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Mazda CX-7 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • New inventory is really low at the the domestic dealerships around here.

    Wish I could see the same around here... Unfortunately I just saw an ad (big 3) in todays local paper for new 07's with the familiar phrase "several to choose from" next to it.

    btw~ thanks for your comments/insight on the cx-7 pricing. part of my decision to purchase recently was based on the info you provided. I was not in a "must buy" situation, so could have waited until year-end if there was a chance incentives would sweeten. While this is certainly still a possibility, I also wanted to be sure the color combo I wanted was available as well. So I went ahead and purchased now.
  • Thanks! I am glad I was able to help out! And remember, even if some weird fluke comes along and the price drops $350, a good deal is when you made a knowledgeable purchase on your own accord (no pun intended), without pressure, high on that "showroom feeling", etc. I was honestly amazed when I started looking at the CX-7's for my wife. The "bang for the buck" factor is just incredible...especially right now.

    I try not to play "car lawyer" too much and be the guy all our friends come to when they want a car. And while I can happily say my family runs a rather fair game at their place and my few years pushing them over the curb were mostly fair experiences for all involved, there were a few times we'd get a true stereotypical old-school salesman in that would have me trying to sell "the right way" ....I owe a few penances for those :surprise:
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Hey everyone,

    Great news, Consumer Reports now recommends 08 CX-7's!
  • Great news, Consumer Reports now recommends 08 CX-7's!

    Yikes! Just barely though...
    lowest rated = 52 out of 100
    highest rated = 87 out of 100
    CX-7 rated....62 out of 100 :cry:

    owner satisfaction = 'Poor' :confuse: maybe that's a result of all the turbo/engine problems the 07's had :confuse:

    had 'excellent' ratings for crash tests & braking though! :)
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Those ratings are related to their observations on how it carries out every day tasks how they see fit. They have nothing to do with reliability.

    Some past, and current vehicles that are top rated by them are not always recommended....
  • Well, it IS Consumer Reports....Hyundai must just have bid more this year :P
  • Does anyone know what the approx labor $ would be to have Mazda service install the OEM fog lamps for an 08 cx-7?

    I've been quoted two wildly different labor costs from two local dealers. Dealer A quoted $200 and Dealer B quoted $365. Both dealer service centers admitted to never having done this installation before, so should I be wary? Thanks!
  • js59js59 Posts: 2
    I am in the market for a CX7 - AWD - and would like some info on what to expect to pay for either model (grand touring or sport) - . The first offer thus far was 29k out the door price for a grand touring - 2008 AWD and 20K for sport - but this didn't include taxes, etc. I am attempting to determine what would be a realistic discount/price - . Thanks
  • We are going to need more info....the sticker price is ok, but a list of options and the sticker price will let us generate invoice, and from there we can get an idea of the incentives that may be available. Also- buying or leasing?
  • js59js59 Posts: 2
    The grand touring had many extras: sunroof, leather, GPS, backup camera, heated front seats - and the sport was the basic package - . Looked online only incentive I could find was 0% financing but then they claimed they wouldn't "deal" - the "sale" price was $27,500 - (approx) and out the door was $29,000 - . So I am considering possibly the sport model - thanks
  • slippertslippert CincinnatiPosts: 13
    I have the GT with Tech package and can't imagine NOT having all the extras. The extras are what make the car so special, IMHO.
  • The extras are what make the car so special, IMHO.

    Ok... I'll humbly chime in on this... Seems like this is a very subjective topic, based on many personal factors. I know for me, the absolute basic sport model has everything I need from a vehicle, and then some! I could list all the std features here, but figure you get the idea. ;)

    Considering I paid $17k, I figure I can do a lot with the $5-10K saved by not getting the other models, passing on the sunroof, navi, backup sensor, heated seats(?? Im in Texas!), etc. For me, that I was able to purchase a new 08 zoom-zoom mobile for about the price of a loaded Toyota Corolla makes my purchase plenty special! :)

    Congrats on your GT though! ;)
  • You know, I am actually right there with you. We are living in a material world, and I am a material girl....errrr boy...errr, actually man. I like my Bimmer that does everything for me based on my liking based on my key, and the same thing for my wife when she uses her key (seats, mirrors, etc, before I can get the door open). The Yukon we sold when we purchased the CX-7 was pretty much just as loaded (although not as smart). When she agreed on the CX-7 (I was trying to help her narrow down choices based on residual, etc), she was fine with the Sport. I considered this the "base" model, although, to be fair, it's not badly equipped. I tried to show her others, but she didn't care. She got just what she wanted (well, we did get a power seat a few other minor options). At first, I was trying not to notice the lack of a dead pedal, the fact I had to actually turn on the headlights and windshield wipers (as if!), but then I started breaking it down. She's got a sweet ride that's only a few ticks slower than my Bimmer, and she pays a little over $200 a month on the lease. She honestly had a higher monthly payment for her first car, a 1998 Chevy Cavalier! (new at the time). Would my rear end rather be in a leather Recaro seat? Sure. But for "Bang for the buck", anyone that doesn't give the CX-7 a chance is being foolish.
  • sun7sun7 Posts: 10
    I've been following the local pricing on the 2008 CX-7s since I bought mine a few months ago. One of the local Seattle-Tacoma dealers (don't recall which one) was advertising remaining GT's at $8,000 off of MSRP in the local newspaper last weekend. Also, those looking for remaining inventory may find the Mazda USA website a resource to search for inventory by zip code.
  • Anyone have any idea when the Nov rebates and incentives are announced? Right now my dealer is offering me 6K off Sport w/ preferred package, bose, moonroof and Touring w/ preferred, bose and moonroof and GT with the moonroof bose package, weird it is the same offer for all. He said the deal right now from Mazda is 5K only- just wondering what November will be. Thanks
  • I'm a ohio dealer and november program for us on 08 cx7's is 3750 dealer cash or 0% x 60 months. You can configure list vs invoice on TMV and figure out the rest...
  • In all seriousness, the bang fo rthe buck ratio is pretty much topped out. This is a great buy. I wouldn't be suprised if most 08 incentives are actually gone (with the exception of special financing through MAC) and the dealer has already "bought-in".

