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Mazda CX-7 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • des5des5 Posts: 88
    There are always going to be jerk dealers who hold out for totally clueless customers. Are you telling me all seven are just like that? Or the others don't have what you want? My best offer ultimately came from the a store that started as one of the worst.
  • Only went to one dealer so far.

    This car is for my wife. She usually says "just get me what you think is best". Well, I did, got a killer deal on a loaded Yukon when employee pricing hit and the 6k rebates were in place (and gas was in the $2 range). Every option but partial Denali package, (engine and side molding)- everything else was there. Well, two years later, it's "too big", "this", "that"...basically, in wife-speak, she wants a new car. She can't stand going to a dealer after a bad experience she had when she was younger. At 18, she walked in several dealerships with cash in hand (from an insurance settlement) and no one would even talk to her. She had to get her parents to go with her to even get anyones attention. Shows you what pre-qualifying gets you (and I was guilty of that before as well, she had 30k burning a hole in her pocket and her parents couldn't pay attention, let alone a car payment. Basically, my goal yesterday was to have her drive a CX-7 and make sure she liked it. I like the residual, current incentives, safety- basically, right now, I consider it best bang for the buck in the crossover market factoring in her "wants".
    Primary goal was to get her opinion on the vehicle, colors, etc. Secondary was to get an initial deal/offer to build on. Heck, if I had known that was going to be sticker and a low ball on my trade, I would not have bothered.
    I need to move quick on this. Well, I want to. And it shouldn't be hard with all the info we have. So, last night, to speed things up, I threw out a request online for quotes- almost all 7 dealers have the same inventory of the $24,400 sports. It's been about 18 hours, so far I have received 1 reply, from the dealer we visited yesterday, not realizing they had just blown us out the door. The "quote". The "Quote" was "the CX=7 is a great car and we are sure you will love it as much as we do. When would you like to come in and drive one?" (come on Edmunds, don;t you have rules for these guys?).

    I am heading out now to hit a few dealer sans wife and see what I can do.

    Disclaimer: I grew up in the car business. My family owns multiple (not Mazda) dealerships, including one of the number 1 ford dealerships in the US, however several states away from where I live now. I spend several college summers as a car "ho", actually winning a Rolex from Oldsmobile for being the top Olds salesperson in one of their final months (wasn't hard with the incentives they had). Point being-> I know what it "costs' to get someone in the door. Walk-in or off an ad, there is an associated price for every head that walks through that door. If my father saw a salesman let someone leave while holding 5k, the first thing he would say would be "do they live near you?". The puzzled sales person would usually respond by tilting his head like Nipper the RCA mascot and ask "why?". My father would respond, "because maybe they can give you a ride home so you don't have to walk". :P
  • Purchased my wife a 2008 CX-7 today. She just wanted a Sport, nothing too fancy, pref white with sand. As she had already driven one at "the other dealer" last week, I went ahead and did the shopping for her.

    Walked into dealer #2 yesterday afternoon. They had 7 of the "standard" Sports in stock, then one or two with a few extras. I chose an 08 Sport White Pearl/Sand with power seat/mats/a few basics as a starting point, sticker was 25 and change. I knew invoice would be about $23600, the $3500 would drop it to about $21000. The average around here (for the $24300 stocks) is about 19200. invoice on the options should have been around $500. I was obviously going to let them make the first move number wise, but I knew I wanted them to be around $20k max for starts.

    Before they gave me a number, I told them I have a trade. I am asking them to be upfront and honest, so I am going to do the same. the sales manager asked if it was the Yukon out front- I said it was. He then asked if I had gotten any appraisals so far, dealers or CarMax/Cash Buy lots. I told him that I had been to CarMax to get an estimate of what to expect. He asked if I would mind telling him what they offered- usually, in hard negotiations, that's not something I would want to spit out. But that wasn't the atmosphere here and that was definitely not the vibe he was giving off. So I told him the truth, $13500. He basically said "take it, and take it before the appraisal date runs out. I can't come close to that. He told me about an expedition he had to end up running through Mannheim because it sat so long and how he only got about $7500 for it- an easy $19999 retail a few months ago. this had no effect on his sale at all, so I appreciated the honesty. If I struck a deal there, I could still sell my Yukon on my own or dump it at Carmax. While a little disappointing, that actually earned them points in my book. If nothing else, I knew they just eliminated any chance of the "trade for" game, the "hide the keys" game, etc.

