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Honda Prelude 1997-2002



  • lulu9lulu9 Posts: 154
    That's a great event for car buffs such as yourself. I'm sure you'll enjoy it! The guy I freelance for goes to this every year. Plus, as you probably know, there are plenty of great places in town to get a bite to eat that are nyccarguy, jr. friendly. Let me know if you'd like a recommendation or two. If you're in the mood for something light (no major sit-down) like a cold refreshment and snack/goodie, Aux Delices on 3 West Elm (off of Greenwich Ave.) is a good choice. Another good choice is Meli-Melo on 362 Greenwich Ave. Both have delicious, healthy food that you can take out as well.

    Have fun!

    (Thank you for being supportive of my Prelude adventures!)
  • timothyawtimothyaw Posts: 148
    I'm supportive of your Prelude adventures as well, way to go! I'm REALLY wanting some performance tires now :cry: I think it's alright to do a burst of speed every once in a while, although its been a little while for me. And you went up to 110 mph WOW, that's cool :) I did 105 in my Integra earlier this year. I love the on ramps to freeways. I redline it in every gear and by the time I'm on the freeway I'm already at 90-95. I stay on it till 100-110 then back off. Like you, by that time I'm scared as hell a cop will see me and throw me in jail.

    Oh I have TONS of speeding and cop stories. I'll tell this one about my Prelude. When I got this car, it was amazing (still is) to drive. The speed, the excellent shifter, the growl that happens when you hit VTEC, the amazing handling. You throw all those things in with someone that loves speed, and sooner or later I meet Mr. Cop. Anyway, I was on the freeway doing 90-95 (ok weaving in and out of traffic) but it felt good. I will stop and stay, although I love speed I am not a nut about it. Well I guess unknowingly I pass by this sheriff's cruiser. Sure enough he catches up to me and I pull over. I'm ALWAYS very respectful in those situations. Although I don't have to, but I'll put my hands on top of the steering wheel so that they can see I'm not in a threatening position. I roll down my window, and he just goes off, saying I should throw you in jail etc! I stay calm.
    Next he tells me to get out of my car! I'm like what the hell?? I do as he says. He then directs me to put my hands on the hood of his car and pats me down!! Right there on the side of the freeway, like I'm some criminal. He then gives me a reckless driving ticket :mad: Not finished yet, he has my relatively new Prelude towed to the impound lot. Of course I'm not happy about that. All kind of things can happen to your car in that situation. Another cop comes up, he's much NICER than this jerk. I'm about 5 miles from home. The jerk cop was going to leave me right there on the freeway. The nice cop I guess felt sorry for me and took me home. The NEXT day I pick up my car, thank goodness nothing happened to it. Long story short, I had to get a lawyer, go to court and had the reckless charges dropped. Turns out, this was a casual, part time sheriff. The ones that don't get paid, so I'm thinking he was just stroking his ego that day. Any interesting pull over stories in your Preludes?

    Lulu and NYC you two have more what can I say, more luxurious lookalikes :P Although once a lady in a store said I looked like Denzel Washington. How nice of her to say that. I can't say I get that comment often.

    You crack me up with the Reggie teeth issue. You're good, you're right on with the possible reasons on not getting his teeth fixed. It makes no sense to me not getting them fixed.

    Speaking of paint chips on the hood; I can't remember if I mentioned this already or not, but I have a clear bra on my prelude. It makes a HUGE difference. I don't worry about chips on the bumper anymore. Plus, it's clear! You can barely see the line where it comes to about 1/3 the way up the hood. I have the front bumper, hood, side mirrors done. I highly suggest it. Unlike the regular bras, you don't have to worry about moisture getting underneath and messing up the paint etc. It last about 5-7 years. When it comes time to replace, it just peels off and you replace. In the northeast you have some really nice shops that do a professional job. But even Ziebart does a great job.
  • lulu9lulu9 Posts: 154
    I found your Prelude Cop story very disturbing. I couldn't help but feel angry reading it. Unbelievable! Talk about an abuse of power/authority! What an awful predicament. He falls into the category of a deeply insecure man who unfortunately found his way into (unlawful) law enforcement through a part-time, non-compensated sheriff's badge. What a buffoon! I can't believe he had your car towed...what an outrage! Well, that's a classic "good cop/bad cop" ending in that the nice cop showed you a basic level of decency by driving you home--instead of abandoning you on a highway. Now that's reckless endangerment!

