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Dodge Caliber Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • My wife called about an hour ago to announce that it had arrived. I will be sure to give feedback after I have had time to drive it a bit. :)
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I was just looking at how many Calibers were in dealer lots. There is one place that had 17 and others had 7 and up. Even the Compass are sitting on lots as well.
    I have called several dealers, and there is more lies that sales persons tell about their inventory. There are dealers who will discount these to get them off their lots. The Compass and Caliber are not moving like DCX thought they would. Don't get suckered into a deal unless you get what you want and a very good deal too.

  • clcrclcr Posts: 14
    They seem to be selling in the San Antonio area. We ordered our SXT four months ago just like we want it and don't have it yet.
  • Ordered a r/t fwd on 10/19 and the last word from dealer is "available for scheduling" or some similar term
  • clcrclcr Posts: 14
    You are fortunate. Ours was ordered on August 16th and was (BX)available for schedule and then it was put back to BG -
    not available for schedule. I was told it was the 2.0 holding it up. They must be producing the R/T's now. Let us know when you get it and how you like it.
  • Ordered a r/t fwd on 10/19 delivered on 12/18.Sticker is $20,420 paid $19032 including a $500 rebate. Sunburst orange, cloth seats with heat, engine heater, standard radio, auto trans.electronic stability program, and 26x package.
  • airnosairnos Posts: 16
    Just bought a silver SE w/2.0 CVT, power pkg, and A/C off the lot from Landmark Dodge (5-star volume dealer) in Morrow GA. I took from dealer inventory because this was every option I wanted save two: the towing prep and the steel blue color.

    I have credit issues so financing was a problem and I admitted it up front...knowing that it would make me a sitting duck for price games (I'm a payment shopper not a price shopper anyway). MSRP on the sticker was $17,834 and "dealer installed options" raised sticker to $18,338. I checked the financing agreement and final sales price is listed as $17K. Given that I knowingly gave the dealer a green light for a certain amount of gouging, I'm satisfied.

    The sales rep made a comment that suggested they'd been under a bit of pressure to get their 2007 models off the lot, which suggests to me that the 2008 Calibers may be out fairly soon.
  • eric0646eric0646 Posts: 1
    I am looking at almost the same car. The sales rep said they didn't have much wiggle room on the price. $17K? That's outstanding. Did you trade or put anything down, or is that what they cut the price to?

  • airnosairnos Posts: 16
    Okay, I went back and looked again and I FINANCED $17K. I did have a trade and a bit of cash, about $1100 worth. So final sales price was $18,100, give or take some rounding.

    For an SE that's IMNSHO really a little high (SXTs seem to be running in the $19Ks afer rebate), but again, I knew I had given them the green light for that.

    If Dodge gave it a base MSRP of $17,834, invoice was below $17K -- and there's no way the "dealer installed options" (clear coat and Scotchguarding) cost them $500. So they made money on the deal.
  • airnosairnos Posts: 16
    Since for me this is also a part of the pricing decision, I should note that Calibers are apparently VERY insurable. Going from a 2001 Corolla to a 2007 Caliber increased my premium (for full coverage) by a whopping $300/year. Especially in Atlanta, that is very very good.
  • Some insurance companies are insuring the Caliber as an SUV instead of as a wagon..."SUV insured" is naturally more than the "wagon" might want to check around for price quotes.
  • airnosairnos Posts: 16
    I don't consider $25 more per month going from a 2001 to a 2007 to be excessive. Dodge has a partnership with AIG for new Dodge owners and I was able to get very good coverage (in fact, better than the coverage I had before which was not bad) thanks to that partnership. Time will tell whether the rate was a gimmick but for the moment I'm pleased.
  • Just bought a used Caliber 07 RT, here's the deal.

    8900 miles, remainder of warranty. was stickered for $16,995, got it for $13,300 plus tax etc etc.

    I thought I got a deal?

  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958 has the used wholesale price of an 07 RT auto for about 11500. So maybe a passable deal but nothing to write home about. 2nd owner also doesn't get the lifetime powertrain warranty so thats kind of a bummer.


