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Volkswagen Rabbit



  • denverdavodenverdavo Posts: 38
    Hey! Can we talk about rattles? I'm not talking really annoying ones yet with 1200 miles, but just some minor little ones. Because I'm not so crazy about the stereo sound, I find that at times I turn it off so I get to listen to the nice hum of that 5 cylinder engine. I love the sound of it! But, there is a minor rattle coming from the center dash. It does not seem to be that air diffuser at the top like some have mentioned before. And, the passenger door pillar has a bit of a sound too. Neither are very annoying except on a rough road surface. I'm wondering if I should wait a while to see if these settle out or I get used to them? I also worry about the dealer making things worse by opening up the dash, etc. What would you do? Any experience with specific rattles that were removed successfully? Frankly, the Camry had more rattles, and one that the dealer never got out. I heard horror stories about VW, but overall, this is not the end of the world! Thanks for your help...
  • jbaustianjbaustian Posts: 78
    I know with the older Mk4 models, some folks replaced the OE antennae with a shorter one (for looks only), and didn't like the poorer radio reception.

    85 octane is common in high-altitude states. Higher octane prevents pre-ignition... apparently at higher altitudes it doesn't require a high octane number. Run a few tanks of the 85 octane, so you get a good feel for the performance, then try some 87 and see if you notice a difference.

    Some VWs have rattles, some don't. Your Rabbit is new, so it's up to your dealer to fix the rattle. Get it fixed.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    Hey den! good to hear from ya!

    with regards to the gas, i would start putting in 87, thats the minumum octane grade here in nc, and if thats what the car asks for, do it. (i know premium is better for turbos/superchargers, but that here is 92 grade octane. While it may be techincally midgrade over where you are at, it looks like you'll have to start doing it!)

    The stumpy 'sharkfin' antenna is just an acessory (unless the rabbits you are looking at have sat radio?), and it does result in poorer reception, but does look better.

    24mpg seems a bit wife and i drive about 80 % highway and average 28. But i cant recall what i used to get when my bunny was relatively new, but i think the reason you see that is because of the fuel you are using. Try what vw reccomends and i think you'll notice a bump!

    I don't mind the stock stereo at all, but aftermarket seems to be the way to go...the only thing is you'll need a dash kit since the bunnies stereo is oversized, and its a bit extra.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    first thing, i think its important to understand any car regardless of age can have a rattle or two.

    The center of the dash when pushed makes a few crackly noises and sometimes the air from the ac aids in this sound. (i'm always blasting the stereo so its not a big deal.)

    The passenger door pillar could be something in the bin on the door, many a time did i think my rabbit had a rattle only to discover something that i left in there.

    there is a common rattle on the passengers side seemingly coming from the gas sounds like a light tapping noise, like if something is stuck in your hatch and is politely trying to get out. There is a fix for this, but you'll have to look it up or run a search for it on vwvortex, because its been said that unless you bring a description of the fix to the dealer, they won't locate it and it will continue to do it. (i confirmed this, i didn't get a chance to print it out and they couldn't locate the sound. But its not the end of the world like you said, its no harm for your bunny.)
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I'd ask your dealer about octane requirement. Because this says:

    The higher the altitude above sea level, the lower the octane requirement.

    24 mpg seems reasonable given your 25/75 hwy/city mix. "City" can vary a lot, as one person's city may be stop and go traffic jams on a regular basis, while another's may be a pretty steady 25 mpy with a stop light about every mile.
  • bakedzitibakedziti Posts: 4
    My center dash rattles were all related to the useless air diffuser. I replaced it with the tray found on the European golfs: 3dccc74a79ee603e6649

    No more rattles, that thing always creaked around and I found it to be useless. If I want air blowing from the front, I would just switch to the defroster vents.

    As far as the passenger side door. I fixed this rattle myself. I removed the door panel and my issue was caused by a wire harness not secured by those plastic plugs that snap into the pre-drilled holes in the metal....snapped it in and secured the rest with tape to the door panel...and done!

    Rock solid ride!
  • denverdavodenverdavo Posts: 38
    Thanks for the input, guys...
    I'll check with the dealer about the gas and see what the performance differences are. That 24 MPG was only 25% hwy, that might not be so bad. I'm driving about 325 miles/tank and have a whopping 1 gallon left to empty. When the Germans say the light comes on at 1.8 gallons, they mean it!

