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Mazda RX-8 Road Trip Reports

flipper897flipper897 Member Posts: 10
edited April 2014 in Mazda
I have been absent from this board in recent months due to surgery this past winter.

I'm fine now - and planning to take off all of July, get out of the Arizona desert heat & driving cross-country, visiting friends & family in the Midwest, and along the East Coast. My little red devil has only 1650 miles on it in 9 months but I sense it's raring to go - and so am I.

I'm not much for blogging, I tend to use a computer daily but I will be leaving it at home. I'm not much for blogging but I'll do the best I can to report anything of interest when I return at the end of July.

89 days till I leave - but it's not like I'm counting or anything.....:)))



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    slb1slb1 Member Posts: 3
    Hey Flip,
    I just took a little road trip myself. I bought my new 05 RX-8, 6speed last saturday. After putting 300 miles on the car i decided to take a little trip from New Jersey to Indiana. Mapquest shows it being an 11 hour trip but i did it in 9. Apparently the people on mapquest weren't driving on RX-8 when they came up with those times. LOL
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    cheezeboycheezeboy Member Posts: 218
    Been away from the boards for a bit. But this seems like the forum to post this in! I just completed, yet another "trans-USA" trip in my '04. 4005 miles in 17 days, door-to-door! Not as much as last years trip (5800 miles in 21 days!) but HWY X in SW Wisconsin, along the Mississippi, was a blast!! (at 20 mph over the suggested!!) I have a coworker who swears these cars can't do long trips like his 'vette or Lexus. Of course, he can't go 300 miles without stopping for the day!

    Enjoy the long road trips gals and guys - the "8" can do it!!
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    trispectrispec Member Posts: 305
    Nice trip! I think my 2005 RX-8 AT is absolutely the best high speed cruiser on the planet.

    I did a 2000 mile run from Boston the Ashville last Christmas. The timing was just before and just after the official holiday travel time so this fact coupled with the extra 911 related security details, had the HP through MA, CT, NY, PA, WV and NC at extremely low numbers. We averaged 84MPH.

    It was nice! I basically drove eight hours/day, and got out of the car feel better than when I got in. No road buzzing, no foggy brain, and no stress fatigue. I have a sensitive back, that in every other car I've owned for the last thirty years, would ache after a few hours driving. MY BACK LOVES MY RX-8!

    My favorite part of driving the RX-8 is the last few hours where I'm goaling for the end of the days travels, and there's that feeling of being in the zone as steering becomes laser tight and speed turns to slow motion at 95MPH.
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    guestguest Member Posts: 770
    I took all of July off and took my 2005 RX-8 on its first trip cross-country, nearly 6800 miles, 25 states & I'd do it again in a minute.
    I also own a Lexus ES, which obviously is very comfortable on long hauls, but I just had to take my little red rocket on its maiden voyage. You're right, the car is amazingly comfortable and quiet - 600 miles was a breeze, no fatigue at all. Trunk's surprisingly roomy too - hardly had to put anything in the back seat. I learned a lot about the Mazda on this trip - you need will power but if you can keep the speed down a bit (not easy!), I regularly averaged 23-24 mpg with the cruise set at 74 mph, and on a couple of tanks on slower 2-lane roads like the Blue Ridge Parkway, I was stunned to hit 26 mpg! I drove from Arizona to Rhode Island to Mississippi, got an oil change at a small dealership in Newport RI where the service manager had a lot of free time to talk. I was surprised that I never needed to add a quart of oil during the first 3000 miles. The dealer explained that the RX-8 will use very little oil during highway cruising and more during city driving. Always use Valvoline 5W-20 NON-synthetic oil or you'll need a new engine. (I was armed with 3 quarts in the trunk).
    As quick as the car is, I found that it's even more fun on winding 2-lane roads. The car seems to take on a life of its own and enjoyed the curves as much as I did!

    A few other observations...most states have very good roads now - the worst pavement I found was in Illinois & Pennsylvania. Worst drivers? I expected NY & New Jersey to be bad, and they were, but Connecticut takes the cake - they're borderline psychotic. Also, for people who are seeking out fun roads: the best are the Blue Ridge Parkway (VA & North Carolina), Natchez Trace Parkway (Tennessee, Alabama & Mississippi) and US Highway 160 in southern Missouri - a nice break from the boring Interstates. Only problem with US 160 was, I had to go through Branson - country gridlock! Oh well....

    Homeward bound, I had just crossed the border from Missouri into Oklahoma on an empty 2-lane state road, I hadn't seen a
    speed-limit sign - and I was stopped for 68 in a 55 zone. I was honest & polite and got off with a warning - whew!

    One last thing - Mazda badly needs to advertise the RX-8 more! I lost count how many times I was asked what kind of car it was, and the praise for its looks was unaninimous. Made me feel like a kid again! I contacted Mazda headquarters when I got home & was told that the marketing department would be notified of my experience and comments.
    I'd hate to see the RX-8 go away although I was told Mazda has no plans to drop the car. Again, I'd love to see some commercials, management needs to let the public know what a terrific car the RX-8 is!
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    nergal_lvnergal_lv Member Posts: 17
    Cheezeboy, glad you enjoyed the treck through Branson, MO. I live 90 miles west, and have the only RX8 in town! I love it!! I was looking at the leftover crossfires, then started to see 4, 5,6, 8 of them around town!! There are even more Solstices than 8's! Glad to have something different with better performance and value/specs. I have not had the chance to drive it cross-country, but will be planning a trip to Dallas in the Spring. I can't wait to take it on the long road. Hope to also take a second trip to AZ late Spring. Have had mine for a mere 1,430 miles.
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    trispectrispec Member Posts: 305
    Fantastic sounding trip. You've got the same bug as me, lov'n you RX-8. You know we may be experiencing that rare kind of car ownership that we know in our souls that we're driving something truly wonderful. It's like we've discovered something stunningly cool and no one else is going to ever figure out what the hell we're driving at even when we tell them.

