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2002 Buick Rendezvous Class Action?



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Melly3080,
    I apologize that you are experiencing a concern with your vehicle. Can you tell me a little more about what is going on with your heater? How long has the concern been present? Can you please resend your VIN via e-mail it didn't go through you maybe missing a number? You can get my e-mail by clicking on gmcustsvc. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • phlupphlup Posts: 1
    I'm new to this forum, and I too wish I hadn't bought a used 2002 Rendezvous. Goes down the road pretty well with 105K miles, BUT required a complete rebuild of tranny & xfr case around 75K; fuel gauge inop for last 10K or so (solvent additives haven't fixed it); just learned (a) we've probably been driving it since purchase @ 45K with broken rear coils, and (b) in effect, we've also been without a spare tire for much of that time, inasmuch as (1) it's flat, and (2) it cannot be accessed -- or even inflated -- without using a cutting torch or a die grinder.
    The forum's ostensibly about a class-action suit, but the only one I've found (Dex-Cool, or some such) appears to have wrapped up its claims two years ago. Can someone save me from reading 226 posts and tell me if there's a suit presently accepting claims? Thanks.
  • I solved the rear clunking problem by replacing the rear shocks. The CXL has coils springs with external gas shocks in the rear. I grabbed the 'bad' one and shook it a little, heard a slight rattle-it was shot. Once I removed it, it would not return to fully extended position on its own. I don't know why the two places I took it to could not figure this out.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Can someone save me from reading 226 posts and tell me if there's a suit presently accepting claims?

    Try the "Search this discussion" feature at the top of this page. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • All I can say is ##!*#!! car! Can some one please, please, let me know if there is a law suit. Add me to it, to many things to list all. I'm a single Mom, with two kids,can't afford this. Will be calling CJOH TV and MarketPlace if nothing is going to be done!!!
  • I purchased a used 2002 Buick Rendezvous in April of 2004 from a GM dealership (above). It is an AWD V6 CXL SUV. My car manual specifically states not to use anything other than DexCool antifreeze. I was afraid to use anything else because I thought using the \"wrong\" antifreeze might damage my engine. ??!! I never received any notice from GM or the Dealership or Dexcool regarding the problems on this vehicle and DexCool. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN A RECALL AND ALL CAR OWNERS SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED AS SOON AS THEY REALIZED THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH IT! Even after the lawsuit I did not get notified in any way, and the dealership never told me to stop using DexCool, so I have been continuing to experience engine problems!
    Damage Resulting = I bought the Rendezvous on April 3, 2004. It had 37,591 miles on it. I paid just under $20,000 for it. On 12/8/05 I did a transmission flush. Four months later, on March 9, 2006, the car was found to have the intake manifold gaskets leaking oil and coolant, and the front timing cover seal was leaking. It also needed front and rear brakes. At that time they told me the coolant was leaking all over everything and was getting into the transmission (and the brakes, too, I think.) Had to have another transmission flush done and I think coolant flush done - cost was $222. I had 3 estimates done for the rest of the work and they ranged from $3,300, to 1700 to $1,380. it cost me $89 and $73 for two of the estimates. Had work done at 4th shop on 4/20/06, cost me $730. On August 22, 2007, I had to have the intake gasket done again as well as a coolant flush; cost me $492. On August 11, 2009 I had to have the oil pressure switch replaced as it was leaking
    plus other work; total was $257. I was told about a year ago that the intake gasket was leaking oil and coolant again and had to be replaced again. The car did not pass inspection in June of 2010; one of the problems is transmission is slipping. Is that a result of the Dexcool coolant contaminating the tranny? I have thrown good money after bad into this car, and now the value of it is almost nothing. I can\'t afford to have it fixed again and I can\'t afford to buy another car. I can\'t sell it in this condition either (needs steering rack again, air compressor and rear air shocks in addition to the intake gasket.) I have also had problems with wheel hubs, bearings, harness, & wheel speed sensor. Engine is throwing lots of codes now. Air compressor is unique to the 02 & is $600 alone for the part. (BTW those of you with loud grinding noise problems if you have automatic load leveling it's probably your air compressor going.)

    The interior & body are great, love the ride and the features. I just can't believe what a lemon this car's engine is, and I can't believe this car has dropped so far in value! Has anyone had any success with flushing their radiator, replacing the coolant with something other than Dexcool, replacing their gasket, and then been fine?

    Love to hear success stories about how folks fixed their RDV problems & how they made headway with GM.

