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Toyota Camry Bluetooth Questions



  • I mean good luck!!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    and happy eating as well !
  • hblatthblatt Posts: 4
    I have a Toyota Camry Hybrid with the full JBL Navigation system. This system is a useless waste of money. The handsfree bluetooth system has never right. It works of you are sitting in the showroom... But as soon as there is any background (Like driving.) noise nobody can hear you. I have had it back to the dealer 3 times and it cannot be fixed. It is a design flaw. Another annoying flaw is the fact you can't operate the Navigation system while the car is moving. You can't change a destination or locate a gas station. Perhaps Toyota's Lawyers would like to PAY for my navigation system since they seem to be they only ones who control how I can use it. Toyota's chicken lawyers even set the speedometer 3 mph faster than you are actually going. I guess they are afraid of people suing them for speeding tickets... Somehow they think making the speedometer read incorrect numbers will fix the problem... I HATE TOYOTA'S CHICKEN LAWYERS. :mad:
  • I can't figure out how to get the bluetooth to work after the 1st step in the manual? The transaction took place late. Can anyone share some light on this matter please? I 'm headed to the dealership in a few days.
  • What do you need help with. The manual is not the best. It is easy, once you understand.
  • According to the manual, I have to set up the bluetooth. However, when I press the button according to the directions, nothing happens. I appreciate your help.
  • On the steering wheel is there a talk switch?
  • Difference is that there is a special button on the left side near the door to setup the phone - enter password - and all is working great!
  • I had the guys at the dealership set up my phone to the bluetooth before I drove off with the new Camry. Best thing I did, the bluetooth is easy after it is set up, the voice commands really walk you through the process of using the phone, setting up your phonebook is easy once you follow the voice commands. However, go back to the dealer as you said you were and get them to sync your phone for you. It is not easy for sure. Good Luck.
  • There are 2 different Bluetooth setups for Camrys. I know for sure 'cause I have the LE and my husband has the SE. His phone has voice commands, etc and was very easy to setup. In the LE, my Bluetooth is nothing more than a speakerphone. I still have to dial numbers or use speed dial on my phone. This issue really bothers me but I dont think Toyota is going to change my bluetooth set up in the LE.
  • drod12drod12 Posts: 4
    I have a 2008 Toyota Camry with navigation system and a blackberry tour with Verizon wireless. I was able to use my bluetooth with no problem for awhile now, but it hasn't been working for almost two weeks now.

    When someone calls, it shows on the screen that it's connected, but I don't hear anyone on the other line. I had to transfer the call to my handset in order for me to hear the person. I tried unpairing/pairing my phone a couple times, and reset the bluetooth (in my car) to its default setting. And, when I pair my blackberry to the car, it would show that it successfully paired, but when I try to make a call through my car or vise versa, it doesn't connect. It seemed to have a mind of its own.

