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Mazda CX-7 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • I bought a 2010 CX-7 Sport today at Open Road Mazda in NJ. The msrp was $23,060. I paid $23,000 out the door.

    Price of car: 20737.85
    Sales tax: 1451.65
    Tire tax: 7.50
    Reg/title fees: 399.00 (4 years)
    Online mv fee: 6.00
    Doc fees: 398.00
    Total: 23,000.00

    I got dealer financing at 4.99% for 60 months. I believe there was a $1,000 dollar rebate involved. I contacted the internet sales manager (Paul) by email first to get ballpark prices. Went to the showroom and dealt with Mark and the deal was done within an hour. Great place to buy a car. This was the only Sport in stock but could have had another color if I wanted for a fee of $300 to cover the cost of getting the car moved from another dealer. This vehicle is Stormy Blue Mica with black interior and is an awesome car. Happy hunting.
  • DO NOT purchase from them.
    I was in the market for the new BLACK 2010 CX-7 iSport.
    Monday night, I negotiated the price, and the sales guy called me and said ok come get it for the price, but you have to come today, 10 minutes later called me back and said "I am sorry we can't do that" I was ready with the money, and to sign and be done. Oh did he make me mad! So I said forget it no I don't want to buy from them.
    Friday morning, the Mr. Gwatney calls me and apologizes and says the sales guy got fired he didn't PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL. So he says he wants my business and we still don't meet at the price I want, but met somewhere close and I agreed around 5pm Friday. I couldn't get there Friday so we agreed I would come first thing in the morning. He even made a smart remark "Come early in the morning, so I can make money the rest of the day" It hit me wrong but I left it alone.
    Saturday Morning I get there, I just wanted to sign the paper, give my money and drive off the car and I am walking around and guess what I see? NO BLACK CX-7! RIGHT THEN, he pulls up and says "Oh well no one talked to me about color" WHAT A BUNCHA LIES! First thing we said to him was I want a black Cx-7 iSport with the convince package. He even had nerves to say "Who wants a black car in Memphis?" I was furious by the way they handle their customers, and walked out and left the dealership.I would not recommend anyone to purchase from them! They ruined the entire buying process from the start. They didn't screw up once, but TWICE!!
    Gwatney Mazda dealership does not know how to deal with customers! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • zq8zq8 Posts: 82
    Have you tried Gossett Motors ?
  • Yea, they weren't coming off the price. No luck there.
  • In the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, the car business has apparently changed to a "best price upfront" "no haggle" format. Mazda and most other franchised dealerships appear to have gone with this business philosophy.
  • I am going to purchase a 2010 Black CX-7 i Sport with convenience package.

    MSRP $24840 includes destination.

    My price so far is $22500 plus sales tax.

    Is this good or do I need to bargain some more?

  • Hi seymourcx7 ,
    $22,500 sounds like a good price! Per truecar less than $23,039 is considered a "great price"! I was quoted $23,200 in early September. Try to bargain more. Truecar is saying that the best time to purchase a vehicle in November would be Black Friday. How much are sale taxes in your area? Do you have a trade in? Good Luck!
  • Hi we just buy a new cx7 sv for 21600 OTD with new tag at south FL.
  • Hi celebro,
    congrats! What options do you have? We focused on CX-7 i Sport with Convenience Package (1CP).
  • HI it is SV no options it was 18953$ +++ tota 21600 otd. the best price for the one you looking for i found for 22500+++. For me the extras in iSport are not worth pay 3000 $ more for what it is and dealers are hard to go any ware lower then 22500 becouse it is a popular car . Compare SV and i Sport. And for s Touring i found a price for 25500 OTD. PS if you looking to buy contact Delray Mazda at 5612787800. I look for 3 weeks to finaly get my price but i now that any of 4 other dealers in area (M :) iami to West palm beach ) did not give me better price so i am happy for what i pay.
  • Hi celebro,
    It is a great price: $18,953! You did good job! I can't go to Delray Mazda. I'm far away from FL - Ohio. I mentioned $22,500 (iSport w/1CP) to a sales person over here, he said he would beat that price easy. I'll try on Black Friday. Thank you and enjoy your new toy!
  • let us no how much hi will offer thx
  • Hey, don't forget about eBay. You never know what you will find there. It is worth giving it a try. Check out new and used. Some 2010's are showing up now. Good luck hunting!
  • Hello Celebro,

    I live in Boynton Beach and would love the name of your salesman that sold you your CX7. Could you email it to me? It would be much appreciated.
  • Has anyone been able to get a New 2010 CX-7 FWD Grand Touring for $30,000 or less OTD? I’ve tried dealers in Atlanta, Huntsville, Nashville and Knoxville and I can’t find anyone who would come close to $30,000. I’m about to give up and wait till later in 2010 but thought I would check to see if anyone else got a good deal on one.
  • Great price! I bought the CX-7 Sport in early November at a dealership in Southern California. MSRP pretty much the same - $23090 instead of $23060. My out the door was closer to $26300 factoring in finance charges and extra Gap insurance/coverage:

