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2007 Mazda CX-9



  • sorry 2007.1 is the name of the update.
  • amcdadamcdad Posts: 61
    Do you have any info on that aftermarket rear park assist option for the CX-9? I agree, they should have offered it....
  • A person on mazda247's CX-9 forum has some interesting information about the 2008 CX-9.

    It seems this person has confirmation from an undisclosed source that there will be a 300HP 3.7 V6 engine added to the lineup.

    That should make things pretty interesting!
  • larroolarroo Posts: 7
    I would just hit your local dealer and find out what they have to offer.
  • I saw the nav system during a look-see on the dealer's lot, but I didn't even have time for a test drive. What do people with actual hands-on, day-to-day experience in the CX-9 actually think of the nav system? Is it a good, intuitive, easy-to-use system? I can deal with not-so-nice aesthetics as long as it's easy to use. The nav system in my BMW X3 is horrible!
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    It's made by Denso, with Navteq data. It's far superior as a navigation system than the Pioneer. I've owned two cars with Denso, one my CX-9, and one Pioneer. Six years of experience with OEM units, navigating cross-country, off-road, and through cities.

    My CX-9 system exceeds my expectations, just as my earlier Denso systems did.

    The Pioneer, though prettier, and initially seemed better, was a huge disappointment.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    Lincoln is supposed to get a 3.7L V6 which is specific to Lincoln, aka not in any Ford clone. I'm not sure if Mazda gets it or not. BTW, Ford pulled 415hp out of the 3.5L V6 with twin turbos. They've had an F150 mule running that twin turbo motor for a while.
  • remmibremmib Posts: 32
    When one dealer looked in his computer system, he saw a CX-9 with a power liftgate that had a VIN #. He said that meant the car would arrive by late March/early April. Is anyone else hearing similar things?

    I went to the dealer today and the salesman said there is one CX-9 with the assistance package (power liftgate) coming in 10 days or so....
  • remmibremmib Posts: 32
    I am pretty much set on getting the CX-9 and went for a 2nd test drive. See post #569 for the 1st test drive comment. Here is the 2nd impression.

    - Ride is still acceptable to me, even with 20" wheel
    - Tight turning circle, it isn't U-turn challenged.
    - Still like the sliding 2nd row seats very much and 3rd row space is decent.
    - Like the fact that you can "scroll" the map on the navigation unit by just touching the screen at the edge

    - Body roll at high speed turn is quite noticeable
    - Acceleration is just barely OK, had to floor the gas pedal when merging into highway from low speed. Around town acceleration is adequate though.
    - Bose audio on the CX-9 is good but lacks clarity at treble. The Bose on our Audi sounds substantially better.
    - We really want the power liftgate option since manual liftgate needs some effort to close.
    - Hard to install our Britax carseat even with latch. I had to reverse the latch anchor on the car seat to get it to click. (supposed to install the other way around)

    So far we find CX-9 not perfect but is still on the top of our list. Availability of the option/color combination seems to be an issue, it may be a while before I can get the car with the exact color and options, unless I order one.

    I went to Oak Tree Mazda in the SF Bay area. The salesman (Keith) was rather rude, keep telling us it's a busy day and he had to served multiple clients...etc. He rushed us through the test drive and seemed quite impatient. By contrast, when I took the test drive at Fremont Mazda one month ago, the salesman was clueless but the service was good, and he even called and follow up a few times. (and claimed he can do $500 over invoice)
    When we test drove the MDX, the Acura salesman took us for a one hour test drive, he was so knowledgeable on the car and made sure we drove the MDX in twisty roads to demonstrate its ability. We were more impressed by the salesman than by the car....
  • doc144doc144 Posts: 5
    I am considering the cx-9 and was hoping someone who has driven it a bit could offer some opinions on two questions. First, once the car is home (as opposed to sitting on the lot) do you find the long rear doors a hassle in a garage or parking lot? Second, is the ride with the 20" wheels really noticibly harsher than the 18" wheels? Thanks for any advice.
  • neutro99neutro99 Posts: 8
    First, once the car is home (as opposed to sitting on the lot) do you find the long rear doors a hassle in a garage or parking lot?

    No it is ok. Since the door has multiple (about 3) angle opennings, you can always find the best one to fit the space you have.
  • doc144doc144 Posts: 5
    I may change my sights from GT to Touring model if the 18" tires really do give a noticably smoother ride than the 20" ones. (has anyone been able to compare on real roads?) Most Gt features seem to be available as options. Two that are not I would love to hear some opinions on.
    1. Do HID headlights really improve vision on dark rainy nights? (one salesman said that regular headlights are better on a rainy night than HID's)
    2. Does the driver seat memory feature remember just seat position or mirrors also?
    I am test driving tomorrow and would love to hear some opinions beforehand. Thanks for everyones help.
  • I was at a dealer yesterday, and he said that they had GTs with the power liftgate coming in early April.
  • cjazoomcjazoom Posts: 9
    I am very impressed with the HID's. I have noticed cars not coming into my lane in front of me (ready to cut me off) and I think it's because of the headlights. They are super bright....

    It hasn't really rained much here in So. California so I would't be able to say how good they are in the rain.