    Although I do not have any compelling "speeding cop stories" to share with you and NYC (as yours was), I cannot resist "dishing" about some of my experiences with my ex-beau...who somehow keeps coming up lately. I apologize for that, but there is relevance. Obviously, I need to keep it generic. He is a Federal law enforcement agent who was a former police officer way back when. (Don't ask me how I ended up getting involved with a Fed...this is what happens when you go on blind dates :blush: ...I'm still scratching my head over this one.) Anyway,

    When ever he took me out--his personal car was an A4 manual--he drove. (He was assigned a special government car that he used to commute into Manhattan that I was not allowed into.) First of all, he never wore a seat belt (not once, not ever) breaking the law right there as CT is particularly strict on that law. Of note, however, is that he never drove the speed limit. Not even close. I'm talking major speed infractions ALL THE TIME. Oh, and weaving in and out of traffic as if we're on a chase?? (I will say he was a highly skilled driver so driving with him was fun.) Still, I would call him on it regularly by saying, "Gee, aren't you breaking the law?" Imagine how differently you and NYC would drive your Preludes if you knew you could drive with complete impunity??? What a completely different driving experience--so much more freedom--you would be allowed to have. How fair is that? What you got pulled over for, Timothy, was an entrenched driving style for this man. Well, I quickly learned that--in the event he was pulled over--nothing would happen as he would just flash his badge, and that would be the end of it. But, still, I couldn't resist saying things like, "I think we're breaking the law again, Mr. Law Enforcement." :blush: There are other things that I can't mention here, but I will say that I don't look at cops/men in law enforcement the same way anymore. How could I? In fact, I have an entirely different perspective!

    Back to Reggie: He definitely has a major issue of some sort going on with his teeth. In this day and age, with the advances in dentistry/cosmetic dentistry, coupled with our society's fixation on (or expectation of) nice teeth, it's a puzzlement that a man with such a high profile and economic status has not found his way to a dentist/orthodontist. Too bad we can't tell him what we think! But if he's got a phobia, which I suspect he might, then it does make sense because phobias are extremely difficult to overcome.

    Still, being compared to a major pro-athlete in the looks department is not shabby by any means! (And being compared to Denzel even once is pretty impressive.) When I think back on my crushes, most of them were on pro-athletes, not actors. (A lot of actors smoke--and that automatically cancels them out! :P In fact, I still harbor a crush or two (or three!) on pro or former pro athletes, but I also know that, realistically, getting involved with a guy like that is a terrible bet in the relationship department with reference to fidelity. There's the fantasy--oh yeah--but then there is the reality!

    I laughed out loud when I read your paragraph on paint chips and getting a "bra." What was especially funny is that you wrote it with a completely "straight face." I actually thought it was a strange typo until you typed it again. Is that what those things are called? Not "covers?" I always saw them as "covers" because to a woman, a bra really means "support." :blush: So in a man's world of cars, you really do (literally) "outfit" your car with shoes and lingerie! What a riot! Isn't that a form of cross-dressing?

    No, I was not aware of any of this...the clear "bras" (oh, it's funny for me to even type) and such that offer protection against chips. Thank you for the tip! I will want to look into this, but there is NO WAY I can or will ask a salesman with a straight face--even over the phone--about getting a "bra" for my car. No way! Perhaps if NYC decides to get one, he can set it up for me I don't have to utter that word. I can just drive to where ever and get it "put on." (Or is this something I would order on-line and put on myself?) It never occurred to me that I would need to have two sets of lingerie! :P
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,400
    I actually have a bra for my car as well. I got the Prelude Bra from Honda way back when I bought my car some 5 years ago. I had this deranged, dellusional fantasy that I was going to be able to keep my Prelude perfect for the duration of my ownership.

    It actually comes in 2 pieces, a Hood Bra (sometimes called a half bra) and the bottom part which basically covers the entire front of the car.

    I think the politically correct term is "nose mask."

