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Acura TL Transmission Questions



  • acloveraclover Posts: 3
    edited February 2011
    Wow!! That is certainly what I did not want to hear, my 99 has been having problems for close to a year now but only when the temperature drops below 50 dgress, during the summer the car runs like a dream. I have had to replace the tranny once under warranty and now can get no help from Acura( I currently have 153k miles). The TCS light stays on until the car warms up and then will go out and the car runs normally. Is this indicative of a transmission problem or a computer problem which I have been told is a possibility?
  • calnewcalnew Posts: 2
    edited February 2011
    I have a 2007 Acura TL s type .59,800 miles. Owned it for 4 months and very disappointed. Major issue is with transmission
    The transmission approaches its first shift point (from 1 to 2) at 1500-1750rpm, 2nd gear is engaged with a jerk and the car feels as if it lurched forward. Noticeable more when accelerating slowly, frequent shifting between 1st and 2nd gear becomes a When the car is decelerating and transmission downshifts from a higher gear into 2nd a similar event occurs, there is slight jerk.

    I also noticed that regardless of outside temperature or whether transmission is warmed up, when picking up speed or at moderate highway speed, 3rd (and sometimes 4th) gear is engaged with a sensation of pull and shift is always noticeable, occasionally there is a jerk as if some kind of mechanical friction prevented normal operation. On occasion when accelerating between city blocks through gears 1,2 and 3 with approximately 40-45mph and then decelerating - transmission would downshift with a jerk. Given the age and mileage of the vehicle, I would expect the transmission to operate seamlessly
    I have taken this car to the dealer 3 times.
    1st time they flushed the transmission. (220.00)
    2nd time they changed EGR valve and cleaned out system think this had something to do with hesitation.(350.00)
    3rd time they just wanted me to go way

    The problem is still there. At this point my dealer says they can’t find anything wrong with car. It’s very frustrating

    Any ideas ???????

    I will be out of warranty in 10,000 miles
  • tigger17tigger17 Posts: 1
    Acura should have to fix the tranny problem instead of denying it exists and what about the windshield it streaks wipers in the rain make it worse and they have scratched my windshield
    the electrical problem is really the mind boggler you have a computerized car with an electrical problem mine needs to be reset because of this
  • cdfwifecdfwife Posts: 37
    My 08 TL had a major transmission shudder at light throttle/ low rpms, between 1200-1700, which was getting progressively worse. After taking it to Acura 3 times, it was finally resolved. On the first 2 visits they kept telling me the car was fine. On the 3rd visit I kindly put my foot down and pled my case with all my Edmund's info. I told them it would be much easier on them if they just listened to me. :) Luckily, this was resolved, and all is well. The problem turned out to be the torque converter. They ordered and replaced it. Dealer had to consult Acura to completely diagnose. My experience has been that I have to play hardball to get them to listen to me. But it's all good now.

    08 TL w/ Nav 41k miles.
  • kingfoxkingfox Posts: 1
    My Acura is currently in shop to have transmission replaced. I have complained at my last 4 scheduled maintenances that something was wrong - surging on hills, rough shifting (automatic), etc. They never found anything wrong. When I took it in and they told me new trans. needed, I told them I had never had a recall notice. They said I didn't get one because they had installed "an oil squirter to lube the part that was causing problems - it didn't work"
    They also told me how each of them had had to replace their transmissions, one 3 times. This is not right. However, it sounds like there is no recourse - any ideas?
  • Did you ever resolve this matter? I know it's an old post but just curious.
  • Never got it resolved. Tried everything, just think it's a bad trans design.
  • This is the same issue i'm having with my car, I love the car, I just purchased an 2007 TL, took it to the dealer, its like when i'm in the city driving in stop and go traffic it does the jerking. The dealership said they couldn't replicate the problem. Its so funny you said ur car has almost 60k on it, My car has 61k on it, the service manager said just drive it, if it continues to do it, just bring the car back it has a warranty up until 100k. That did give me some relief, but the jerking is kinda irritating.