    Oh and the memory feature is only for the seat position, not the mirror :(
  • jg6jg6 Posts: 70
    More Salesman BS.

    HIDs put out 2-3 times more light than halogens. They are the only thing to have if you do a lot of night driving, especially bad weather.
  • cason1cason1 Posts: 65
    I agree, HID's are far superior to any halogen headlight system, but don't buy the "HID's are basically lifetime bulbs" b.s. I've been reading various places on the net though. by 65K miles I had replaced both of my low beam bulbs at around $125/ bulb. Are they worth it? Yep, but paying over $100 for a bulb hurts.
  • laker34laker34 Posts: 27
    I noticed you're from So Cal. Which dealer did you purchase your CX-9 from and what kind of deal did you get?
  • cjazoomcjazoom Posts: 9
    I got it at Patterson's Mazda in the city of Tustin.

    I got an okay deal.....$1000.00 over invoice. So I paid $36,100 for my beautiful GT FWD, bose/navigation/camera, remote start, sirius. I love it!
  • What does everyone do here? I really want the nav package in my CX-9 but my wife questions whether it is really necessary. I do kind of think of it as a toy that will come in handy from time to time but is it worth $2500 extra? I know the camera comes with which is nice too. But you can get a Tom Tom for so much less $$$$. What does everyone think?
  • 99zoomr99zoomr Posts: 55
    I decided to pass on the nav system but opted for the rear seating entertainment package (RSES) instead, especially since the CX-9 was on the lot in the color and model that I liked. My 9yo daughter loves using the DVD with the headphones, and I enjoy listening to what ever I want to on the Bose stereo system. I figured if we ever decided to get a nav type system, I'd probably go with an aftermarket GPS instead. Since we got the RSES, we also couldn't get the moonroof package, but I haven't missed it so far...
  • Thanks for the response. I'm glad you confirmed that the DVD is worth getting because my wife wants the moonroof. I've tried to convince her that our 8 year old will be entertained for hours with the DVD system and headphones while we can pump up the bose with whatever we want. She's coming around....
    I just can't decide on the nav. I want it but I can't help from thinking that it's not worth the extra cost.
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    I wonder if Mazda will somehow redesign the DVD system so that you can have a moonroof with it. I mean, come on, this is the Millenium, why in heck couldn't they design the CX-9 to have both?!
  • brutus22brutus22 Posts: 122
    Has anyone gotten the IPOD interface with their CX-9 or seen it or had the salesman talk about it?

    It was announced last year:
    "Apple announced in August that General Motors would offer an iPod connectivity option for its entire line of vehicles, and Apple estimates that 70 percent of 2007 model year cars will feature iPod connectivity. In addition to GM, Ford and Mazda will also offer optional car stereo/CD players (also known as head units) that enable iPod owners to select songs and browse folders, with the first products due at the end of this year."

  • rossdmrossdm Posts: 51
    Anyone have details on the differences between these two colors? It's hard to see much difference on Mazda's website...thanks, Dave
  • I own a liquid platinum CX-9, but while they were serving my car I borrowed a sparkling black mica version and it is a very nice! The brilliant black is a flat black...also very nice, but I think slightly harder to keep clean. The metallic in the paint makes it a bit more forgiving. I would buy the sparkling over the brilliant if it was me. I don't think you can go wrong with any of their colors---the white is even pretty. Good luck..I just love my car!
  • I bought the CX-9 last week with the NAV system and moonroof. I had wanted the Rear Entertainment for my two kids but could not get it with the moonroof (which is also important to me). I am happy with the NAV performance. We have a portable Garmin Street Pilot and I like my in dash system better than that one. When the voice gives you directions it is as if she is really a person talking to you. I like that alot, and it seems easy to use, but like any gaget understanding it takes time.

    As for the DVD I am having it installed by the dealer's prefered aftermarket place. The problem with the CX-9 having a moonroof and factory DVD is that it WILL block your vision. My new 8.5 inch screen definately will block my rear view mirror. I've been told the head rest units are not available for a few more months on this car.
  • buffalo78buffalo78 Posts: 36
    I test drove a Sparkling Black Mica on a rare sunny day in Buffalo and from certain angles it almost has a dark green look to it. Not my choice but it is a nice color. I'm still trying to find a white touring myself. If anybody lives in NY state and knows of a white touring awd, black interior with the sunroof let me know!! I'm starting to get impatient. :)
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Not a Touring, but a GT AWD:

    VIN: JM3TB38C370110193 $37,495*
    2007 CX-9 Grand Touring AWD $34,470
    MOONROOF/BOSE $1,760
    ROOF RACK $250

    ROCHESTER , NY 14623
    Phone: 585-334-0880
  • suomi8suomi8 Posts: 16
    I have been waiting for a GT AWD with the GT Assist Package and have been consistently checking Mazda's online inventory and today is the first day I have seen the GT Assist package (navigation + power liftgate) listed in available inventory! While the cars are probably still a week or two away from arriving at least they are listed and have a VIN number attached to them!!!
  • remmibremmib Posts: 32
    The dealer called me a few days ago and said they had a CX-9 with power liftgate on the lot and asked me to go and check it out... this is in northern California.
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