    The Half bra is really easy to take on and off, but the lower part fits so snug and taut that it is really a pain in the rear end to take on and off. The half bra stays in my trunk and I'll put it on if I take my Prelude anywhere (which is never nowadays since it is my work sled only). The Lower part is somewhere at my parents' house.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,400
    It was truly a great show. So many gorgeous cars. Even my wife enjoyed herself. First of all, I could have just sat at the foot of the exit ramp of I-95 and watched all the cars get off the highway. Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentlys...

    Last week I was perfectly content on getting a Civic Si as my next car saying to myself that it would be all I need. After attending that car show, I'm going to have to find my way into a used Boxster or something really special when time comes for me to get a new car. This way I could keep the Prelude as my spare car!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • lulu9lulu9 Posts: 154
    Glad you enjoyed the car show. I've never gone...seems that every year I'm unable to attend the weekend they have it. The fact that your wife really enjoyed herself is a wonderful endorsement though, enough to inspire me to attend next year perhaps. Thank you for sharing that!

    That's amusing that you enjoyed the "car watching" as opposed to that other kind of watching.

    I had my heart set on finding a Prelude. However, if I was unable to find a mint Prelude with low miles, Plan B was to consider the new Civic Si or a "pre-owned" BMW of some sort. Saying this though, I probably would have gone with the Civic Si knowing me--because I'm a huge Honda fan PERIOD (why mess with success?), and it probably would have been a better value at the end of the day. But those are the two options I would have looked into. As mentioned, I had my father's car and all the time in the world to shop around. It was kismet that the Prelude I imagined fell into my lap so quickly. Yes, I'm a material girl :blush:, but I try to balance that out with grounded, long-range planning.

    I cannot think of a better way to pay homage to your Prelude when that time comes than to keep it as a spare car. Great plan! Yet, once you get your fender bender taken car of, it will look as good as new again!
  • lulu9lulu9 Posts: 154
    All of this is just so funny to me. So now we're talking about bra and panties (based on your two-piece description).

    It's a relief to know there is another term, "Nose Mask," that I can refer to without embarrassment. And these pieces are clear colored??

    The the type that Timothy described sounds different from yours though...hmmm.

    Why did you ask me about Ching's Table in New Canaan?
  • lulu9lulu9 Posts: 154
    There was a jewelry designer tonight at the gym selling her pieces. She had a collection of pendant necklaces she called "Goddess Necklaces" because each pendant was a genuine antique charm from India that represented different Goddess (i.e., girl power) attributes. Too bad she didn't have a Goddess of home improvement inspired charm necklace! Or a Goddess of working out! (My new project, by the way, is re-painting my kitchen because I couldn't deal with it last summer--after I completed the cabinets.)

    But I did appreciate your made me smile! Let's hope there's a man out there who also appreciates a Goddess of being a nice, compassionate, and sincere!
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,400
    Well, Timothy and I actually have different kinds of bras. His is a "clear bra" - that's what is actually called which is affixed to the car semi-permanently. These have become increasingly popular over the past few years.

    My Bra is the traditional black leather type that you see on many cars.

    I was just asking if you've been to Ching's Table because it is a really great restaurant. The Ahi Tuna & Vietnamese Salad there are to die for.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • lulu9lulu9 Posts: 154
    Sorry it's taken me so long to respond.

    This sounds quite interesting AND a lot of fun.

    In my teens and 20's, I was heavily into biking. So much so that I totally burned myself out on the sport. For example, the summer of my senior year in HS, I spent with my best friend and her family, who moved out to So. Cal. after her father took a job there. That was my very first time to CA, and I excitedly boarded the plan with my sacred bike packed in a "bike bag"--as that was going to serve as my transportation. In addition to commuting on my bike to my job during my summer stay--a 15-mile commute each way either with or against the strong, dessert-hot Santa Anna winds--we would bike these steep, hair-pin canyon roads in the evening as a "competition" of sorts. My friend has three brothers, whom I also grew up with so I would compete with the clan for the reward--which was total respect for the evening. In the evening, we would ride up this one canyon road named "Black Cyn," which was this eerie back road that connected Simi Valley with San Fernando Valley. It was so steep and hair-pinned that it was permanently closed off to traffic at the top. Of particular note, which added to its eerieness was that one of the Manson murders took place at one of the residences on this road.

