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2007 Mazda CX-9



  • nastacionastacio Posts: 370
    Just talked to our local dealer about pre-ordering a GT FWD 08'. He estimated the delivery for December because the vehicle would have to be produced and brought from Japan.

    He did say that we could switch to another of our liking if they happened to have one on the floor before then, as long as our order did not include any options that made it harder for them to sell it.

    I am in North Carolina and they said they would honor the S-Price for my employer.
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 242

    Had 2 MPVs but wife and kids are tired of minivan. Looking at CX 9 and would like to try and get a left over 2007. Am I going to have a tough time? Don't want AWD because of lower mileage and cost but extra options on car won't bother me. Seems that availability of these is a lot less than on mini-vans. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Hey everyone, incase some of you have questions about the 2008 CX-8 3.7L engine, it will be built in Japan at Mazda's Ujina engine plant, near Mazda head quarters in Hiroshima. This makes the entire CX-9 built by the Japanese

    I wonder if the .2L upgrade was a Mazda idea, rather then Ford?
  • sssfegysssfegy Posts: 132
    avi, that's what my rep. said about the 3.5L! So be carefull with anything MNOA provides, I learned that leason.
    The increase is for sure a Ford plan, its their motor, and will be available for the 08 Lin. lineup.
  • unixxusunixxus Posts: 97
    Because the engine is now produced in Japan, I'm sure the increase in engine size is ultimately a Mazda decision. They could have chosen to stay with the 3.5 V6 currently in the 2008 Edge and Lincoln MKX. As much as Ford purists would like to have the 3.7 in their lineup for the 08 model year, Lincoln will not get a version until the 09 model year (MKS 3.7 twin force). As far as I know, Mazda engineers have been part of the development team for the V6 engines. How else do you explain how Mazda gets the 3.7 engine before any other Ford? Below is the link to Mazda's press release on the start of production for the 3.7 engine.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    My rep told me the 3.5L was built here, shipped over there. But, on Mazda's web page, they said the Ujina plant is now building the 3.7L engine. We will see when we see the window sticker read "Engine assembly: Japan".
  • wwwwww Posts: 8
    I want to by an 07 tourng or grand touring. Having trouble finding a touring in the area that I can actually get into and sit in to compare to the grand touring and sport. can someone give me opinins on how the INSIDE feels and looks on the Touring and how it compares in the inside to the GT and the Sport (am aware of the 18-20 inch wheel dif). I can get my dealer to find me a tourng and get it to his location, but I have to give a downpayment that might be hard to refund if I change my mine.
  • yyman1yyman1 Posts: 2
    Okay I just bought a CX-9 Touring with Moonroof and Bose and so far so good. However, the dealer did not include the 20-page manual that explains how to use the satellite radio. I called the dealer and they said that they would try and mail me the documents (don't really want to drive 50 miles).

    I'm a pretty tech savvy guy so this is really bothering me. Anyway, if someone could give me the basic info - like how to get the ESN number I would really appreciate it. Also, if there's anything thats not intuitive about the system I would really appreciate it.

    P.S. I searched online for the info and couldn't find it. I also called Mazda and they said they couldn't email it to me and I HAD to go back to the dealer.
  • oman9oman9 Posts: 97

    Being tech savvy I'll bet you don't even need the manual. The best way to get the ESN is to call the 800 number for sirius...go to their site, it's there. The customer rep will take you thru the process (including getting the ESN) inside of 5 maybe 10 minutes. You probably have a free trial period and after that you pay a contract. Consider the lifetime membership as you can transfer that to other radios up to 3 times for a $75 change fee each time. If you keep it (Satellite radio, not the car since you can change it) long term, lifetime is the way to go...Good luck!
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    The "touring" Mazda CX-9 will have a flat finish on the steering wheel, as opposed to the piano black on the GT, the dash lay out is the same, the leather is the same. The wood like trim on the GT is piano black finish on the touring. The door handles are not chrome on the touring. No HID's on the Touring, either. Also, no fog lights or chrome trim on the tail gate. One last thing, the GT will have a blue light background on the red gauges, and the touring is just red.

    The overall feel is basically the same. It is just a matter if the other stuff matters to you?
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    like how to get the ESN number I would really appreciate it

    press and hold the black knob on the left side of your radio controls and your ESN will display on the info screen.
  • srangersranger Posts: 106
    I highly recomend that you spend as much time in the CX-9 seats as you can before you buy one. The seats in mine are hard as a rock and very uncomfortable. I am going to have to traid the vehicle soon or completely have the seat bottoms re-built. Neither Mazda or the dealer is even willing to take a look at the seats in my CX-9 to see if their is a problem. I got a polite but official screw you from both of them...

    I spend a lot of time in the seats 4-6hr per day and I cannot even drive it witout using a seat cushion.

    Many people do not seem to have a problem, but a few of us larger people find the seat to be intolerable for long repeatitive use...