    Just bought a used Caliber 07 RT, here's the deal.

    8900 miles, remainder of warranty. was stickered for $16,995, got it for $13,300 plus tax etc etc.

    I thought I got a deal?

  • ooops- sry- am a female driver here- for the sucky :lemon: CALIBER...
    man- this vehicle is very unsafe- and it will cost me my vehicle use- to bring it in to these beeps. mean- that i wont have any vehicle to use- courtesy car.
    only for them to tell me...again that there is nothin wrong.
    sigh... it trys to stall out when making left turns... right in mid of freakin rush hr traffics! grrrr.
    haha yup- luff the idea of puttin the :lemon: decal on ALL sides of this car.

    right now- we had to change our numbers - cuz of dealer NOT sending notes in on time! causing us to - not be able to pay our month on time... i said he}} - this was not our fault- and we should NOT be charged - LATE FEES... duh

    all :mad: in all- calibers sux. lot of freakin blind spots! sooooo :cry: many times almost hit pedestrians- other vehicles... cant see them - on time.
    naaaaah- hope ya'll never look at a :lemon: DODGE...

    my mistake- we had a grand caravan 05-- stow away seats- traded it in for this lil piece of crap. yep- it is awsum on gas- haha but that is it.

    as i said they messed up on first paper work- financial part of company didnt get any of it- until like- about month n half...then immediately started to send us threatening letters for being so far behind!

    this past NOV 07 - they tryd to go into my account to take out payments! they were not authorized. that was on the 9th! they then TRYD again to go into account on the 15th!
    THEY did fortunately pay my banking charges... for their ...lil mistake' - as they put it.
    ohhhh which also caused me to - be ...with more insufficient funds for a legit check that needed to be clear at same time.
    they said they knew nutin bout the puter glitch.
    but they paid it- and am happy bout that- it was SUM of their employees - that were dumb n ignorant and sarcastic.

    i had sent them so many faxes regardin that- and many more incidents... told them anymore freaking phone calls...

    haha they phone and if we hang up on them... they ph back with in *seconds!
    i mean :confuse: - how old are they?

    i said, a number of times... i will change my number- well you will hafta ph n give it to us- i laffed - it is cuz of you- why i am changing...omg- duh.

    you are childishly calling- well cant you borrow? they say....

    now - as of couple of days ago- they are now phng my friends!! asking for my new not giving thier name of company... tryin to quickly change the subject- isnt that rude?
    I have sent much - of the over due- where i only owe- like .. 140ish...
    trying... and making them know that- but there are freakin ignorant employees there...that wont give you a window of time.
    yep- makes me wanna stay with DODGE...

    i told them tho- that if this cont- i will send copies of all my faxes to the media- where it is gonna be lil ole ME against a LARGE CORP like themselves...
    it is them that will look BAD... and of course have many more ... potential ...BUYERS/ leasers look to another vehicle make.
    and stayin away from >this company'

    well right now they are angry heck- i am too!!

    i told them- that i can take this ignorant beep beep to the media... that no one knows me- and it is *them* that will be ... embarrassed... :P and will lose potential buyers...
  • jdd4jdd4 Posts: 1
    You type and spell so poorly it was virtually impossible to understand what you are talking about. Hope you dont talk the same way. Judging by what little I could take out of your ranting and raving I get the impression you are not pleasant to deal with. There are two sides to every story, it would be interesting to hear the dealers side. Also, just because a car has blind spots doesnt mean it "sux". You should have picked up on that during the test drive. I recommend relax and be diplomatic but firm, dont rant and rave and make crazy threats. That usually gets you knowwhere other then branded a lunitic.
  • davis22davis22 Posts: 17
    There is a used 2008 Caliber priced at $12,995. Is this a good deal? Got 18000 miles on it. This is my first encounter with the caliber but I liked the way it drove. Thoughts?
  • Need a little more info on the car to say what kind if deal you are getting.You can have mine,a 2007 R/T AWD 8800 miles leather,premium sound and convenience pkg for $15,000
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Your post isn't very descriptive but a used 07 caliber sxt msrp 18500 wholesales for about $11000 with 14000 miles on it. Personally I would prefer to get the sxt 08 new as I want it for about 14500 or so with the lifetime powertrain warranty (doesn't xfer used). Your deal is Ok for the sxt, poor for the $16000 or less se.


