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Toyota Land Cruiser Navigation System



  • I was playing around with my Nav system going into the mode to get the over ride. I noticed on one of the menus that there were a list of maps so I clicked on the first one which is Japanese. Now it says insert new disk, obviously I don't have one. What I can't do is get back to the original system. Now I can't get the menu button is dead, only have partial use of my blue tooth, and can't get back to the screen with the volume icon to get back where I screwed up. I've learned my lesson don't play with toys I have limited know ledge about. :sick:
  • I just received in the mail today an offer from Toyota to buy the Autumn 2011 Navigation Disc release (version 11.1) for a "New Lower Price of $169".

    I have an '05 LC with the original disc.

    Having never updated the disc, I was curious to know if anyone who has done it in the past has encountered any glitches or wishes they hadn't.

    It may seem like an odd question, but if you are familiar with some of the posts on this part of the forum related to the Nav system crashing and how big of a problem it is to recover from, I would hate to do anything that has even the most remote chance of causing a big problem.

  • cdo863cdo863 Posts: 9
    I would do it. I upgraded my 2004 in 2010! That price is very good, and some dealer send out 20% off coupons for parts, so that would be sweeten the deal. I paid 189 or 199...
    It is very easy; literally take out the original disc, insert the new one. Your addresses should still be there, but you might have to choose the area/zone and the screen setting. Keep the original disc, though, in case the system needs rebooting. I had to do this after a battery change, when the dealer disconnected the unit.
  • I wanted to see if anyone might have some advice for me about this... We have a 2001 LC with what we have been told is the Gen 2/3 Navigation unit. We wanted to update our disk, and did so this past summer. The problem is that when they put the new disk in, the POI buttons and putting a destination no longer work. The whole system seems to take forever, like it is an old computer that you are loading some type of new program on. The dealership doesn't seem to have a clue as to what is wrong. They have sent the disk back and gotten a new one to try, thinking it was some type of disk error. Our nav unit was working perfectly until the new disk was loaded. Also, they don't tell you up front, that once the new disk is loaded, they can't just put the old one in and it works again. Now NOTHING works!! We paid $200 to have a non-functioning nav unit. Trying to see what I can find out from dealership and corporate. What infuriates me more, is nobody can tell me that they have seen this particular unit accept the updates. Has anybody out there had this unit and had a successful upgrade? I believe our new disk was the Generation 10 disk.
  • Ouch. That was exactly what I was worried about.

    You say it was a 2011 model with a Gen 2/3 system?
  • I am having this problem too. I googled it and saw a Toyota technical service bulletin saying to cycle the ignition key from on-off-on. This is actually my uncle's 2007 and its not here yet to try that. navguy do you know anything about this??
  • It is a 2001 LC with a Gen 2/3 system. We purchased the DVD directly from a toyota dealership. They have tried a replacement disk, and contacted Denso for a "repair" disk. Toyota is still working with us to try and resolve. $200 for a non-functioning navigation system. At least it plays the map. I wanted to let people know about this, so if they purchase the disk they make sure that the buttons to get to the destination and POI buttons work before leaving the dealership!
  • gussycatgussycat Posts: 1
    Purchasing an '02 LC. The one and only flaw I can find is that the nav system will not take a destination. I spoke with a Toyota tech and was told that he was not aware that only that particular inability of the system would malfunction and that the problem would have to be deeper than that. Although it's not all that important to me, I would like to find out what the problem is and whether or not it would be worth the expense.
  • phuthumaphuthuma Posts: 12
    sounds expensive to repair an old/nearly outdated nav system.
    use your smart phone and/or purchase the latest Garmin nav--less $ and more reliable
  • sdonesdone Posts: 6
    I have now had my navigation computer in the hands of audio video stop in Mass since my last post. They returned it to me supposedly fixed and upon installing it, it still did not work. They asked me to send it back to them which I did and we are now going on 6 months and still no computer. The amount of money spent on shipping alone would have purchased a stand alone navigator like Garmin or such.
    They said recently that they would send the unit back and refund my money, but we have seen none of that.

    My latest communication with them now suggests they think they have solved the dilemma of repair and plan to have it done shortly. I will post more if the unit works or fails. Truthfully, I am not very hopeful.
  • otg8rgrlotg8rgrl Posts: 5
    My guess is that they updated the navigation at the dealership before they sold it. This was our problem. It was like Toyota wasn't even aware that their "upgrade" wasn't going to be handled in that model of GPS. I have been talking to customer service.
  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Posts: 110
    Well that really stinks. :mad:

