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Lexus IS Maintenance and Repair



  • pup3pup3 Posts: 5

    The pad compound is softer due to the lack of asbestos.

    The average in LA stop & go driving is approx 10K to 12K .. now this is AVERAGE

    I have seen people get 2 to 3X as much and I have seen people get as little as 8K..

    Most higher end manufacturers' have an adjustment period of 12 months or 12K from when the car was originally delivered (the original in service date)
    IF the brakes have problems but NOT due to wear MOST manufacturers' will replace the brakes under warranty BUT ONLY IF THERE IS A MANUFACTURING DEFECT, NOT FOR WEAR.
    Pulsation, warped rotors and horendous brake squeal (if verified) will ususally be "covered" but again, it depends upon the manufacturer.

    Pads usually need to be ABOVE 50% remaining for the manufacturer to 'step up' and replace them under the 12/12 warranty.

    But for xcessive brake dust ... I highly doubt it.

    But like I tell my girls ... "If you don't ask .. You don't get"


  • pup3pup3 Posts: 5
    Years ago my wife's 06 is250 had excessive brake dust. The dealer changed out the pads without quibble and without charge. Still using the same pads without dust and work fine.
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