    Out there, as you may know, canyon is abbreviated as cyn, but I knick-named it "Black Sin" because this road was also the most brutal pavement I had ever negotiated. So the competition was getting to the top (these are still 10-speed days) without having to get off your bike and take a break. A few times I won--because I was so determined--but at the expense of feeling nauseated--that's how physically spent I was. We timed it so we would get to the top at dusk. However, the real reward for making it to the top was two-fold: a breathtaking view of San Fernando Valley. We were so high up that we felt on top of the world. And the next reward was--and this is the crazy part--flying back down as fast as we could without losing control--and who could get to the base first! This is also pre-bike helmet days. God I was such a fearless chick! Sometimes, when I think back on the physical feats I put myself through (and this is just one example), I'm amazed that I'm not brain-dead in a long-term care facility. God--or some higher power--was clearly watching over me! One time, my friend's brother wiped out on the shoulder--in the brush--and because he was ahead of me, I came out of a hair-pin turn only to find him returning to the road carrying his bike. He was laughing while his knees and elbows were scraped pretty badly, but he was laughing so hysterically because he felt so foolish in his wipe-out that I laughed too! Those were the days.

    Years later, right before I moved back to the East Coast, this same bike was stolen. :mad: That bike was such a part of me as we had seen so much together! It also served me well while I lived in San Francisco.

    I have since to replace it, but the bike I want is pretty expensive. Every summer I tell myself to get back into it again, and yet another summer goes by without my doing anything about it. Treks are great bikes. The only I want is a Terry--high-end bikes customed designed for women. They're expensive. Considering the number of years my last bike served me, I see it as a solid investment. Yet, another summer is going by as I type this!
  • timothyawtimothyaw Posts: 148
    Ah, you two are too funny for me! You know it never occurred to me about using the term "bra", I unconsciously assumed you were familiar with it in the term of cars. I guess I am a pretty straight forward, tell it like it is kinda guy. Although, I know there is a time when not to be so in your face. There aren't too many things that embarrass me.

    Lulu, I would think a clear bra would be a good investment. It's more expensive up front, but pays off over time in the fact that it keeps your front end looking like new.

    Your ex cop beau story seems to be the way it is with law men, they drive like they are above the law. I see it all the time, a cruiser flying down the street with his lights on going through a red light, then once through he turns them off! Its like, what the hell? My lawyer told me that if anyone else would have pulled me over, I probably would have just got a speeding ticket; end of story. The reckless driving was a little extreme in that case.

    I have have been pulled over so many times, I don't even get nervous anymore. I already have my license, registration, insurance ready when he pulls up to the car. I must admit though, out of the MANY times I have been pulled over; I have got off many times. Either they were off duty and didn't want to bother with the paper work, or just had pity on me lol. For a long time, I was averaging being pulled over about twice a year. And the first time was ALWAYS in the spring! When the roads are clear and I've been slushing around in the snow all winter, I ready to open her up :P

    Here is a quick story for everyone. We all know how cops just LOVE to drive very slow on the freeway and back up all the traffic. Well this particular cop was going below the speed limit. I know what you're thinking; but let me finish my I was thinking, hey I'll just S L O W L Y pass him by but doing the speed limit right? Ever so slowly I come up from behind; meanwhile no one else is backing me up here. I finally get right beside him, and just being in a nice mood and a beautiful day; I look over and smile at him and pass him by doing the speed limit mind you! Well low and behold, guess what happens shortly after I do that?? I see these flashing lights in my rear view mirror. I'm saying to myself, I really didn't do anything. So he comes up to my window, and in so many words says that I was trying to be a smart [non-permissible content removed]. I was like no sir, just going the speed limit. I was just smiling to be nice sir. He goes back to his cruiser, I guess checking my LONG list of driving infractions. He comes back and hands me my drivers license and tells me to drive safely. A sigh of relief. Lesson learned, don't pass a cop and smile!
  • lulu9lulu9 Posts: 154
    Thank you for clarifying the different types of lingerie that are available for cars. So there are a variety of style choices here piece, two you can do leather or plastic wrap...whatever your preference! :P

    I had no idea that Ching's Table has such a far reaching fan base. Not that you're far, but beyond the Norwalk-Greenwich (local) area. Ditto on the salmon, which is my favorite!
  • lulu9lulu9 Posts: 154
    Your "cop stories" are too much! Oh my goodness...yet another Jerk Wielding a Badge. He pulled you over because he interpreted your smile as being a wise guy? Give me a break!

