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Mazda CX-7 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • I believe it is the same $3,750 that has been thrown around here for awhile. The bottom line is, there is still a fair amount of wiggle room in the numbers to get the dealers down several thousand dollars off msrp and invoice.
  • I bought from Open Road Mazda of Morristown, NJ (historic location of Washington's HQ during the American Revolution). I did a fair amount of research here, I sent out requests for quotes from a couple of dealers including Open Road, and went in well armed with info. I communicated with Wayne Mazda, which has a huge inventory, but a pretty poor reputation. So I did not pursue the purchase with them, but they gave me a frame of reference (as did Manhattan Mazda). In general, people here were getting $7k off msrp easy back in October on the '08s, so that was my target on the '09, but I was willing to take a bit less off if I had to.

    I probably could have done even better if I threatened to walk out (on both the purchase price and financing), but I was ok with the deal and just wanted to get it done. I simply did not have time between work and family to spend the next few weeks or months on this process. And I hated my old car, and just wanted that brand new CX-7 that was staring me in the face... :) As I guess is usually the case, the dealer and I got to a point on the price of the car, value of the trade, and financing where we both felt we got a fair enough deal.

    You're getting towards the end of the month, so the next week or so is a good time to give it a shot. Good luck.
  • abukiabuki Posts: 7
    Thank you for the detailed info jeff. Based on the MSRP estiamte from Edmunds, i assume your price at the end came out to about $23.5K to $24K right? I might give it a shot, my sister is looking to get one of those, but she is considering leasing so i have to crunch my numbers and see what payment can we come up with based on the price that you got.

    Again, thanks a lot for yuor help...
  • tremektremek Posts: 1
    Hi everyone, my wife and I are looking at buying a CX-7, and last month, we found that there was $3750 in dealer cash on '09s and $4500 in customer cash on '08s. Does anyone know what the incentives are in the new month? I think there is still $4500 in customer cash available on the '08s but since dealer cash seems like it's usually hidden I can't determine whether it's changed or not since last month. It does seem possible that the incentives have changed as there are some new things ($1000 loyalty cash on '09 CX-9s) on Mazda's special offers page.

    Are there any other fiscal incentives/rebates on the CX-7s that anyone is aware of? Thanks!
  • mzsoltmzsolt Posts: 1
    I got 21k otd on CX-7 Sport in VA. Is tha good enough or there are better offers around? How much would be a GT? Thanks in advance for experiences.
  • des5des5 Posts: 88
    Not enough info. Year? Options? OTD may vary, if you are including TTL. Base '09 sports are going for 18.5, which is what I paid for a base '08 back in September.I also told salesguy to cut doc prep in half to $125, which he did.
  • gatorstewgatorstew Posts: 10
    18.5? I'm looking at a base '09 CX-7 right now with only power seat option. Sticker price is an even 25k. So a fair offer for the dealer would be 18.5? Wow, 4500 below invoice? I'd say that I'd be pretty happy with that. Are they getting incentives from Mazda to get that low? Thanks.
  • derricksonderrickson Posts: 131
    Pretty sure I purchased mine around the same time as des5, as I recall his username. Bought ours courtesy of Hurricane Ike in Sept 08. At the time, our dealer was offfering a flat $7K off MSRP on all CX-7's in-stock. No haggling, no surprises. Was in-and-out in 40 minutes...literally. I bought a base Sport, which had a sticker of $24.3. Paid $17.3.

    At the time, I recall Mazda did have an incentive going. In addition, read here that during that time of year, dealers often offer to "buy" vehicles from the mfr (invoice less all incentives) so they can remove the vehicles from their floorplan. This allows the dealers to pass-on really good deals to customers.

    Hopefully I didn't mis-state any of the above regarding the floorplan stuff. It's been nearly a year since I researched all this. Good luck with your purchase. ;)
  • abchin486abchin486 Posts: 78
    I offered 19.1K for a 26K one. The guy emailed me back right away and said that price is "very very realistic".
  • zoom49zoom49 Posts: 76
    I'm in So Cal and one of the local Mazda dealers has been running and ad for the last week "Every new 2009 Mazda CX-7 in stock, All trim levels with MSRP $25,000 to $32,055 $8,000 off MSRP" :)
  • des5des5 Posts: 88
    Sales of CX-7s are down some 60+% from last year. It didn't take long for Mazda to offer dealers at least 3750 engagement money on the '09s with most '08s finally gone. There can also be salesmen who will find a way to get you loyalty money even if you don't own a Mazda. You have to knock some competitive heads together, but add up 3750 + 1500 + 1000 = 6250 off MSRP and the sale is still AT INVOICE! The dealer is still pulling 475 holdback, but he 's got make something.
    Regarding the So Cal deal, occasionally in some regions the engagement money is bumped up, perhaps because of local stock imbalance. When I bought the bounty was another $800 near the end of the month. Mind you, only one dealer of the six I worked with mentioned it. SIx months ago, the hottest deals were in Texas.
    As I've said before, Mazdas start out as a poor deal at sticker, but get discounted down to a very good deal in the end.
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 75
    I bought my CX-7 GT-AWD in Dec 2008.
    no problems so far.
    I love the handling but I do have doubts about resale value.
  • Zoom49,

    Do you remember which dealer this was? Thanks.
  • zoom49zoom49 Posts: 76
    Do you remember which dealer this was? Thanks.

