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2007 Mazda CX-9



  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    I was not worried about the 1 mpg difference, but simply wanted to know why 2 models (Sport vs Touring) of the same car (08 CX9 FWD) had different EPA mpg stickers. Was it tires? Was it gear ratios? Was it weight? etc,etc... Nobody seemed to know until I got an answer that sounded fishy. I know that most of us at these Edmunds' forums know more about the cars we are buying than the sales people at dealerships - that doesn't surprise me. What I don't like and will not tolerate from car dealerships are lies - this information that I got seemed to fit in that category and I simply wanted confirmation.

    I suspected that the 17/24 MPG sticker was applied before the EPA changed their calculations and that the most current number should be 16/22. The answer that I got was just the opposite and implied that I WOULD GET 17/24 AFTER THE CAR WAS "REPROGRAMED".
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442 are so right!...the sales people often are misinformed at best...and most of them will tell us buyers anything in order to sell a car...but in all fairness selling is how they make a biggest problem is that the dealerships do not encourage long term employment for theirt sales force thus creating the "temp" sales personnel that either don't know anything,and show it well, or try to tell us lies with the objective of selling...after all when they get a "live one" they go back to the sales manager in order to effect the sale..
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I just moved an interesting mileage post over to the Real World MPG discussion. Check it out:

    martin_m, "Mazda CX-9 Real World MPG" #23, 5 Nov 2007 6:37 am
  • And why do we have to go to the last page of the thread to post?! Craziest thing I have yet seen in any discussion forum (in terms of interface).

    Just wondering where to post impressions of my 08 CX-9 after several months of driving, to help anyone looking at buying. I sure found a lot of value here when I was trying to decide, would like to add to the information.
  • brutus22brutus22 Posts: 122

    Strange I have never seen any other way to post then at the end, it make sense to me and I post at a dozen other forums. Anyhow would love to hear your impressions, post them here please.

  • For anyone that is considering buying, please note that overall I love this vehicle, and have said as much in a couple of other forums here. This is more an addendum to those other mini reviews after I have owned the vehicle for several months now.

    So the fact that I am posting some negative issues should not really sway anyone since out of all the models I looked at and considered, the CX9 still won out - i.e. every vehicle has flaws and negatives to go with the good stuff of course (and I would buy it again today if that helps).

    I have the 08 CX9 GT, FWD with all the goodies.

    Interior space:

    Space has not yet been an issue, and my wife's aunt and brother are visiting our house for more than 2 weeks, so it has been tested multiple times, and vigorously in this dept.

    We have EASILY packed the following into the CX9 (at the same time):
    Uncle (3rd row)
    Aunt (center 2nd row)
    3 yr old in booster (2nd row)
    6 mos old in carseat (2nd row)
    85lb dog in back

    Now granted, there was not much room for anything else, but the entry and exit times for all those beings/things was pretty impressive imo.

    This is exactly why I bought the vehicle, and was pleased to find out that it delivered on that front.

    Now if I had those two extra adults to fit on a daily or even continual basis, I would have bought a minivan, no question, but this was a once a year, maybe once every 2 yrs thing, so no big deal.


    Continues to impress. Handling is superb for a vehicle this size. Acceleration is decent. Transmission is butter smooth.

    I have been wavering about the ride though. At first I posted a comment about how I thought people who decried the 20" wheels ride as too rough were being overly sensitive, but I can see the point now after some time.

    Let's just say, in hindsight, if I had had a choice to choose the GT model with 18" wheels instead of 20" I would have done so. Not only because I imagine the cost to replace those things will be insane, but also for ride comfort of passengers. It is very European, in that you definitely feel the road more, which has positives and negatives. You get better feedback when driving, but you also get "feedback" when you hit a pothole. I will say when you do encounter a pothole, it recovers VERY quickly, but there is a pretty big jolt probably due to the low profile of the tires.

    Road noise. Not as quiet as I had hoped on the interstate. More wind noise than anything else, as the cabin itself seems pretty well insulated. But like my Passat wagon, when you hit cruising speeds on the interstate, the wind hitting (side view mirror is what it sounds like) obstructions can really start to whistle. But again, this IS a Mazda, and not a Lexus, so there ya go (though they are pricing this model like it was a Lexus!) Not really a big issue or a dealbreaker at all, just a note.


    The floor mats are the worst I have ever seen in any car I have bought. Just awful. I would probably go ahead and plan to buy some 3rd party (like Weathertech) or even Mazda's own all weather mats, even if you don't live in a climate that needs that, because the default ones are sooooo cheap looking - they are so lightweight and cheap that mine are already starting to pull off the floor at some of the corners. Real shoddy, Mazda, does not at all go with high quality material used in the rest of the cabin.