    Car price: $21800 <---- you got me there!
    Sales tax: $2130.87 <--- welcome to 9.75% sales tax in So Cal... ugh!
    Tire fee: $8.75
    Reg/Title fee: $338.00
    Online mv fee: $29.00
    Doc fees: $55.00
    Gap insurance/coverage: $695
    Finance charges over 60 months: $1285.98
    Total: about $26342.60

    My dealership was offering 2.9% for 60 months, which thankfully I qualified for. For a good 2-3 days after I bought it I kept on thinking I should have haggled more, but there's nothing you can do after you sign the papers! It was my first car-buying experience, so next time I'll know what to look out for. All in all our salesman was very nice and accommodating, and you can't put a price on that! Mine is the liquid silver and yes, it is an awesome car... so happy with choosing the Mazda. Zoom-Zoom!
  • ssnycssnyc Posts: 1
    After much research including using the Edmunds lease calculators, this sign and drive offer for a CX-7 i SV FWD seems like a very good offer (except that it is for 42 months instead of Edmunds suggested 36 months). Do you guys agree this is a good deal and is there additional room for negotiation in a national offer like this one?

    $299/Month Lease for 42 Months
    $0 Down Payment, $0 Security Deposit, $0 First Month's Payment= $0 Due at Lease Signing.

    MSRP $22,300. Lease payment based on capitalized cost of $21,645 after $500 Mazda Customer Lease Support. Total payments of $12,259. No security deposit required. Dealer participation required. Tax, license, title, fees, options and insurance extra. Monthly payments include $595 acquisition fee. Not all lessees will qualify for lowest payment through participating lender. Some payments higher, some lower based on residency and other factors. Lessee responsible for excess wear and mileage over 42,000 at $0.15/mile. Purchase option at lease end for $10,481 plus applicable tax. Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 1/04/10. Residency restrictions apply. See participating dealer for qualifications. Excludes One Pay lease option.
  • celebro - can you tell us how the negotiations went to get to $18953? I am about to purchase today and would like to get some tips if possible to help me out.

  • hi, did the $18,953 include a $1000 mazda loyalty discount? the dealer i'm dealing with will only do $19,997 plus $189 doc fee on new base CX-7 i SV. He says anything less than that would have included $1000 mazda loyality cash back. happy new year and thanks very much for your reply!
  • Hi, I wanted to see if there was anyone out there who had recently purchased the Touring model with no additional options MSRP $28,605. I am eligible for S plan pricing which is being quoted as $26,744. I want to see how comparable that is to what anyone else has paid recently through straight negotiation. I am in Rochester, NY.

  • Just got a new Mazda CX-7 iSport with the convenience package and OTD is
    $24,042 (with 6% tax). Is that a good price?
    BTW: there is a strong burning smell coming inside the hood and the deal
    told me it is normal for the new car. Anybody has the similar experience?
    Thank you!
  • Not sure about the price, but the smell is cosmoline burning off and should dissipate within the first 1000 miles or so - nothing to worry about....
  • I got a new 2010 CX-7 Grand Touring FWD, White Pearl exterior, with scuff plates, for $29,600. MSRP was $32,280. We live in Northern California. We got it the 36-month 0% APR financing. I think the same deal is still going on, but it's now 48 months 0% APR! After taxes and registration fees and all that jazz, it was just under $33,000 out the door.

    You should use to get an idea of how low dealers are willing/able to go. Hope this helps!
  • That is an excellent price neal... not sure if you read my previous post, but my iSport was $26000 out the door (with 9.75% tax in CA). AND mine does not have the convenience package! You did a great job!
  • Need to buy a new car. Decided between CR-V and CX-7 iSV base model. The dealer is offering $21,223 with 0 % Financing for 48 Months.

    Is this a good deal ?
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    I recently purchased a 2007 CX7 grand touring model (awd) with the turbo four. I am really disappointed with the mpg. My commute is nearly all interstate with few stops. I set the cruise on 70 mph and it is just awful, probably 19-20 mpg. Does anyone get better than this or do I have to live with it? I just ordered a K and N air filter to try to eke out a little more. I traded my MB C300 to try and save a little money, but it's not working out. This may be the shortest time I've ever owned a vehicle. Any tips?
  • Thank you.
    I got the car in the end of the month, so the deader might be willing to
    negotiate the price.
  • Thank you. The smell is getting weaker...
  • am being quoted 21,875 OTD on a 2010 CX-7 in S.Florida.

    price includes tags, taxes, dealer fees, delivery, ie. "everything", it is an out-the-door price for total payment.

    color is optional, ie. price is good for any color.

    anyone with better OTD in S.Florida ?
  • price is now down to 21400 OTD, same dealer in S.Florida
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