    The best thing we can do is take folks for a ride and let those twin triangles howl long and free on the twisty roads of the Blue Ridge. Then and only then will our passengers awaken to what they've never been allowed to experience in any other car but the most expensive exotics costing 10s of thousands more.

    On my last 2000 mile trip, I got sleepy so my wife took over driving my RX-8 AT. She had never really driven the RX-8 on the highway. I went to sleep for two hours. I woke up and my wife was amazingly charged up from doing 90MPH to get around some jerk drivers. It was the fastest she'd ever driven in her life and she loved it and I slept through the whole event.

    One other thing, my 8 year old son tells me regularly, "Dad you have a cool car." Kids are really the best judge of what's cool.
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    nergal_lvnergal_lv Member Posts: 17
    Trispec, you're totally correct!! My middle child keeps telling me "you have the coolest car"! The funny thing is, I get the same reaction from adults. I have had several people (around town & the neighborhood) inquire about the car & request rides. When I first got it, the office manager thought it was Porsche or MB. Even my BMW I did not get that kind of attention (as they are more readily seen). My wife told me 2 days ago that she drove past my place of employment and thought to herself "wow that's a really nice car" before realizing it was mine! The Galaxy Gray looks different when viewed in the garage vs full sun. I'm lucky she is reluctant to drive the 6 speed & she has never sat behind the wheel.
    Be safe,
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    pathstar1pathstar1 Member Posts: 1,015
    Ahh, the "real" reason for getting a standard transmission comes out - to keep your better half from driving -your- car. ;)
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    nergal_lvnergal_lv Member Posts: 17
    question for you... how can I add an aux input for my radio (06 Shinka) to listen to an external MP3 player as a source.
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    pathstar1pathstar1 Member Posts: 1,015
    I think you mentioned the car came with sat. radio, and you didn't plan on subscribing/using it. There are jacks that plug into it you can use. Otherwise, check out Crutchfield. They may sell an adaptor.
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    nergal_lvnergal_lv Member Posts: 17
    Thanks a bunch!! will give it a try.
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    cheezeboycheezeboy Member Posts: 218
    AGAIN, been away from the boards for a bit. And again this seems like the forum to post this in! I just completed, yet another, long road trip in my '04 Automatic. This time Ft. Lauderdale to Vegas and back in 10 days. :shades: Now this trip was a bit different than most that I do - I had a beautiful co-pilot! (A friend who hadn't been to Vegas either!) I have not taken the car in for service yet; will be doing that this week.
    I will hi-light the trip:
    - 2nd day in Biloxi, the engine service light came on after a fill up. Drove another 200 miles and it went off....then on...then off...throughout the 10 days. Annoying, but I think it's the fuel filler cap thingy.
    - an hour after Biloxi, the oil light came on. Pulled over, put in 1.5 quarts of 5w-20. Made it to Vegas and back without anymore oil issues.
    - somewhere in West Texas, the car started to shift hard when trying to pass traffic. the car would down shift hard from 4th to 3rd - so much so that everything in the car would violently move around. Problem was, this wouldn't happen every time. Random. Will discuss with Mazda.
    - My co-pilot and I wanted to see the mountains, so in Albuquerque we went up to Sandia Peak.....well, almost up. The car drove fine up until 10K feet. Then the engine would not rev past 1K rpms. I floored it - nothing. I am gonna guess some sort of oxygen sensor issue?....anybody else have a suggestion? we drove at 2 mph for another 300 yards or so, then decided not to risk anything else. Turned around and drove back down the mountain another mile and the car was back to normal.
    - stopped by the French Quarter in New Orleans. Some really crappy roads, sorry to say. After an hour of driving around, the back right started to make a nice 'clanking' sound on every bump/pothole we hit. Horrible noise, but once we got back on the freeway, all was good again. I looked underneath but, not being a Madza Tech, I have no idea what to look for unless it's hanging down, scrapping on the ground! Again, will discuss with Mazda.
    - could really use an 'easy' aftermarket way to hook up an MP3 player - I bought the 'FM Transmitter' type, but it was goofy to deal with.
    - do NOT open up your 'ChilliPepper Wreath' in the car! I now have 1000's of pepper seeds all over the back seat! :)
    - again, mountains are so much fun to drive in
    - and Route 66 has some great roads in AZ
    - outside of Florida and Vegas, I only saw 3 RX8's on the road. Not a popular car in rural Texas and New Mexico.
    - in total, 5600 miles in 10 days. From sea level to 10K!..Whoohoo!!!

    So, in summery, I would totally do the drive again. The car rocked, even with the above issues. I've had my problems with the car in the past 6 months, but this trip has again, restored my faith in my 8. Hopefully this post will not jinx anything!!
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