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2007 Mazda CX-9



  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    Okay, Okay. I did a quick & dirty shoot & crop & added to somewhere in my profile. It took far longer to figure out how to post the photo than to shoot & process. I hope you can find it.

    Steve: How do we find it?

    Or will this do it?'s Album/Body Side_0705.jpg/page/photo.html#pic
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    That works for me. :-)

  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    I should have installed the front end a tad lower. It's not quite parallel with the door bottoms & Looks like it's low in the rear.
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    nice picture though.. .it does make a difference... How much was the set again, and how long did it take to get them?
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    As I recall, ~ $20. They were in stock at a store like Pep Boys, Auto Zone, or Murrays.

    3-M Adhesive backed. They've been on for more than 2,000 miles & all kinds of weather ... AZ to MI, and still securely mounted.

    I added a dab of Pliobond contact cement at the pointy ends.

    By the way, there's no way to protect against all dings from adjacent cars. The large variety of rear door shapes makes the "target area" on our car about 2 feet from top to bottom.

    Be sure to eyeball your installation line and location with masking tape prior to application of the real thing.
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    Nice... very well put... and great information... they look good... and for under $50 for (some) protection... It's a good deal.
  • srangersranger Posts: 106
    On Memorial Day I bought a GT AWD with the Assistance, Moon/NAV, and towing packages. I was not going to buy one. I went to the dealer to help my nephew buy his first new car ( Mazda 3 S Touring ). With very little negotiating, the dealer gave him a really good deal and seem to be in the mood to move cars. I had been looking for a AWD GT and they are rare in the South... They had a Copper Red/Sand Leather in the show room. The dealer said I'll make you a deal you can't refuse. To my suprise, he did... A little over $4K off MSRP and he gave me $1K over the retail KBB for my traid.

    I love the way the car rides, handles and brakes. So far ( First 500miles ) gas milage is averging about 18mpg with a 50/50 split of city and highway.

    My only complaint with the car is the seat bottom. I am a big person 6'-4" 230lb. The Rolled edge seam where the dark panel meets the sand leather on the side bolsters of the seat bottom get kind of uncomfortable on a long trip. The seam pokes me right in the back of my thighs. ( I drive 4-6hr per day ) Mazda should have made this a blind or french seam in my opinion. I hope it gets softer, otherwise I will probably have to have the seat coveres re-made. It is NOT somthing that you would notice on a short test drive. Any larger than normal person might want to spend some time in the seats before you purchase one...
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    If you have a CX-9 or CX-7 with factory navigation, please comment on the ability of the nav. system to recognize your voice commands.

    I ask because I had a 2001 Lexus and a 2003 Lincoln LS with the Denso system. They were far superior to the CX-9 Denso system in voice recognition. On a 1-10 scale, I rate the CX-9 as "2" ... almost worthless.
  • lexxm3lexxm3 Posts: 8
    On a scale of 1-10, I rate the CX-9 nav voice recognition a 0 -- i.e. no point of even identifying this as a feature, it doesn't work, period. The Bluetooth voice recognition is about a 7, however.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Has anyone heard about the rumor that for 2008 the CX 9 will come with a 3.7 275hp engine with a "fuel induction" system?....some in this forum mentioned this in a casual manner..I wonder if anyone heard about this also...or what other changes are oming for 2008....I heard that orders will start at end of June or July...????
  • unixxusunixxus Posts: 97
    The 2008 CX-9 will come with a 3.7 liter V6 engine. There is a possibility that this engine will feature direct ignition technology. Horsepower rating has not yet been announced but expect somewhere between 270hp and 300hp. AWD will be standard on GT versions. Models without the Navigation system will now have the option of a rearview mirror-mounted liquid crystal display system that shows what is behind the vehicle when shifted into reverse. Another new feature will be the Mazda Blind Spot Monitoring System, like the system in the Volvo XC-90 SUV and Audi Q7 this system warns the driver about to make a lane change if there is a vehicle in his/her blinds spot.
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929

    Blind spots are created by the driver via improper, yet popular, outside mirror aiming.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    I don't know if you are the same person from the Mazda Forum, but here is what another person there said...

    "The new 3.7L engine will be a very significant upgrade to the CX-9. It will be between 275-320hp. However, more significant is that it will have about 25-50 more ft-lb of torque. The current 3.5L is a little weak on low end torque. This new engine will make it accelerate alot more enthustiacly. Since the vehicle is performance orented, it will make the car a lot more fun to drive. The direct injection will most likely make it more fuel efficient as well.

    Unfortunately, the fact that the engine gets a significant upgrade less than an year into production will significantly lower the re-sale value of the 2007 models. It will probably drop the 4 year resale by a few thousand as the 2007 will always be a less desirable year model.

    I just wish I got to enjoy it more more than one day before I found out it was already the "weak engine model"...
  • 99zoomr99zoomr Posts: 55
    I guess I'm lucky! I've had my "weak engined model" for about 3 months now and have put a little over 3500 miles on it... :) For normal driving situations, it seems to have more than enough low end and top end power. In the passing situations I've been in, 60mph - 80mph seemed plenty quick. Since I normally keep my vehicles at least 5 - 6 years and keep them well maintained, I'm not too worried about re-sale/trade-in value compared to the new more powerful version. I think the reliability difference of these engines, if there is one, will ultimately determine the future re-sale value. We'll see...
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    I agree with you, I feel the same way...but the fact remains that to some people this iinfo is very important right?...the individual with info posted some more and here it is...