    I paired another blackberry (with Sprint) and an i-phone (with AT&T), and they all seemed to work. Toyota customer care tells me that it had something to do with Verizon software. So, I called Verizon technical support and they're telling me that it's the Toyota bluetooth software that needs to be fixed. I talked to my dealer, but they're not able to help either. I was hoping you could shed some light to this. Please help!! :(
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Since you have two other mfg's which work, personally I'd be focusing on the Verizon blackberry side of this. Can you get the Verizon BB to pair with an ear bud?
  • drod12drod12 Posts: 4
    I have a 2008 Camry Hybrid with navigation system, and I am having the same problem. How were you able to have the dealership replace it?
  • I just got the new Verizon HTC Imagio and both cars synced with Bluetooth with no problems and have worked fine ever since.. There is hope!!
  • drod12drod12 Posts: 4
    Sorry, it took me awhile to reply back. I had to buy a bluetooth ear bud. Yes, I was able to pair my blackberry with the ear bud. Any other thoughts?
  • I have a 2007 Camry Hybrid. I do not have a navigation system. My Bluetooth worked for 6 months. After six months, I can hear the caller but they cannot hear me. It is a random problem. I am using a LG Shine Black Phone with AT&T. The Toyota National Case Manager told me today that most phones are not 100% compatible with their Bluetooth. She gave me two phone models for the AT&T Service that are 100% compatible. Sounds to me the problem is Toyota's Bluetooth. And I thought GM Played the Blame Game! Anyone else have any suggestions? I have paired, repaired etc. 5 times and used a different phone model.
  • Don't do it. Their Bluetooth does not work well. I am going to use the Bluetooth through my Portable Magellan GPS. Cheaper and It might just work.
  • I got a bluetooth connection on my camry se 09 with a palm treo 750 and before that with a motorola razor and a blackberry curve and with all of them my phone conversations have like a 2 seconds lag before the other person hears what I said. Any Ideas? Thanks
  • I had the same problem w my treo (09 camry hybrid) . I never found a solution for the awkward lag. I now have an iphone 3g & it is much better. My only complaint is that the person i am talking to will occasionally complain that I am not loud enough. I am investigating an aftermarket product that might boost the microphone (I have no idea if this product exists yet ;) Let me know if anyone has found a good add on to improve the sound quality and/or that allows for dialing while on bluetooth (dial by number by speaking the number is a joke) thanks
  • bb12bb12 Posts: 1
    I've been using my Verizon blackberry successfully for several months. Recently, I receive a No Name message on the radio display - although the blackberry is connected and the radio stops playing. This issue comes and goes. I inadvertently hit the hang up key on the steering wheel which left the device connected and activated the radio again. Hopefully this resolves the issue. Anyone else experienced this?
  • hello
    i have camry 08
    i need to conect the bluetooth
    even active pairing in car, give me pair code in my phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my phone is nokia E51
    how is pair code?????
    tankx u
  • You can look up your car and guide on the link below for the pairing code as well as all sorts of other interesting details:

    good luck
  • thank very mach friend
    but, you say i need buy the pair code............!!!!!!!!!!???????
    i misknow!!!!!!!!
    plase help me
  • When I purchased the car the dealer paired my Samsung/T-Moble with the bluetooth. Recently I replaced my battery and the correction is now lost. I've followed the instructions in the Owner's Manual and tried for 3-Hours without success. Is there an easy way for this computer illiterate to make it simple or must I return to the dealer?
    Many thanx for any assistance.
  • chi8chi8 Posts: 1
    Please how do I turn on the Bluetooth on a toyota camry 2007 model.
  • Did you look in the manual first? What don't you understand?
  • Hello,
    I am considering getting a bluetooth for my new Camry. I more interested in wireless compatibility to my mp3/cellphone for music than for handsfree calling.
    Any suggestions?
    I am considering going back to the dealer for Toyota's bluetooth but I don't know if that's the right way to go.
    Any suggestions would be very appreciated.
    Thanks! :confuse:
  • I bought a 2010 Toyota Camry July 2009. I have AT&T cellular service and a samsung phone. Four times the car system has sent my phone into "call transfer" at which the person calling in get three ring and nothing. I get no sound, no ringing and it mutes my phone. I had my phone checked and its fine. The first three times I reinstalled the phone and it worked again for a while. This last time over a week ago nothing seems to work. Reading past messsges on "call transfer" problems it appears its a problem with the car and or the navigation system as far back as 2007. Not cool. Has anyone got around this issue?
  • I am very frustrated with the Bluetooth quality and pairing, and wanted to see if anyone knows of a solution (my communication system has already been replaced once). I have an iPhone 3G. When the Camry pairs with the iPhone, the quality I get coming in in exemplary; however, no one can hear me! They say I sound echo-y, or I cut in and out. My friends and family have begged me to stop using it.

    That was an easy decision, since the Camry will not stay paired with the iPhone! Sometimes it loses its connection after I turn the car off the first time, sometimes it takes a couple of times . . . but it has never stayed paired. I used to have a Razor phone, and did not have the pairing issue previously (although I had the same quality issues).

    Does anyone know of any solutions to the outgoing sound quality issues on the Camry phone system, and/or know how to keep an iPhone paired?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.
  • Interesting....I have been considering the boothtooth for my Camry so that I can use my ipod to hear music. Sounds like the Bluetooth is not worth the hassle. I don't really care to use it for handsfree calling, so I'm going to go with the thing that plugs into the ipod & you hear the music through a radio station.

    Good luck with your problem....
    From what I have been reading on this website, sounds like their system is not all they claim it is.
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