    Monsoon...that's what they called the stereo booster option sold by VW on my 99 Passat. Anything like it today? I don't like aftermarket stuff and I will stick with the stock stereo regardless of what I think of the sound. It's funny, I listened to the 2 door bunny stereo, and although it didn't have the 6 CD changer and some other bells, I'm convinced that the sound was better Eldaino. I'm thinking of having the dealer run a test to make sure all the speakers are fine and working properly and I'll ask if there is such a thing as a "monsoon" option.

    I used to really like drama in my life, but this car is just not causing any significant problems! My reply to the JD Powers questionaire will boost this car's ratings, I'm sure!

    There is one thing, Eldaino that I realize I really like about your 2 door. At 6'4", I have to dump myself in behind the pillar and drag myself out around it everytime I get in and out of the car. Now, at my age I can still do this with no problem. A Chiropractor might frown at this repeated action...and laugh at the same time all the way to the bank. But, this is one of those things I didn't really think about til I had the car a while. I love my heated seats and sunroof, but the older I get the more that comfort will always come first.

    Is that enough rambling for one session? Let me know your thoughts...and thanks again. David
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I thought VW still called their upgraded stereo system "monsoon".

    I have to dump myself in behind the pillar and drag myself out around it everytime I get in and out of the car.

    That is an interesting comment...never thought that, for a very tall person, a 2-door might be easier to get in and out of due to the longer doors. Not something that would be an issue for me as I am of pretty average height.

    I recently had a 2-door Cobalt as a loaner and all I noticed (besides what a crappy car it is) is how long and heavy the doors are. I think the last 2-door I was in was a late 60s Impala I owned about 25 years ago.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    yeah the two doors have huge heavy doors, i remember sitting in a 4 door gti the other day and loving the short, lightness of the door.

    The monsoon was just a name for the upgraded stereo in older vw's...its not a product being offered anymore, and its funny that you should say you like that system more, the general consensus is that most people prefer the newer system.

    It has a ton of speakers, but the head unit and speakers themselves are not that powerful. The answer=ballin' aftermarket speakers.

    i still think you should be putting 87 octane, regardless of what your altitude is...i'm glad that the bunny has not given you any headaches, mine really has not either (well except for the ridiculous service quotes!), but i try to do what vw says.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,303
    Lower octane at altitude... That's normal..

    In Colorado, 85 is regular grade.. just like 87 is here (in the normal part of the world.. ;) )


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  • inajoonginajoong Posts: 46
    does anyone know about a deasel rabbit coming to the states in 08?

    also, do they offer 2 tone interiors for the rabbit?
  • jbaustianjbaustian Posts: 78
    Best information right now is the Rabbit TDI should be for sale in about 10-12 months. Also, if the information is right, the new 2.0-liter TDI engine should be fantastic. More power than the ones available through 2006, but significantly better fuel economy too! Prius and other hybrid owners will be bummed out.

    I'm planning to wait for a 2010 model -- I need to put another 180k miles or so on my 2003 Golf TDI. Only have 218k miles right now.
  • denverdavodenverdavo Posts: 38
    After griping a bit about the stereo in the 4 door '07 Bunny, I must say that the CDs sound quite good. So, perhaps this is an FM stereo or reception issue as far as the poorer quality of sound when I listen to FM? Just curious...

    Also, did I see a post somewhere about a leak from the rear window washer? I don't use it at all, but notice a drip line just below the pivot point of the rear wiper that runs down to the W hatch. I wipe it off the dried up drip line and magically it reappears. Any thoughts?

    Also, does higher octane mean better fuel economy? Is it worth the difference in price? Just wondered if anybody noticed a difference.

    Shim is running great! Much more powerful than that Camry, it seems...

    Thanks! David
  • jbaustianjbaustian Posts: 78
    RE: rear window washers. New VWs from the factory have for many years had a problem with them. Washer fluid dries out and clogs or partially clogs the nozzle. The plastic cover in the center pops off/out, and you can clean that nozzle with a straight pin.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    my washer nozzle is fine; i use it alot, but i think too much fluid gets shot out, and it dries out quickly.