    "I got my info from another web site. I later comfirmed it with my dealer. ( Most dealers should have the 2008 ordering infor by now ) It seems that Mazda has been testing the new 3.7L engine for Ford for some time now. It can be tuned to make between 275hp - 320hp without forced induction. However, the 300+ versions require a high compression ratio and premium gas.

    For now Mazda has comfirmed that the 3.7 will be in the 2008 but has not said what hp level it will be at. On regular gas I suspect that it will be in the 280-290hp range. However, it is the extra torque that will make the car feel more lively. It will accelerate from a stop much better ( also helps with towing ). Even if it is only a 10 more hp, the extra torque will be worth the wait..."
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    link 2008 CX-9 Specifications and Features for *CANADA*. There may be things that are different but I think the engine will be the same.
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    Can't deny that the information is helpfull for those on the fence... I'm sure I'd love to have "waited" and gotten the "strong engine" version... but.. :D I'm still wickedly happy! Things will surely change always ... as long as the world continues to spin...
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Crkey..THANK YOU very MUCH for your info this documnt clears many concerns that I had, like clor changes etc, now I know what to expect since the Canadian and USA models should be just about the same...Thank you very much again..

    Ralph L.
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    "Voice Activated NAV System"

    HAH! The voice activates it, but rarely in the way desired ... unless the '08 is a BIG improvement over the '07.
  • xgbtxgbt Posts: 28
    Crikey, do you have the spec for the 2008 CX-7 ?

  • srangersranger Posts: 106

    I would like to ask all of you CX-9 Owners what you think about the seat comfort. I am 6'-4" and about 230lb. In other words I am about 20-25lb over weight...

    Initially, I found the seats to be quite comfortable. However, I spend several hours a day driving. I noticed that after long 1.5+hr trips the side bolsters on the seat bottom get a little uncomfortable on my rear end. I think it is becasue the sides are deeply bolstered and the padding is a little thin tword the rear of the seat.

    Have any of you guys/gals noticed a simmilar issue? If no one else has noticed this, there may be a problem with the padding in my seat.


    By the way, I am the one that posted ( on another forum ) about the new 3.7L engine. I am quite dissapointed that I did not find out about the new engine until a day after I bought my CX-9. That combined with the uncomfortable seat bottom, I am really starting to regret my decision to buy a CX-9. It is really quite depressing....
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    2008 CX-7 Specifications and Features for *CANADA*

    Again, this is for Canada. I will update the CX-7 Board as well if the info is not already there. Cheers :)
  • dolchandolchan Posts: 1
    Has anyone installed this option? I just bought a CX-9 and it was not available in my dealer and I now found out that it will be available later this month here. I asked the quote for it, then my dealer came back with around $1200 even though Mazda website says it will be available at $675 (MSRP) at dealer-installed option. Should I pay for the installation separately? I thought $675 includes the installation. Again, I already bought the car and am trying to install it when it's available. Any advice would be very appreciated.
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    My Audi has deepl bolstered seats, and I could see how a bigger person might find it uncomfortable, i.e. the bolsters can dig into your thighs. It's something that I got used to over time, though.

    If you really want to get crazy, you can actually take off the seat cover and add some foam padding. Not sure what's involved with the CX-9...probably have to take out the seat or something...
  • xgbtxgbt Posts: 28
    Thanks a lot, Crikey. I am from Canada too, so it's just right. :-)

    I was a bit disappointed though :-( as I was wishing they would put a V6 on it after seeing the change in power plant in the CX-9 (from 3.5 to 3.7) after only 1 year. Changing from 'Premium Required' to 'Premium Recommended' doesn't mean much to me, as 'Recommended' means there's a difference, and I wouldn't put regular in it only to see a drop in power. :confuse:
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    No problem. I share whatever info I run across.

    Which V6 would you rather have in the CX-7? The 3.7L? I think that may go against the intended purpose of the product, although, I wouldn't say it's a bad idea.
  • I'm 6'5", 237 lb and I don't find the seats any less comfortable than my old '03 Passat, which was quite plush.
  • srangersranger Posts: 106
    The seats in my CX-9 are so uncomfortable to me that I am going to have to sell it after only 1000 miles. It has my rear end so sore that I cannot stand to drive it any longer. I have owned many vehicles over the years and this is the only vehicle that I have experianced this problem with. My last vehicle was a 2005 Mercury Mariner and the seats were not any bigger, but were much more comfortable. The dealer and Mazda will not do anything to help me...

    I am completely sick about the whole thing. I can not tell you how horrable I fell at this moment. I am going to lose thousands of dollars, but I cannot stand it any longer. I spend 4-6hr a day driving and this is just intolerable. I had an upolstry guy look at it and he said there is not enough padding tword the rear of the seat bottom and the frame is too narrow in the rear. tehre are two part sont eh fram of the seat bottom that are just under the cover and they put two pressre points on the sides of my rear end.

    I HIGHLY RECOMED THAT you NOT buy a CX-9 if you are a larger than mormal person. I cannot believe that anyone over 200lb would find these seats to be comfortable on a long trip.

  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    So far... I'm with you.. .tho "only" 6'2 and less than 200... so far so good here!
  • Entitled opinion granted.

    I'm a Texas big boy... 6'2 and about 260. I've had nothing but comfort from our CX-9.Currently, my wife and I have amassed about 6,500 miles since we leased ours in February.
    We have pretty good mixed driving between our Mazda6 and our CX-9.

    Really, what it comes down to is each person's own personal comfort level, most likely based on unique body characteristics. To generalize that everyone larger in stature will be uncomfortable is misleading and untrue.

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