    You never know, but I'm sure we've all seen that guy at the craps table, winning big, saying "just one more roll".... eventually that "just one more" goes too far and he's starting all over. :)
  • So it appears I am about topped out. I would have believed, based on the numbers, I would have had different offers for all three vehicles. He pretty much came right out and offered 6K right on the spot.
  • :confuse: Well I bit on the 08 Black Sport AWD w/ the bose/moonroof, preferred package, and a whole slew of other options that drove the sticker price up, like the hitch, LOL. I actually was leaning towards the Touring (all the same options) but my wife really liked the cloth seats better than the leather, which I thought was something to be said for the cloth. She currently drives an 07 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro and is very pleased with the power of all things on the CX-7, drives very much like the Audi and seems a few ticks faster at least off the line than the Audi. I guess we will have to race them once day! After driving the dog Mazda 6 w/ the 4 cylinder the CX-7 is a rocketship! Anyway, I ended up getting 6.5K off a reduced sticker price (car had 900 miles on it) total out the door with tax (6%), title, and license was 22,405. Looking at what the invoice is, I am not sure how they made any money?
  • But we looked today at an '08 Grand Touring FWD, navigation, Bose, moonroof, heated seats, rear camera, most of the gadgets except for the rearview mirror. The car has 6,600 miles on it. With our '02 110,000 mile Town & Country as trade, they're wanting $ 18,000 otd. Opinions ???? Thanks all ............
  • des5des5 Posts: 88
    That's sounds really good. OK, the CX-7 is essentially a one year old used car, but even figuring in 30% depreciation (9900, assuming 33K original sticker) and 5K for the trade (generously), you're getting a bit more like 15.5K off sticker, or 47%. As a reference, my deal had a net of 42% off sticker, factoring in a '01 Montana with 60Kmi.
  • Thanks for the input, as I'm really not sure about it. My wife's ready to go after it, but she does fit into it a lot better than me !

    Off the subject a bit, but does anyone know if it's possible to run the window sticker with the VIN, just to see what all it is supposed to have ? I asked the dealer, but they weren't sure if they could do it.

    Thanks again, and MAN am I glad I stumbled into this site ! ! ! :)
  • des5des5 Posts: 88
    If you find the interior tight, then sit in a CX-9. Comparatively, its a cave, and quite a bit costlier. I take it this car is not a demo (never been titled), otherwise it would still show in the inventory on Mazda's website. Edmunds should list the standard feature set for the trim, though there isn't much more one can add to a GT with NAV.
  • Actually .......... we are now owners ! There seems to be more room than I imagined, except now after having had two vans, I'm learning how to "duck" all over agin when I get in ! It's something I'll get used to.

    Ahh, the buying experience. Yes, it had 6,600 miles, but no, it had NEVER been titled, but it wouldn't qualify for the 0% financing either. Mazda said they were sorry, but they couldn't help, had to stand behind the dealer, and he bought it at auction as a "Manufacturer's vehicle". The window sticker was a different story. While the dealer said they didn't have access, Mazda faxed it to me. GT with technology pkg, $30,950 sticker. The key in the smart key is loose, can almost drop out on its own. Nope, can't throw the second in because they're $300. Finally decided to split it. Oh, and in the middle of signing paperwork, "we made a mistake on the extended warranty price, it's an additional $200". Grrrrrr ......... :mad:
    We have had fun the first 200 miles, though. Just topped off the gas for the wife, and it figured 18.77 mpg. Zoom, Zoom ! ;)
  • judienjudien Posts: 12
    I'm currently looking at 08 CX-7 sport FWD. Does anybody want to share his experience about dealership & quote in Chicago?Many thanks.
  • What Should I expect them to take off of a new 08 cx7? 8k?
  • i dunno OF... i just posted in the cx-9 board that my dealer that offered me $7K off about a month ago has actually DECREASED his discount to $5K!! May be a regional thing, but that's what i'm seeing here. i've not seen any offers on the cx-7 (sport) for more than the $7K off.
  • judienjudien Posts: 12
    So, should we still wait untill the end of Dec.? :confuse:
  • ...yes, that is the question...

    Regarding 08's, you can definitely see two different schools of thought around here. I will pull a couple quotes from the CX-9 board to illustrate...

    On the one hand, you hear messages like:
    What helps is Mazda cut back production..., and dealers have trimmed inventory. There is not the extreme need to move these 08's anymore.

    On the other hand, ( and what I would have thought)...
    Resubmit your offer, leave your contact information and wait.
    Unless you must have a car today, time is on your side.
    The car market is really slow right now and will be for months to come!

    So who knows? If it truly stays slow for a long enough period of time, you may be able to get a stellar deal on a 09?
  • Hi all,

    Just wanted to post as information. Picking up a new '09 CX-7 GT with Monnroof/Bose/Sirius today...


    Can't wait...;)

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