    I laughed (sorry!) when I read that you actually have an established drill whenever you get pulled over--you're well-trained in what to do!

    Maybe it's the part of the country where you live, i.e., the culture of law enforcement in your area, though there is definitely an extremely macho culture in law enforcement overall. Without a doubt, the field definitely attracts "High T" guys. It was very disconcerting going to dinner and a movie with a guy who carried a firearm!

    Have you been "Cop Velcro" in other areas?

    Along the NYC-Boston I-95 corridor, there are a lot of aggressive, Type A drivers--that's the driving "culture" here: Survival of the fittest...very Darwinian. As I wrote, this is a very competitive driving environment. You would blend right in!

    Perhaps you should move to the tri-state area!

    I will say: It would never occur to me to pass a cop and smile. When I pass a cop (going the speed limit), I just look straight ahead as if I'm oblivious to his presence.

    I do have one other cop story to share, though it has nothing to do with driving. Several years ago, I was returning to my car from a store in a busy strip mall parking lot. Two police officers were hanging with their cruiser in front of one of the stores. One of them whistled at me as I walked by, one of those loud construction worker-type cat whistles. :blush: Unbelievable! (I was shocked!) So, apparently, a few of those who are in charge of protecting citizens also give themselves permission to embarrass them. With construction workers, it's take it in goes with the territory. You almost wonder about yourself if it doesn't happen (as in "I must be having a bad hair" day)! But with a police officer? That's inexcusable.

    How long has it been since you've been pulled over last? My point is: Let's hope you can build on your new-found success.

    You don't sound like you're a crazy driver...just a guy who likes to drive.
  • timothyawtimothyaw Posts: 148
    Maybe it has been the areas I live in that make me "stand out" more so than the norm. I've lived in Alabama, Virginia, Missouri and now Indiana. I guess those areas are a little less rushed. When I've been to NYC, I loved driving there. I felt right at home. When I drive in Chicago, I do feel like I'm driving with like minded people!

    I don't smile passing cops as a habit, it was just one of those times. And in our Preludes, you can get up to speed before you realize it. And when you're going 90 it certainly doesn't feel like it.

    Well, (knock on wood)I haven't had a ticket in at least a couple of years. Mainly since my divorce. Lack of funds to put toward tickets :P So I've HAD to slow down on that fact and now the high gas prices. But one day once I get pass this divorce-money thing, hopefully I won't get pulled over so often.

    You're surprised by police officers cat whistling at you? I'm not. They are suppose to be pillars in our community, and most are. But lately I've hear more being arrested themselves for DUI's and domestic violence. I guess there are bad apples in every group.
  • lulu9lulu9 Posts: 154
    Out of the states in which you've lived, I would pick VA as the most progressive...the closer to D.C., the "better." Is that correct?

    I gauge the "sign of the times" in any given region/state by women's hairstyles/hair-cuts as that basically tells me everything I need to know! There are some scary places out there! :P

    So your divorce has forced you to be more conservative in your driving habits...congratulations on being ticket free! I think in CT, one's driving record automatically clears of most violations after 3 years. (Hmmm...something for me to check on.)

    Speaking of getting up to speed before you know it, with these new tires, you can easily lose track of how fast you're going because they feel so smooth and secure.

    No, I didn't think your smiling at the cop was a habit! But your experience is just over-the-top about what happened when you did!

    Every field/occupation has the exceptional (cream of the crop), the good, the bad, and the ugly--law enforcement is no exception. It's just another means of earning a living that attracts a certain type of individual.

    I do appreciate a man who's a skilled driver, who's driving style works for me. I have added that to the list of must-have qualities as well! The thing is, as we all know, the man typically insists on doing the driving when he's with his woman, right? So I have to feel comfortable with his particular brand of driving.

    The guy I freelance for...OMG, I hate driving with him. Hate it! I don't care that I'm in the latest and greatest MB, which of course is beautiful inside. I can never relax and am always completely on edge. Just two weeks ago, we were stuck behind an elderly man on a back country road--and he was in a mad rush (so what else is new?). Well, he couldn't take it anymore and passed the elderly driver when there was an oncoming car in sight. But, meanwhile, he's fiddling with his Sirius selection. That's the part that makes me nervous. He's constantly fiddling with his various electronic gagets while he's on the phone. Not surprisingly, he has more than his share of tickets both in NY and CT. But money is no issue for him, so he just pays them. The difference is that the ex beau was skilled and competent and focused while this guy is all over the place. I'll share some other driving personalities I can't deal with later.