    So, here comes the numbers. After the MSRP fiasco with the other clowns, I had no idea what to expect. As long as it was close to 21k, I knew I had a fighting chance. He looks me right in the eye and says (paraphrasing him of course), "You said you wanted a straight up and honest experience, you have been straight and honest with us, here's what we have. You can have any $24300 MSRP Sport for $18200. If the one you want has options, just use invoice (as he handed me the inventory/invoice book) as a guide but it will probably be a little less". Crap. There goes my strategy. But in a good way I guess.

    So I go back to the White/Pearl/Sand Sport with Power Seat, etc. The figure comes out to a little over $18400. 21 miles on the clock. I said"I feel like a jerk even asking this, but do any of the leasing incentives apply to this if we go that route?" they said they doubted they would, but give them a few minutes and they would pull the latest programs and see. They did, and, by golly, they did. Had to ask the obvious questions- not program cars, right? No hail damage? Never been titled? Possessed by an ex-girlfriend named "Christine"? Nope, just a good deal.

    After a little research I decided letting the Yukon go for $13500 for absolutely no hassle was not a bad option.We had equity (but as it stickered for 49k we were lucky that we did). Called the dealer and told them to write it up and see what we get from MAC. Faxed them over an app, instant approval (didn't expect any issues), they gave me the numbers, and I called it a deal. Went to CarMax, had a check (well, draft) in 30 minutes, then went to the dealership. CX-7 was washed, full of gas, and all paperwork was prepared. Salesman (who couldn't be getting much but a crappy house deal at that price) gave us a full walk around, explained all his paperwork, gave us his card (with his personal cell number written on it), F & I did their thing without a single push for add-ons, and we were out the door in less than 20 minutes. As the "base" (and I hate to use that word on this's not the every option Yukon we had, but it has all my wife wanted) comes well equipped, anyone not considering one of these for the low to mid 200's a month is crazy.

    This is our first Mazda. But it's a 2 year lease, I am not expecting too many bad experiences. Even so, you get a loaner for overnight work.

    I won't name the dealer that blew us out the door (after holding us hostage for hours- literally- and calls every other hour), but the second dealer is a class act that deserves recognition. They're on Independence Ave (74), surrounded by the big boys. Family owned for 33 years and, if they treat others with the integrity they showed my wife and I, they'll be around a lot longer. Once the last bits of the transaction are complete (inspection had less than 6 mos left so they are renewing it, tags have to come in, etc), I'll give them proper recognition in the proper forum.

    It's just nice to see that not all dealers have let their service and integrity head 'South" or get "Rocky" (nudge nudge, wink wink).
  • des5des5 Posts: 88
    Congrats on encountering a straight-up dealer on the second try. One store around here advertised today in the paper showing $5500 off base Sport CX-7 and $6500 off base CX-9. You apparently got the loyalty rebate, which an earlier post mentioned was really available to everyone, and that doesn't surprise me as 7's are selling so slow.
    One store let the wife have one to drive for the day Friday, and she approves so I expect to seal the deal on a Red over Sand Sport this week (not from the loaner).
  • Congratulations on the CX-7.
  • Lots of discussion on this forum about $3500 incentives, rebates etc for Mazda vehicles.

    Tried frantically to find where these are mentioned anywhere on the web - Mazda, Edmunds, etc and cant find anything.

    Are these double secret programs, expired, what?

    Also, i received a letter from my local dealer mentioning a $1000 loyalty program that is good only for this weekend but seems to be tied to leasing only - any comments on that? (I have found reference to $500 in this forum in recent posts)

    I am in Atlanta, GA - any experience recently with dealers in purchasing a CX7 would be gratefully received?
  • Thanks everyone for your support and congratlations. My wife loves the car. And a little over 18k for a 26k sticker crossover with that kind of pep- amazing. We leased-could not turn down 61% residual and .00109 mf. Out the door in the $220's.

    Atlanta is only a short drive to Charlotte (I lived in Atlanta for years before moving here). Montgomery Mazda on independence Blvd in Charlotte.Had to be one of the most trouble free sales I have been through. I let them know my wife really disliked car shopping, but she had driven the CX-7 and knew what options she wanted. they showed me their stock, I chose the closest one to her wishes (only 1 option different), and their initial price was almost $1500 less than I was guessing they would start at. We talked for a few, made the deal, and I made arrangements to pick it up Saturday with my wife. We arrived, the car was sitting out front washed, prepped, and full of premium gas (contrary to internet rumors, we still have gas here in Charlottte). The salesman had her take a look to make sure it was what she wanted- it was- and they had the paperwork completed (was pre-printed and ready) and she was out the door in less than 15 minutes. The inspection sticker had 6 months left on it (NC has the dealers inspect them as they arrive), but they told us to bring it back in a few weeks and they would give us a free insepction and wash it up again.

