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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 4x4 Questions



  • Those wires that you moved needs to be replaced , those things go bad , go to a wrecking yard , cut off what you need , solder them back on , dont forget to use shrink sleeve on the joints you soldered.
  • More than likely the encoder, if the front drive works.
  • Interesting, did not realize the on board computer ? was an issue. First I have read of this. Thanks for Sharing!
  • tex729tex729 Posts: 1
    Having the same problem, same truck 94 K1500 when shifting into 4WD the fuse blows. Front drive shaft is turning when engaged, but front axle will not turn.
    Any suggestions?
  • Yes , try the wires going to the front actuator, they seem to break very easy and short, also the front Actuator, check it
  • I have a 2004 GMC Sierra and am trying to replace the actuator (motor encoder). It seems that the new motor encoder has been turned 180 degrees from where it needs to be so it can be installed on the truck. Does anyone know how to turn the new part . . or if it's possible to turn the new actuator.
  • Just turn the little gear on transfer case to match the encoder.
  • The new encoder should have come with a white plastic locator that fits into the encoder spline and only one of the three mounting bolt holes. This puts the encoder into neutral. You must use channel locks, or something to grab the spline shaft on the transfer case and move it to the corresponding neutral position. The orientation will be a little confusing as you lay under your truck and try to match the encoder, so take your time and DON'T force the encoder to match your truck. The encoder has a small brake inside to lock the gears of the encoder motor that is released by the controller under the dash when making shifts. As a side note, stay away from the Auto 4 WD feature in areas like deep sand, etc. where the load is constantly changing. The encoder will run constantly to apply varying amounts of clutch engagement to maintain zero wheel slippage as opposed to 4 hi or 4 lo where the clutch pack is fully engaged. I burned up an encoder driving on the beach where the sand was hard packed in some areas and soft and deep in others. Now I only use constant 4 WD in sand and mud and use the Auto 4WD feature only on wet roads to start out at intersections. The encoder will actuate the fork that engages the clutch pack to stop front/rear wheel slippage, then go back to 2 WD. The less you use the encoder, the better.
  • I want to lift my 2005 gmc Z71 OFF ROAD 4X4 about 3 to 4 inches can anyone recomend a lift kit ? also what size tires can i put on after the lift for a little extra. THANKS IN ADVANCE Rafael
  • hi there everybody ive read everybodys posts and its great you all help each other so I have a question when i turn the key to the on postion all the 4x4 lights come on like the 4 high /4 low and the 2 high light but when the truck is running all the lights go off i can lock it in the 4 low range and the 4 high and the 4 low lights stay on at the same time but i cant get the 2 high light to stay on at all can some one please give me some advice thanks you in advance. i know the 4 low works cause on ice and snow the truck launches thanks
  • Sounds as though you a have a problem with the switch itself, although it could be the encoder on the transfer case , me--- I would have it checked at a transmision shop where they have a computer to check it.Every time you unhook a wire on the truck , you should have the + cable off the battery, cause this puts another code into your main computer, I fooled with mine , knowing I could fix it , but after a few months carried it to a transmission shop , it had 25 codes on it , cost me a hundred dollars but it was worth every penny.
  • Needing help to determine what my problem is. I was driving home on the interstate with my 4 HI on without realizing why my truck seamed loud ( thought it was my exhaust). After a several miles the noise stopped. When I got in my truck the next day I noticed it was in 4 HI but the front wheels would not engage. The 4 HI light comes on just fine when pushed as does the 2 HI. Does anyone have an idea of why the front wheels won't engage? I really hate to take it to the shop (can't afford it).

    Thanks in advance,

  • Pull off the skid plate , then unscrew the actuator,(long ,about 8in. long with a plug in) then have someone to switch the truck on to see if the actuator is kicking in and out, if it is not moving when you push the button from h to L ,then it would be the actuator, If the actuator is out, it would be ingaging, if in, its not.
    Don't be afraid you will lose grease, it will only drop out a few drops.
    IF the actuator is working, it can be the front gears.
    lots of luck
  • Hi there,

    I'm new to the forums but I've been reading them for a few days doing a bit of research. I've got a 2003 Silverado 1500 with the electronic switch on the instrument panel to engage the 4 wheel drive. I'm noticing what I would call a grinding noise coming from the drivers side front when I activate either the auto 4WD or 4 hi. Its very noticeable when I make the switch on the move and will persist until I switch back to 2DW. I could not hear it when I engaged the 4WD and drove in reverse up my driveway...its a pretty long driveway so I think I would have heard it but I can't be sure.

