2017 Highlander Limited AWD actual mpg in the city

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Our car is approaching first 1,000 miles and already sucked up 4 tanks of gas.
Advertised to return 20 mpg city driving in reality gives only 14 according to the dashboard computer.
We don't drive highways, only local roads 40-60 mph max so cannot say yet what the combined could be.

I am wondering how many more owners of 2017 AWD Limited Highlander have the same issue who commute daily mostly around the city or in heavy rush hour traffic?

Trying to understand whether we got a lemon here or Toyota is lying to its customers about estimated mpg.
We drive normally like we always did in other cars and tire pressure is good. We never had this issue before and we owned new Honda!



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    I would suggest two things here. One, put some more miles on the car before coming to a conclusion; Two, calculate the MPG with a pen and paper and your odometer, and forget about the computer for the moment at least.

    Driving conditions are important here. To make a point with an exaggeration, if you were idling much of the time, then at idle your MPG is...well....0.

  • orangeman99orangeman99 Member Posts: 88
    Those MPG figures are calculated under optimal conditions. They're not practical in the real world. If you drive in heavy traffic, or you drive in a city with lots of traffic lights (stop and go driving), don't expect to get anywhere near those advertised numbers.
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    I'll throw my .02 in here even though it's kinda dated. I have 10yr old Sienna which advertised 16mpg around town. Never able to get better than 13 regardless of who drives (me, wife, kids - all with different driving styles). Have a '19 Highlander LTD which is advertised as 20mpg around town. I can't get better than 14. Wife/kids may get 16 if lucky. Only way you get advertised mpg around town in on perfectly flat ground averaging 40mph with a traffic light every 5 miles. Hwy is different story. I can beat the 21MPG hwy rating on the Sienna but has to be level ground and I can get 23 if I stay below 70. Hilly and/or over 70 and MPG drops to 19 best. In '19 Highlander got 28 recently (rated 26) on 200 mile round trip flat road doing 70+/-. Your results may vary :)
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