    Did u ever get some assistance with ur car. I'm thinking i'll get the tranny flushed next.
  • Yes. Actually I'm dropping it off tomorrow (thurs) a.m. and Acura is replacing transmission. Tech took car home to his house overnight and back next morn with computer hooked up and it produced what they call a "snapshot" of problem. Once he had this it was no problem pushing warranty claim through. Mine slipped twice and was shuddering 25-45 mph. We have two 08's we bought on same day in July plus an MDX we bought 16 months ago new. They love us down there. TL's are certified with extended Acura warranties. Good luck. Let me know what's up. What about trans switches?
  • My 2000TL appears to be showing transmission problems for the first time in the 11 years I have owned it. It has had several recent incidents of "revving" without accelerating while in gear on the highway or while merging. The car also vibrates and shimmies badly when I brake at any speed over 30,000, which I was thinking was a brake issue, but after reading some blogs, wonder if it is related. The car has low mileage-- 62,000. I am bringing it in early next week, but now I wonder if it is best to try to salvage what I can in trade rather than replace the transmission. It sounds like Acura will refuse to carry any cost given the model year. I would appreciate any thoughts you all have, or references to resources.
  • Having the same problem like yours. Love my TL, but I now wish they came in a manual transmission. It's now in the shop. Just makes me want to just sell it after it gets fixed.
  • czrczr Posts: 7
    I have a 2008 TL AT and had some hard shifting at 40k miles with some clunking between some gears, Reverse to Drive, some 2-3, 3-4 lurching and hard shifting. Complained at the dealer and they recommended a AT fluid change which I was hesitant to do because it’s recommended to change it in the owner’s manual at 60k miles and the maintenance minder did not go off and the dealer wanted to charge me $250 for something that may not fix the problem. I lived with the problem and complained again at a different visit and again nothing. Closer to 60k miles, I decided to spend the money and buy Redline AT fluid that meets Honda fluid which is considerably more expensive per quart but had good experience with the brand for my other car easing shifting problems. Changed out the fluid but the problem came back within 2k miles. Went back to the dealer and complained and they just told me that they are putting in a new transmission. Not sure if it’s any better but hopefully this one doesn’t break. I love the car otherwise and am happy they decided on a doing the right thing with this remedy but I’m concerned about the long-term quality. I’ll see how this one goes and report back.
  • cshellsiccshellsic Posts: 1
    I have an automatic 2005 TL with 137K. Never had transmission problems. and changed the timing belt at 100K. Today I am driving local and it has trouble shifting into 3rd - it takes a long time. After the the next stop sign same thing. This has NEVER happened before. I call to my dealer and tell them my issue I drive over there right away. They tell me me 3rd gear is fried. They give me a loaner and call me a few hours later and tell me Acura will pick up 75% of the bill but I will still be responsible for about $1300. They are giving me a factory rebuilt tranny. Now I know nothing about car just that I love driving my TL and that it has been great to me til now.

    -Should ALL the work be covered? It isn't a 2004 with the tranny recall. But I do not recall my warranty that is now in the black book in my car in their Acura parking lot.

    What coverage/warranty should I expect they will give me on the rebuilt?

    Should I ask about the torque converter? Not sure what it is but it was spoken about in an earlier post.

    Thanks for any help.
  • trisheeeytrisheeey Posts: 1
    I just found out my 01 TL transmission is failing and it's too far gone to do anything about it. I recently noticed that I could tell that the car was shifting. I have almost 141K miles on it and unfortunately, thought my mechanic was checking the auto transmission fluid with my regular oil changes. I also had some major engine work (cam seals, crank seals and spark plugs) completed in Feb 2012 @ 136,800 miles. I certainly thought they were checking. Now the fluid is dark and I've been told by both the mechanic and I confirmed with the dealer that there's nothing that can be done. Flushing the system will apparently cause more problems. It's really disappointing because other than this major issue, the car has been well cared for mechanically and is in excellent interior and exterior condition.

    My question is, does anyone have experience with a failing transmission? I couldn't get a straight answer (and maybe there isn't one) as to how long I have to buy a new car. As I mentioned, I can feel the car shifting but it's not very noticeable. Will the problem continue to deteriorate or will it just stop?

    Thanks for any help and advice.
  • dece207dece207 Posts: 3
    What do you mean by "feeling the car shifting"? It's normal to feel it shift. Is it a rough abrupt shift or long delayed shift? Could be tough for anyone based on the information to give you a timeframe for when it may fail. Sometimes you can limp along on these things for a while.
  • I have what seemed like a mint condition 2003 Acura TLS, until my tranny gave out. Great! only $2000 for a rebuilt. Could be worse I guess. I'm going to continue to enjoy the car afterwards, I hope. Maybe the "check engine " light is just screwing with me, eh? naaaa, I think not. But in passing, to me the trans was shifting just fine and strong. Oh well.
  • Have developed strange brief "whining" sound on shift from 1st to 2nd in 04 TL. Tends to occur only after sitting for few hours (cold). Shifts smooth however and no jerking or lag.
    My mechanic does not think it is tranny problem (?).
  • I am having the same problem with my 2005 TL. I have been arguing with Acura about this for days, explaining that I bought an Acura with the expectation of a quality car and a manufacturer that stands by its products. My transmission is fried at 130K and they refuse to acknowledge the known transmission issue and provide any coverage for me. Now I'm expected to pay $4000 that I don't have for a new transmission. I cited your case and all they say is that they can't trust what people write on the internet. Is there any way you could help me by providing some details of your case, such as VIN and date it happened? I would be so grateful to you if you could help. My private email is Thanks so much for any help you could offer.

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