  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,655
    3 sets of intake manifold gaskets? That sounds really unusual to me. GM had a new replacement gasket available in 03' and I haven't heard of any problems with the new part from anyone (doesn't mean it hasn't happened though). I also don't know how coolant manages to get into transmission from a leaky intake gasket. Some have switched from dexcool to regular green stuff, just should be very careful to fluch ALL the dexcool out first (I hear they don't play well together).
  • Yes, my driver side window fell into the door & I had to have it fixed. I'm concerned about your issues with acceleration, tho. It makes me wonder if you have a transmission slipping problem. You might try having them replace the solenoid & see if that helps.
  • Yeah. 3 intake gaskets. Huh. Fight to get GM to cover it, or offload a vehicle I still owe on and hope I don't inherit someone else's lemon? I'm having a hard time with this decision. I have loved this car. I just can't keep throwing money away on it.
  • I have had all the problems mentioned in post with my 2002 Buick Rendevous. If there is a class action please post information. I purchased mine in 2005 and started having problems in 2006 and it got worse as the years went on. It is in the shop now because the body modual system needs to be replaced. It has been a nightmare with this vehicle. Please post on FB and here if there is a class action as I do not want to miss out.
  • jen5050jen5050 Posts: 3
    edited December 2010
    oh many of us have had issues and this was from day one when we purchased it from a local dealer. Took in many times for over heat,electrical issues and brakes. We hate this car and finally the engine due to the dexcoolant 2 years ago. They refused to fix and said it was they never heard of such a thing yet it was displayed many times on edmunds . we had a local gentleman replace gaskets only to find the engine was gone after $ 2300 and days of riding a bike to work. I hate they have not contacted any on the lawsuit we are in finally after 2 years selling for junk with the engine apart in the trunk since the gentleman passed away probably due to this headache vehicle. We hate this vehicle and everytime we see one it makes us sick how much thousands we lost and just finished paying off the junk. get rid of it fast .The lawsuit was closed a two years ago we knew of and it was closed .Good luck to all whom own the junk
  • We are currently experiencing problems with our Speedometer. It registers I am doing 100 when I know I am only doing 30mph. We contacted the dealer and they said it would be approx $1000. I have owned this vehicle less than a year and it has been a headache more than once. I have been in the shop with it more than any other vehicle. Two weeks after we bought the vehicle I kept smelling gas - it actually started coming through my heater. I took too the dealer to find I had a major gas leek which the service tech said it was actually life threatening could have caused a fire. They had the vehicle 2 weeks - they would have had it longer but my husband blew a gasket at them. Then after getting it back I went through $80 of gas in one weekend - come to find I had another gas leak in a different area. I can't even believe this vehicle passed inspection. Now I have the speedometer problem. I have read that this issue is known with GM products but no recalls. Why Not! If any one knows of an existing class action suit please let me know or where I can go to get justice. I absoultly refuse to pay for this.
  • sching225sching225 Posts: 1
    Please contact me if there is a class action lawsuit. Email is [email protected] I have had nothing but problems with this vehicle. I am not a person who can afford all the repairs. Within a month of buying the vehicle the head gasket went (on a vehicle with 60,000 miles on it) while my husband and I were on our way home from a special weekend. It was my birthday and we spent the night 200 miles away from home in February in the back seat of my vehicle for 12 hours waiting for our dealership to help us out with the problem (I realize this is a problem with the dealership, who ended up paying for the whole repair after much argument) but needless to say I spent most of my birthday crying and frozen and sleepless. This would have never happened if the Rendezvous wasn't a piece of junk. My window fell off the track and shattered, got a new window but couldn't afford to get the track fixed. No air conditioning, the heat only works when it is turned all the way up, my passenger seat won't recline, the rear knuckle is bad. Just the knuckle alone will cost $1800,not to mention my year old tires that are now ruined because of it. I am so disappointed with buick. I had planned on buying Buick for a while because I used to like the reputation but unless something miraculous happens to where their customer service is phenomenal (which I have yet to encounter) then I don't see that happening. I saw the Enclave came out and was kind of excited about it, but then remembered it was a Buick and said forget it. I have 3 kids and a husband, I need to worry about saving money for a more reliable car like a Subaru or something. I will continue to tell everybody who likes my car what a piece of junk it is and to not buy a Buick until their quality changes. They used to be known for their quality. Ever hear the saying "It's built like a Buick"? That was the whole reason for buying the vehicle. Now if I hear that saying I will steer away from that purchase because it's probably a lemon.
  • juliaomjuliaom Posts: 29
    edited May 2011
    I missed the first class action suit, sadly. I bought a 2002 Rendv in 2004, spent $11,000 on repairs, incl the head gaskets, tie rods, AC, etc, and finally dumped it in Nov 2010.
    Reread your message and ask yourself why you are even keeping this vehicle. Take it from us former owners it will only get worse, and do not expect any Buick assistance.
    By the way, reread your paperwork, my Buick was made in Mexico, I found this out after I bought it. Guess I should have fueled it with Marguarita's.
    I traded my nightmare in for a Nissan Murano, love it to death, its a perfect midsized SUV, leather seats, 2007, pearl white, 20.8 mpg, and 18 inch tires, and paid same as I paid for the 2002 BR in 2004.
    Had to buy the new tires, as it came in off lease with orig tires.
    If you want to save your sanity please dump this piece of junk or you will go crazy with the repairs and the costs. I feel like I have a weight off my shoulders since I dumped that Buick.
    I will never buy another GM or American car, ever. :mad:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    Have you had the vehicle into a GM dealership, if so could you provide details of their conclusion? Also, could you please email me your VIN? I would like to look further into your situation.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • mordredmordred Posts: 1
    My girl has a 2003 and her ABS light has been on for a year because she was told the computer needed to be fixed and it would cost 4500 dollars to get the job done. They cut some wire that sounded an alarm and left the light on. She told me last night that the car was sluggish on acceleration and it sounded like there was a noise coming from the front end. I went over and drove it. Could hear the noise and it felt as if the parking brake was always engaged even though it wasn't. I had a caliper seize on a Jeep before so I checked the front wheels and they both were hot. The rotors were very hot. Poured water on the rotors and they steamed. I'm wondering if this abs/traction control isn't causing the problem, but i'm not familiar with how it works. Could it be engaging the brakes at all times instead of pulsing them and cause the sluggish feeling and heat? Appreciate any input.

