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Highlander 4 cylinder vs 6 cylinder

jabbottjabbott Member Posts: 14
edited March 2014 in Toyota
Is the 4 cylinder adequate for cross country, freeway driving? Discounting purchase price, is the 6 cylinder worth the loss in MPG? I don't performance drive and I don't go off road. Sell me a six.


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    tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    I recommend posting your message in the main Toyota Highlander disussion where more Highlander owners will see it.

    tidester, host
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    typesixtypesix Member Posts: 321
    This has been talked about many times. Most of 4 cyl owners like me are happy with the power. It also depends on what kind of driver you are. If you are one of those that must beat everyone to the next stoplight or like to floor the gas, get the V6. My 2wd easily meets the EPA highway rating of 27 mpg even with AC on at 65-70mph. City driving with many stops and max. 35 mph ranges from 19-21 mpg(EPA 22) with a light foot. Consumer Reports tested V6 AWD and got 25 mpg highway(EPA 24) and I think 12-13 mpg city(EPA 18). If you are DIYer, replacing plugs will be easier on 4cyl along with greater engine compartment room. V6 has timing belt to replace, 4 cyl has timing chain which may never need replacing if you are gentle on acceleration. V6 2wd should be slightly better in snow due to heavier engine. This may be last model year for 4cyl, rumors that next Highlander will be bigger and offer only V6 as new RAV4 is close in size to present Highlander.
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    thoreauthoreau Member Posts: 1
    Is the Highlander 4cyl engine adequate for AWD?
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