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Dodge Dakota Transmission Problems



  • circuitrydercircuitryder Posts: 30
    edited August 2010
    I have an '01 Dakota 4wd 5.9 auto (46re). Earlier this year, I had problems with lock up converter, which more than anything, seemed to resolve itself after fluid and filter change. Lately, however, trans has begun to have late shifts, 2-3, and on occasion, 1-2. Seems to happen once engine is warm after driving a few minutes. WHEN COLD, trans seems to work fine (may be because I am still driving slowly?). Seems to be the opposite of what others have on this forum. Fluid is red and full; 3-4 shift is fine, and TC lockup is fine - once the transmission makes the 2-3 shift. I road tested it today, and under slow acceleration, trans seems to shift fine, but under moderate to hard accel., engine winds out to over 4000 rpms in second. I can sometimes force a shift by backing off accel. at high rpms, or bumping the throttle. I recently adjusted the TV cable and checked for the presence of a spring and it seems to be in order. Replaced the TPS this year, and filter about 6 months ago. Problem started when the trans fluid got a little low after replacing the radiator. It was about a quart low for a month I guess. Fluid is AFT+4. Bands have not been adjusted - would that cause this problem?
  • I have a 1998 dodge dakota, with the 3.9, 4 x 4. I went to leave a couple of days ago out of my drive way and it barely made it up the hill, then it basically came to a complete stop when I turned the corner after losing momention. The truck will not move in any gear. Everyone says I need a new transmission, but I dont see how all the gears went out at once. The tranny had been slipping check the tranny fluid and it was fine. Can anyone help me!!! Also what are the interchange for them, I heard that a 99 durango tranny will fit please let me know if this is correct as well. Thanks!!!
  • :sick: I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota Sport. 3.9 L, automatic. Within the last two weeks, the transmission temperature gauge has been coming on and off. The transmission temperature is fine, and there is plenty of water in the radiator to cool the engine. When the transmission temperature light comes on, the over drive shuts off, and I cannot turn it back on, it is like it is stuck in the off position. When the transmission temp light comes on the engine shifts, like once you reach a certain rpm and it goes into the next gear. The transmission temperature light doesn't stay on for more than 30 seconds. Any suggestions??? A few years ago we had a rebuilt engine put in the truck because I was driving on 95 one day and a rod went through the oil pan, when it was replaced, I noticed the truck when it is idle, or at stop that it feels like it wants to stall, it never has, but I found out the cylinder number 5 misfires. The rebuilt engine probably has about 65,000 on it as the truck itself has 123,000. The only thing I can think of is that it is a sensor, the steering column and lever has been recalled on my truck, but I haven't had a chance to get it fixed, and it does not stay in park sometimes.
  • Hey Try park/safty switch its about 25 bucks. it on the driver side of the tranny. it sticks the side 1" socket. good luck
  • I have a 2000 dakota with a 3.9L. Have been having the ABS and brake light stay on after starting the engine. This happens about 90% of the time. Other times it starts and the lights go out like they should. Gives me the impression thet there is a poor connection somewhere but not shure where to look. Any ideas?
  • Hello Fellow Dakotians,
    90 V6-3.9 auto trans w/Overdrive Button 130K+miles.
    When Driving normally/not so normally. It wont upshift into final gear unless i am pushing 65mph+ and staying on the accelerator., The slightest reduction of acceleration and "Bam" She'll Downshift 1 -Gear Throwing the RPM's Horrific ally Upward until i hammer down on the accelerator again. I dont have a problem with flying on the freeway my way, But the CHP do. Please for you to help! thank you., signed the current TICKET MASTER RECEIVER OF SO. CA.
  • I have 02 Dakota quad cab. Sporadically, when turning the key, the shift indicator will light up around the P but as soon as I try to start it, it goes out and the truck won't start / do anything. It happens off and on and when I shift through the gears, it'll light up around everything except park and neutral. Then after 5 or 10 minutes of trying every type of variation with the key, gearshift, stepping on brake etc., it'll magically stay on and start. Any ideas?
  • 9. revs up but won't upshift.9 dakota automatic,318 4x4
  • 01dakota01dakota Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    2001 Dakota 4.7 4x4 slt quad cab. Trans shifts in and out of overdrive at around 40-45 mph erratically and is starting to do it around 65mph. New fluid and filter, recently changed crank and camshaft sensor. Check engine light comes on but shuts off by the time I make it to mechanic. This has been an ongoing problem for a while now and need some info. Also idle seems to be erratic sometimes going from 500 rpm to 1500 rpm. Any help would be appreciated.
