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More info before I purchase a 2005 Sebring.

morledzepmorledzep Member Posts: 12
edited November 2017 in Chrysler
I found a 2005 Chrysler Sebring 4 dr sedan 2.4L DOHC Auto for sale for $600. It's a salvage title, but there is no visible body damage and the interior is clean. The current owner said she bought it as part of a package deal to get the car she wanted and never did anything with the Chrysler. (I've never actually heard of anything like that before). Anyway she said the timing belt is broken, but she doesn't know if it broke when the engine was running or not. I do know that 2.4L DOHC are not interference engines, I've put new timing belts on many that have broken while it was running before (retired technician).

I don't mind doing simple repairs, like a timing belt, water pump, radiator and hoses to make it road worthy. But I am wondering if there are any other specific things that I should be aware of before I spend this money. I am NOT and never have been an automatic trans technician, I don't know much about them except how to change the oil, filter and pan gasket.

The current owner doesn't have any history on the vehicle, or she claims not to. So I have nothing to go on other than being able to look at the colors of the fluids and condition of the outside of the engine and trans.

What should I be worried about, What should I look for that I wouldn't normally notice? I can see from the pictures that the radiator cap is missing, but I plan on putting an entire new cooling system in with the timing belt (as I would do with any vehicle that I own, and yes, I'm a nut for preventative maintenance because I hate working on my own cars).

Thanks in advance for all your help.
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