    I'm curious if the navigation computer was just the device under the seat that contains the disc or something that you had to remove from somewhere else in the car?
  • sid25sid25 Posts: 1
    Hi I have a 2003 LC w/ 77k miles. Last week I started it up and Navigation screen read
    "disk read error, please check disk".
    We haven't been experiencing any other problems. My husband tried to eject the disk under the seat but it won't eject disk. Not sure what to do. We are looking for some suggestions before bringing it to Toyota and paying fee for diagnostics.
  • sdonesdone Posts: 6
    We sent our computer from our 2002 LandCruiser to Audio and Video Service Stop in Weymouth MA. They claimed to have fixed the computer and sent it back to us, but it did not work and they told us to send it back which we did. All this costs money for shipment. They have now had it for 8 months and all calls to them have been futile as far as return of the computer, refund of money or anything satisfactory. In the meantime we have purchased a Garmin navigator for less than it cost us to send the other back and forth and certainly less than the cost of repair which did not work. It actually works better than the original so I am not too displeased, but out a bit of money to Audio and Video "Service" Stop.
  • This is exactly the error that we received, and sent ours into Video Service Stop. They fixed it and sent it back to us. I would suggest calling them, and telling them the year of your navigation unit. They may ask for some information on the box itself. They can pretty much tell you if it is one that is regularly repaired in the store. I know there have been some negative comments pertaining to the company, but they really were great to work with. I would not even take it to Toyota...they will diagnose and tell you it is $2200. Video service stop will even tell you how to get out the box to send it. I think they may have kept other people's units for extended periods of time because they are determined to learn how to fix each unit. Before I sent ours in, I found some website that spoke highly of them and told the history about how they got into the business.
    The only other words of advice I have, is once it is fixed, don't always press the "accept" on the screen. Keep the screen black if you don't need the map. Apparently, I have been told, this does not over use the lazer. It may make it last longer.
  • studawgstudawg Posts: 2
    When my uncle had the problem with his satellite in his 07 Land Cruiser, he called the Toyota dealer, they referred him to an independent audio installation shop in the area that they outsource everything to. They told him that they were going to have to take everything out of the car by stripping the interior and put in a new tuner, receiver etc.... I told him that sounds crazy.

    So I told my uncle to bring the car by my house. I disconnected both the negative AND postive terminals on the battery and left them disconnected for at least 10 minutes. I then hooked it back up and everything worked fine.

    I WOULD HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT WHEN ANYONE HAS ANY PROBLEMS LIKE THIS, TO DISCONNECT THE BATTERY COMPLETELY TO RESET ALL THE ELECTRONICS. Disconnect BOTH cables and leave them disconnected for a short time, so any memory gets reset as well.
  • What did you end up doing? I have a 2007 that reads the same message. I called Video Service Stop and the number seems to be disconnected. Is there anyone else that can solve this problem?
  • sdonesdone Posts: 6
    Alas, they The outfit in Massachussets, have my money and my unit, the computer from under the seat and I have nothing. They claimed to have repaired it, sent it back to us and I installed it and it still did not work. I asked them what to do and they suggested sending it back which I did at my expense yet again.
    Countless emails, telephone calls and such were of no avail and now their number is not in service and they answer to no inquiry.
    I am out my $385 or so that I sent them, the money to ship it back and my computer.
    In the meanwhile I have a Garmin GPS that I use that is actually superior to the original unit and I like it fine. I should have done that in the first place and avoided all the expense and fuss since the unit cost less than the projected repair by Video Service Stop and the money I lost. I certainly think that the Toyota dealers repair or replacement is a total rip-off and would not go that route unless you are still under warranty. They want a whole lot more for the computer than it is worth and the rest of the functions other than navigation still work even without the unit in the car.
    I hope this information is of use to you.
  • The Garmin GPS might be an option for part of the system, but it also controls the heat & air conditioner on my 2004 Land Cruiser, so that won't work for me. Searching for a used unit.
  • I'm having the same issue with my 2004 LC. Now that I have read it on here, mine issues may have started after replacement of the original factory battery this summer. I'm searching for a used replacment. Do I need part #86111-60250, the LCD Navigation unit 03-07 or part #86841-33060, the Navigation & CD Drive 01-05 or part#86841-50090, Navigation & CD Drive 01-07 ?
  • I am interested to integrate an iphone/music player into my 2003 LC. I have a Gen 3 NAV and multi-CD player. There are aftermarket 'kits' that claim this can be done, and then can use the controls to select and play music. Anyone have experience with this? Recommend a brand or website? Does it work well? I don't want to mess up the NAV system.
  • lc_cygnus_2000lc_cygnus_2000 Posts: 1
    edited April 2014

    navguy and egusman, where are you when needed the most. Saw some of your earlier posts and comments helping out the community.

    I have a Japanese Import Landcruiser 100 Cygnus model 2000 in the UK.
    Firstly, the EMV is in Japanese. Is there any way of converting this to English?
    Secondly, when I bought the car, it did'nt have the navigation dvd player under the drivers seat. I managed to get hold of a part nbr 86841-30081 from a scrap yard in Pakistan (Bilaal Ganj) for less than £100.00 but when I got it back to UK found out there's no cd in the unit. Am trying to find the right CD to go with the unit. I've been to a number of my local Toyota Dealerships but they have been unsuccessful in helping out. Am after either a compatible cd to work in my navigation (ecu) for UK or a wiring diagram which will allow me to trace the video feed to the EMV and run an independant/third party navigation system.
    Anyone please help?

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