    There is a used 2008 Caliber priced at $12,995. Is this a good deal? Got 18000 miles on it. This is my first encounter with the caliber but I liked the way it drove. Thoughts?
  • xdmxxpsxdmxxps Posts: 1
    03-20-08 i got a 07 R/T AWD Calibar NEW. LOADED if a Calibar can have it it's got it all but simple radio, but thats ok the sireus is cool. the seats could sit a little lower, i am 5'11" and theres not a lot of head room and there is a blind spot, but hey thats what the side mirrors are for. the price i paid was $22,236 car,tax,plates,blah blah. 20,499 was on the window. I hope that lifetime warrenty is all that they say it is. i really don't care to much about the price with a lifetime powertrain. the body will rust off before i get ride of it, in minnesota that should'nt take to long 15 years. the mileage i'm getting with the 2.4L engine is around 19 in town, and them are hard miles that i put on it. i'm shooting around 28 on the open road, thats with the temp being aournd 32F. The CVT is smooth, not sure what to think about it not a lot of miles yet, but time will tell, once again who cares lifetime powertrain!! the 18" rims are a bit over kill for such a small car, but maybe we can just call that "car bling", my wallet hurts just thinking about replacing the tires when they wear out!!!! it handles like it's on rails, thats not a problem. the ride is a bit on the rough side, that mite be cus of lack of side walls on the tires. ah but they do look cool. all the handles are in easy to reach places, not sure what they where thinking when they put that ipod holder where it is, man i place my arm there when driving down the road, i'll have to find a new place for my ipod what they have does not work for me. for a smaller car, and to have AWD and still get the mileage it does. the Calibar R/T AWD i like. i hope it stays that way. for a hackback i think it looks kinda cool too. If you pay cheap you get cheap, if you pay to much, hope you don't get cheap. so far i've got what i paid for and maybe a little more. If you don't like it why did you buy it, and do your homework next time. for a 3rd car this is a nice crossover for intown, out of town, snow and ice, get around, go down to the gas station to get milk car, my others are a 97 Grand Prix GTP and a 97 Dodge Ram diesel ex. cab one ton 4x4, got both in 98 almost new.
  • I have been searching for a decent deal on the 2008 dodge caliber. Not many of the dealers seem willing to lower their prices too much. :( but that's ok. I'm a patient girl.

    Anywho I was just quoted a price of $14,724 not including TTL for a 2008 red SE plus, automatic 2.0L. I feel this is about as decent a price as it's going to get. It's the lowest price I've gotten so far.

    Another dealer tried to get me to buy the base model SE for a total of $18600. I turned it down. I didn't like the manual windows.

    Another dealer about 2 hours away from my home is willing to sell me an SXT w/24D pkg for $13999. I'd like to jump on that deal but I'm not willing to drive 2 hours each way if something goes wrong with the car or when it needs an oil change, etc.

    Any opinions? :blush:
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    You don't need to buy the car at the dealership you have it serviced at. You can have your car serviced locally even if you buy it in another state. A 2007 sxt with alloys auto and side air bags barely has a trade in value of 11000 with avg miles. This is what your 08 will be worth in a year. 14000 for a 18300 msrp caliber would be an OK deal, but wonder why you can't find a better deal on it with slow sales and all.

    Drove the caliber, Small windows, blind spot on the side, cheap interior and ergonomics from hell.
    Look into the 09 Nissan Versa S with power pkg, msrp 15800 for about 14300 and the exceptional 08 mazda3 auto hatchback sport, msrp 19500 and selling for about 16500 or so. Possibly the kia rio 5 auto hatch msrp 15800 if you can get it in the 12000s or thereabouts.

    Good luck
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