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Dodge Dakota Transmission Problems



  • bill1989bill1989 Posts: 2
    I have a 1989 dodge Dakota sport 4x4. my problem is the transmission is shifting hard when driving but smooth when at a standstill any ideas other than fluid levels 
  • scottydodge1scottydodge1 Posts: 1
    edited February 2017
    I have a 2000 dodge dakota 4wd 4.7 liter. My tranny problem started a few years ago with the truck shifting hard into second gear. Other gears do fine. Then recently it  acts like the torque converter is locking up when I come to a stop. (Not all the time, but frequently). And when I ease into a downshift situation, sometimes it will have a hesitation almost like a slip. But if I engage passing gear hard it downshifts fine. I'm new here so I would really appreciate any suggestions you have.

    Thanks in advance
  • HEy Everyone!!!! I just bought a 2000 Dakota 4.7 SLT Magnum Manual V8. Shes a gorgeous truck, bought her for many reasons. but the seller painted the underbody to mask surface rust...... I shouldv'e known to proceed with caution..... But like a kid, when the truck dropped into my price range my bliners were on and I wanted her. Great shape for 148000miles.But the seller had it parked on a slanted driveway, so reverse wasnt necessary untill truck was already in motion and there was no issue with reverse. I drove the truck home 45 minutes highway, he says truckwas only used 6-8 miles daily city miles... so I attempt to reverse into my driveway and pooof. nada. I thought i was going crazy!!!! DID I FORGET HOW TO DRIVE STICK????? no . the guy looked me in the eye sold me a truck he said would take my family to colorado next week, it is in excellent mechanical shape nothing to be of worry. The reverse gear slips 100%. it winds almost like the olden day fire truck horns.... anyway is my trans bad?????? my clutch housing??? do i have to replace all gears or is it possible to swap out the reverse only. and my GOD i just dumped too much into this truck to be sold a problem. I swear I hope I can legally do something. This HAS to be breaking the law. Like selling a house that had plumbing when you were walking around everything was fine and then POOF.... wtf???????????? doesnt even sit full in reverse, if break applied hard then itll pop halfway in gear it feels like but as i release the clutch she spits it back out and it feels like neutral but you can here her whinning..... what in the world do I do????????????? did I just legit get screwed...........
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 62,085
    It might just be a linkage problem so you might crawl under there before taking it to a transmission specialist. Did you try pumping the clutch pedal a few times before putting it in reverse? If that works, then you have a slave cylinder problem.

    It's pretty difficult to "prove" fraud with a used car purchase---you'd pretty much have to find evidence, or a repair bill, or something that shows the owner knew about the problem and intentionally withheld that info from you. Even then, you'd have to drag them to Small Claims court, where you might "win"--but it's still up to you to collect the money.

    Anyway, take a deep breath and if you can't figure it out, bring it to a good repair shop for a diagnosis. At worst, you might be able to find a good used transmission for not too much money, and installation isn't that hard.

    I bought a '98 Dakota just like yours and it had a few problems I didn't spot. But I decided to put about $1,000 into it and after that, its' been a great truck for 3 years now--no other issues.

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  • Thumper33Thumper33 Blanco nmPosts: 7
    dustyk said:

    What is the mileage and the transmission maintenance history?

    My first suspicion id a clogged transmission filter and/or low transmission fluid.


  • Thumper33Thumper33 Blanco nmPosts: 7
    i keep on top of it pretty good it looks to be in good shape but 25000 miles
  • Thumper33Thumper33 Blanco nmPosts: 7
    the abs light came on about the same time if that might help
  • RavenxoxoRavenxoxo bend orPosts: 1
    Hi so I have a 1999 dodge dakota 145000 miles on it, single cab v6 rwd manual. Well it has no problem shifting but when its in first gear and I accelerate, the stick kicks out of first and sounds like its grinding... so I have to hold it in first gear. ejat do you think could be the problem?
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