    I have barked about this already, but I am even more down on the sound system than I was previously. The Bose system they have with the "premium" audio package (I got the RSE) is pure crap, no other way to put it. Not sure if it's the head unit or the speakers, (I think the unit), but normal CD's (even after I have spent MUCH time tweaking audio settings) sounds just terrible. Overly boomy bass, NO mid range, ack. I can't say enough about how disappointed I am considering the extra cost.

    OTOH, the sound of the DVD system is phenomenol. Surround is incredible and believable, so I tried some CD's in the DVD player and it seems to be somewhat better (because I have more options I think, to tweak). Still testing this.

    Video on DVD is mediocre at best.

    Have not tested headphones that come with it yet.


    This still baffles me. Not sure why, but after many months, I still can't seem to get "the system" (and yes I have read the ENTIRE manual). The memory seats only work if you click the LOCK button on the remote entry key. If you use the button on the door, this does NOT work, so it kinda defeats the purpose of a keycard (not having to pull out the card when you want to open or start car).

    I just think the whole system could be better, or better integrated at least.

    Maybe I will try having the dealer reprogram to do the auto locking and unlocking thing. that would probably help out (it's off by default).


    Wow, it's horrible! I mean, maybe not relatively, but for us, coming from 2 VW's (4 cylinder Passat and even a V6 GTI) we have to fill up the tank ALL the time. Not so much concerned about that as I wish they would have used a larger tank...just a pain to have to constantly stop for gas.

    Climate control works great.

    Bluetooth works great

    Nav system itself is awful RELATIVE to personal units you can buy like Garmin, but will get you where you want to go (if you have a specific address). I would consider the NAV as just the MOST basic GPS you could find on the market - i.e it does the bare minimum (which is really all I need, so not really that much of a complaint from me)

    It is not friendly to use, the interface is plain bad, the graphics are worse (though if you are just listening this should not be a problem). They should completely overhaul the NAV for 09 imo.

    Love the adjustable headlights.

    Love the quality of the leather.

    Love the overall look, except for the chrome, which is completely cheesy imo (which is why I got a platinum one which contrasts with the chrome the least, so much less noticeable than say on the blue). That is completely subjective though, some probably like chrome everything.

    Rearview camera - I use it a LOT more than I thought I would. Glad to have it.

    Power liftgate: I thought I would use this a LOT more...but I find myself almost never using it. Maybe the wife does, not sure.

    I guess if you have a hand free to be able to click on the keycard to close it remotely, or even able to reach up and push the button on the gate itself, you are probably able to just close it with your hand! Not sure why I thought this would be such a great feature, but again, my 5ft tall wife may beg to differ on that point.

    Oh, I also had to take it in to dealer because it was pulling to left pretty severely on the interstate.

    Overall impression after several months (1-10 scale): 8.5
  • Hello Cmuniz,
    I was wondering the same thing. We purchased a FWD but the sticker on that said 16/22 while the stickers on the other fwd what we saw said 18/24. When I asked the difference the salesman said "in 2007 the fwd got better mileage than the 2008 because of the emission changes, I guess" So I'm not sure if the two you were looking at were different years or not but that could have something to do with it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    The recent leasing thread has been moved over to Prices Paid:

    onzie1, "Mazda CX-9 Lease Questions" #240, 29 Nov 2007 12:29 pm

    Please report on your buying deals in the Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience discussion too. Thanks!

    Oh, and we'd love to see pics of your new CX-9's - please post them on your CarSpace page in the albums there.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    That's the first answer I got, too but they were both 2008 - one a Sport the other a Touring. Still don't understand the difference, I decided to buy a 2008 Taurus X instead of the CX9 Touring.
  • I bought brand new CX-9 and the all wheel drive didn't work. Couldn't go on any slippery surface. Took dealer over a month to convince MAZDA it was bad then two weeks to get new transfer case. Now it works perfect. Went from undrivable in snow to fantastic. But, odd that brand new car had non functioning part.
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    1) what made you first notice it?
    2) were there any warning lights from the car indicating an issue?
    3) it's unfortunate ...but even brand new things have issues...

    I'm very glad it's working proper now!!!
  • Same here, got the diagnostic today from the dealer, same delay to order new transfer case. I'm happy to see that this has solved the problem for you and I can't wait to see the difference: I live in snowy Montreal, I have a 45 degree incline to my driveway in town and I drive up to my even snowier cottage every weekend and really need the AWD when I get there before the plow: steep inclines, twisty roads, no abrasives or salt!

    Mine is a 2007 GT, bought used with 10,000 km (sorry, I'm Canadian!) on the ODO and previously driven ony by a female Mazda Sales Director, so unlike you, there may be other factors involved in the faulty transfer case, like wanting to impress the sales staff...
  • I know the post wasn't addressed to me but I had the same problem so I will answer if you don't object. Hope this helps other users and I hope we haven't uncovered a widespread issue with the AWD...