    Good luck....
  • unixxusunixxus Posts: 97
    The NHTSA has release the crash test results for the Mazda CX-9. Five stars for both frontal and side crashes and four stars for rollover. link below.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    We just received our first 2008 CX-9's today, and I was reading the window sticker, and it states that the engine parts are Japanese. So, it seems the entire 3.7L engine is now Japanese built. Obviously the base design was Ford's, as we all know. I wonder if this means increased reliability?
  • I just want to comment on what the seat problem guy is saying....On another forum he said he fixed his seat issue so why is he now saying he has to get it rebuilt? Something fishy going on here. :confuse:
  • poof100poof100 Posts: 11
    Just ignore the comments about the Seat problems. He had a unique seat issue that he has gone on and on and on about on any forum he can. There was a unique defect in his seat that needed to be fixed. This isn't common among all CX-9 seats. His mission is to slam the car and the seats everywhere he goes though. Most find the CX-9 seats some of the most comfortable out there, even for larger people.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    ...I agree with you, but it appears that even though the CX 9 is a great car,most owners are havinga series of "small" issues that keep poping up here an,nav,auto seats,etc....sometimes I wonder if it is an "owner" problem or is it reality...remember the old saying"perception can become reality"...for those little problem I am lianing to the EDGE...yes some seem to think that the EDGE is more in line with the CX 7...but not to me since I am the one making the final decision on what to buy..
  • I bought a CX-9 GT AWD a few weeks ago (just under 1000 miles on it now) and I did find it slightly stiff, but compared it to my 2003 Accord EX-V6 and turned out the seats were _much_ better padded on the CX-9 than on the Accord. On the Accord there is a horizontal seam that had me uncomfortable after a few hours, but the CX-9 was definitely much more comfortable long haul. The suspension is stiff, but it gives almost equivalent handling to the 2003 Accord EX V-6 with obvious feel of the additional height and weight, but it is not far in response from the Accord [though suspension is stiffer than Accord to permit equivalent handling]. Seats are still more comfortable than my Accord and the Accord is considered a good compromise by most sedan standards.
  • srangersranger Posts: 106
    Poof100 statments are not quite accurate. I have seen the seats in several CX-9s. They do not appear to be any different from mine. However, I do admit that neither Mazda or my dealer is willing to even take a look at the seats to see if there is a defect. I have practically begged them to do so and all I got in return is a "screw you". I admit that I have a low opinion of Mazda and the dealer as a result.

    All I can base my opinion on are the facts at hand. First, the seats are so hard they are nearly intolerable. Second, I am NOT the only person who has had a similar problem.

    If stating my opinion based on my experiance is wrong, then there is little reason to have fourms like this one...
  • I just did a 1,000 mile trip and found the GT seats to be extremely comfortable! I wasn't tired and my back didn't hurt at all after several hours of driving. I'm 6'01" and weigh 240#. You couldn't ask for better fitting or better constructed seats than these. The seat memory and power lumbar work great and you can program your smart key to set the seat to your specs upon unlocking the car. I researched this car for months before buying and I made a great choice. My wife and I both love the CX-9. No nit picks here! :)
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    ....besides the GT is it AWD?...and what otheroptions you got?...what is your opinion about the nav?...and the stereo?
  • sedmundsedmund Posts: 93
    We have had the CX-9 GT AWD Bose/Nav for about couple of months now. We are extremely happy with the vehicle. Every time I take it for a drive I love the way it drives.
    The nav felt a little quirky in the beginning but once we got familiar with it, we like it now. Bluetooth works quite well. (If you have the fan in full blast you need to reduce the fan speed a little for the voice recog to work well). The rain-sensing wipers work quite well. Impressive audio system. Love the keyless start. And the Xenons. I would like a little bit more power/torque on this vehicle - but who wouldn't on any vehicle? ;)
    Overall, a slick, fun family hauler.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    ...that is just the way I want it but I will have to wait for the 09 since the 07 are all gone from my area..the way i want it...what color and interior you got?..
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    sometimes I wonder if it is an "owner" problem or is it reality

    It's called "a loose nut behind the wheel"...
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    ...correction I meant an 08...that was "finger check"...sorry
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    I like that never heard of it and I think it is very possible. Like I said all the complaints are very minor stuff but can help to wonder..the only real problem I heard was the gent with the seat issue....and like they say "S^&^ happens"..but when it happens to you it hurts....
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Sh** does happen. But, the grudges some people drag out over and over and then slam the vehicle by saying "don't buy it" becuase of something small (and it seemed to be fixed)is just crazy.
  • todostodos Posts: 13
    I have had my cx9 since June 3 and I love it. FWD, Touring COPPER RED with Nav. The look, the color, the cleanliness, the seats etc., I pulled after looking at many people and researching for months. Are there minor issues that bother me? sure, but I paid my money and I plan to enjoy it fully!!!

    One neat thing I found out about the car recently when I was doing a thorough cleaning is that under the front passenger side mat, under a little pull up slot, the VIN number is etched into the floor of the vehicle. Thankfully I didnt purchase window etching before, but this is more ammunition for people not to purchase window etching. Here is the reality, thieves can break your window and tear off your dash board where your VIN is, however they will not rip out the floor of the vehicle.

    Bottom Line- I love my CX9. My wife loves it, when I frive places people are in awe at how great the vehicle looks...
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    I've sat (pardon the pun) by watching the seat issue(r) come in when it seems the cx-9 is grooving with praise... and he (you) do(es) seem to purposly discourage people from our car. As a emp. of a dealer... 1) I'm a bit amazed at the "screw you" (supposed) response recieved... with a new car all manufactures bend over backwards to make it right... 2) They say when you love it you tell a few ... when you hate it you spew spew spew... and it seems that way here. 3) bottom ( no pun again intended ) line is... with anything made...there's potential for issues to come up... how you the owner present the issue works greatly towards how they (we) the dealer "choses" to handle it.

    ps; 07 CXy9 (cuz its soooo sexy) AWD Gt sparkling black, nav system, dvd and power assist... I totaly love it! more so ... so does she ;)
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    You are correct in most points,but you fail to understand that this individual payed (or is paying) a good chunk of money and he feels that neither the dealer or Mazda has come to his rescue, on that I can understand his anger.
    It is not unusual to see people in that position to bash anything about the car no matter how great it is..I guess is his way to get back at Mazda and the dealer.
    We all should understand that and continue forward hoping that we do not encounter any kind of "fluke" in our ne w beloved car CX 9 or any other
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