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Mercury Milan vs Toyota Camry



  • Yes, Maxima interior sucks (as well as exterior). My wife refused to ride in Maxima because of interior design and quality, but for me it was fun. Still I would not buy Maxima because it does not feel as premium car despite of price..

    Regarding Ford brakes - I got impression that air somehow finds way into brake-lines. In Sable I just do not feel that I can stop car as quick as in other cars. Of course I do not consider Camry as a “car” more in terms of appliance. So I compare to good FWD cars like Honda or Nissan. Did not try Aura or Malibu yet though. Malibu classic I remember had even worse brakes than Sable. Ford needs to put more engineering effort into brake design because Ford cars are pretty dynamic and need good breaks.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    I've noticed that if i'm in a parking lot doing 5 mpg and I need to stop sudden cause of a car pulling out unawares, my foot goes all the way to the floor. On the other hand if i'm at highway speeds, I can easily kick in the ABS if I push the brakes hard enough. Almost like there is less boost at parking lot speeds.

    Lots of Nissans have "break assist" Not sure hoe people react to this over the long term.

    Keep mind that 1st and 2nd Gen Sable basically had a 20 yo braking system. My family owned 2 First Gen Taurues growing up and the only mechanical issues those cars ever had were bad brake rotors, CV joints and one had a fuel pump that went bad at +120,000 miles.

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    Lots of Nissans have "break assist"

    I don't usually need any assistance - I can break things all by myself!
    ;) :blush:
  • I do not know what that means - but Maxima allows to drive car very dynamically - I can always reliably stop the car. Cannot say the same about Sable. Mine is 44th generation. Even though it is nothing else than Taurus - it feels more luxurious.

    New Taurus/Sable has very nice interior - almost like in luxury car, IMHO, especially black one. Fusion and Milan lack in comparison. Ford has to fix interior because people want premium feel, at least in case of Milan – it supposed to be premium vehicle. Most materials are good but switchgear feels cheap, driver’s armrest is too short (in Malibu and other cars it moves forward), steering wheel looks weird, dash storage compartments have cheapo lids or no lids at all.
  • I've driven Fords for years and the feel that you describe is not normal.
    It may be a leaky master cylinder. You should bring it in for warranty service and tell them the symptoms.

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