    1) I had a hard time getting up my steep driveway after a good snowstorm (6 inches of fresh snow or more). I had a Rav4 with AWD before the CX-9 and it came through every time. I thought maybe the CX-9 being heavier, and with TCS, it started at a disadvantage in the same conditions, so I didn't give it much thought, especially given that when I turn TCS off and put it in Manual 2nd gear, I always make it up the driveway. BTW, I have brand new winters (Toyo G02) on 18 inch mags, so tires are a moot point.

    What sealed the deal was when I got stuck in a 90 degree curve with a 20 degree incline in 8 inches of fresh snow with some ice under it. OK, not an easy test for any vehicle (no FWD that I know has ever made it up this particular section in these conditions, even with winter tires), but that's why I bought the AWD dammit! I tried 3 times, TCS off in 2nd gear, but my new AWD CX-9 felt like a heavy front wheel drive cow! When my father and brothers in law came to help get me up, they noticed that nothing but the front wheels were turning, so that confirmed my feeling. My father in law's AWD Chrysler Minivan was not having the same probems as my CX-9 (yes, very embarassing!) and I thought it was maybe due to a purely mechanical AWD vs the CX-9's electronically enhanced system? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

    On the CX-9's AWD in general, I thought that maybe TCS and other electronics were the reason why the rear end didn't come out when I floored it (like my Rav4 used to do), but I suppose that this broken transfer case may be the real reason. I will post something on this once the repairs have been made (still lots of snow and twisty roads to test on!). Meanwhile, for other owners, perhaps this test can help you determine whether your AWD system is working properly or not: in fresh snow, TCS off, manual, 1st gear, drive forward slowly, turn the wheel slightly, floor it, and if the back end doesn't come out, surprise, you're probably not driving an AWD! The 4WD light will probably come on, but unlike the TCS icon, this is not necessarily a good thing (see below).

    2) 4WD light flashed, but like TCS icon, I thought it was a good thing when it did, that is until I read the owner's manual and discovered that it could indicate a problem.
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    Thank you very much for your unadressed response! The information from you is very helpful.. I'm going to make an inquiry with my dealer rep (I am the proud owner of an 07 GT AWD, and the P.M. of a dealer)., and though I'm in Northern California (not much daily snow here ;) ) but our family does make trips to the sierra and the last thing I want to experience is the failure of our AWD system... If I get any significant responce from him... I'll add it to our continued information.
  • So folks who own these CX-9s what is your real world experience with
    those 2nd row seat tracks.

    My wife looked at those and has all but thrown the cx-9 out of the running.

    She just shook her head and asked "What were they thinking?"

    She's expecting them to collect french fries and pennies.

    Is it as bad as she thinks.......?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    It's hard to tell from the photo I found, but they look a bit similar to the tracks in my Quest. But my tracks are about 3' long and go from the back of the front seats to about a foot or so from the rear hatch. I have carpet strips with plugs attached that fit in the tracks that I have to pop out to slide the rear seat back and forth, but the tracks do accumulate stuff. Rarely does anything keep me from sliding the seat back and forth though, and occasionally I'll stick a vacuum nozzle in there and clean the dirt out.

    I guess one advantage is that they give you a bit more foot room since the seat isn't sitting on long brackets attached to the floor. If you don't move the second row much, a floor mat would probably keep most junk out of the rails.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Just to give you a baseline, I have 4 kids and 13k miles.

    I just vacuumed the CX-9 the other day and was surprised that the tracks were not worse than they were. there was some light dirt in there, but nothing major. So far, no problems with the seats sliding back and forth.
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    We're about 8k in to the car... w/3 kids ages 7 to 16... we haven't had any issues at all with the 2nd row seats/tracks at all ... In fact I'm still pretty impressed with the design and function of the 2nd row all together... the ease of use getting into the rear seats etc...
  • I have same issue with my brand new 2007 CX-9 with 18" tires. I noticed on test drive but thought nothing of it because I purchased a mazda 3 last year and had same issue on test drive, but was completely gone after test drive. Well, I bought the CX-9, and immediately brought back for alignment. Tech said out of specs a little, but "these" sporty suspensions tend to turn one way or the other. Well, mine completely and always turns to the left. The alignment helped a little, but this car is NOT fun to drive because I ALWAYS have to hold steering wheel to the right. I'm taking back three times and filing a lemon law claim. That'll teach em.
  • jchan66jchan66 Posts: 8
    This is a known problem and have been discussed in several forums. Here is alink to one of them:

    topneuro, "2008 Mazda CX-9" #49, 30 Jan 2008 1:18 pm
  • texas68texas68 Posts: 3
    Does anyone know if the navigation system has been upgraded from the 2007 Model to the 2008 Model? I had heard that with the 2008 Model Navigation System you can view and control the Climate Control using the touch screen on the navigation system Screen just like you can control the Audio. The Mazda Website also seemes to indicate this. IN particular, it says:

    A navigation system with touch-screen functionality provides real-time mapping, directions, points-of-interest, trip information as well as control and display of audio and climate control functions.