    I put premium in my car one time, and averaged almost 2mpg better, but i think it was becasue i drove more highway than usual and was inadvertently taking it easy on the gas pedal. (i think there is somewhere in the rabbits manual that insinuates that premium is kinda reccomended? Mabye its a german thing! :blush: )

    i have never liked the fm reception on our rabbit...but my wife doesn't mind, and i don't listen to the radio.
  • inajoonginajoong Posts: 46
    Do you happen to know the estimated starting price of the new TDI?

    i was planning on buying the 5 cylinder one this year, but if the price is right i can wait another year.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    i suppose it will command a premium, much like the jetta tdi does over the 5 cyl jetta.

    I hope its not TOO big of a premium though...some diesel jettas used to near 30k, but they were also usually decked out with leather and every option imaginable.

    I would assume that leather would be an option for the rabbit tdi...but if you were to leave it off, i guess a starting price of around 17k seems reasonable, though i don't think it will be hard to get to 22-23k (gti territory.) Granted you are gettting great fuel economy, and an engine that is just as peppy, but losses top end.(if it has a 5k redline, it would be impressive.)
  • denverdavodenverdavo Posts: 38
    Thanks, Eldaino...
    BTW, my email is if you want to communicate directly with me.

    I have 1/4 tank left and I've only driven 235 miles. I drive like a little old lady it seems but have run the air a fair amount lately. And, I put in 85 octane...I so good perhaps. But the dealer told me it would be fine...I'll check again with someone else. At this elevation, I don't get any pinging at that octane and the car runs great. Also, our gas ALWAYS has 10% Ethanol...not good for the mileage.

    If I were patient, I might have waited for the Diesel bunny. But, I would also predict it will be up to $4K more based on what the premium was for a TDI Jetta. So at how many miles would one pay that off in gas? My brain is fried for the day to figure that one out!
  • jbaustianjbaustian Posts: 78
    Up until 2005-2006 or thereabouts, the TDI engine added about $1200 to the list price versus the old 2.0-liter base engine.

    The emissions system in the next TDI engine will be a little more complicated, but I have no idea if it will raise the cost of manufacture or how much. Also, the 2.5-liter 5-cylinder will get a horsepower upgrade too.

    Though the Mercedes E320 is a $50k car, the CDI (diesel) option only adds about $1000 to the list price.

    I can't advise people about whether they should buy now or wait until later. The current Rabbit is a lot of car for the money, but it's not especially fuel-efficient. I guess it depends on how many miles a year you drive. If only 10k-12k miles annually, then the TDI engine won't save you enough fuel to make it worthwhile. OTOH, if you drive 25k-50k miles a year, then you shouldn't wait until 2008 to buy a TDI... get one of the remaining new 2006 Jettas or a used Golf or New Beetle TDI.
  • denverdavodenverdavo Posts: 38
    How many MPG will a TDI diesel get for combined city/hwy driving? 35? More? I just figured if you drive 12,000 per year and you got 35 mpg on a diesel vs. 23 mpg which I'm averaging, I would save about $572 per year if the gas was the same price at $3.20/gallon. I know diesel is a bit higher now. But anyway, if what you say..only $1K more for a diesel, then in 2 years it would pay for itself and so if I keep the car at least that long, it would be worth it for sure. Why were the Jetta diesels SO much more? I'm sure much more than $1K fact, I know it was around $4K. But, I know that is a different diesel too than the new, cleaner burning engines coming.
  • jbaustianjbaustian Posts: 78
    Q: How many MPG will a TDI diesel get for combined city/hwy driving? 35? More?

    I average a little over 40 mpg in my 2003 Golf TDI 5-speed. The new DSG tranny is about the same as the 5M for fuel economy. Anyone who says they get 50 mpg in a TDI isn't telling everything about how he drives -- it can be done but 95% of drivers would have a hard time doing it.

    Q: I just figured if you drive 12,000 per year and you got 35 mpg on a diesel vs. 23 mpg which I'm averaging, I would save about $572 per year if the gas was the same price at $3.20/gallon.

    The higher fuel prices go, the quicker the pay-back from switching to a TDI. But that would also apply to any other high-MPG car. I generally argue that if you don't drive very much, then any medium- or high-MPG gas-engine car will make sense for you. If you drive a lot, then the TDI makes excellent sense.

    Q: Why were the Jetta diesels SO much more? I'm sure much more than $1K fact, I know it was around $4K.