  • I have a 2001 dodge dakota, 4.7. The digital gear shift indicator display on the instrument panel is rotating continuously over all gears. Also the transmission feels as though its not shifting properly. The truck has been sitting for over a year, but othe...
  • jynovjynov Posts: 4
    I have 02 Dakota quad cab, auto transmission. Sporadically, when turning the key, the shift indicator will light up around the P but as soon as I try to start it, it goes out and the truck won't start / do anything. It happens off and on and when I shift through the gears, it'll light up around everything except park and neutral. Then after 5 or 10 minutes of trying every type of variation with the key, gearshift, stepping on brake etc., it'll magically stay on and start. Any ideas?
  • jynovjynov Posts: 4
  • '98, 220K miles... Something slips when I turn right. Once straighten out it grabs again. It is worse at slow speeds like a right from a stop sign. No slip at all at speed though on something like a sharp exit ramp. The guy at the place where I get my oil changed suggested might be low differential fluid. Thanks in advance any help.
  • oldbowoldbow Posts: 2
  • oldbowoldbow Posts: 2
    I am now on my fourth shift motor for my 2001 Dodge Dakota. Next time, I plan to replace it myself. Can you describe where it is? Or send me a picture to [email protected] Thanks.
  • My dakota has begun major shifting problems started with a broken kick down cable and even with that replaced it wont shift properly gutless and when you do floor it instead of kicking down it will act like its in neutral any help would be

    [email protected]
  • Mine (2003 86K) does that from time to time. More likely the trans fluid level - although not in my case - fluid replaced and correct level. I don't see diff level doing that but its worth a look I guess (although a painto check).
  • Hi all ..... I have a 2004 dodge 1500 5.7 hemi auto tran..... when you first start it it shifts fine up and down .....after driving a while transmision clunks ....if you stop and take off it wants to start in 3rd you can manualy start it in 2nd but it will not start in first and lock up does not work .... cycle the key and it works good for a bit and i mean a bit .....I dropped the valve body today i will replace sylonoid pack .....all the sylanoids ohm out good 6 at 1.3 ohms outer sylonoid 3.7 ohms i guess the syl could be bad manually
    all o rings look good ....... code was p2706 shift sylonoid ...thanks
  • I have a 2001 Dakota 4x4.....when I stop at a light or drive thru, with the brake on, the truck will lurch forward. Does not happen when it is in neutral.....mechanic says it is a tranny problem......he is thinking some type of sensor. He said it feels like or is starting out in second gear from a stop. I notice a loss of power from start and my gas mileage SUCKS! I enjoy doing my own work when I can. I am wondering however if this could be a throttle position sensor. What do you guys think?
  • Nope, doesn't sound like TPS but its a cheap replacement to make the test.
  • just wont go into reverse, all of a sudden, and the check engine light came on.
    OBD #0736 =reverse incorrect ratio....anyone have any ideas, the dodge dealer wants $1200 to drop it and pull apart and inspect, they were more interrested in selling me a rebuilt for $3500.
    I have a 99 Dakota 5.2l and am having shifting problems I have replaced all the obvious sensors to no avail other then all my codes have cleared. What it is doing is hard to explain basically it will not shift into overdrive and when you try and drive it it shifts but slowly and only if you do not press on the gas pedal more then a quarter and if you do put it to the floor its like it goes into neutral and over revs help and ideas please because I really like the truck and am at wits end.
  • ksylvaksylva Posts: 1
    hey tomcappa, did you ever figure it out, my 2004 dakota does the same thing?
  • Hi, I have a 2001 dodge dakota v6 automatic. We responded and had part replaced when they had the recall. For the last few weeks, when I start it up I can not get it to disengage out of park.
    Called dealership, they were no help. Wondered if anyone else has had this problem and what I should check. Not sure what I am looking for in the steering column. How do you take it apart and where on the column should I look. Read some reviews mentioning a relay on the brake lever, or button, or to lube with lithium grease?????
  • did you ever figure out the problem? my 98 has the same issue.
  • i have a 98 dakota 4x4 3.9l, i was driving and lost eveything out of nowhere like it was in neutral i played around with gear shifter and 4x4 i got it to work but now its like its in low gear but shifts all gears but while in 3rd or OD it still drives at 45km per hour at 3500 rpm checked trnny fluid looks and smells fine so i checked t-case fluid as well all good, im clueless as to what this might be any help would be appreciated
  • I had a similar problem turned out to be catalytic converter. Try that good luck.
  • My 2002 Dakota started having this problem. I am unable to locate your pictures on Edmunds. I can not find your page on Edmunds as I do not find "Browse Members" location. Perhaps this feature is no longer available. Any suggestions on finding the pictures appreciated. pickupsticks
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