    Yes, I was totally surprised by that one! Because, as you wrote, law men are supposed to be (ideally) pillars of protection. So that experience really ripped the rug out from underneath me.
  • lulu9lulu9 Posts: 154
    Ya know how I'm always fretting about the wildlife situation along the Merritt Parkway? (It's considerably worsened over the last several years.)

    Speaking of New Canaan (this is tragic), there was a terrible crash yesterday afternoon on the Merritt involving a New Hampshire woman driving a Subaru Impreza heading south. She struck a 500-lb. young male moose. Yes...a moose.

    The poor moose was severely injured, so the Department of Environmental Protection had to humanely kill it. :cry:

    The woman was rushed to the hospital. She's injured, but that's all that's been reported so far about her condition. I can't possibly imagine the horror she experienced when she saw that moose in her path.

    The moose was able to cross the northbound lanes and the median, but was struck on the other side.

    According to a wildlife biologist, the poor moose was just trying to find his own territory--as that's what they do this time of year.

    Apparently, the moose was sighted earlier yesterday in both Stamford and Darien. Officials went to tranquilize the animal so they could transport him to a new area, but he eluded them. A few hours later, this happened.

    Yesterday on the Merritt, returning to work from lunch, there was a young deer running along the grassy area to the right of the shoulder. It's a distressing sight. A few years ago, I witnessed a deer hit (a large male) that continues to haunt me.

    The moral of the story: Please be careful!
  • timothyawtimothyaw Posts: 148
    Out of the list of states listed, VA would be the most progressive. But not by much! It's still the south, so it still has its conservative touch. I stood out there as a driver as well. Like I said, 90-95 used to be my typical cruising speed. In places like these, you can see why I was a ticket magnet.

    I can only imagine how much better your Prelude drives with those new performance tires. You can take curves faster, just better control overall. As far as the guy you work for, that's EXACTLY the reason I love our Preludes. The car doesn't have NAV, bluetooth, heated seats, rear view cameras, mirrors that move when you back up, parallel park on its on, whiz gizmo paddle shifters/nth speed auto trans, a million buttons on the dash and a million other things. The simplicity of the dash is beautiful to me :) Honda put their expertise into the drivetrain, engine, suspension system; a real drivers car! And I love that more than anything else. And the smooth classic exterior they wrap all that great road technology around is nice too.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,400
    A Moose! Get out of here! That's insane! Yeah, the Merritt is awful this time of year. Usually when we visit our friends who live in Norwalk, we always take 95 :P

    Those are some crazy cop stories you got there timothy. I'd pass a cop, but would NEVER give him the smirk!

    Much of what I do love about the Prelude is its simplicity. The engine dates back to the early '90s. The controls are intuitive.

    My Mom has an '05 BMW 530iA with i-Drive and it is a nightmare. Great car! lots of fun to drive. It has been perfectly reliable. But the i-Drive is ridiculous.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • lulu9lulu9 Posts: 154
    Smirk: To smile in an affected or smug manner :P


    Smile: A facial expression in which the eyes brighten and the corners of the mouth curve slightly upward and which expresses amusement, pleasure, approval, or sometimes scorn. A pleasant or encouraging appearance :)

    Personally, I always took a "show of teeth" to separate the smiles from the smirks.

    After being privy to Timothy's "smile" experience, I am now tempted to smile at the next police officer I pass in a cruiser just to see what happens. And maybe I'll throw in a ;)

    Timothy: You're a "die-hard" dude...definitely not someone easily impressed by the latest and greatest. For me, a lot of that stuff you listed is an annoyance/distraction.

    NYC: I live in Norwalk too.

    Interesting factoid I read yesterday: That the accidental death rate among Americans is way up again. Part of the spike has to do with--get this--an increase in middle-aged motorcycle riders.