    It was Puente Hills Mazda in Los Angeles area.

  • laurilalaurila Posts: 18
    price paid includes all costs, dealer, fees, title, tags and state sales tax so this was an "out of the door" price

    car is base model CX-7, black on black

    car bought from local dealer in ft lauderdale, fl
  • jackbutsjackbuts Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2009 grand touring(moonroof and bose). I got $6200 off the sticker($31,320). Do your homework and get quotes from the internet via email. I printed the email with the best price and brought it to my local dealer and they beat the internet quote. No going back and forth on price....made it easy. Only have had the car a few days, but I love it - fun to drive!
  • laurilalaurila Posts: 18

    have a friend looking to buy a GT with moonroof,bose

    can you tell the OTD (out the door) price and location and dealer as the "xxxx Off sticker" is not very helpful to determine OTD.

  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 75
    what was your out the door price, I got mine 12/7/08 CX-7 GT-AWD with all standard equiptment for 29,650. The car it self was purchased at invoice price..
    How about you and how do you like it?
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 75
    so, can you be specific with the price.
    What was the cost of the car out the door?

    My friend is looking to get a 09 GT AWD with the standard equipment.
    I just want to compare, maybe you can help.
  • awdrockawdrock Posts: 2
    A sales person from a mazda dealership in st louis told me they are runing cx-7s 9k-10k off msrp. From his explanation I assume you can have 9k off sport 9.5k off touring and 10k off GT. The name of the sales person is Ma*t T*ck*r. I placed some * inside his name to avoid legal issues. The name of the dealership starts with a B and you can find his contact information from the website. I am not affiliated with anybody from the dealership. The above information was revealed to me during a recent test drive at the dealership.
  • joeyjacksjoeyjacks Posts: 1
    I really hope that what you are saying is true, I am going to contact Ma*t T*ck*r, to see
    what he says. I'll post back in here to tell everybody if what you are saying is true.
  • awdrockawdrock Posts: 2
    I swear to GOD the information I posted here came straight from MT's mouth.
    But one suggestion I want to give to you though is to stop by the dealership. I do not think he will just give it to you over the phone. You have to be serious about buying it and insist on the price. If he gives you BS like dealer cash expires and stuff, just pull out the papers prepared earlier. FYI, the dealer cash right now is 6000$. So 3000$ discount should not be too difficult.

    Good luck.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    Zoom08: You make avery good point about resale value. I have a MZ 3s Touring 08.5 - just got it a couple of months ago, new. I have been teasing with trading it for a CX-7 GT. The 3 is a bit too small and for it's size (2.3L engine) the gas mileage is just OK.... averaging @ 24 mpg mixed city/suburban 60% / & 40% highway. My debate to go for the CX-7 is of course, gas mileage compared to a Sante Fe, handling notwithstanding, the Sante Fe - gives you more for the Buck. But I love the way the CX-7 looks....The resale vale is also a consideration. gas is headed for $4 bucks a gallon for premium!!! Maybe it would be the Santa Fe - that uses regular gas...
  • howardruhowardru Posts: 155
    Per the 2009 user guide, you can run your CX-7 on less than 91 octane, but performance may suffer a bit.

    We'll be running our new one on 89 for a while and see how she handles.
  • banditboybanditboy Posts: 54
    How are theused pricing on these. With such a cheap price i cannot find one less than 15-16k with 40k miles in the north east.

    I want to spend 12k / w 30-40k miles .is that even possible?
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I want to spend 12k / w 30-40k miles .is that even possible?


    I am trying to buy lease returns from Mazda and 2007 GT's are being sold wholesale by Mazda for $17-19K.
  • bb321bb321 Posts: 1
    The price of the vehicle 26,000. This is prior to trade in, sales tax (10.25% in Chicago - (ouch - but it will come back to me via the IRS)) and license fee.

    Sticker was 32,400
    Invoice was 29,403

    Excellent deal and the best car buying experience I've ever had.

    Autobarn in Countryside, Illinois.

    Traded a ten year old Dodge that doesn't qualify for the "clunker" rebate. Looking forward to a long perior of ownership with this one.
  • ldislerldisler Posts: 83
    Left a deposit on a in stock Mazda5 @8:00 pm. Called them @2:00 the next day to cancel the deal and they refuse to refund my deposit. The salesman never said
    it wasn't refundable. What do I do now?
  • howardruhowardru Posts: 155
    Did you ask if the deposit was refundable?

    Exactly what did you sign?

    How did you leave a deposit? Check or credit card I hope.

    If you signed a non-refundable document, you may be SOL. Often times you have 3 business days to rescind a transaction. Look into this in your state. Advise the stealership of the business law of the state he is operating in.

    If you paid with credit card, immediately call and dispute the charge.
    If you paid with check, immediately go to your bank and put a stop payment on the check.

    If you paid with cash, call your states Attorney General and file a claim immediately. There is usually a form to fill out and submit. Bring a copy of the completed form to wave in front of the stealership.
  • vm2998282vm2998282 Posts: 5
    I have a deal for 23K for a AWD Touring CX7 whcih sounds good. A dealer in NJ just offered me over the phone the same car + moonroof package for 22K. Does 22k make sense or does it sound like a scam to get me in the door? Anyone know great dealers in the NYC area?
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