    I think the Mk5 Jettas started out in 2005 with about a $1000-1200 premium for the TDI. Then VWoA introduced a cheaper model with the 2.5, but not with the TDI. The TDIs didn't get more expensive, it's just that the "base" Jetta lost some features and got cheaper. (But still a very nice car for the money.) Plus there were sometimes special offers on the 2.5's, but not on the TDIs.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    If you get 23 with the 2.5, expecting 35 from the diesel would seem reasonable. The EPA rating on the 2.5 is 22 city and on the diesel Jetta it is 35 city. Since you get right around the city rating on the 2.5, you would probably do the same in a diesel.

    Diesel prices vary, around here it is a LOT lower right now. Regular is about $3.40 and diesel is about $2.90.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    check and look up the tdi jetta, it'll give you a good idea what to expect in the real world. ( i figure the tdi bunny would weigh less too, but it didn't seem to affect the mileage for the 2.5 versions of both cars.)

    i don't think it was so much the lowering on the price of the jetta; almost 30k for a tdi is almost 30k for a tdi regardless of how cheap the 2.5 is. Granted, most of the tdi's i've seen where totally decked out, leather, satellite radio, the works. This may have had something to do with it.

    thanks jb for the info on diesels and driving a lot, for someone who has 19k on their rabbit since the beggining of october, its nice to know that there could be a potential model that would suit my needs and at least have something counteracting high maintanence costs...ofcourse the new diesels exhaust system could present some new issues. :sick:
  • denverdavodenverdavo Posts: 38
    So, what is wrong with the exhaust system on a TDI?

    I have now read my manual! Two things don't jive...

    1. The manual says that in the display right next to the
    drive selector info, it should also display what gear the auto is in. There is no number displayed there however.

    2. The manual says that the ESP should be ON all the time.
    It is not, and when I turn it on, it goes off after I shut the car off so I have to turn it on every time I start it up.

    Any experience with these two things? I'll have the dealer check the next time I go in.

    Also, I did have the dealer try to change the programing of the auto-locking feature so that all doors open when the key is removed. They tried but were dumbfounded and admitted that they just didn't know how to program it on this new Rabbit. I really think they just ran out of time and got frustrated. That was the dealer outside of the city, so I'll be taking it to the smarter dealers (hopefully) in the city from here on out.

    Are we heading to $4 gas? I get about 300 miles per tank. I guess that's not so bad and I don't have to drive lots if I don't want to. But it is fun to drive this car!
  • jbaustianjbaustian Posts: 78
    ESP is on all the time. Don't press the ESP button, that turns it OFF. Then, apparently, it comes back automatically after a restart.
  • denverdavodenverdavo Posts: 38, when I push the button and see the squiggly lines on the dash then I've turned the ESP OFF? I guess that makes sense...I thought I would see something on the dash indicating that it was operating, but it's the other way around. Any ideas on my other question about the drive indicator on the dash? Thanks, Jbastian...
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    hey den! hope you had a good weekend.

    the esp is similar to the asr on the two door that i have; the squiggly lines indicate that you are more likely squiggly becasue its off. The button should have an OFF that lights up when it is off. When you turn it off you will see what you saw on the dash, when its on, you'll see nothing. Kinda backwards but you get my drift.

    I read the part of the manual where is says the auto tranny should indicate what gear your in; it does, read it again, its only when you are in tiptronic mode, and rowing your own gears; it wont display the gears your in when you are in normal auto mode or in sport mode.

    With regards to the auto locking feature your only hope seems like vag-com. Vag-com is computer interface that you can buy (well its actually more like an access program) for german cars, vw/audi in particular. Its a diagnostic tool that you can use to check to make sure everything is running ok. You can also edit parameters such as the beep that your car makes when you arm it(changing it from the wimpy beep to the american honk.), disabiling daytime running lights, and overriding your bunnies need to continually let you know that you are not wearing your seat belt. I would imagine that you can program your car to do what you want using this program. GO to vw.vortex and check out the forums...lots of info on it!
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    We had no problems getting locks programmed by dealer, but another option is the VAG-Com mentioned above.

    You may find someone who will help you out with that on this list:
  • denverdavodenverdavo Posts: 38
    Hi Eldaino...

    Thanks for the info on the ESP...

    If you look at page 81 of the Controls & Equip. manual, Fig. 76 indicates that I should see the current drive gear even outside of Tiptronic mode. I get what is shown in Fig 77 while in Tip., but not the current drive gear. Maybe this is a feature than can be activated by a reprogramming via VAG?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    My wife says her Jetta (2005.5) always shows what gear it is in, I'm sure this would be the same for the Rabbit.
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