posts: 133
    edited September 2011
    From 2006 on or so, you could calibrate our nav and it would hold for a couple of days. Then it would drift off having you 100's of miles from where you actually were.

    I tried a nav disk out of our 2005 4Runner which was compatible but that did not help. I broke down for one of my wife's Christmas presents last year (romantic, no?)a nd bought the "disk player" (under the passenger seat part) from an ebay seller (toyolexnavspec). Installed it(easy)and it solved my problems.

    The seller was negotiable (about 20% off) and guaranteed my money back if it did not fix my problems. Good luck with yours.
  • If you go through this thread you will find that someone in the past named a service that repairs these things. I think it was somewhere in New Jersey, but not sure. Of course it would be helpful to get info from someone who had the repair done by them to ensure they have a track record.

    I am curious about what happened. Did it simply not come on one day? Had you changed your car's battery around the time of the problem? And do the other functions of the video interface--like the audio and hvac controls and trip info--work?

    Good luck in getting it fixed.
  • Our oldest and responsible daughter borrowed the car, so the details are sketchy, but she said that it just failed to open one day after driving on a somewhat bumpy gravel road. Now it just reads, "No disc found." There is a disc, even a current one, but after having it checked out at the dealer, they came to the conclusion that the computer had failed, charged us $117 and said we could purchase a new one for $6K or a used one for $1200 to 2500 or so. I find rebuilt ones on the Internet for 2004 Land Cruisers, but none for one as old as 2002.
  • Interesting. It would be reassuring to know that they disconnected and reconnected the wiring harness for the disc reading unit under the front passenger seat and removed, inspected and carefully replaced the disc.

    But back to my original question: do the other functions that the computer controls and displays on the screen like audio, hvac and trip info work? (I am assuming that you have roughly the same interface as a 2005, where there are many more functions to that screen besides the nav display).

    If so, I would start by finding a replacement for the disc reading unit under the seat and see what that yields. I imagine that could be purchased used for much less than the computer.
  • Your assumptions are correct in that everything else works, DVD, climate control, audio, just the disc reader seems to be out of whack. Do you know if the so-called computer and disc reading unit for the navigation system under the front passenger seat are separate units? The dealer seemed to indicate that they were one and the same. Interesting that only the navigation system has failed. I reads that no disc is detected. Ejecting and replacing my disc did nothing. They checked it and said the computer had failed and said that they had never seen that happen on any of their cars in their experience. Good to be a first.
  • I have a 2002 LC had the same problem no dics found. I to went to the dealer 5k for a new one. I took my unit out and shipped it to these guys that I saw here in a thread. I looking for my invoice but the cost to look at it was 149.00 I think parts and labor was no more than 300.00 It was around 250.00. Going on 2 years no problem works like new.

    Audio & Video Service Stop

    Audio & Video Service Stop
    316 Washington Street
    Weymouth, MASS 02188
  • I don't know for certain that the computer serving all those audio, video and other functions does not exist in that unit that contains the disc under the seat, but I would be very surprised if it did. I imagine it would take some time and persistence, but it would be worth trying to find some knowledgeable person at some level in Toyota (bound to be hard to do that by just calling in...but probably possible), or at some other Toyota dealer's parts or service departments to get an idea of where the failed function resides. Parts guys can be a great resource because they have access to service manuals also and they are usually not busy.

    I would also give those guys in Mass. mentioned in the thread above a call to see how knowledgeable and familiar they sound with the system. Pick their brains.

    This type of failure has happened to others in association with changing the battery of the car. Also, you may try on some other dedicated LC forum like iH8mud for others advice in resolving this.

    Good luck and PLEASE post back when you get this resolved as to what you did. If I see anything else on this I will post here.
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