    Hand written thank you card from salesman came today. Service dept called and introduced themselves the other night.

    I would expect classy treatment for a car they wer emaking money on, but this had to be a house deal (or close to it).

    I think my favorite part has to be the tenacity of the first dealer that blew us out the door at sticker (on a 2008 with 2009's on the lot for the same price). I had mentioned the $3500, he said he was not allowed to give it to me. After playing "can't find your key's" for almost 4 hours, he said he may be able to knock $1200 off as we were walking out the door (any wonder why my wife dislikes car shopping?). He's called and emailed multiple times a day since asking "what did I do wrong?". Today's message was the best- "We got notice from Mazda that we may be able to use part of the $3500". I'll email him later and thank him for his time and let him know we bought elsewhere.

    I don't expect dealers to lose money to get a sale- I want them to be there when my car needs service. And while the lowest price doesn't always equal the "best deal", "not lying" ranks pretty darn high in my book.
  • des5des5 Posts: 88
    Picked up the car last night. FWD Sport, red with power seat.
    MSRP 24,735
    Buy at 18,500
    Tax 1,433
    Doc&Title 150
    OTD 20,083

    Original deal had a trade of my 2001 Montana at 3,600, but at the last minute I lucked onto a private sale for 4,000. So my wife gets a great new ride for a net of 16,083. I was surprised to see the manufacture date on this unit was 11/07, but all of the red 2008's around here were built 6-9+ months ago.
  • des5des5 Posts: 88
    The numbers I give in posting #493 are definitely not published. They were discovered through piecemeal revelations from various dealers and corroborating inference from internet pricing. I've haven't found a website that shows incentives with any better detail than the manufacturer's own site, and certainly nothing on inside dealer engagement money or other spiffs. All I can say is doing your own legwork takes some time, but can save you serious money.
  • sun7sun7 Posts: 10
    I agree with Des5's comments. I too had to find out the information on a piecemeal basis as I emailed and later talked with several Mazda dealers before buying my CX-7 last month. I was not able to find the manufacturer to dealer incentives on the web either.
  • there is a dealer in chicago offering 7,000 off msrp; I have been talking to him and we pretty much have all of the deal hammered out; however, I am hesitant because the other dealers I have called have said there is no way they are offering 7k off. In texas they are offering 6k off of the msrp.

    What would I need to get in writing in order for me to go down there with confidence? I live in Ohio and dont want to get down there and be left holding the bag.
  • sun7sun7 Posts: 10
    I don't know the answer to your question. If it was me, I suppose I would want an email from the sales manager confirming the deal and the agreed upon prices (out the door cost) before I took the trip.
  • des5des5 Posts: 88
    I suppose you could try for a buyer's order writeup, to be faxed to you. My dealer had to send one of these to the CU to complete the loan application. However, they can be very reluctant to provide one during the quotation process.
  • It;s going to be hard to get a signed buyers order faxed...or out the door unless it's attached to a receipt. Any dealer will offer a "beat any offer or it's free' deal....they know they will lose the sale. Just call and get the details.

    Ours was about 7800 under sticker so thats not out of the question. just depends how much they have in the floorplan interest, if it's gone over 120 days, etc....

    Plus, many a dealer will sell you new at a loss to steal your trade.

    There's only one way to find out. And it they are straight, you have a fun 250hp ride home :)
  • 7800 under sticker????. Where? what are the specs on the vehicle|?
  • I think it should be earlier in this thread, but slammed right now at work. If it's not,I'll throw it up later.

    Wife was fin with "standard" Sport, I wanted more but was letting her pick out what she wanted. She initially picked three crossovers (CX-7, Vue, 3rd escapes me right now). The mf (.0109 I think) and residual (just at about 62 for 24 months) on the CX-7 were amazing, so with the right deal I knew I could get her a steal (she wanted it to be truly "her" car...has always had hep from parents then me- she wanted one "on her own"). She puts about 5 miles a day on the car as we live right near her office and she also telecommutes. I was thinking this had the potential to be a home run leaser if the stars aligned right.