    Then, what do I see while I'm in town for lunch today? A really fat middle-aged man getting off a motorcyle that seemed too small for him...without wearing a helmet no less. I can't remember the last time I saw a really hot guy on a bike--but these big guys with pregnant bellies? Seems like the norm around here. Maybe I should move back out to CA! :P

    Have a great weekend everyone!
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,400
    The no helmet law is pretty disturbing. Especially when you're on I-95 slightly exceeding the posted speed limit and some guy on a motorcycle zips by you traveling well into the triple digits and the guy is not wearing a helmet.

    Lulu: I also think there is a big difference between you smiling as you pass a patrol car and when timothy does it. Sorry big guy, theat's the way the world works!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • timothyawtimothyaw Posts: 148
    Oh yes I'm pretty sure Lulu wouldn't have the same outcome as me. Well wait, if he DID pull her over; it would be to ask her out :P That's just how that is.

    We have a no helmet law here as well, and I can't fathom what is going on in their head! How could you get on a motorcycle and not wear a helmet. That's just common sense to me.

    I know I've whined about these new cars before, thanks for just listening :) P.S. I've heard about that i-drive, HORRIBLE LOL.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,400
    Page 37 of July 2007's AUTOMOBILE has a half page article devoted to some new entry level BMWs coming out (in ther USA) in the near future. Coupe & Convertible versions of its Euro only 1 series, an M1 powered by the E46 M3's 333hp high revving Inline 6, and a "no frills, lightweight roadster (Z1) that would be tauter, noisier, and faster than a Z4 powered exclusively by 4cyl engines. Manual soft top, manual steering."

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • timothyawtimothyaw Posts: 148
    Do I see one of these in your garage soon? It seems like they are bringing over a nice selection of models. I can't wait to see them in person.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,400
    Do I see one of these in your garage soon?

    Soon, I don't know about. But definitely in the future. Like I've said before, I've owned my Prelude for 5 years and plan to keep driving it daily for another 5 years (barring any major mechanical problems).

    Both of those cars would be sweet! It would also be really great if I could find a beautiful example of one of my favorite cars out now like an '07 Boxster (maybe a Boxster S...YUM) or my long love, an E46 M3. Watching AJ Soprano tear off in a gorgeous black M3 towards the end of last night's series finale of THE SOPRANOS got me thinking ;)

    So I dropped my Prelude off at the body shop today. Hopefully it will be good as new come Thursday when I pick it up. I told the guy that I'm fanatical about body work and consider it an art form. I told him if something isn't going to look PERFECT, then to let me know so it can be redone. I've got my fingers crossed! I'll be rolling in an '06 Nissan Sentra for the next few days (rental car).

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • timothyawtimothyaw Posts: 148
    Well I'm sure your Prelude will be good as new, like you I REQUIRE it! Oh I lovvve the e46 M3, that is on my wish list someday as well. I even went to the BMW dealer to get a e46 M3 new car brochure just so I'll have it when (hopefully) I get that car. But that is a very long time from now. But I can dream now though :)
  • lulu9lulu9 Posts: 154
    Oops...strangely enough, I had a momentary lapse of forgetting my gender when making the comment about smiling at the officer next time I pass a cruiser. That could prove to be an interesting way to shake up my day a bit!

    While it's fun to be "one of the guys" (and it is!), I need to remind myself that I'm not a guy! Funny how this doesn't play out AT ALL in reverse. It's not very often one hears a man say, "It's so fun being one of the girls." I know where your minds are going right now, but you know what I mean! :P Can you hang with the girls, talk clothes and make-up, dish gossip, and, most of all, complain about men and how they're so damn hard to figure out?
  • lulu9lulu9 Posts: 154
    So does this mean that BMW is going "slumming" by attracting a larger share of the sports car market? (Could this move possibly upset their existing customer base?)

    What is the price range? Very interesting!
  • lulu9lulu9 Posts: 154
    Look forward to hearing how your car turns out when you pick it up tomorrow. Good Luck! Hopefully, you will be delighted with the work, and your car will look as good as new!

    If you don't mind my asking, is there "closure" on the other chapter in this story? Is the man's BMW repaired to his satisfaction?
  • lulu9lulu9 Posts: 154
    NYC and Timothy: Both you boys make me smile with your genuine LOVE of cars and the descriptive words you choose to relate your affections. So much passion and romance!
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,400
    Honestly lulu, I always knew my car would be fixed. The closure happened for me when the guy came to pick up the money for fixing his bumper. People are so sue happy that you never know what is going to happen.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

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