    From other posts on the board concerning similar problems, I'm leaning in the direction of the wheel bearing on that side but I wanted to pick a few brains here to be sure.


  • Front whell bearing, internal front carrier bearing, check your Tranfer case housing to see if the bols are loose, and hope that it is not locking differnial.Jack up the front end , Turn the tires by hand and see if it makes a rough noise.
    Could also be a u joint in front drive shaft
  • svgasvga Posts: 3
    Hi all,
    I have read thru all of the relevant post in this section and I haven't read anything about the problem I am having.

    I was cruising down the freeway at about 65-70mph in 4Hi and I noticed what I can best describe as a clunk from under the truck. It was very intermittent and disappeared when I switched to 2Hi. I had a jeep several years ago and I remember what it feels like when the chain is slipping over the gears....this feels very similar. I checked the fluid and found it was low. I filled the case and went for a test drive. I now noticed the same problem only under acceleration at speeds above 10-15mph. At this point I figure the chain has stretched due to lack of oil.

    Yesterday afternoon I tried the 4Hi again and notice there is now no problems, no "clunk" or what feels to be chain slippage. I drove it around for several hours without issues. I drive into work this morning and it does it starts doing it again. I went out for lunch and tried again...this time when I press the 4Hi button I hear a grinding noise under the truck. I am thinking maybe the 4 wheel drive is not engaging fully?? Could a bad encoder on the transfer case be my entire problem? Maybe multiple problems? Any help would be great!

  • it is not the lock. it is unlocked and neither handle will open the door. any other trick?
  • svgasvga Posts: 3

    I tried the 4Lo position and I am having no problems at all. In 4Hi, it mostly makes grinding noises in forwards and reverse. I am leaning towards the TC motor.

  • A while back i caught myself driving in 4 hi going bout 60-70 mph. I stoped and put it back in 2 hi right then. been driving only bout a mile. Also I broke my drivers side cv axle pulling a 2500 out. When I put it in 4Hi of 4Lo i hear it sound liek its locking in, put my front passenger side wheel will not spin. Any help there?
  • My 1998 Chevy 1/2 ton was spitting gear oil out the breather hose after a long trip.
    Drained the oil and there is no metal.
    Is it possible the actuator stuck?
  • hi i have a 2004 gmc 1500 the vservice 4wd light is on and the push button indicator light is stuck in 4hi the truck also only moves if you start it and drive once you stop its like its in neutral please any help would be appreciated
  • hi i have a 2004 gmc 1500 4x4 the truck dash says service 4wd and the push button is stuck in 4hi and the truck will only move for a bit then you have to shut the truck off restart it and it will move alittle more please help im lost !
  • Looks as though you hit a bad question, But , carry it to a transmission shop , they can run a scan on it , and can tell you what the problem is, if its just codes , then it won't cost very much to fix it.
  • Hi

    I have a 1995 chevy Silverado 4X4 with the same problem, I was wonderring if you could tell me where you found the shcok mount from the dealer for $102.88

    [email protected]
  • changed the fluid and fillter it was black ,,it seems to be working fine now i hope
  • How do I access the rear brake drum on a 2000 Silverado 3/4 ton pickup?
  • tje1958tje1958 Posts: 2
    Ended up taking the truck to the dealer to have it diagnosed, turns out the chain had rubbed a hole in the case, the oil leaked out and turned my transfer case into a scrap bucket. They did give me an estimate on the repairs, $2,250. Looks like I will have a 2 wheel drive for a while. :sick:
  • havatokerhavatoker Posts: 39
    Just check out the posts on ebay, you will find one, but make sure you get the right one.
    go by the tag on the rear of transfer case.
  • roberobroberob Posts: 1
    my 2005 silverado has a problem in auto 4 wd while driving feels like its going in and out of 4 wd no slippage of tires this happens on dry pavement ?
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