    We were selling a Yukin with every option but Denali, was very worried about getting "Sport". But that's what she wanted. The dealer I mentioned above had a few 2008 white Sport 's with sand interior (what she wanted). The pearl pain added like 200 sticker, had power seat with lumbar (a must for me), and a few other minor things. 21 ticks on the clock I doubt it ever saw a test drive. After initially talking to the sales guy, the SM basically told me they would let any 2008 Sport (the $24,300 ones) go at a hair over 18k. He said figure invoice for options (invoice was in vehicle) but it would end up being slightly less.Sticker was just under 26k I bump crap, just Mazda sticker.I don't pay doc fees (call it something else if you want, but I don't pay doc fees or bar cover charges...little life lessons over the tax, tags, and NC adds your property tax in the lease instead of billing you. Phoned the wife, set up a time to pick it up the next day (she had already driven one), no deposit or signature needed (a welcome find after the first dealer wanting copies of drivers licenses, insurance cards, and all kinds of crap until I asked why and warned him of the consequences of pulling my credit to pre-qualify me). Got there the next day, she loved it, signed the papers and were out the door in 15-20 minutes with lollipops and balloons for our 2 year old and a "we owe" for a free NC inspection in the next few months (had less than 6 mos left but we didn't ask for it). 24 month lease for ~250 a month in our word and credit.

    Sales guy (who could have made more than house deal) called a few nights later to make sure she liked it. Found the OEM Sat Radio module on Ebay for practically nothing to get her tunes back.

    Easiest sale I have ever been through. Talked with the GM and he was pretty nice. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them based off that experience. And you can;t argue with that price- and the value on the CX-7 right now. Anyone in the market for a small SUV or a mid-size crossover would be a fool not to take advantage of the current incentives.
  • Well, it looks like I have a done deal with 7k off of the sticker, I just put my down payment down today, hes gonna put some add ons I wanted on the car and call me when its done, then I go to pick it up.

    I just hope I dont get screwed.
  • "I just hope I don't get screwed."

    You have a signed buyers order from SM or higher and yourself, right? If so, nothing they can but shoddy work on you add-ons.

    You'll be fine.

    What's you get!!??
  • Hes going to fax a buyers order to me soon, hes just getting the car now.

    Just an estimation, but here it is.

    MSRP 27,910
    Galaxy G
    Bleather seats
    roof racks
    rear sensors
    moon roof, cd , etcc...

    I am also going to have the aero package installed afterwards. I can get it on the internet for like $295 and have my guy install them for like $50
  • the dealer went to pick up the car and it had hail damage, so he refused it, now I am back at square 1.
  • does anyone know if the $500 loyalty cash is available for the 2009 CX-7? I find it for the 2008 & for the 2009 CX-9, but not the '09 CX-7....
  • Was the hail damage disclosed before you went? I think you may have had a signed buyers order- was it stamped as damaged? Depending on your state, thats a big no-no....
  • I never went to chicago, the dealer in chicago was doing a dealer trade and when HE went to pick it up he discovered the hail damage.
  • Hi, Just checking to see what the latest pricing others have been seeing? I saw an ad in the local paper for 08 CX7's (base sport) for $18K. Will post what I find, but curious if anyone has seen better? Thanks!
  • Hi Shawn,
    Took your advice, and contacted Montgomery. Via 1st email, they quoted me $19.7K OTD, which equates to $18.5 for me (6.25 TX tax). Unfortunately, I'm located 1000 miles away!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: So debating my next move: $250 airfare + 16 hour drive / pay to have it shipped / take their quote, and see if anyone here will match/beat it. Thanks again for sharing your experience...
  • The chicago deal has all but fell through, in the beginning I asked how much the aero package would be to add on( this was after he agreed to 7k off of the sticker) he said 1500. I thought that was outrageous because I can get it fro %295 on the internet.

    So, I said I wouldnt be getting that, then he called back a couple days later saying the rebates had changed and he could only give us 6k off of the sticker.

    My thoughts are this dude is playing me and was planning on recouping a grand but quoting me an outrageous price for the add on.

    I cannot believe they are so stingy with an 08 vehicle that gets poor gas mileage.

    I put a 500 deposit down on the car BEFORE he said the rebates changed; however, he said he cannot honar that because the car never was accepted.

    What should I do?
  • des5des5 Posts: 88
    The price you got is typical for a good dealer anywhere. Find the color you want in stock at a dealer near you, walk in with the email quote and ask them to do better.
  • Im in Texas and they are offering 6k rebate. So, I am looking at an 08 Touring (crystal white, so an extra charge of course). Equipped with Moonroof/BOSE/6 disc changer, compass and autodim mirror with Homelink and preferred equipment package. MSRP $28,380, destination charge (they have to get it from another dealer) $ out $24,811 (TT&L inclusive). Does this sound like a good deal?
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