    Also considering looking at these wires I've read about from the hubs to the engine that may be causing the ABS light to stay on. Thanks for your time.
  • jhammondsjhammonds Posts: 1
    My wifes 2002 Rendezvous had to be put in the shop for the manifold gaskets leaking antifreeze. Come to find out she is not the only person having issues with this problem,others are experiencing the same issue. Can anyone inform me if GM had a recall on 2002 Buick Rendezvous for thier faulty gaskets that was made out of material not suitable for gaskets. Is GM helping anyone out for this, there are a lot of complaints over this. If so can I get a customer service number, or e-mail address, something , anything will help.
    The bill for this repair is $612 which is something we don't have right now because of medical reasons. Any info would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.
  • jen5050jen5050 Posts: 3
    well it was from the beginning overheating and took in several times due to the dexcoolant eventually but denied by the dealer causing are gaskets to rot. We did find a suitable mechanic that did replace them for 2300 only to find out it started nocking 2 days later and we did return it and was not called for 3 weeks and I called him to see if he found what was wrong and he said the engine was blown and it would another 3 to 4,000 to put in a new engine in no time he died of a heart attack and we picked it up with the engine in the back end and it did sit here 2 years with hearing from nothing on the lawsuit since we sent all materials and bills like we were told. I walked 6 miles to work for a long time because of this and we lost out several thousands with 2 1/s years of 540 payments monthly it was a little over 100,000 when blown so we could not file a lemon law . This car sucks the windows,electric ,alarms.breaks,tires is should have been recalled we will never buy a Buick again. Poor guy probably died due to the stupid vehicle.
  • I am replacing my BCM today - for the 2nd time. I purchased my 2002 Buick RDV brand new - so it's 9 years old with 136k+ miles. This item is not cheap to replace and I did so about 2 years ago. I think it's time to dump the vehicle before all the other major items start to crap out on it. I am additionally having to repair more leaks in the AC system. I've been doing this since the car was about 2 years old - and I recall the service manager at the dealership saying "Oh ya - we see this a lot!" Hmmm - that does (did) not instill much confidence in the GM/Buick brand for me. The heater at the feet area is horrible - I think they forgot to hook up the heater hose and the vents down at the feet is way to small to be effective. I bought the car in Michigan - winters are long and cold - and you need a good foot heater!! Now I live in Texas - LONG HOT summers - and the AC needs to BLOW - not just on setting 5. Oh I've owned this car so long I could ramble and ramble about all the things I don't like about it. I will say - it has always been a nice comfortable (luxury) ride and is extremely spacious in the front cabin with little blind spots. It has been a very good vehicle to me overall - I guess they just don't build 'em like the used to. I don't really want to buy another car - but can't justify the money pit my Rendezvous is becoming.
  • jen5050jen5050 Posts: 3
    I dont understand why a recall was never made on this vehicle with all the issues people have been having since it was made. my niece has a Aztek with the same issues so I dont know if it was ever corrected. I loved my car but after 28,000 and 100,000 and Blown after all the issues and fixex and Blown and another 3200 Bllown I said rid of it other problems, window regulator,gaskets,overheat,brakes and more it would be worth it we sold ares after the engine was took apart again after gaskets just replaced and Blown for $1500 what a shame I loved it
  • rewindingrewinding Posts: 11
    I bought a 2002 Vous new. It was a terrible car. It had great features but 2002 was not a good year. GM should have bought them all back.