    Can someone confirm?

  • texas68texas68 Posts: 3
    Are you able to view and control the climate system using your touch screen navigation system?
  • live2skilive2ski Posts: 25
    maybe for 2009, but not for the '08. The nav touch screen only works when not moving and no climate or trip information is displayed. That would be a nice enhancement over the current system.
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one with issues with the AWD - I have an '07 GT AWD and had no problems with it until just last week... It started with a slightly noticeable "clunk" you could feel and hear in the driveline when you jumped on the throttle from a stand-still but then all was well... hardly noticeable in normal city driving. Then with no notice, I jumped on the gas pulling out of a driveway into a busy street and the front tires spun and it was torque steer central (never happened before) and that is when I realized that no power was being sent to the rear wheels... I'm going to take it to Mazda this week... let you know how it turns out. Has anyone had this issue resolved at their local Mazda dealer?
  • ... I wrote a few days ago about my AWD 2007 CX-9 GT - I suspected the transfer case failed. Turns out I was right. My experience with the local Mazda dealer was a positive one - they called me back about 4 hours after I dropped off the car and said "you were right sir, we'll have a new transfer case here in 2 days". Said I was the first person to bring in a AWD CX-9 to their dealership with this problem... but I live in sunny Orange County and I imagine the vast majority of soccer moms driving these vehicles wouldn't even notice the problem if they had it... Makes me wonder how many people may be driving AWD CX-9s in good weather climates with non-functional transfer cases... It took me, a car nut and driving enthusiast who bought this model for its 263 hp and AWD NOT the 3rd row seats! to point this out to the the local Mazda dealer.
  • I have a customer here with an 07 CX9 who hit a pothole and popped a tire.
    Firestone won't warranty it in their "roadside hazard" package so I thought we would be able to order one... I've searched all my local distributors, and even online but am told that they are on "national backorder" and I will be notified when they are available.
    They are size P245/50R20- stock tires and rims
    I find it hard to believe that even the local Mazda dealership can't get them and are trying to sell him a new set of 18 in. rims and tires at full cost.
    Any advise? What do you tell a customer when it takes over a week to find a tire?
    and to top it off it comes with a compact spare. what are they thinking?
  • Huge squealing, chirping noise started a few weeks back. Happened every morning when cold. The dealer first replaced the drive shaft but still happened the morning after I got it home. Just left it for 4 days and they replaced the transfer case. Car has 6800 miles on it. The fix worked and I have a feeling I have been driving without AWD for quite some time. After this fix, the car is almost unrestrainable coming up the mountain to get home. :)
  • I purchased an 2007 CX9 last December with 27,000 miles. I have 31,000 and recently had to replace all tires because I had a flat in one and my mechanic noticed that all 4 tires had "dry rot". Well of course Mazda didn't warranty them because that's one of the items that should be covered by the tire company, Firestone. Well, low and behold they do cover them but like your problem, they didn't have that tire because it is on back order. They went to the next tire up grade and I had to pay the pro rated fee which was a 50% mark down. None the less, I had to come out of pocket $600. I was very upset due to the fact that I should have only had to pay for one and the company is still putting these tires on Mazdas. I told Mazda to change tire companies!!!
  • ratariratari Posts: 1
    Thank you for all this information. We have a 2007 Mazda CX-9 with about 54K miles on it. We noticed this winter that our AWD does not work. The 4WD light comes on and it actually lingers even after there shouldn't be any more slipping.

    We took it into Bommorito Mazda in St. Louis. They ran a diagnostic and said everything was fine. They told us to get new tires and try it again during the next snow.

    So we were out of town when it snowed next and we had the new tires. Same response. Only the front tires spun out in the snow.

    The dealer says the car is fine. We think otherwise and are out $100 for the diagnostic.

    Would a transfer case issue show up on diagnostic? Also now I hear this high pitched squealing noise (although low in volume) most of the time when I drive the car.



  • I dont know if it would show up on the diagnostic but I do know that your AWD would not be working if your transfer case was bad. It sounds just like what I had going on with my 2010. The yahoos at the dealer said all was fine first...then changed out a driveshaft then finally took it in overnight and drove it in the morning when the squealing was the worst and realized it was the transfer case. It is not happening as much on the new ones, but quite often with the 07s. I had an 07 for 3 yrs and had no trouble. But I have read that many have had to swap out the transfer case. I just hope yours is still under warranty. :) It is pricey. But I still LOVE my CX9! No problems at all since the case was swapped.
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