    Under warranty, I had 3 BCM's replaced. I paid out of pocket for replacing the wheel bearings.

    Thankfully, in 2007, I hit a deer and took the insurance money and bought a 2007 Vous. It has been a very reliable car.

    I love my 07, but hated my 02.
  • martywtmartywt Posts: 2
    I own a 2002 Buick Rendezvous also, and I just took it to the shop for overheating. Two different garages told me it was the intake manifold gaskets were leaking coolant. My A/C went out a couple of months ago. I'm also having issues with the anti-lock brakes. I bought the car last summer, and it currently has about 97k miles on it. I gather from these posts, that this is a problem vehicle. It is going to cost me $650 to fix the intake gasket issue ALONE! Not to mention the other issues. I wondered why the car had only 87K , when I purchased it. Maybe it was a problem to the previous owner too. I don't really have this kind of money for repairs.
  • juliaomjuliaom Posts: 29
    So sorry for the deer, but happy for you to be rid of the 02. Boy we all got taken to the cleaners by GM on that Vous. I am so happy I finally dumped mine and got a Nissan Murano. Love it, faublous ride, no problems and I am no longer stressed out when I get in my car.
  • juliaomjuliaom Posts: 29
    Your problems are just beginning, my head gaskets started to leak around 86,000 and the GM dealer did not tell me, just put a tiny note on the second page of my receipt. Then when they blew at 96,000 when I was out of town, I coasted back to town and the dealer charged me $2600 plus to fix the heads. Thank you dexcool.
    This dealer saw me at least every month for something with this car and they knew these cars had problems, but did he mention it, NO. :mad:
    Do yourself a favor, push it off a bridge, or trade it in fast.
    My Vou-do cost me close to $11,000 for repairs from 04 to 2010, when I finally got a brain and traded it in for a beautiful Nissan Murano. Love it.
    I will never, never, never buy another GM car, which by the way, they made my Vous in Mexico.
  • juliaomjuliaom Posts: 29
    Good luck getting GM to fix anything. They can sure take our money fast for their junk car but not even the dealer warned me of the problems with that Vous, after taking it in month after month for something elst to fix.
    Finally I could not spend another cent on it, and when it died on the highway off ramp I had it towed many miles to a shop, where it sat till I could trade it in.
    Get a Nissan and save your sanity.
    Bet their fat cats in the corporate office do not drive a Rendevous, or even a GM car, but they sure cash their bonus checks fast, not to mention our stimulus money. :(
  • martywtmartywt Posts: 2
    Thanks for the heads up Julia. I've had mine since August 2010, but didn't start having issues until about a couple of months ago. I currently have 97k miles on my RDV. The first thing to go was my A/C , then my anti-lock brakes are scrubbing bad, and now my intake manifold gasket is leaking. I didn't put all of this together until my mechanic said that GM should have recalled these vehicles! I got home and got online and did some research, and discovered he was right!! Seems like thousands of complaints have been lodged about this vehicle. You would think that GM would acknowledge the problems and make it right. I paid $6k cash for mine last year, and realize I over paid now. Mine is only worth a little over 4k now!! I can't afford to trade at this point. So, I guess I'm stuck with it for now. I wish there would be a Class Action suit. I would join in a heartbeat!
  • My wife has an 03 we bought used that is a POS!!!!!! The abs/service traction sys light keeps coming on. I know a lot of people have had this problem but is there a permanent fix? I have replaced both wheel bearing assy's, brand new tires, and brand new brakes all around. It worked fine for about a month and now the dang service traction system/ abs light keeps coming on and the dang abs is popping again. I can keep replacing wheel bearings but it only fixes the problem for a few weeks at a time. I promise I will avoid GM like the plague because of this!!!!!!!!!!
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,655
    While it could be the speed sensor in the hub assembly, often times its the connection to the sensor corroded/loose , or somewhere else in wiring, or an issue with the c-305 connector
  • Where exactly is the c-305 connector located? Do you know how many volts or ohms should show through the wires so I can try and track down any bad connections? Thanks for the reply!!!!! Ive got more help from you then when I called Buick about it.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,655
    The C-305 connector is just behind the drivers seat (about where a rear passenger would be their feet). It goes from inside the cabin to underneath vehicle. Pretty easy to see underneath. You can google 'gm c035 connector' and find the various issues it can cause. I do not have the specs the values you should see.
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